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Albertsons Launches Instacart-Powered Virtual Store
O Organics Market will showcase grocer’s organic and natural private brands, offer same-day delivery.
Posted Jul 17, 2018

NACS Resource Helps Retailers Tell Their Story
PR Toolkit offers guidelines for building goodwill and establishing positive relationships within the community.
Posted Jul 13, 2018

Walmart to Open More Dallas-Fort Worth Convenience Stores
Four new Walmart c-stores to open in the area this year.
Posted Jul 12, 2018

Protests Against Cashless Restaurants Grow
As the number of restaurants that eschew cash increases in Washington, D.C., city council members introduce a bill to make retailers accept cash.
Posted Jul 11, 2018

C-Stores Give People With Disabilities a Chance
With a tight labor market developing in many parts of the United States, businesses are finding success with hiring people who have disabilities.
Posted Jul 10, 2018

Lidl Re-evaluates Its U.S. Expansion
The German grocer has opened 53 stores so far but has yet to achieve a strong foothold in the United States.
Posted Jul 10, 2018

Don’t Assume You Know Your Customers, Study Them
Free webcast offers simple methods to boost digital adoption, while reducing time to market and upfront costs.
Posted Jul 10, 2018

California Groups Push for Soda Tax
In response to a 12-year ban, two health-care associations announced a statewide soda tax ballot initiative for 2020.
Posted Jul 6, 2018

Amazon Go to Open Second Seattle Location
The city will have two cashier-less convenience stores.
Posted Jul 6, 2018

Miami Food Truck Delivers Convenience
The truck stocks groceries and other convenience items aimed at a Hispanic audience.
Posted Jul 5, 2018

What Makes a Business Successful?
This week’s Convenience Matters podcast features Scott Hartman, president and CEO of Rutter’s, who shares his insights about how his company stays current.
Posted Jul 5, 2018

Will California Prohibit Taxes on Soda?
Bills at the state level could ban localities from enacting their own tax on soft drinks.
Posted Jun 29, 2018

Twin City Caps Tobacco Licenses
St. Paul, Minnesota, City Council approved a measure that would not allow for any new licenses to be issued beyond the current number.
Posted Jun 29, 2018

Data for Your Business
The U.S. Census has tools available to help retailers boost their business.
Posted Jun 28, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court Closes Sales Tax Loophole for Online Stores
The ruling means that states can require Internet retailers to collect sales tax without having a physical presence in that state.
Posted Jun 27, 2018

An Industry Reflection
This week’s Convenience Matters podcast features industry icon Roy Strasburger.
Posted Jun 27, 2018

Massachusetts Approves $15-per-hour Minimum Wage
The bill passed both House and Senate by a vast majority.
Posted Jun 22, 2018

Starbucks to Shutter 150 Stores
The coffeehouse chain, while having more locations than McDonald’s, will be closing around three times as many units as it usually does.
Posted Jun 22, 2018

Rosé Grows and Two Companies Turn Wine into Water
Latest trends in the wine and water categories.
Posted Jun 21, 2018

Walmart Develops New Sam’s Club Concept
The store will be smaller than its usual warehouse size and will focus on fresh foods and digital technology.
Posted Jun 20, 2018

Where Have All the Home Cooks Gone?
Meal kits, takeout and drive-thrus are squeezing out grocers and food makers as fewer people cook at home.
Posted Jun 20, 2018

Don’t Let Disasters Derail Your Business
This week’s Convenience Matters podcast discusses the important role convenience stores play in emergencies and why preparation is key to weathering any storm.
Posted Jun 20, 2018

Ontario C-Stores Wait for Beer, Wine Sales
Retailers across the province are struggling, and hope that adding wine and beer will boost their bottom line.
Posted Jun 19, 2018

GasBuddy Recognizes Top Restrooms
Weigel’s was voted cleanest c-store bathroom in Tennessee and fifth-cleanest in the United States.
Posted Jun 19, 2018

Illinois Retailers Protest Bill to Hike Smoking Age
The measure is on its way to the governor, but convenience stores and vape shops say it will allow a black market to flourish.
Posted Jun 15, 2018

Indiana C-Stores Roll Out Beer-Cooling Bags
The “Chill Indiana” glacier bags allow customers to put ambient beer in the bag, then fill it with ice to get a cold beer.
Posted Jun 15, 2018

Canadians Still Love Cash
Especially at convenience stores, Canadian consumers prefer paying with dollars and cents.
Posted Jun 15, 2018

More Businesses Ditch Plastic Straws, Bags
Ikea, Royal Caribbean and SeaWorld are the latest companies to say they will ban plastic bags and straws from their properties.
Posted Jun 13, 2018

Will Cargo Supplement Convenience Stores?
Probably not, but the mobile convenience store is just one example of new ways to target drivers and passengers.
Posted Jun 13, 2018

Increase Fresh Food Margins
On-demand webinar helps retailers reap benefits of selling fresh items by weight.
Posted Jun 12, 2018

San Francisco Votes to Ban Flavored Tobacco Sales
City supervisors previously had prohibited the sale of flavored tobacco products, which came before city voters on Tuesday.
Posted Jun 8, 2018

Exploring Asian and European Retail Trends
Automation, technology and economic sentiment are driving innovation and trends in the Asian and European convenience retail markets.
Posted Jun 8, 2018

JAB Gobbles Up Pret A Manger
Earlier this year, the owner of Krispy Kreme and Panera said it would buy Dr Pepper Snapple Group too.
Posted Jun 6, 2018

Cumberland Farms Launches Gas Giveaway
Customers can win free gasoline for a year by paying with SmartPay Check-Link all summer long.
Posted Jun 6, 2018

A Modern Convenience Store
KFSN-TV highlighted some of the healthier changes in corner stores.
Posted Jun 4, 2018

Lidl Grocery Delivery Expands to Northern Virginia
Germany-based grocery has partnered with Shipt to offer online grocery delivery services to northern Virginia residents.
Posted May 31, 2018

What’s the No. 1 Road Trip Snack?
A New York Times food writer shares her top 10 list of go-to convenience store snacks.
Posted May 29, 2018

South Florida Can Order Beer, Wine Via Amazon Prime Now
The service gives residents access to hundreds of beer and wine products, all delivered within two hours.
Posted May 25, 2018

Behind the Scenes at Wawa
Inc. Magazine examines the family-owned chain’s popularity on the East Coast.
Posted May 23, 2018

Oregon Lottery Trains Retailers
The training covered how retailers can help players gamble responsibly.
Posted May 21, 2018

GasBuddy Reveals Top-Rated Restrooms
QuikTrip and Wawa hold the top spot in most states.
Posted May 21, 2018

Amazon Go Comes to Chicago, San Francisco
In January, the cashier-less convenience store opened its prototype store in Seattle.
Posted May 16, 2018

Minneapolis City Council to Vote on Raising Tobacco Buying Age
If approved, the ordinance would take effect this fall.
Posted May 16, 2018

Tainted Enhancement Products Warning
The FDA has issued numerous notices about “sexual enhancers” products with potentially dangerous ingredients.
Posted May 9, 2018

Severe Shortage of Truckers Triggers Delivery Delays
With not enough drivers to deliver goods, prices have started to inch up too.
Posted May 8, 2018

New York Revisits Higher Smoking Age
State lawmakers will press for raising the tobacco buying age to 21 statewide.
Posted May 7, 2018

Sell Beer in Utah? You Need a License
New Utah law requires every grocery and convenience store to hold a liquor license if beer is sold.
Posted May 2, 2018

San Antonio’s Higher Tobacco Buying Age Will Take Effect Oct. 1
Meanwhile, Worcester became the latest Massachusetts city to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products.
Posted Apr 30, 2018

Former Necco CEO Launches Kickstarter
Now, anyone can help #SaveNecco.
Posted Apr 30, 2018

Ace Hardware and Giant Eagle Grocery to Partner
Coming to Pennsylvania: Lawn mowers next to produce.
Posted Apr 30, 2018

FDA Targets Youth Tobacco Sale Violations
The agency released new enforcement actions and a Youth Tobacco Prevention plan to stop minor use of, and access to, e-cigarettes.
Posted Apr 26, 2018

Keeping Your Store Beautiful
This week’s Convenience Matters tells retailers the importance of offering customers ways to recycle and reduce litter.
Posted Apr 25, 2018

To Save Lives, Retailer Stocks Narcan Kits
An Atlantic City convenience store owner received training on how to administer naloxone.
Posted Apr 23, 2018

Food Stamp Overhaul Worries Retailers
Changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program could impact food retailers.
Posted Apr 11, 2018

Target Pilots New Rewards Program
This loyalty program isn’t connected to the company’s Redcard store credit card.
Posted Apr 11, 2018

Walmart, Target Kill Card Signatures
Retailers say they will stop the “worthless practice” of requiring customer signatures for card purchases.
Posted Apr 10, 2018

Eco-Friendly Packaging a Top Expectation from Consumers
National study found that recyclable cartons are important to food and beverage shoppers.
Posted Apr 9, 2018

Judge Rules Topeka’s Tobacco Buying Law Violates Kansas Constitution
Retailers had brought the suit against the municipality’s Tobacco 21 ordinance.
Posted Apr 6, 2018

3 Takeaways from a Visit to Amazon Go
Convenience stores can learn more from the new concept than just no checkouts or lines.
Posted Apr 5, 2018

Will Electric Cars Harm the Beverage Industry?
Fewer drivers filling up at gas stations could trigger less impulse sales inside convenience stores.
Posted Apr 4, 2018

Illinois Governor Eschews Raising Gas Tax
The state’s roads need upgrading, but the governor’s plan doesn’t include an increase in fuel taxes.
Posted Apr 4, 2018

Senators Block ADA Changes
The House approved legislation that would prohibit disabled individuals from filing legal action against businesses without prior written legal notice.
Posted Apr 2, 2018

New Scientific Games Lottery Retail Innovation Debuts
7-Eleven participates in the pilot program at stores in eight states.
Posted Apr 2, 2018

Lottery Luck Happens at Rutter’s
The convenience retailer has awarded millions in lottery cash prices to customers.
Posted Mar 28, 2018

Will Online Grocery Delivery Finally Catch On?
Most Americans love convenience, which means that grocery delivery might just be around to stay.
Posted Mar 28, 2018

Retailers Can Participate in Business Resilience Program Test
The pilot test will help convenience retailers determine their hurricane and natural disaster readiness.
Posted Mar 27, 2018

Brand Reputation and a Visit to Buc-ee’s
With a holistic approach to the customer experience, a c-store can excel.
Posted Mar 26, 2018

Online Grocery Sales to Reach $100 Billion by 2022
That will be the equivalent to every U.S. household spending $850 online annually.
Posted Mar 26, 2018

Rhode Island Introduces Bill to Raise Tobacco Buying Age to 21
Several cities in the state already have a higher smoking age.
Posted Mar 22, 2018

Arizona Law Prohibits Localities From Adding Tax on Sugary Foods, Drinks
The new law aims to avoid having cities and counties enact separate ordinances.
Posted Mar 22, 2018

Amazon Go Garners Repeat Customers
Data shows that those who shop at the brick-and-mortar store keep coming back.
Posted Mar 20, 2018

Waivers Issued Due to Winter Weather in the West
FMCSA Declares State of Emergency for Arizona, California and Nevada.
Posted Mar 20, 2018

Mega Millions, Powerball Hit Combined $800 Million Jackpot
Once again, the multistate lottery games have climbed into the millions.
Posted Mar 19, 2018

Dollar General Adds Fresh Produce in 450 Stores
The discount retailer also plans to build 900 new units this year.
Posted Mar 19, 2018

Blue Apron Turns to Supermarkets
The mail-order company wants to start selling its meal kits in grocery stores to boost sagging direct sales.
Posted Mar 19, 2018

Minnesota Considers Higher Smoking Age
The state already has five cities with a minimum tobacco buying age of 21.
Posted Mar 16, 2018

Walmart Expands Grocery Delivery
Online grocery delivery will reach more than 40% of U.S. households by the end of this year.
Posted Mar 15, 2018

FDA Compliance Materials May Put Retailers at Risk
Although the FDA says the minimum age to sell tobacco and vaping products is 18, it may be different for certain states.
Posted Mar 12, 2018

Dirty Bathrooms: What Nightmares Are Made Of
Survey suggests that consumers will spend more at establishments that focus on restroom cleanliness.
Posted Mar 12, 2018

PayPal CEO Says Checkout Is ‘Vestigial Organ of Yesterday’
Dan Schulman says mobile will erase the boundaries between in-store and ecommerce.
Posted Mar 12, 2018

New York Retailers Fight Rest Area Commercialization
Gov. Cuomo’s budget proposes a rest area commercialization program that NYACS deems “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
Posted Mar 8, 2018

Amazon Could Enter Checking Account Space
New product would appeal to younger customers and the unbanked.
Posted Mar 6, 2018

Florida Bill Would Exclude Soda From SNAP
The legislature has until March 9 to move on the bill, which would prohibit using SNAP benefits to purchase soft drinks.
Posted Mar 5, 2018

Kohl’s Announces Partnership with Aldi
The department store will test groceries from the discount supermarket at up to 10 locations.
Posted Mar 5, 2018

Students Push Maryland Bill for Higher Tobacco Buying Age
A House bill would increase the tobacco sales age from 18 to 21.
Posted Mar 2, 2018

Florida Considers Using Rail for Gasoline Transportation
The state is exploring ways to keep gas stations operational during hurricane evacuations.
Posted Mar 1, 2018

