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The NACS Show highlighted the resilience and future of the convenience and fuel retailing industry.

NACS Show 2021: Keep the Ideas

The 2021 Ideas 2 Go series reveals how companies are defining their purpose and changing lives.

4 Tips From the Gas Station Gourmet

Think regional food, community activities, social media acumen and clean restrooms.

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Question of the Day

What’s one idea you’ve heard or seen at the NACS Show that can help change your business?

Carlos Eduardo De La Concha Headshot

Carlos Eduardo De La Concha

Corporativo De Energia Servic Enerser
Tijuana, Mexico

We’re going into a new market so we’re looking for the new technology, the new products that are out there because we’re looking to build stores that are much different than what you’re probably used to seeing in convenience stores. We’ve seen at least five different vendors in five different areas that catch our eye, and I’m sure we’re going to be doing business with them.

Megan Williams Headshot

Megan Williams

Hat Six Travel Center
Casper, Wyoming

There were two education sessions that I went to. The first is about having an app and how to really dig into digital marketing and how to grow your app sales and how to expand on what you’re offering at your location, whether it’s one location or multiple. The other session was from the Gas Station Gourmet. It was lots of fun. He had some really great ideas around community and how to build your business from doing community events.

Joshua Scott Headshot

Joshua Scott

F. McConnell and Sons Inc.
New Haven, Indiana

I’m new to the industry. First, it’s exciting to just get back to a trade show. I’m excited to be at a show as an attendee finding new lines, new brands, product knowledge and everything on that side of things. Some of the panel discussions this morning and the ed sessions were really good for me just being new to the industry to get the knowledge, get the introduction, get the lingo down and everything like that, so I’ve been really trying to soak everything up, and the ed sessions were really beneficial.

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NACS Dash!

We’re so excited to be back together—finding new products, making new connections and exchanging great stories! Join us as we run around the NACS Show expo floor. There’s so much to see and do. Let’s go!