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According to the NACS State of the Industry Report of 2014 Data, sales of tobacco products (cigarettes and other tobacco products) represent approximately 38% of in-store sales at U.S. convenience stores. Tobacco is a legal product and one that is important to the economic viability of the convenience store industry.  

NACS supports retailers verifying age on e-cigarette purchases to most responsibly sell these products long before FDA proposed its deeming rule. NACS supports its members’ ability to sell these products responsibly.

Roll-Your-Own Tobacco
The cigarettes produced with pipe tobacco at a lower tax rate put retailers who sell legal products and pay the applicable cigarette taxes at a considerable disadvantage.

FDA Regulation of Tobacco
In an effort to reduce the incidence of smoking, particularly among minors, and to improve the safety of tobacco products, Congress passed a law giving the Food and Drug Administration regulatory authority over the manufacturing and retailing of tobacco. ​​​​


 Compliance Resource Center


In February, an administrative law judge ruled that retailers cannot be charged with two violations for a single inspection and retailers are entitled to a hearing to challenge warning letters (or other penalties). Although the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) is appealing that case, NACS has prepared a toolkit that allows NACS members to make similar arguments in response to complaints and warning letters from CTP and fully protect their rights.

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 We Card


We Card is a non-profit organization serving retailers of tobacco, alcohol, e-cigarettes, vapor and other age-restricted products.