Former Gas Stations Find New Purposes
CNN found that old gas stations can still bring in customers.
Posted Mar 1, 2018

Making a Pit Stop
Thanks to clean bathrooms and healthier food choices, convenience stores and truck stops are becoming travel destinations.
Posted Feb 27, 2018

Quiznos Reveals New Store Design Prototype
Redesigned layout includes a dedicated spot for picking up online and mobile app orders.
Posted Feb 27, 2018

More Amazon Go Stores Are on the Horizon
The online retailer could open as many as six additional Amazon Go stores this year.
Posted Feb 26, 2018

Indiana House Approves Sunday Alcohol Sales
As soon as March 4, convenience stores, liquor stores and supermarkets will be able to sell alcohol seven days a week.
Posted Feb 23, 2018

Albertsons to Merge With Rite Aid
The grocery will rebrand its own pharmacies under the Rite Aid banner.
Posted Feb 21, 2018

New York Retailers Face New Tobacco Rules
Retailers are preparing for the first wave of new tobacco regulations taking place this year.
Posted Feb 20, 2018

H-E-B Partners with Favor Delivery
The two companies seek to provide Texans with a convenient home delivery experience.
Posted Feb 19, 2018

House Passes ADA Lawsuit Reform
The legislation aims to curb frivolous lawsuits related to supposed violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Posted Feb 16, 2018

Retailers, Manufacturers Might Feel Pinch of Trucker Shortage
Fewer qualified drivers will likely mean delivery delays and price increases.
Posted Feb 16, 2018

Opening Restroom Access to All
Santa Fe wants retailers to allow non-customers to use the bathroom as part of its Happy Toilet campaign.
Posted Feb 16, 2018

Trump Administration Proposes Food Box in Lieu of Food Stamps
The government would send nonperishable foods each month directly to low-income families.
Posted Feb 14, 2018

Duluth City Bans Flavored Tobacco Sales
The prohibition only affects convenience stores.
Posted Feb 14, 2018

Ohio Lottery Now Allows Cashless Payments
Meanwhile, Tennessee legislation would allow for residents to buy tickets with credit cards.
Posted Feb 14, 2018

Jacksonville Convenience Stores Do Brisk Business
Retailers have ramped up store openings in the Florida city.
Posted Feb 12, 2018

Why Basic Details Matter in Convenience Retailing
Frank Beard shares why attention to things like restroom cleanliness gives customers a reason to return.
Posted Feb 9, 2018

Amazon Introduces Free Deliveries From Whole Foods
Prime members in four cities can order many of the items their local Whole Foods stocks for two-hour delivery.
Posted Feb 9, 2018

Shell, Banma Test Futuristic Gas Station in China
The technology would allow the driver to use his car’s touchscreen display to order items from the convenience store.
Posted Feb 8, 2018

Chevron, Jacksons Food Stores Begin Joint Venture
The new company expands the brand across more of the western United States.
Posted Feb 8, 2018

Localities Clash With States Over Plastic Bag Bans
More cities want to nix plastic bags, but retailers are fighting back.
Posted Feb 7, 2018

EPA Formerly Suspends Clean Water Rule
The president rescinds the 2015 Waters of the United States regulation put into place by the Obama administration.
Posted Feb 2, 2018

Washington State, Illinois Consider Raising Tobacco Buying Age
Meanwhile, Indiana lawmakers recently shut down an attempt to increase the legal tobacco age to 21.
Posted Feb 2, 2018

Temporary Injunction Stops Mandated Free Air at Gas Stations
A judge has ordered a N.Y. town to halt the imposition of fines on gas stations who refuse to follow the ordinance.
Posted Feb 2, 2018

Target Starts Same-Day Delivery Today
The retailer leverages its recent acquisition of Shipt at 57 stores in the South.
Posted Jan 31, 2018

California Bill Would Make Straws Illegal
Proposal would ban restaurants from giving out a straw to patrons, unless they ask for one.
Posted Jan 30, 2018

Walmart, Rakuten Announce Strategic Alliance
Companies will launch an online grocery delivery service in Japan and a new eBooks and audiobooks offering in the United States.
Posted Jan 29, 2018

NACS Launches Convenience Corner
The series will publish a new five-question interview with industry experts once a month.
Posted Jan 26, 2018

QSR, Dollar Stores Zero in on Convenience Stores
With Americans changing how they shop for snacks and beverages, c-stores face increased competition.
Posted Jan 26, 2018

Supreme Court Rules on WOTUS
Challenges to the current Waters of the United States rule must be routed through federal district courts first.
Posted Jan 24, 2018

Amazon Go is Officially a Go
Following a year-plus of testing its latest retail concept, Amazon’s first convenience store is now open.
Posted Jan 22, 2018

How Do You Compare to the Competition?
The NACS State of the Industry survey gives retailers a chance to see how they fare across the industry.
Posted Jan 19, 2018

Reebok Reimagines Gas Stations
The plan imagines a future where a healthy gym and restaurant are no more than a few miles away.
Posted Jan 18, 2018

Indiana Senate Rejects Cold Beer Sales
Committee voted 9-1 to keep cold beer out of convenience store coolers.
Posted Jan 18, 2018

Nestlé Agrees to Sell U.S. Confectionery Business to Ferrero
Ferrero will buy the business for $2.8 billion in cash.
Posted Jan 17, 2018

Dunkin’ Without the ‘Donuts’
The chain is testing a new store concept that drops “Donuts” from its brand.
Posted Jan 16, 2018

Five Ideas that Stood Out from Store Visits
Frank Beard ruminates on some of the unique and innovative ideas of 2017.
Posted Jan 12, 2018

Kohl’s Looks to Convenience, Grocery Stores to Fill Vacant Space
The department store wants to partner with retailers to lease space inside its stores.
Posted Jan 12, 2018

San Antonio City Council Votes to Raise City's Tobacco Buying Age to 21
Convenience stores had protested the proposed ordinance.
Posted Jan 12, 2018

Walmart to Hike Starting Wage to $11 Per Hour
The discount retailer also plans to give bonuses of up to $1,000 to employees.
Posted Jan 12, 2018

Texas Retailers Launch New Campaign to Fight Skimming
The new c-store industry-specific effort offers tips to avoid skimming and cautions against using Bluetooth as a skimming detection tool.
Posted Jan 11, 2018

Zombies Protest Tobacco at Walgreens
Demonstrators at the drugstore chain’s flagship location in Washington, D.C., were protesting the sale of tobacco products.
Posted Jan 11, 2018

Love's Travel Stops Expands Network
This year, Love’s will add more than 40 stores, as well as extend its truck and tire care services.
Posted Jan 10, 2018

Rutter's Rebrands to Celebrate 50 Years of Convenience
To celebrate its half-century anniversary, the convenience store chain updated its logo to drop “Farm Stores” from the name.
Posted Jan 10, 2018

NACS Communicates Data Security Concerns
Coalition submits comments to Congress on four principles that should be included in data security and data breach notification legislation.
Posted Jan 9, 2018

NYACS Members Testify on Employee Scheduling Proposal
Convenience retailers in New York explained how a proposed predictive scheduling system would negatively impact their business.
Posted Jan 8, 2018

CEOs Cite Top Concerns for 2018
Cybersecurity, disruptive technologies and shrinking labor pools are top concerns for CEOs at some of the largest corporations.
Posted Jan 8, 2018

GS Retail Expands Vietnam Reach
The South Korean company has plans for 2,000 convenience stores in Vietnam by 2028.
Posted Jan 5, 2018

Malaysia Opens Unmanned C-Store
Following the likes of Amazon and Alibaba, e-payment operator Irispay has opened a self-service convenience store.
Posted Jan 4, 2018

Mega Millions, Powerball Combine for $783 Million Jackpot
This marks the second time two U.S. lottery jackpots have simultaneously been larger than $300 million.
Posted Jan 3, 2018

Will Convenience Stores Welcome Bitcoin ATMs?
Bitcoin teller machines are slowly making inroads into bodegas and corner stores.
Posted Jan 3, 2018

Guam Increases Tobacco Buying Age to 21
Oregon’s higher smoking age of 21 also kicked in on January 1.
Posted Jan 3, 2018

Will Your Brand Stand Out in 2018?
Focusing on what you can do to avoid disruption can help your store succeed this year.
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Florida Considers Higher Tobacco Buying Age
Lawmakers introduced legislation that would raise the legal smoking age to 21.
Posted Dec 22, 2017

Albertsons Re-Enters Convenience Market
The supermarket chain re-launched its Albertsons Express format with a new store in Boise, Idaho.
Posted Dec 22, 2017

After The Storms
The 2017 hurricane season tested the fuel infrastructure and the convenience industry, which emerged as a beacon of hope to affected communities.
Posted Dec 21, 2017

Record-Breaking 107 Million Americans Will Celebrate Holidays Away From Home
The majority will be hitting the road, a 3% uptick over 2016.
Posted Dec 20, 2017

Boston Bans Plastic Bags
Mayor Marty Walsh signed the ban into law, making the city the 60th Massachusetts community to have such a prohibition.
Posted Dec 20, 2017

Veteran Grocers Bet on Curbside Pickup
Walmart and Kroger turn to a new pickup model to combat Amazon’s home delivery.
Posted Dec 20, 2017

Grocers Absorb Price Hikes
Consumers aren’t feeling the rising price of food—yet.
Posted Dec 19, 2017

C-Store Redefine Convenience
From growlers to gourmet food options, many convenience stores are focusing on new profit centers.
Posted Dec 18, 2017

Kroger Introduces Prep+Pared Meal Kits to New Markets
Company will continue expansion in 2018 to redefine the grocery customers’ experience.
Posted Dec 18, 2017

Philadelphia Okays Bill to Remove Bullet-Resistant Windows
Asian American merchant community say removing the barrier exposes them to injury and robbery.
Posted Dec 18, 2017

More New York Counties Consider Higher Tobacco Buying Age
After no advancement on statewide proposals, local communities are voting to raise the minimum age to purchase cigarettes to 21.
Posted Dec 15, 2017

Florida Still Swimming in Skimmers at Gas Stations
From January to October, more than 500 of the devices were found on gas pumps.
Posted Dec 15, 2017

Target Acquires Same-Day Delivery Platform
Shipt will boost the retailer’s ability to same-day delivery services at nearly half its stores by early 2018.
Posted Dec 14, 2017

Women’s Franchise Giveaway Contest Winner Opens First 7-Eleven Store
Veteran Evelyn Scott welcomed the community to her new 7-Eleven location in Norfolk, Va.
Posted Dec 13, 2017

New York Retailers Combat Proposed ‘Predictive Scheduling’ Regulations
Hundreds of convenience stores have filed comments objecting to the proposed rules.
Posted Dec 11, 2017

Topeka, Kan., Bans Sale of Tobacco Products to Those Under 21
Also, Robbinsdale, Minn., becomes the latest city to limit the sale of flavored tobacco products.
Posted Dec 8, 2017

Iowa Grocers Want to Ditch Bottle Deposit
The grocers are pressing for the state to enlarge its recycling program instead.
Posted Dec 8, 2017

Walmart Name Change Enhances Online Shift
Going from Wal-Mart to Walmart signals the retailer’s focus on growing its e-commerce presence.
Posted Dec 7, 2017

Dollar General Takes Over Rural America
The discount chain is thriving in small towns.
Posted Dec 6, 2017

San Antonio Considers Tobacco Age Restriction
On December 6, the San Antonio City Council will hear a proposal on raising the legal purchasing age for tobacco products from 18 to 21.
Posted Dec 5, 2017

CVS Acquires Aetna for $69 Billion
Drugstore chain continues its journey of becoming a single location for consumer health and wellness.
Posted Dec 5, 2017

Kroger’s QFC Stores Partner With Instacart
The grocery chain is offering home grocery delivery through a new partnership with Instacart.
Posted Dec 5, 2017

More Than 70% of Americans Went Shopping Last Weekend
Thanksgiving kicked off an American shopping spree, with 174 million shoppers in stores and online through Cyber Monday.
Posted Nov 30, 2017

Tobacco Companies Start Court-Ordered Ads Against Smoking
The advertisements in print and on TV will run for a year.
Posted Nov 30, 2017

Revenue From Philly Soda Tax Falls
The October tax on sugar-sweetened drinks brought in less than any other month this year.
Posted Nov 29, 2017

Spinx Celebrates 45th Anniversary
The retailer is dropping prices and giving away 45 days of free gas to one lucky winner to commemorate the milestone year.
Posted Nov 29, 2017

Rutter’s: The Luckiest Place to Play the Lottery
Since 2012, the chain has paid out more than $106 million in lottery cash prizes to customers.
Posted Nov 29, 2017

California Consumers Upset Over Gas Price Hike
Signature gathering has begun for an initiative to repeal the state’s gas tax increase.
Posted Nov 28, 2017

Black Market Flourishes Under New York’s High Tobacco Taxes
A new survey found that 56.8% of all cigarettes smoked in New York were illegal.
Posted Nov 22, 2017

Holiday Spending Plans: Online Up, Discount Stores Down
More U.S. adults will shop online for Christmas presents this year.
Posted Nov 22, 2017

Stories From Houston’s Hurricane Harvey
This week’s Convenience Matters podcast features voices from convenience retailers who weathered the August storm.
Posted Nov 21, 2017

Small Business Saturday Gains Traction
The day after Black Friday continues to build community and business for small retailers.
Posted Nov 21, 2017

