Why NACS Matters

If we have seen anything over the past two years, it’s that you are there for your customers.

When Mother Nature and disasters strike, you are often the only place open for customers to refuel and access other vital provisions. Other times it’s supporting local events that strengthen communities. And you continue to be there during a global pandemic amid supply chain and labor shortages 

You do this because you are an essential business.

We also know that NACS is essential for your business. We’ve doubled down on telling your story to elected leaders and the media about your business to ensure your concerns are heard. 

Our industry was back together in October 2021 at a much-needed NACS Show. More than 17,000 attendees learned and shared new ideas with each other, found new products and celebrated our resilience. You told us that the NACS Show was essential both with your positive comments, heartwarming stories and your engagement.

Your commitment to our industry drives us to do more, and we are excited about the opportunities before us in 2022. 

Henry O. Armour
NACS President and CEO