Canadians Prefer Paying in Cash
A new survey finds that more than half of all sales in Canada are purchased with cash.
Posted Nov 20, 2017

Amazon Go Almost Ready for Prime Time
Company says it has worked out many of the technical bugs and is hiring store-related personnel.
Posted Nov 16, 2017

Why an Online Presence Matters
If you’re not online, how can customers find you?
Posted Nov 16, 2017

New Report Finds 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Use Tobacco
Twenty percent of adults in America used tobacco products in 2015, according to a new report.
Posted Nov 15, 2017

164M+ Consumers Plan to Shop Over Thanksgiving Weekend, Cyber Monday
The numbers include Small Business Saturday and Sunday, as well as Black Friday.
Posted Nov 15, 2017

Jack Link’s Opening First Retail Store
New Wild Side store will open inside the Target Center, featuring Jack Link’s jerky and swag.
Posted Nov 14, 2017

Indiana’s Cold Beer Battle Bubbles Over
Two retail groups band together on their opposition to expand cold beer sales to convenience stores.
Posted Nov 13, 2017

Juice It Up Makes Plans for First C-Store
New concept features a mobile app drive-thru and self-serve ordering kiosk.
Posted Nov 13, 2017

Target Unveils New Concept Store in Texas
New store is divided into two sections: one for grab-and-go and one for leisurely shopping.
Posted Nov 13, 2017

Next Up? Credit Card Reform
Lyle Beckwith says the time is ripe to shift efforts from debit cards to credit cards.
Posted Nov 10, 2017

QuikTrip, Sheetz Make Fortune’s Top 20 Best Workplaces
The retail sector rating is based on reviews from current staff members.
Posted Nov 8, 2017

A Road Trip to the NACS Show Yields a Few Dirty Restrooms
Frank Beard shares how important it is for c-stores to pay attention to the details.
Posted Nov 8, 2017

7-Eleven Gives Unbanked Access to Online Shopping with Amazon Cash
Consumers can add funds to their Amazon.com balance at nearly 8,000 7-Eleven stores.
Posted Nov 7, 2017

New Yorkers Can Pay Their Parking Tickets at 7-Eleven
New service allows New York City drivers to pay for parking tickets in cash at more than 100 7-Eleven locations in all five boroughs.
Posted Nov 6, 2017

St. Paul Prohibits Sale of Menthol Tobacco to Liquor Stores, Tobacco Shops
Gasoline stations and c-stores will have until November 2018 to remove menthol products from their shelves.
Posted Nov 3, 2017

New Pennsylvania Law Allows Truck Stops to Have Gambling Terminals
If a truck stop meets certain requirements, it can have up to five video gambling terminals installed.
Posted Nov 3, 2017

Hurricane SNAP Waivers Expire
Hot foods in both Texas and Florida are no longer eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits.
Posted Nov 2, 2017

More Retailers to Shut Doors on Thanksgiving
Meanwhile, consumers express interest in starting Christmas shopping earlier this year.
Posted Nov 1, 2017

Amazon to Experiment With New Grocery Formats
The CFO revealed that the online retailer has plans for grocery store concepts.
Posted Nov 1, 2017

New Jersey’s New Tobacco Law Kicks In This Week
Beginning November 1, consumers under 21 won’t be allowed to buy tobacco products or electronic cigarettes in New Jersey.
Posted Oct 30, 2017

Oklahoma Ruling Could Make C-stores Liable for Intoxicated Customers
The 5-4 state Supreme Court decision targets commercial vendors who sell alcohol to a clearly drunk person.
Posted Oct 27, 2017

Consumers Give Amazon Their Keys
Amazon Key is a new service that enables in-home delivery for Amazon Prime members.
Posted Oct 26, 2017

William Shatner’s Bold Podcast Predictions
The NACS Show keynote speaker and NACS CEO Henry Armour discussed convenience retailing and, of course, “Star Trek.”
Posted Oct 25, 2017

New York Includes Vaping Under Smoking Ban
The state has banned electronic cigarette usage anywhere smoking is prohibited.
Posted Oct 25, 2017

Indiana Retailers and the Fight for Cold Beer
The liquor store industry battles for sole right to stock cold brews.
Posted Oct 25, 2017

Seven Northern California Counties Affected by Wildfires to Receive D-SNAP
Even households not normally eligible for assistance may qualify for D-SNAP.
Posted Oct 25, 2017

More Supermarkets Look to Smaller Footprints
From Hy-Vee to Kroger, grocery stores are seeing value in having small-format options, especially in urban locations.
Posted Oct 23, 2017

First Hard Rock Gas Station Opens
The Rock Stop Gas & Car Wash in Northfield, Ohio, sells Hard Rock merchandise amid traditional c-store fare.
Posted Oct 20, 2017

Amazon Moves Into Apartment Buildings
The online retailer has inked deals with large apartment landlords to install Amazon Hub lockers onsite.
Posted Oct 19, 2017

Target Opens a Dozen Stores
The discount retailer’s new stores mostly have smaller footprints.
Posted Oct 19, 2017

Consumers Prefer Shopping for Groceries in Stores
Even frequent internet shoppers eschew ordering groceries online.
Posted Oct 19, 2017

What’s in a Category?
NACS releases an updated version of its Category Definitions and Numbering Guide—Version 7.2.
Posted Oct 18, 2017

American Express Case Goes to U.S. Supreme Court
The high court agreed to hear an appeal that challenges the credit-card firm’s push of customers to use credit cards with lower transaction fees.
Posted Oct 18, 2017

Behind the Scenes of Michigan’s Prohibition Against Local Tax Ordinances
How several groups worked together to prohibit cities and counties from passing soda and food taxes.
Posted Oct 17, 2017

Keeping Convenience Stores Beautiful
Convenience Matters podcast lays out details for the newly released guide by NACS and Keep America Beautiful.
Posted Oct 17, 2017

Amazon Is Filling 120,000 Jobs This Holiday Season
Company has already created tens of thousands of new full-time jobs this year across its U.S. fulfillment network in 33 states.
Posted Oct 17, 2017

Walmart Redoubles Grocery Effort
Starting next year, shoppers can pick up online grocery orders at a thousand more U.S. stores.
Posted Oct 13, 2017

Cook County Overturns Beverage Tax
Repeal of the penny-per-ounce sweetened beverage tax will take effect on December 1, 2017.
Posted Oct 12, 2017

Kroger Explores Potential Sale of C-Store Business
Retailer announced its intention to explore strategic alternatives for its convenience store business.
Posted Oct 12, 2017

Chicago’s Controversial Soda Tax Heading for Repeal
Cook County commissioners will likely vote to repeal the penny per ounce tax on sugary drinks.
Posted Oct 10, 2017

Michigan Moves Toward Prohibiting Local Taxes on Soft Drinks
The Senate voted to ban local governments from adding taxes to food, chewing gum or beverages.
Posted Oct 9, 2017

Long-Running Tobacco Lawsuit Nears End
Altria and Philip Morris USA, among other firms, announced an agreement on the timing of court-ordered communications related to cigarettes and smoking on TV and in print.
Posted Oct 4, 2017

Berkshire Hathaway Invests in Pilot Flying J
Jimmy Haslam will continue as CEO; Pilot Flying J headquarters will remain in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Posted Oct 4, 2017

How to Solve Complex Business Problems
NACS Show educational session guides attendees to deliver better results through better project management.
Posted Oct 4, 2017

California City Considers Ban on Flavors, Menthol
Meanwhile, the St. Paul city council delayed a vote on banning menthol and flavored cigarettes.
Posted Sep 29, 2017

The Evolution of Spinx
A profile shows how Steward Spinks turned a failing gas station into a vibrant chain.
Posted Sep 29, 2017

Promoting Holiday Candy, Snacks
Merchandising seasonal candy and snacks is constantly evolving.
Posted Sep 29, 2017

Target Raises Minimum Hourly Wage
Retailer is raising its hourly rate to $11 an hour this October and plans to reach $15 an hour before 2021.
Posted Sep 26, 2017

Tesla Eyes 20-Minute Charging Locations
By some accounts, the convenience store could become Tesla’s new Supercharging station.
Posted Sep 26, 2017

Walmart Delivers To Your Fridge
Partnership with August Home allows drivers to enter a home and place groceries in the fridge.
Posted Sep 25, 2017

Ralphs Unveils New Meal Kits
California-based grocer’s new Prep+Pared meal kits will be available at more than 100 Ralph’s locations by early 2018.
Posted Sep 22, 2017

Walmart Expands Online Grocery to SNAP Beneficiaries
Customers using their EBT cards in select Houston and Boise, Idaho, stores can use their benefits for Walmart’s online grocery pickup service.
Posted Sep 21, 2017

U.S. Consumers Embrace Freedom to Choose Cash
A new Cardtronics survey finds that 91% of consumers used cash in the last six months.
Posted Sep 20, 2017

New Webinar in Tobacco Compliance Series
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products has released a new webinar.
Posted Sep 20, 2017

Food Courts Morph Into Food Halls
Developers are planning more food halls, an updated version of the food court.
Posted Sep 15, 2017

Is a Store by Any Other Name Still a Store?
Retailers are moving away from the store as we know it.
Posted Sep 15, 2017

Philly Soda Tax Costing Grocers $300K a Month
Grocers say that thousands of products are being impacted by the tax, including sports drinks, flavored waters and nutrient enhanced drinks.
Posted Sep 14, 2017

‘Bodega’ Seeks To Disrupt Bodegas
Startup hopes to shrink the bodega format to a small box that serves up exactly what consumers need at the time they need it.
Posted Sep 14, 2017

Retail Has More Positive Landscape in 2017
Convenience stores are among the top retailers opening more stores this year.
Posted Sep 13, 2017

Indiana Retailers Press for Cold Beer Sales
This week, convenience store owners talked to the legislative committee studying the issue.
Posted Sep 13, 2017

Small Details Matter in Foodservice
Frank Beard suggests four issues that retailers with foodservice operations should pay attention to.
Posted Sep 11, 2017

We Card Focuses on Frontline Employees
Governors in 30 states have issued proclamations in support of We Card Awareness Month.
Posted Sep 11, 2017

CVS Launches Health & Wellness Vending Machines
Automated retail vending machines contain OTC products, healthy snacks and personal care items.
Posted Sep 11, 2017

San Francisco Flavored Tobacco Ban to Go Before Voters
Residents will vote on the ban, which includes menthol cigarettes, in June 2018.
Posted Sep 8, 2017

More Supermarkets Turning to Meal Kits
Albertsons is the latest to be said contemplating acquiring a meal-kit startup.
Posted Sep 8, 2017

QuickChek’s New Store Attracts Millennials
The chain’s new convenience store concept combines technology with dining.
Posted Sep 7, 2017

Florida Prepares for Hurricane Irma
In anticipation of the storm, Gov. Rick Scott declares a state of emergency for the entire state; price-gouging statue takes effect. ​
Posted Sep 5, 2017

USDA, Texas Launch Immediate Plans to Feed Hurricane-Stricken Areas
Long-term solution includes D-SNAP to provide streamlined and expanded nutrition assistance in the wake of a disaster.
Posted Sep 5, 2017

USDA Helps SNAP Recipients in Texas
Waivers will help provide access to hot, ready-to-eat foods and relax school menu requirements.
Posted Sep 1, 2017

New York City Jacks Price of Cigarettes to $13 Per Pack
The higher minimum price for cigarettes will take effect on June 1, making the city home to the highest cigarette prices in the United States.
Posted Aug 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Threatens One-Third of U.S Refineries
This weekend, retailers along the storm’s path braced for possible power outages while preparing to serve those in need.
Posted Aug 28, 2017

Indiana Retailers Push for Change in Alcohol Laws
A new panel has started looking into the state’s liquor regulations.
Posted Aug 28, 2017

Price Gouging Laws in Effect in Texas, Louisiana
Both governors declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Harvey hitting landfall over the weekend.
Posted Aug 28, 2017

Seller of Winning Powerball Jackpot to Donate Store’s Share
Pride convenience store owner Bob Bolduc is also a member of NACS.
Posted Aug 25, 2017

Pennies Have Their Place
One academic says to leave the humble one-cent piece alone.
Posted Aug 25, 2017

Massachusetts C-Store Sells Powerball Winner
Second largest lottery prize in U.S. history yielded a $758.7 million jackpot.
Posted Aug 24, 2017

Trickle Up
Guerilla-style tactics by state and city governments force retailers to the frontline of local regulations.
Posted Aug 24, 2017

The Phenomenon of Buc-ee's Convenience Stores
The retailer has a profile appearing in an upcoming issue of Forbes magazine.
Posted Aug 24, 2017

Operation ‘Choke Point’ Cancelled
The DOJ has closed down all initiatives associated with the operation that reportedly “choked off the financial oxygen” to businesses.
Posted Aug 23, 2017

4 Ways to Improve the Customer Pump Experience
Nearly 40 million Americans fill up their vehicles every day, but less than half reported going into the store during their last purchase.
Posted Aug 22, 2017

C-stores Are Taking Over the Fuel Market
Millennials are as interested in good food as they are in inexpensive costs.
Posted Aug 22, 2017

Walmart Selling More Food
Americans increasingly have been purchasing groceries at the discount retailer.
Posted Aug 21, 2017

American Red Cross Offers Solar Eclipse Safety Tips
NACS has partnered with the Red Cross to develop tools and resources for retailers for a variety of situations.
Posted Aug 21, 2017

Illinois Lawmakers Introduce Measure to Overturn Chicago Soda Tax
The bill would prohibit taxes on any sweetened drinks based on volume sold.
Posted Aug 21, 2017

Amazon Instant Pickup Launches for College Students
Instant Pickup enables Prime and Prime Student members to order and receive snacks, drinks and electronics in under two minutes.
Posted Aug 17, 2017

Convenience Stores Step Up the Competition
These days, convenience retailers offer consumers a wide variety of choices, from quirky to conventional.
Posted Aug 16, 2017

ALDI Teams Up with Instacart
Retailer is piloting grocery delivery in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas.
Posted Aug 15, 2017

No ID, No Sale in Texas
New law will allow retailers to ask customers for a photo ID with credit and debit card purchases.
Posted Aug 15, 2017

New York City Restricts Consumer Access to Tobacco Products
Set of bills raise the minimum price per pack from $10.50 to $13 and ban tobacco sales from drug stores, among other restrictive measures.
Posted Aug 14, 2017

Cook County’s Beverage Tax Violates SNAP Rules
USDA Food and Nutrition Service warns Illinois that implementation of Cook County’s beverage tax is in violation of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program regulations.
Posted Aug 14, 2017

Oklahoma Cigarette Tax Ruled Unconstitutional
State Supreme Court found that lawmakers failed to follow constitutional requirements for revenue-raising measures and tax increases.
Posted Aug 14, 2017

Mega Millions, Powerball Jackpots Reach More than $300 Million Each
This is the first time these lottery games have simultaneously topped $300 million apiece.
Posted Aug 11, 2017

Oregon Raises Smoking Age to 21
The state becomes the fifth one to have a higher tobacco buying age.
Posted Aug 11, 2017

Chicago Businesses Perplexed by Beverage Tax
Confusion remains as to how business at convenience stores and restaurants will be affected by Cook County’s new penny-per-ounce beverage tax.
Posted Aug 10, 2017

3 Reasons Why Convenience Stores Are the New Coffee Shops
Frank Beard shares that it’s no secret that c-store coffee programs are an essential component to creating the perfect pit stop.
Posted Aug 10, 2017

Walmart Relaunches Scan-and-Pay Option
The technology lets shoppers use an app to check out and pay for their items.
Posted Aug 9, 2017

Chicago Bag Tax Reduces Bag Usage
The city’s 7-cent tax on disposable plastic or paper bags has changed shopper behavior.
Posted Aug 9, 2017

Rita's Announces New Test Store Concept
Ten Rita's Italian Ice & Creamery locations are planned to open later this year.
Posted Aug 8, 2017

Minneapolis Restricts the Sale of Menthol Cigarettes
City council votes to restrict the sale of menthol cigarettes to tobacco shops and liquor stores.
Posted Aug 7, 2017

Maine Smoking Age Jumps to 21
Lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto to make Maine the fourth state to have a higher smoking age.
Posted Aug 4, 2017

Training for ‘Convenience Stores Against Trafficking’ Makes a Difference
State associations share how making frontline employees aware of human trafficking is impacting their communities.
Posted Aug 4, 2017

Arkansas Now Allows Debit Cards as Payment for Lottery Tickets
About half of the state’s lottery merchants accept debit cards for lottery tickets, while the other half is sticking to cash only.
Posted Aug 4, 2017

Target Courts College Students
The discount chain has plans to open small-format stores and popups near campuses.
Posted Aug 2, 2017

Massachusetts Lottery Generates a Record $1 Billion-Plus Profit
Despite seeing sales drop 2.7%, the net profit of the state’s lottery rose 4.6%.
Posted Aug 2, 2017

Minneapolis Convenience Retailers Oppose Menthol Cigarette Ban
The city council prohibited the sale of flavored tobacco products two years ago.
Posted Aug 1, 2017

Cook County Soda Tax in Effect
Retailers will start collecting the penny-per-ounce tax on soft drinks Wednesday.
Posted Aug 1, 2017

Old Gas Stations Repurposed as Restaurants
These former service stations in Virginia give new meaning to “gas station dining.”
Posted Aug 1, 2017

Lyft Adds Taco Bell Pit Stop Option
The ride-hailing service is allowing riders to select a Taco Bell stop during the drive.
Posted Jul 28, 2017

San Francisco Flavored Tobacco Ban Heads for the Ballot
A measure to repeal the ban has enough signatures to put the issue before voters.
Posted Jul 28, 2017

New Jersey Raises Tobacco Purchase Age to 21
The new law applies to all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes.
Posted Jul 26, 2017

How Convenience Retailers Can Help Stop Human Trafficking
The number of human trafficking cases in the United States is rising, and retailers can be part of the solution.
Posted Jul 26, 2017

Hy-Vee to Open Larger Format C-store
The downsized version of its grocery stores will also have a Starbucks coffee shop and Market Grill restaurant.
Posted Jul 26, 2017

Why Convenient Packaging Matters
Frank Beard shares unique car-friendly packaging tips that encourage dashboard dining.
Posted Jul 25, 2017

Cook County Extends Soda Tax Restraining Order
Judge says a ruling on the issue will come on July 28.
Posted Jul 25, 2017

Grocery Shopping Takes More Than One Stop
Increasingly, Americans are no longer satisfied with shopping for food in one store.
Posted Jul 21, 2017

Jackpot Fatigue, Casinos Siphon Off State Lottery Revenue
Fewer people are purchasing lottery tickets these days.
Posted Jul 21, 2017

Cumberland Farms’ Customers Save $75M With SmartPay
Payment program now offers expedited registration process so customers can save even sooner.
Posted Jul 20, 2017

NACS Relays Concerns About NNN Levels Adversely Impacting Retailers
NACS and SIGMA filed comments related to smokeless tobacco products.
Posted Jul 19, 2017

Subway Rolls Out New ‘Fresh Forward’ Design
New decor features bold and bright colors, curated music and touchscreen ordering kiosks.
Posted Jul 18, 2017

7-Eleven Awards Three Finalists in Franchise Give-Away
All three finalists have won a fee-free franchise 7-Eleven store in the convenience retailer’s first women's initiative contest.
Posted Jul 18, 2017

Member of Congress Asks for Hearing on Amazon-Whole Foods Deal
Additionally, a Whole Foods shareholder has filed suit to block the merger.
Posted Jul 17, 2017

Lidl Looking to Shake Up U.S. Grocery Market
German discounter’s entry into the United States is stirring up the U.S. grocery channel.
Posted Jul 14, 2017

Massachusetts Debates Merits of Beverage Tax
Proposal moving through the state legislature would tax drinks based on sugar content; Philly beverage tax falls short of revenue expectations.
Posted Jul 13, 2017

Minneapolis Considers Menthol Ban
If approved, Minneapolis would be the first city in the state to restrict menthol cigarette sales.
Posted Jul 13, 2017

Target Tests New Curbside Pickup Service
The retailer is testing the service at a handful of Minneapolis stores.
Posted Jul 13, 2017

7-Eleven Celebrates 90 Years of Convenience
Convenience retailer is giving away free Slurpees today from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Posted Jul 11, 2017

Applegreen Boosts Its U.S. Presence
Irish retail chain acquires 34 South Carolina-based convenience stores.
Posted Jul 10, 2017

Meijer Breaks Ground on New Urban Market Format
Bridge Street Market focuses on fresh foodservice within a growing urban area in Grand Rapids.
Posted Jul 7, 2017

Judge Blocks Cook County Soda Tax
Illinois Retail Merchants Association and several grocers filed a lawsuit seeking to block the tax, which they argue is unconstitutional and too vague.
Posted Jul 6, 2017

Target Experiments With Next-Day Delivery
New Restock program makes 10,000 household items available to customers in the Twin Cities.
Posted Jul 5, 2017

Lawsuit Seeks to Block Cook County Soda Tax
The penny-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened drinks was set to begin July 1.
Posted Jun 30, 2017

Is a Drive-thru Really Quicker Than the Convenience Store?
Contributor Frank Beard decided to find out.
Posted Jun 30, 2017

U.S. Customer Loyalty Program Memberships Reach 3.8 Billion
New consumer research reveals that 53% of Americans participate in a loyalty program because of ease of use.
Posted Jun 30, 2017

QuikTrip Expands Its Texas Operating Area
First QuikTrip stores in San Antonio and Austin will open in summer 2018.
Posted Jun 29, 2017

Menthol Ban Would Cost Retailers $73 Million
Proposed ban in Minneapolis would strip c-stores from selling menthol cigarettes.
Posted Jun 29, 2017

C-Store Brings Gastro Pub and Homemade Truffle Ketchup to Texas
Round Rock retailer offers c-store staples with a unique twist on fine wines and gourmet food.
Posted Jun 27, 2017

San Francisco Bans Sale of Flavored Tobacco, Menthol
The city’s board of supervisors approved the legislation unanimously. The ban will take effect in April 2018.
Posted Jun 23, 2017

Women Entrepreneurs Compete for 7-Eleven Franchise Fee-Free Store
Voting is now open for the seven semifinalists selected from hundreds of applications in the 7-Eleven Women’s Franchise Initiative competition.
Posted Jun 22, 2017

Mansfield Launches Reduced Emission Diesel Program
Turnkey diesel offset program provides sustainable options for customers.
Posted Jun 22, 2017

Minneapolis Considers Banning Menthol Cigarette Sales at C-stores
It appears that the city council’s proposal would only apply to convenience retailers.
Posted Jun 21, 2017

Delaware Deliberates Alcohol, Tobacco Tax Increases
Democrats are looking to close the state’s budget shortfall by raising taxes on those products.
Posted Jun 21, 2017

Will Amazon Solve Its Last Mile Logistics?
Analysts say the ‘hard part’ for Amazon will be last-mile fresh food delivery amid the e-commerce giant’s acquisition of specialty grocer Whole Foods.
Posted Jun 20, 2017

Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion
The online retailer announced the acquisition on Friday, which analysts predict will increase its competition with Walmart.
Posted Jun 19, 2017

Second Court Upholds Philadelphia’s Tax on Soft Drinks
Several beverage groups filed a lawsuit claiming the 1.5-cents-per-ounce tax was unconstitutional.
Posted Jun 16, 2017

Fuel Retailers and Community Leaders Urge Congress to Oppose Commercial Rest Areas
A coalition that included NACS sent a letter to Congress asking that interstate rest areas not be commercialized as part of infrastructure legislation.
Posted Jun 15, 2017

FDA’s Proposed Product Standard on NNN in Smokeless Tobacco
The agency clarifies the variability of the nitrosamine in smokeless tobacco.
Posted Jun 15, 2017

Wawa’s D.C. Plans Revealed
At a kick-off event last night, CEO Chris Gheysens divulged the c-store’s expansion timeline for Washington, D.C.
Posted Jun 14, 2017

Michigan Legislators Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21
Meanwhile, Aspen becomes the first Colorado city to increase the tobacco purchase age to 21.
Posted Jun 14, 2017

Shoppers Still Bargain Hunting
The recession got customers used to discounts, and stores are scrambling to recover.
Posted Jun 13, 2017

Online Retail Woes Continue for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers
Moody’s current list of U.S. retailers with troubled financials tops the record of 19 retailers at the peak of the Great Recession.
Posted Jun 12, 2017

Walmart Opens 24/7 Grocery Kiosk
Retailer is testing a 24-hour automated and unmanned grocery pickup kiosk.
Posted Jun 8, 2017

Seattle Sugary Soda Tax Passes
The tax, which exempts diet drinks, adds around $1.18 to a 2-liter soda bottle.
Posted Jun 7, 2017

Dollar General Tests Fresh Produce
Retailer cites positive results from store remodels that are testing fresh produce sales.
Posted Jun 5, 2017

The PRIDE Stores Launches Reduced Emissions Program
Convenience retailer partners with GreenPrint to help reduce each customer’s carbon footprint.
Posted Jun 5, 2017

Seattle Soda Tax Heads to Full City Council Vote
The new version eliminates diet beverages from the tax, but adds a 1.75 cents per ounce tax to sweetened drinks.
Posted Jun 2, 2017

New York City to Change Scheduling Practices
Mayor de Blasio says that predictable schedules and paychecks are a right for fast-food and retail workers in New York City.
Posted Jun 1, 2017

Fuel City Adds Pizza and a Camel
New Saginaw store will feature a Little Caesar’s concept and a new burger called The King Burger.
Posted May 30, 2017

How U.S. Convenience Retailers Can Stay Ahead of the Pack
Nielsen research offers some suggestions for how retailers can continue to meet the needs of customers.
Posted May 26, 2017

Why Quality Restrooms Matter for Businesses
Contributor Frank Beard calls bathrooms the “true litmus test of overall store quality.”
Posted May 24, 2017

Design Erases Retail-Dining Line
Convenience stores and supermarkets can build on key elements to give customers a dining experience.
Posted May 24, 2017

Oneida Nation Announces New C-Store Concept
Maple Leaf Market will focus on providing fresh, made-to-order food.
Posted May 23, 2017

New York City Moves Ahead with New Menu-Labeling Rules
New rules would apply to chain convenience and grocery stores.
Posted May 22, 2017

USDA Announces SNAP Final Rule Delay
The Food & Nutrition Service hits the drawing board to redefine “variety” to work for small retailers.
Posted May 19, 2017

Wawa’s Heading to Washington, D.C.
The convenience store chain confirms plans to open its first store in the nation’s capital.
Posted May 19, 2017

Lidl To Open First of 20 U.S. Stores in June
Arlington, Virginia, store will open June 15, bringing huge discounts on groceries to U.S. consumers.
Posted May 18, 2017

Massachusetts Considers Raising Tobacco Purchase Age to 21
The legislators are also discussing a tax on soft drinks.
Posted May 17, 2017

Meet Hershey’s Medley, the Grocery Store of the Future
The Hershey Lab explores a supermarket without traditional boundaries.
Posted May 17, 2017

Deliv Adds Grocery Option to Same-Day Service
Last-mile delivery service is competing with Instacart and Amazon for retail grocery delivery.
Posted May 16, 2017

Hard Rock-Branded Fueling Site Coming to Ohio
The Rockstop Gas and Wash will be the first Hard Rock-branded gas station and car wash.
Posted May 16, 2017

Kroger to Open New C-Store Concept
Kroger’s convenience store division launches a new banner, Fresh Eats MKT.
Posted May 11, 2017

Most Retailers Still Prefer Cash
While trendy fast-casuals are making headlines with no-cash rules, the majority of merchants welcome dollars and cents.
Posted May 10, 2017

Kroger Rolls Out Meal Kits
Grocer’s new meal kit solution is in response to the growing meal kit market dominated by the likes of Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.
Posted May 9, 2017

Tobacco Regs Halt 7-Eleven Expansion Plans
City of Philadelphia is limiting the amount of permits it allows for retailers to sell tobacco products.
Posted May 8, 2017

Rhode Island C-Stores Lobby Against Cigarette Tax Increase
Meanwhile, a new proposal in New York would hike the tobacco buying age to 19, with a military exemption.
Posted May 5, 2017

Santa Fe Says ‘No’ to Soda Tax
New Mexico voters rejected a tax increase on sweetened beverages.
Posted May 4, 2017

Cumberland Farms Celebrates Its Great Place to Work Certification
Eighty-four percent of employees say Cumberland Farms is a great workplace.
Posted May 1, 2017

Indiana Closes Cold Beer Loophole
The move comes in response to Ricker’s obtaining a cold beer license.
Posted Apr 25, 2017

Buc-ee’s Vies for Guinness World Book Status
XXL convenience and fuel retailing chain is building the longest car wash in the world.
Posted Apr 24, 2017

New York City Proposal Would Push Cigarette Cost to Nation’s Highest
The mayor’s bill would raise the base price per pack of cigarettes to $13.
Posted Apr 21, 2017

CVS Reduces Space Devoted to Junk Food
The drugstore chain will create more floor space to health products and healthy foods.
Posted Apr 21, 2017

Strong Beer Sales a Reality for Kansas Retailers
New law allows for stronger beer sales in grocery and convenience stores in 2019.
Posted Apr 20, 2017

Customers Put QuikTrip on Top
Other chains receiving high praise included Cumberland Farms, Kwik Trip, Sheetz and Wawa.
Posted Apr 17, 2017

Whole Foods Checks Its Temperature
After years of same-store sales growth, the specialty grocer is no longer the only game in town for healthy, natural and organic foods—and it’s costing the retailer.
Posted Apr 14, 2017

Automation Could Displace 25M Jobs by 2027
However, technology will also create 14.9 million new jobs in the next decade, with automation creating jobs equivalent to 10% of the workforce through 2027.
Posted Apr 13, 2017

New York C-Store Industry Defeats Cigar Tax Shift
Gov. Cuomo had proposed a switch in the cigar tax from 75% of wholesale value to 45 cents a stick.
Posted Apr 13, 2017

McDonald’s Recruits Applicants Through Snapchat
McDonald’s in Australia teamed up with Snapchat, allowing job seekers to send a 10-second video application.
Posted Apr 11, 2017

Rutter’s Uncorks Wine Sales
Changes in Pennsylvania’s liquor laws are bringing beer and wine sales to the York-based c-store chain.
Posted Apr 10, 2017

Kansas C-Stores Closer to Full-Strength Beer Sales
State Senate approved a measure to allow convenience and grocery stores to sell up to 6% beer.
Posted Apr 10, 2017

More on Sunoco and 7-Eleven
Approximately 200 convenience stores in North and West Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma will be sold in a separate process.
Posted Apr 10, 2017

7-Eleven Signs Agreement With Sunoco LP
As part of the agreement, 7-Eleven will acquire approximately 1,108 convenience stores located in 18 states.
Posted Apr 7, 2017

Grocerants Capture Restaurant Dollars
Increasingly, supermarkets have upped their fresh prepared food to restaurant quality.
Posted Apr 7, 2017

Ricker’s Gives Indiana Lawmakers Free Burritos
The Indiana legislature might reverse a decision that allows the c-store chain to sell cold beer at two locations.
Posted Apr 6, 2017

North Carolina Considers Raising Tobacco Buying Age to 21
So far this year, at least eight other state legislatures are debating similar bills.
Posted Apr 6, 2017

Wind to Power Texas 7-Eleven Locations
This week, 7-Eleven signed an agreement with TXU Energy to utilize the wind for store operations.
Posted Apr 6, 2017

Supreme Court Will Hear WOTUS Case
This ruling could impact retailers located near a protected body of water.
Posted Apr 5, 2017

Pennsylvania Proposal Would Let Supermarkets, C-Stores Stock Liquor
The bill’s sponsor said it would provide “more choice for consumers.”
Posted Apr 5, 2017

Amazon Cash Provides Another Way to Pay
The online retailer wanted to give those without credit cards a payment option.
Posted Apr 5, 2017

Starbucks Eyes Midwest, Suburbs as Growth Opportunities
The new CEO also sees the lunch daypart as key to increasing sales.
Posted Apr 5, 2017

Get Noticed for Your Clean Restrooms
Nominations are open now through July 28 for Cintas’ annual America’s Best Restroom contest.
Posted Apr 4, 2017

Take a Store Tour of Augusta’s Metro Market
NACS Ideas 2 Go video highlights Metro Market.
Posted Apr 3, 2017

Starbucks Tests Mobile-Only Store
Café within the company’s Seattle HQ building will trial a new mobile ordering and pay concept.
Posted Apr 3, 2017

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Surcharge Bans Might Violate Retailers’ Free Speech
The narrow ruling said that lower courts could hear challenges on whether the New York law inhibits how retailers advertise prices.
Posted Mar 31, 2017

Seattle Grocery Shoppers Head to Amazon Pick-Ups
New bricks-and-mortar site available to Seattle-area customers who are Amazon Prime members.
Posted Mar 30, 2017

Convenience Stores Shine Spotlight on Human Trafficking
In Our Backyard teams with retailers on anti-trafficking campaigns.
Posted Mar 29, 2017

Montana Considers Hiking Tobacco Taxes
Legislation would also add a tax on vapor and electronic cigarettes.
Posted Mar 29, 2017

Amazon Delays C-Store Opening
Retailer cites technical complications with its ‘Just Walk Out’ checkout system.
Posted Mar 28, 2017

7-Eleven Announces Women’s Franchise Initiative Competition
To increase its own number of female franchisees, 7-Eleven is kicking off a franchise give-away contest exclusively for women entrepreneurs.
Posted Mar 28, 2017

New York C-Stores Fight Massive Shift in Cigar Tax
Gov. Cuomo recommends changing the current method of taxing cigars from a percentage of wholesale value to 45 cents per cigar.
Posted Mar 23, 2017

PepsiCo Pulls Soft Drinks from Philly Shelves
Citing the city’s new soda tax, Pepsi is pulling 2-liter and 12-pack products from grocery store shelves.
Posted Mar 23, 2017

More Retailers Open Beer Caves in Pennsylvania
Recent changes in the state’s liquor laws are bringing new ways for consumers to buy cold beer.
Posted Mar 23, 2017

Target Reimagines Stores for Added Convenience
New design features are geared toward creating a customized approach for shoppers, including a heavy investment in digital enhancements.
Posted Mar 22, 2017

Making Sense of FDA Deeming Regulations
Yesterday’s NACS Show Speaker Chat took questions related to 2016 education session, ‘The Impact of FDA Deeming Regulations on the C-Store Tobacco and Vapor Business.’
Posted Mar 22, 2017

Costco Delivers to Doorsteps
New delivery service through a partnership with Shipt kicks off in the Tampa metro area.
Posted Mar 22, 2017

Tennessee C-Stores Find Success With Wine Sales
Nine months after the state relaxed regulations to allow the sale of wine at grocery and convenience stores, wine sales have been strong.
Posted Mar 21, 2017

Is that a Dollar General or a Walmart?
The dollar store chain has begun aping some of the successful strategies of Walmart.
Posted Mar 21, 2017

New York Convenience Stores Support Compensation Rate Adjustment
State Senator Tony Avella’s legislation seeks to increase retailer lottery commissions from 6% to 8%.
Posted Mar 20, 2017

Amazon’s Prime Now Service Adds Alcohol
Prime members in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, can now add beer and wine to their order for delivery in one hour or less.
Posted Mar 16, 2017

ExxonMobil Adds Samsung Pay to Speedpass+ App
Consumers can now use Samsung Pay directly through the Speedpass+ app.
Posted Mar 15, 2017

Walmart Tests Touchscreen in Toy Aisle
The discount retailer calls it an “endless aisle-type concept.”
Posted Mar 15, 2017

When C-Stores and The New York Times Collide
Feature highlights hidden gems of single-store operator foodservice programs that rival any restaurant.
Posted Mar 13, 2017

QuikTrip Named Great Place to Work
For 15 years, the convenience retailer has been named to Fortune’s top 100 places to work.
Posted Mar 13, 2017

Get Answers to Your Questions
Join the NACS Show live chat series for a chance to talk with top-rated speakers from the 2016 Show.
Posted Mar 10, 2017

Fortune Outlines Five Behaviors of Walmart Customers
As the nation’s largest retailer, the trends impacting Walmart shoppers could also impact your store.
Posted Mar 10, 2017

Yesway Convenience Stores Say ‘TANK YOU’
Customer appreciation promotion offers deals on in-store purchases for customers at the pump.
Posted Mar 9, 2017

‘Day Without a Woman’ Protest Held Nationwide Today
The national day of protest coincides with International Women’s Day.
Posted Mar 8, 2017

Are Gas Stations the New Grocery Stores?
Millennials are using convenience stores to buy essentials.
Posted Mar 8, 2017

Using Trends to Improve Customer Satisfaction
NACS revisits “Trendspotting: A Customer’s Perspective” from the 2016 Show in a webinar form.
Posted Mar 8, 2017

Indiana Convenience Stores Call Cigarette Tax Hike Proposal ‘Devastating’
The Indiana Grocery and Convenience Store Association warns that such an increase would put state retailers at a huge disadvantage.
Posted Mar 8, 2017

New Mexico Minimum Wage Hike Passes Senate
The bill would bump the state minimum wage from $7.50 per hour to $9.
Posted Mar 3, 2017

Drivers Can Skip the DMV and Head to Sheetz
West Virginia DMV has installed the self-service kiosks in two Sheetz stores.
Posted Mar 2, 2017

West Virginia Governor Proposes Soda Tax, Higher Tobacco Taxes
Gov. Justice calls for a penny-per-ounce soda tax.
Posted Mar 1, 2017

Kwik Star Express Expands Shopping Offers
New Iowa location features groceries, a walk-in humidor and ready-to-eat foods.
Posted Feb 27, 2017

BAT Vapor Business Biggest in World Outside United States
British American Tobacco reports that its alternative tobacco products, such as its Vype brand, point to the future.
Posted Feb 24, 2017

Philadelphia Soda Tax Leads to Workforce Reduction at Grocery, Distributors
Meanwhile, Mexican soft drink sales continue to decline.
Posted Feb 24, 2017

States Continue to Push for Tobacco Buying Age of 21
Vermont and Florida are the latest legislatures to debate the issue.
Posted Feb 24, 2017

QuickChek Selected One of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey, New York
This is a repeat accolade for the family-owned chain.
Posted Feb 24, 2017

CVS Claims Smokers Just Quit
Drugstore chain says customers quit using tobacco instead of seeking other channels for purchases.
Posted Feb 22, 2017

Just How Convenient Are Convenience Stores?
7-Eleven wants to remain as relevant as it was 90 years ago.
Posted Feb 21, 2017

Cumberland Farms, Stewart’s Plan to Expand in 2017
Saratoga, New York, region will continue to see plenty of activity from both c-store chains.
Posted Feb 20, 2017

Walmart Tests C-Store Prototype in Texas Suburb
Crowley Walmart features a new c-store concept at the fueling station.
Posted Feb 20, 2017

U.S. Businesses Shutter Doors for ‘Day Without Immigrants’
Across the country, retailers stopped business to stand in solidarity with a temporary walkout to emphasize the important role immigrants play.
Posted Feb 17, 2017

QuickChek Celebrates 50 Years With 50 Promotional Offers
Since 1967, the chain has moved from farm fresh to fresh convenience to National Convenience Store Chain of the Year.
Posted Feb 17, 2017

Nebraska, Connecticut Latest States to Consider Raising Smoking Age
Lawmakers in both states are gearing up to debate the pros and cons for changing the tobacco buying age to 21.
Posted Feb 15, 2017

Creating a Whole Company Brand
NACS revisits one of its most popular Show workshops in a webinar form.
Posted Feb 15, 2017

Banks Move to More Automation
Self-banking is likely to grow, as technological advances pave the way for robo-banks.
Posted Feb 10, 2017

Uber Drivers Can Use Zipcars
New program allows Boston-area Uber drivers to use a Zipcar for transporting passengers.
Posted Feb 9, 2017

Dollar General Signals Growth Plans With 10,000 New Jobs
Chain will create about 10,000 jobs in 2017 as the result of 1,000 planned store openings.
Posted Feb 6, 2017

Two States Eye Raising Tobacco Buying Age to 21
Both Arizona and Oregon legislations are considering bills to change the state smoking age.
Posted Feb 3, 2017

Full-service Kitchen Prominent in New Sprint Foods Store
The South Carolina location features touchscreen kiosks to place made-to-order food.
Posted Feb 3, 2017

Walmart’s New C-Store Concept Open for Business
Newly opened store replaces a kiosk previously at a Supercenter fueling site.
Posted Feb 2, 2017

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company Recalls Products
Voluntary recall applies to certain smokeless products manufactured at its Franklin Park, Illinois, facility.
Posted Feb 2, 2017

Indiana Vaping Law Partly Struck Down by Appeals Court
Federal judges said out-of-state manufacturers should not be subject to specific vapor pen rules.
Posted Feb 1, 2017

Dollar General Opens New C-Store Format
DGX includes a fountain area, hot dispensed beverages and grab-and-go merchandise.
Posted Jan 31, 2017

Wawa To Receive Jones Act Barge from U.S. Shipyard
The barge is expected to deliver fuel from the Gulf Coast to Florida.
Posted Jan 31, 2017

Connecticut Considers Raising Hourly Minimum Wage to $15
State Democrats are pushing hard for the increase from the current $10.10 per hour.
Posted Jan 27, 2017

Economic Analysis Shows Why Not to Take the Food Industry for Granted
The study focused on Michigan’s food retail industry, which includes convenience stores.
Posted Jan 27, 2017

Stripes Unveils Next Generation Stores
Convenience stores feature a new Laredo Taco Company design.
Posted Jan 24, 2017

365 by Whole Foods Coming to Brooklyn
New store will feature the specialty grocer’s small-format concept.
Posted Jan 24, 2017

Illinois Considering Sugary Drinks Tax
The proposal to tax soft drinks is included as part of the state senate’s “grand bargain” to approve a budget.
Posted Jan 23, 2017

What SNAP Rules Mean for Retailers
The latest NACS Convenience Matters podcast covers what retailers need to know about SNAP.
Posted Jan 23, 2017

Tesco Testing ‘Relaxed’ Checkout Lane in Scotland
The pilot program has older people in mind, especially those with dementia, who might appreciate a little extra time at the cash register.
Posted Jan 23, 2017

Washington State, Texas Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21
Both states have new efforts to increase the minimum tobacco-buying age.
Posted Jan 20, 2017

Virginia Nixes Online Lottery Ticket Sales
A subcommittee killed legislation that would have allowed the state’s lottery to sell tickets via the Internet.
Posted Jan 19, 2017

Pot Shops Take a Page From Apple and Whole Foods
Cannabis stores in California are going upscale to attract shoppers who previously stayed away.
Posted Jan 17, 2017

7-Eleven Earns Top Spot in the Franchise 500
The convenience store chain shot to the No. 1 spot in the annual Entrepreneur ranking.
Posted Jan 13, 2017

New Hampshire Lawmaker Sponsors Bill to Overturn Smoking Bans
The measure would let privately operated retailers decide on whether to allow smoking on their premises.
Posted Jan 13, 2017

Blue Campaign Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking
NACS has been working with the campaign to give retailers information, resources and materials to help victims of human trafficking.
Posted Jan 11, 2017

Pilot Flying J Expanded Travel Center Network
Last year, the company added 58 locations throughout the United States.
Posted Jan 11, 2017

H-E-B Expands C-Store Concept in Texas
The grocery chain is adding another convenience store in the San Antonio market.
Posted Jan 10, 2017

Great Harvest Bread Takes On the Competition
Bakery says its new retail concept will “become the competition for Panera that it has never had.”
Posted Jan 9, 2017

Mom-and-pop C-stores Shouldn’t Fear Amazon
Don’t think automation can replace the human connection.
Posted Jan 6, 2017

RaceTrac Opens New Stores Across Florida
RaceTrac rang in 2017 by opening more than 10 stores in Florida, making for more than 200 stores across the state.
Posted Jan 5, 2017

Break Time Unveils Refreshed C-Store Concept
Its Kansas City Market expansion is the newest location of the growing chain.
Posted Jan 4, 2017

Sweetgreen Goes Completely Cashless
Later this month, the fast-casual chain will no longer accept cash for payment, relying completely on plastic payments and digital ordering.
Posted Jan 3, 2017

What’s the Future for Walmart’s New Convenience Stores?
Forbes discusses the pros and cons of the discount retailer’s smaller format stores.
Posted Dec 23, 2016

Will More Lotteries Go Cashless?
Lottery tickets in many states require payment in cash, but some states are considering changing that to accept credit or debit cards.
Posted Dec 23, 2016

7-Eleven Completes 77 Drone Deliveries
Flirtey and 7-Eleven complete the first month of routine commercial drone deliveries, airlifting 77 packages to customers’ homes.
Posted Dec 22, 2016

Holiday Travel to Reach Highest Level on Record
AAA anticipates more than 93 million people will take a holiday road trip from Dec. 23 to Jan. 2.
Posted Dec 22, 2016

Judge Dismisses Philadelphia’s Soda Tax Lawsuit
The beverage industry says it will appeal the decision to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Posted Dec 21, 2016

Amazon Go: An Affirmation of the C-Store Model?
The latest NACS Convenience Matters podcast looks at how the new Amazon Go retail store could affect convenience retailers.
Posted Dec 19, 2016

Fuel City to Open New Location
The new store in Haltom City, Texas, will have its signature street tacos and exotic animals.
Posted Dec 16, 2016

Vermont C-Store Invests in Solar
Pump and Pantry is using 200 solar panels to help power the site.
Posted Dec 15, 2016

FDA Issues Warning Letters Over Flavored Cigarettes Sold as Cigars
The agency said labeling the cigarettes as “little cigars” or “cigars” violates the law.
Posted Dec 14, 2016

Panasonic Automates the Checkout
New checkout machines can scan and bag items automatically.
Posted Dec 13, 2016

Casey's Builds Momentum for Future Growth
Year to date, prepared food and fountain sales are up 8.7%.
Posted Dec 12, 2016

Michigan Retailers Express Support for State Legislation
The AFPD is voicing its support for current and pending bills that affect Michigan’s convenience and fuel retailing industry.
Posted Dec 12, 2016

Surgeon General Calls E-Cigs ‘Major Public Health Concern’ for Youth
Vivek Murthy pointed out that science shows the use of nicotine products by young people is unsafe.
Posted Dec 9, 2016

Philip Morris Files Application for Electronically Heated Tobacco Product
The company is seeking approval from the FDA for IQOS, which is already available in some overseas markets.
Posted Dec 9, 2016

Starbucks Plans 12,000 More Stores by 2021
Company says new Roasteries and Reserve stores will elevate the brand and customer experience.
Posted Dec 8, 2016

Amazon's Tech-Driven Convenience Store
This is what retail disruption looks like at Amazon Go: no POS, no cash, no clerks, no lines.
Posted Dec 6, 2016

Walmart Debuts C-Store Concept
New convenience store offers a drive-thru for picking up online grocery orders and c-store fare.
Posted Dec 5, 2016

QuikTrip Expands, Helps Amazon Customers
New Tulsa-area stores and additional Amazon Locker service locations add to QuikTrip’s growth.
Posted Dec 5, 2016

Hunt Brothers Pizza to Give $375,000 in Upgrades to Small Businesses
C-stores share program success stories through “25 for 25 Video Contest,” rewarded with pizza shop makeovers.
Posted Dec 5, 2016

U.S. Government Bans Smoking in Public Housing
The Obama administration issued the final rule that makes nearly a million units smoke-free.
Posted Dec 2, 2016

Grocers Ditch Self-Checkout for Customer Interaction
Albertsons in South California is removing self-checkout to provide customers with a more personal shopping experience.
Posted Dec 1, 2016

Amazon Builds ‘Drive-In’ Grocery Store
The first brick-and-mortar location for the online retailer will resemble a 1950s drive-in diner rather than a traditional supermarket.
Posted Nov 30, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Credit Card Fee Case
The case involves several New York businesses that want to inform customers that using a credit card costs more.
Posted Nov 30, 2016

Green Bay Considers C-Store Liquor Ban
One City Council member says that he is targeting convenience stores specifically.
Posted Nov 29, 2016

Rutter’s Unveils Beer Caves
Three of the Pennsylvania c-store chain’s locations now sell beer.
Posted Nov 28, 2016

48.7 Million Americans Will Travel This Thanksgiving
A million more travelers than last year will take to the highways, skies and seas.
Posted Nov 18, 2016

Maryland Lottery Adds $30 Scratch-off Tickets
The state joins 17 others with tickets costing $30 or more.
Posted Nov 18, 2016

Target Plans Hundreds of Small-Format Stores
The down-sized stores are intended to lure millennials and urban dwellers.
Posted Nov 17, 2016

Cumberland Farms Fuels Road Warriors on Thanksgiving Day
C-store chain’s holiday survey shows that most travelers stock up on coffee and skip the snacks when hitting the road.
Posted Nov 17, 2016

U.S. Retail Sales Rebound
The brisk uptick over the past two months is the rosiest outlook in two years.
Posted Nov 16, 2016

Cigarette Smoking Declines by 8.6 Million
A new CDC report shows the smoking rate among U.S. adults dropped 6% from 2005 to 2015.
Posted Nov 14, 2016

St. Louis Considers Raising Tobacco Buying Age to 21
The city’s proposal would include electronic cigarettes in the restriction.
Posted Nov 14, 2016

ConAgra Foods Becomes Conagra Brands
The company has completed its spin-off of the Lamb Weston business.
Posted Nov 14, 2016

Dollar General Develops C-Store Concept
The small format store will sell fresh-brewed coffee, sandwiches, fountain drinks and grocery items.
Posted Nov 11, 2016

California Bans Plastic Bags
Retail outlets, including convenience stores, will no longer provide single-use plastic carryout bags.
Posted Nov 11, 2016

Tuesday’s Big Winner Is Marijuana
Voters in three states—and a potential fourth—approved recreational marijuana initiatives, and several other states passed medical marijuana provisions.
Posted Nov 10, 2016

California Voters Approve Tobacco Tax Increase
Proposition 56 will raise the state excise tax on tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes.
Posted Nov 10, 2016

These Four Cities Will Impose a Soda Tax
Following Tuesday’s elections, voters approved ballot measures in four U.S. cities to impose a soda tax.
Posted Nov 10, 2016

Stripes Convenience Stores Commission Local Artist
The original artwork will be on display in three new Texas locations.
Posted Nov 9, 2016

Four Cities Vote Today on Higher Soda Taxes
Ballot initiatives in three Bay Area cities and Boulder, Colorado, put the issue of taxing sugar-sweetened beverages before voters.
Posted Nov 8, 2016

Yesway Convenience Store Celebrates Grand Opening in Iowa
The convenience store chain will offer free coffee, specials and giveaways this Friday and Saturday.
Posted Nov 4, 2016

Why Women Should Enter the Petroleum Industry
Iowa takes the lead in outreach efforts to bring more females into the field.
Posted Nov 2, 2016

Three States Contemplating Tobacco Tax Hikes
California, Colorado and North Dakota would each raise the cigarette tax, to as high as $2.87 per pack.
Posted Nov 2, 2016

Colorado’s Cannabis Industry Could Surpass Cigarettes
In Colorado, legalizing marijuana has generated nearly $1 billion in retail revenue and could surpass cigarette revenues by 2020.
Posted Nov 1, 2016

Don’t Overturn Debit Reform
The new NACS chairman argues in an op-ed that Dodd-Frank has helped the convenience store industry—and consumers.
Posted Oct 31, 2016

Supermarkets Struggle to Bring in Millennial Shoppers
The younger generation are using a plethora of services to fill their grocery baskets.
Posted Oct 31, 2016

Americans Don’t Want to Dine Out
A new report suggests that Americans increasingly don’t want to go out to eat and are turning to at-home food delivery services.
Posted Oct 28, 2016

AmazonFresh Expands to More U.S. Cities
Chicago and Dallas join a growing list of cities where the same-day grocery delivery service is available.
Posted Oct 27, 2016

Iowa Governor Exploring Minimum Wage Hike
Gov. Branstad will explore a statewide increase in the minimum wage, which could replace the hikes being approved county-by-county.
Posted Oct 27, 2016

Banks Aim to Repeal Swipe Fee Reform
An op-ed slams Congress for even considering jettisoning the Dodd-Frank legislation.
Posted Oct 26, 2016

C-Stores With Gas Stations Have Competitive Advantage
One expert says that retailers that offer fuel as well as food and other necessities help consumers save time.
Posted Oct 26, 2016

NOCO Express Unveils New Foodservice Program
Store makeover maximizes the shopper experience and provides more fresh food offerings.
Posted Oct 25, 2016

Shaquille O’Neal Takes Ownership of Historic Atlanta Krispy Kreme Location
The former NBA superstar will also become the brand’s global spokesperson.
Posted Oct 25, 2016

NACS Chairman Describes C-Stores as Community Stores
New NACS Chair Rahim Budhwani encourages retailers to look at c-stores as “community stores,” rather than “convenience stores.”
Posted Oct 24, 2016

Ideas 2 Go Highlights Retailers’ Interesting, Creative, Profitable Ideas
See nine featured segments on the NACS 2016 “Ideas 2 Go” video, which is now available for purchase.
Posted Oct 24, 2016

More Americans Parking Money in Bank Accounts
The use of smartphones as mobile banks also rose sharply, while prepaid card usage surged as well.
Posted Oct 24, 2016

Walmart’s ‘Scalable’ Approach to Food Safety
With 140 million shoppers passing through its U.S. stores weekly, ensuring a safe food supply is a huge undertaking for the discount retailer.
Posted Oct 21, 2016

Verifone Implements Conexxus Mobile Payment Standard
The loyalty program aids with a frictionless mobile payment and rewards-enabled experience.
Posted Oct 19, 2016

The Operations Side of Fresh
Convenience store retailers need to find the model that works best for them.
Posted Oct 18, 2016

Washington, D.C., Bill Could Raise Tobacco-Buying Age to 21
The council also okayed a measure that would ban all tobacco products at organized sporting events.
Posted Oct 14, 2016

Amazon Considers Opening C-Stores
As the ecommerce company expands its grocery presence, Amazon is reportedly delving into the convenience store channel. NACS weighs in.
Posted Oct 12, 2016

Digital Coupons Take Off
While paper coupons still dominate, the number of digital coupons jumped nearly 24% during the first half of 2016.
Posted Oct 12, 2016

Hurricane-Related Resources Available
NACS has a number of resources to share insights about potential disruptions and provide other assistance for convenience retailers.
Posted Oct 6, 2016

South Carolina AG Announces Price-Gouging Statute
Attorney General Alan Wilson says the state’s price gouging law is in full effect as the state prepares for Hurricane Matthew.
Posted Oct 6, 2016

Presidential Candidates Ignore Illicit Tobacco Threat
An economist warns that terrorists are financing their operations through contraband cigarettes and other tobacco products.
Posted Oct 5, 2016

Soda Tax Heats Up in San Francisco
In November, voters will decide on a penny-per-ounce tax on sugar sweetened beverages.
Posted Sep 30, 2016

Philip Morris Boosts Cigarette Alternative Investments
The tobacco firm will expand sales of these products to more countries as well as increase its development of new products.
Posted Sep 30, 2016

FMI Postpones 2017 Trade Show
The Food Marketing Institute announced it will refocus its strategy.
Posted Sep 29, 2016

AmEx Can Prevent Retailers From Pushing Other Credit Cards
A federal appeals court ruled that American Express can forbid merchants from steering customers to cards with lower transaction fees.
Posted Sep 28, 2016

A Free-Wheeling Convenience Store
At a Kansas university, a shuttle bus has been converted into a c-store to provide on-campus snacks and drinks.
Posted Sep 27, 2016

Wyoming Rejects Proposed Cigarette Tax Hike
The bill to raise the state’s cigarette tax by $1.25 per pack didn’t make it out of a joint committee.
Posted Sep 26, 2016

CVS Expands Curbside Pickup Nationwide
The service will be available at more than 4,100 U.S. locations.
Posted Sep 23, 2016

C-Stores Thrive in Mobile Environment
A new report finds that the industry has adapted well to changing shopping behavior.
Posted Sep 23, 2016

Retailers Talk Business at Mid-Atlantic C-Store Expo
The annual exhibition connects distributors with Asian convenience store owners.
Posted Sep 21, 2016

New FDA Tobacco Regulations Mean Retailer Commitment to Compliance
September is We Card Training Awareness Month.
Posted Sep 16, 2016

7-Eleven’s Comeback Plan
The new president of parent group Seven & i Holdings Co. has big plans on how to turn the convenience store chain around.
Posted Sep 16, 2016

Millennials Push Gas Stations to Exceed Expectations
From grand opening parties to fresh-made meals, convenience stores have upped their game to meet the demands of a younger generation.
Posted Sep 16, 2016

Interpreting FDA’s New Tobacco Deeming Rules
NACS has created an updated memo for members to provide additional clarification on the final rule, which went into effect last month.
Posted Sep 9, 2016

CMP Amounts for Tobacco Retailers Increased for Inflation
The HHS has adjusted the civil money penalties for violations by tobacco retailers.
Posted Sep 9, 2016

Mondelez Counts on Oreo Chocolate Bars for ‘Big Splash’
The company will expand into the U.S. chocolate market with the bars made with Milka chocolate.
Posted Sep 9, 2016

AAA Ignores Labor Day Travel
This year, the auto club decided not to forecast how many drivers will hit the road this coming holiday weekend.
Posted Sep 2, 2016

Sunoco Partners With Safeway on Fuel Rewards
The companies are expanding Safeway’s fuel rewards program to parts of the Delmarva region.
Posted Sep 1, 2016

McLane Company Rebrands Private-Label Offer
Two of five new product lines meet the Partnership for a Healthier America healthy criteria and its signature Drink Up initiative.
Posted Sep 1, 2016

Mondelez Ends Pursuit of Hershey
The company will continue to focus on its sustainable growth plans.
Posted Aug 31, 2016

Amazon Hints at a Grocery Store
Planning documents suggest that ‘Project X’ is going to be a drive-up grocery store in Seattle.
Posted Aug 30, 2016

Massive Produce Recall Hits Southeast
Fresh-cut vegetables are being recalled from convenience, grocery and discount stores because of potentially fatal Listeria bacteria.
Posted Aug 30, 2016

New Study Finds Soda Taxes Curb Soft Drink Consumption
Researchers discovered low-income communities in Berkeley, Calif., drank fewer sodas after the city passed a tax on sugared soft drinks.
Posted Aug 26, 2016

Dollar Stores Reaping Benefits of Higher Wages
With their core clientele having more earnings in their pockets, Dollar General and Dollar Tree are thriving.
Posted Aug 26, 2016

Sheetz Adds Two New Stores in Two Different States
Convenience retailer welcomed customers at a new store in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
Posted Aug 25, 2016

Giant Eagle Pilots Wine-to-Go Sales
Program brings more wine options to consumers as part of a new law that modernizes the sale of liquor, beer and wine in Pennsylvania.
Posted Aug 22, 2016

FDA Told ‘No” Over Tobacco Label Changes
Judge rules that label changes are not considered a new product, in response to three tobacco makers suing over packaging requirements.
Posted Aug 19, 2016

Tobacco Firms Fight N.D. Tobacco Tax Increase
On Nov. 8, North Dakota voters will consider a ballot measure to raise the state’s cigarette tax to $2.20 per pack.
Posted Aug 19, 2016

Lin Jia Convenience Store Debuts in Times Square
‘Dark horse’ of China’s retail market is making its presence known in New York City.
Posted Aug 18, 2016

A Touchy-Feely Convenience Store
Next year, artist Lucy Sparrow’s “felt” convenience store will debut in the New York City.
Posted Aug 18, 2016

Expanded Retailer Requirements Could Push C-Stores Out of SNAP
Meiners Markets explains how USDA proposed standards would be ‘next to impossible’ for c-stores to meet.
Posted Aug 17, 2016

Pay Cash to Help Local Businesses
An op-ed urges fellow Mainers to use bills and coins instead of plastic to buy goods and services at neighborhood stores.
Posted Aug 17, 2016

Sheetz Goes to College
The convenience store chain has its eye on opening cafes near universities.
Posted Aug 16, 2016

Convenience Stores Reaping Olympic Gold
A new report finds that convenience stores are very popular among sports fans during huge sporting events.
Posted Aug 12, 2016

Ann Arbor, Schenectady County Up Minimum Tobacco Buying Age to 21
The new Michigan ordinance will commence January 1, while the New York law takes effect September 1.
Posted Aug 12, 2016

LeBron Wants to Help Small Businesses
NBA superstar’s new contest will help him choose one small business to put his stamp on.
Posted Aug 11, 2016

Grocery Stores See Sales Bump Through WIC Participation
By accepting vouchers from the federal Women, Infants and Children program, retailers bring in more business.
Posted Aug 10, 2016

Oregon C-Store Owner Dreams Big
From a lawn chair rigged with helium balloons to a growler program featuring 36 taps, Kent Couch continues to innovate and find the next big idea.
Posted Aug 9, 2016

Turning Problems Into Customer Loyalty
When c-store workers commit to superior service, customers have better experiences.
Posted Aug 9, 2016

No Coffee While Driving in New Jersey
Bill would ban drivers from drinking coffee, among other things, while behind the wheel.
Posted Aug 9, 2016

Comcast Launches Bill Pay at 7-Eleven Stores
More than 7,700 Comcast customers can now pay their bill at a 7-Eleven.
Posted Aug 4, 2016

Pennsylvania Cigarette Tax Shutters Convenience Store
The owners of Korner News said the recent dollar increase in the state’s cigarette tax led to the closing.
Posted Aug 3, 2016

U.S. Households’ Demand for Convenience Foods Rises
A new U.S. Department of Agriculture report found that Americans increasingly turn to prepared foods.
Posted Aug 3, 2016

FDA’s Deeming Rule Takes Effect August 8
Agency is offering information about which provisions take effect immediately or in the near future.
Posted Aug 1, 2016

Dollar General Gets Into Fuel
The discount retailer plans to add fresh produce and meat to store shelves and operate fueling stations.
Posted Jul 29, 2016

Dressing for Success
Starbucks baristas can now be decked out in a range of colors and outfits that reflect their personal tastes.
Posted Jul 27, 2016

Japan Tobacco Muscles Into American Market With LD Brand
The company is bringing inexpensive cigarettes to the United States.
Posted Jul 20, 2016

Banking on Coffee
Capital One has recently opened two new hybrid coffee shops and banks in Chicago.
Posted Jul 20, 2016

Illinois Bans Sale of Bath Salts
Retailers convicted of selling the illegal substances will face felony charges.
Posted Jul 20, 2016

Dunkin’ Shops Coming to BJ’s Wholesale Clubs
In-store food courts will disappear from the warehouse stores to make room for Dunkin’.
Posted Jul 19, 2016

Second 365 by Whole Foods Market Opens in Oregon
New store was designed with grab-and-go and convenience in mind.
Posted Jul 18, 2016

New York Cracks Down on Synthetic Drugs
State will vigorously pursue all civil and criminal remedies against businesses that sell the illegal substances, often disguised as potpourri or incense.
Posted Jul 18, 2016

San Marcos Requires Licenses for Tobacco, E-cig Retailers
While California already mandates tobacco retailers obtain a special license, city officials say they need the local license fees for regular checks at tobacco sellers.
Posted Jul 15, 2016

Massachusetts Eyes Online Lottery
The state is asking legislators to approve lottery games played on computers and mobile devices.
Posted Jul 13, 2016

Rutter’s Continues to Grow
New store caters to large trucks and heavy volumes of traffic, and features a dining room and free Wi-Fi.
Posted Jul 12, 2016

Small Town, Big Brand
In the town of Vinita, Oklahoma, a local convenience store is embracing more than beer and Bubba.
Posted Jul 12, 2016

Cumberland Farms Announces Millions in Savings
Smart Pay program has saved customers $50 million since its launch in 2013.
Posted Jul 11, 2016

Colorado Group Kicks Off Campaign to Raise Tobacco Tax
The organization wants to increase the state’s cigarette tax by $1.75 per pack.
Posted Jul 8, 2016

Zero-Waste Retailers Reduce Garbage
A new grocery store without bags and packages will soon open in New York.
Posted Jul 8, 2016

UPS, 7-Eleven Expand 24/7 Access to Deliveries
More than 300 pick-up lockers will be placed at 7-Eleven stores and other retailers nationwide.
Posted Jul 5, 2016

Mondelez Extends $23 Billion Takeover Offer for Hershey
The merger would keep the Hershey name, but the company’s board unanimously rejected the bid.
Posted Jul 1, 2016

California Tobacco Ban Is DOA
The measure did not receive a motion to support, making it officially dead on arrival before the California State Assembly.
Posted Jun 30, 2016

Cold Drinks and Ice Sales Spike During July 4th Holiday
The Fourth of July holiday is shaping up to be the busiest weekend of the year for convenience stores, especially for customers buying beverages or bags of ice.
Posted Jun 30, 2016

CNG Sites Available Every 100 Miles Along Oklahoma Interstates
OnCue Express and Love’s Travel Stops representatives reflect on the importance of compressed natural gas distribution.
Posted Jun 27, 2016

NACS Releases Tobacco ‘Deeming Rule’ Memo
E-cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products now subject to regulation.
Posted Jun 24, 2016

Pilot Flying J and Speedway Enter into Joint Venture
The agreement is designed to improve service for drivers in the Southeast region.
Posted Jun 24, 2016

Maine Threatens to Pull Out of SNAP
The governor is considering ending the state’s participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program if it can’t forbid candy and sugar-sweetened drink purchases.
Posted Jun 24, 2016

Portland Increases Tobacco-Buying Age to 21
The Maine city retains its legal smoking age of 18, however.
Posted Jun 23, 2016

Dunkin’ Donuts to Sell Cold Brew Iced Coffee
The doughnut chain will start selling the drink at New York and Los Angeles locations on Monday.
Posted Jun 23, 2016

Baby Boomers Retiring in the Suburbs
Many in this key c-store demographic want to stay in their current house, but the suburbs might not be kind to an aging population.
Posted Jun 23, 2016

Bloomberg Backs Soda Tax Expansion
After success in Philadelphia, the former New York mayor is preparing to fund similar efforts out West.
Posted Jun 20, 2016

West Virginia to Raise Cigarette Tax
Effective July 1, the price per pack will increase by 65 cents.
Posted Jun 20, 2016

Philly Passes Soda Tax
Philadelphia is the first major city in the U.S. to enact a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.
Posted Jun 17, 2016

Should C-Stores Restrict Teen Patronage?
The question was addressed recently on a regional radio show.
Posted Jun 17, 2016

Sanborn and Market Gas Offers Overnight Accommodations
The station rents out its space through Airbnb overnight after closing.
Posted Jun 17, 2016

Sheetz Applauds Reforms to Pennsylvania Liquor Laws
The convenience store chain is welcoming the long-overdue ability to sell beer in Pennsylvania.
Posted Jun 16, 2016

Phillips 66 Program Helps Independent Operators Purchase Foodservice Equipment
Convenience Store Alliance is offering independent operators a new discount program for foodservice equipment through foodpros.com.
Posted Jun 16, 2016

QuickChek Expands Mobile Ordering Menu
New Jersey-based convenience retail chain is adding more options to its mobile ordering app.
Posted Jun 14, 2016

An Eye on Crime
Bazzi Oil & Gas teamed up with the Detroit Police Department to pilot a program aimed at reducing crime at convenience stores.
Posted Jun 14, 2016

Cities Transformed by Young, Wealthy Residents
More educated, high-income people are choosing to live in urban neighborhoods at a clip not experienced in 40 years.
Posted Jun 13, 2016

DC Council Boosts City’s Minimum Wage to $15
The higher hourly wage will be lifted over a four-year period.
Posted Jun 9, 2016

Pennsylvania Passes Bill to Allow Convenience Stores to Sell Wine
The measure also lets grocery stores, restaurants and hotels sell up to four bottles of wine to go.
Posted Jun 9, 2016

Seattle Considers Work Schedule Regulations
The city is weighing whether to make businesses provide two weeks’ advance notice of schedules, among other considerations.
Posted Jun 8, 2016

C-Store Closes Because of High Card Fees
The owner of Quechee Mobil Mart pointed to credit and debit card usage as leading to her decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Posted Jun 7, 2016

Oklahoma Voters Will Decide Whether to Change Alcohol Laws
The question of letting convenience and grocery stores sell wine and cold beer will be on the November ballot.
Posted Jun 7, 2016

California Bill Bans Tobacco Sales from C-Stores
State Senate legislation would restrict the sale of tobacco products to 18-and-over cigar shops.
Posted Jun 6, 2016

Is the Age of Thrift Upon Us?
Dollar stores are winning more U.S. consumers as they seek to save money.
Posted Jun 1, 2016

Ricker's to Provide Free ATM Cash Withdrawals
Beginning today, the Indiana convenience store chain will provide the service at each of its locations.
Posted Jun 1, 2016

PA Governor Applauds ‘Free the Six-Pack’ Movement
Convenience stores are even closer to selling beer in Pennsylvania.
Posted May 27, 2016

365 By Whole Foods Market Opens in Los Angeles
Smaller format offers a craft brew bar, a “Carrot Dog” and a new loyalty program.
Posted May 27, 2016

Sugar Taxes Can Help Fund Cities
A New York Times op-ed sees the future as being fueled by taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks.
Posted May 26, 2016

U.S. Adult Smoking Rate Drops to 15%
The CDC’s new report shows the national smoking rate registered the largest one-year decrease in more than two decades.
Posted May 25, 2016

The Top Reason That Summer Vacationers Will Stop Is…
According to recent NACS survey data, the list of reasons travelers visit convenience stores are varied.
Posted May 25, 2016

California Could See Tobacco Hike on November Ballot
Enough signatures have been collected to put a $2-per-pack raise on the state’s cigarette tax before voters on Nov. 8.
Posted May 18, 2016

The Continued Success of Big-Box Stores
While some large retailers have closed or filed for bankruptcy, club and warehouse stores are still thriving.
Posted May 13, 2016

Kum & Go Adds Growler Fill-up to New Stores
The c-store chain will build new locations with room for beer-on-tap stations.
Posted May 13, 2016

California Smoking Age Now 21
The governor signed the legislation this week, which has an exemption for military personnel.
Posted May 6, 2016

Grocery Stores Pair Up With Dietitians
Supermarkets are increasingly deploying health experts at the local level to help customers connect with healthy foods.
Posted May 3, 2016

Michigan C-Stores Upset Over Change in Beer, Wine Sales
A new law lifts a restriction for convenience stores operated by big-box retailers but not for single or small chain operators.
Posted May 3, 2016

Pentagon to Raise Tobacco Prices on Military Bases
The Defense Secretary wants to curb tobacco usage among its members.
Posted Apr 29, 2016

Wawa Offers Free Wi-Fi
Convenience store chain teams up with Comcast to offer customers free Wi-Fi at more than 700 Wawa locations.
Posted Apr 28, 2016

Portland, Maine, Presses Toward Raising Tobacco Buying Age to 21
A city council subcommittee has begun work on the measure.
Posted Apr 27, 2016

CVS Health Offers ‘Seamless Convenience’ With Curbside
Customers can choose from thousands of in-store items and have them delivered curbside or inside the store in about one hour.
Posted Apr 21, 2016

Food by Subscription
In the food-delivery business, membership-based companies are all the rage.
Posted Apr 20, 2016

Fast-Food Protests Target 300 Cities
Today, the Service Employees International Union is launching its biggest round of fast-food protests, calling for a $15 minimum wage.
Posted Apr 14, 2016

Soda Tax Blocked in California
Eighth attempt in six years to implement two-cent-per-ounce tax on soda has failed.
Posted Apr 14, 2016

First 365 by Whole Foods Opening May 25
New smaller-format and budget-friendly store will open its doors in Silver Lake, California.
Posted Apr 11, 2016

The Supermarket Millennial Problem
Can grocery stores figure out how to attract the younger generation?
Posted Apr 8, 2016

Doctors Aim for ‘Tobacco-Free Generation’
A proposed policy is asking a Massachusetts town to ban tobacco sales to anyone born after 1995.
Posted Apr 8, 2016

7-Eleven Helps People Pay Their Taxes
Taxpayers can make payments even without a bank account or credit card at thousands of 7-Eleven stores nationwide.
Posted Apr 7, 2016

Starbucks Goes Big in New York
New 20,000 square-foot store in Meatpacking District will be the largest for the coffee chain.
Posted Apr 7, 2016

California, New York Raise Minimum Wage
California will gradually increase it over seven years, while New York set a higher minimum wage for New York City and its environs.
Posted Apr 6, 2016

NASCAR Driver Snared in Tobacco Smuggling
The arrest came about after the largest tobacco smuggling bust in North America.
Posted Apr 1, 2016

Alaska Senate Okays Smoking Ban
The bill is now before the House.
Posted Apr 1, 2016

Boston Retailers Protest Flavored Tobacco Ban
Convenience store owners rallied to protest a citywide ban on selling flavored tobacco products.
Posted Mar 31, 2016

Vermont Debates Higher Smoking Age
The House will soon vote on a bill that raises the state’s smoking age to 21.
Posted Mar 30, 2016

Harris Teeter Partners With UberRUSH
The grocery chain is conducting a pilot delivery program in Washington, D.C.
Posted Mar 30, 2016

California Poised to Raise Minimum Wage
By 2022, the rate will reach $15 an hour.
Posted Mar 29, 2016

Dollar General Announces Expansion
The discount chain has plans to open around 1,000 new units during fiscal 2017.
Posted Mar 28, 2016

‘Tips from Former Smokers’ Campaign Triggers 104,000 Quitters
The 2014 marketing effort has achieved the most positive results of the agency’s recent anti-smoking campaigns.
Posted Mar 28, 2016

Supermarkets Shrink Footprint
More grocers are dabbling in smaller format stores to great success.
Posted Mar 28, 2016

Hard Liquor Manufacturers Back Colorado Ballot to Expand Sales to C-stores
The Distilled Spirits Council’s proposals would allow voters to determine whether grocers and convenience stores should stock wine, beer and liquor.
Posted Mar 25, 2016

Coke to Shed U.S. Distribution and Manufacturing
The soft-drink company will focus on the beverage side of things.
Posted Mar 25, 2016

Kansas Legislators Pass ‘Anti-Bloomberg’ Bill
Legislation would ban localities from regulating the nutritional content of food sold at restaurants, vending machines and retail.
Posted Mar 22, 2016

Amazon to Become Major Food and Beverage Competitor
Wall Street analyst says the company will be a top 10 food and beverage player by 2019.
Posted Mar 21, 2016

Tennessee Legislation Assists Convenience Stores in Selling Wine
While a new law will allow retailers to stock wine starting July 1, the measure does not let them order alcohol ahead of time to prepare.
Posted Mar 18, 2016

Massachusetts Retailers Against Raising Tobacco Buying Age
More than a dozen local communities have ordinances prohibiting tobacco sales to people under 21 or 19.
Posted Mar 16, 2016

California Lawmakers Vote to Raise Smoking Age to 21
If enacted, the state would join Hawaii in barring legal adults from purchasing or using tobacco products until they turn 21.
Posted Mar 14, 2016

Why Philly’s Soda Tax Is a Bad Idea
A Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association op-ed says a soda tax would make it more expensive for Philadelphians to grab a bite at a convenience store.
Posted Mar 14, 2016

QuikTrip Planning New Store Without Fuel
New Atlanta-area location will be a walk-up convenience store only.
Posted Mar 14, 2016

Webinar: Take Charge of Your Categories
Learn the three “Bs” of category management during a free, hour-long webinar on April 5.
Posted Mar 11, 2016

RaceTrac to Remodel More Than 20 Louisiana Stores This Year
The retailer will bring frozen treats, expanded Crazy Good Coffee options and a modern look and feel to all Louisiana locations.
Posted Mar 11, 2016

Convenience Stores Offer More
With more competition, convenience stores are providing more amenities and services.
Posted Mar 9, 2016

Massachusetts Cities Look to Ban Flavored Tobacco
Products such as flavored cigars and vaporizer juices with nicotine would be banned from convenience store shelves.
Posted Mar 8, 2016

Fortune Names Two C-Stores to Best Companies to Work For List
The publication recognizes Sheetz and QuikTrip among 100 companies with exceptional workplace cultures.
Posted Mar 4, 2016

Oklahoma Wine, Strong Beer Bill Moves Forward
The Senate approved the measure, which would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell more alcohol.
Posted Mar 4, 2016

Maine Considering Increased Minimum Wage
Voters could decide on whether to raise the state’s entry level wage to $10 or $12.
Posted Mar 3, 2016

Tobacco Purchase Age to be 21 in San Francisco
Meanwhile, a Rhode Island lawmaker has proposed raising the state’s legal tobacco buying age to 21 as well.
Posted Mar 3, 2016

Albertsons Companies Sets Goal for Cage-Free Eggs by 2025
Each of its more than 2,200 stores will only stock cage-free eggs.
Posted Mar 2, 2016

Will Chip Dipping Push Consumers to Mobile Payments?
Chip card transactions take longer than swiping, and that could spell good news for mobile wallets.
Posted Mar 1, 2016

Retailers Rising from the Ashes
Gone-but-not-forgotten brands are making a return, either online or operating physical shops.
Posted Feb 23, 2016

Walmart Winning Back Shoppers
The retailer plans to hire hundreds of ‘fresh operations managers’ to focus on merchandising and maintaining the store’s fresh produce.
Posted Feb 19, 2016

Kum & Go Unveils First Marketplace Store Design
Inaugural location opened on Feb. 18 with 28 additional locations to follow in 2016.
Posted Feb 19, 2016

Whole Foods 365: The Next Walmart Express?
Analysts raise questions about the seemingly similar approach between Whole Foods Market and its new 365 format.
Posted Feb 15, 2016

Chicago Squashes Plan to Up Smoking Age to 21
The City Council’s Finance Committee opposed the mayor’s proposal because of concerns about small retailers and increased black market cigarette sales.
Posted Feb 10, 2016

Retailer Participants Needed for NACS State of the Industry Annual Report®
Members provide the data; NACS provides the context, plus live expert analysis and a sneak peek at the report’s findings.
Posted Feb 10, 2016

Petition Urges Oklahoma to Allow Convenience Stores to Sell Wine, Strong Beer
Oklahomans for Modern Laws wants to put the question directly to voters.
Posted Feb 5, 2016

CVS Opens First Pharmacy Inside Target
During the transition, Target pharmacy customers cited service and convenience as their top two expectations.
Posted Feb 4, 2016

Chicago Evaluates Plastic Bag Ban
Six months later, the results are not as clear cut as some would like with the city’s ban on plastic bags.
Posted Feb 3, 2016

Open Around the Clock
Not so long ago, all convenience stores closed at night.
Posted Feb 3, 2016

Washington Metro Tests Grocery Pick-Up
Pilot with Peapod by Giant Foods is testing grocery pick-up for evening commuters at three Metro stations.
Posted Feb 2, 2016

Franchisees Urge Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Seattle’s $15 Wage Law
The International Franchise Association sued the city after it passed a $15 minimum wage law in June 2014.
Posted Jan 29, 2016

C-Store Consumers Can Be Savvy Shoppers
From fountain drinks to frequent shopper rewards, convenience stores offer many ways to save.
Posted Jan 29, 2016

Bank of America to Take Plastic Out of ATM Transactions
By eliminating plastic from ATM transactions, the bank says it will save on security and attract Millennials.
Posted Jan 28, 2016

Verifone Expands Services for Large Retailers
By acquiring AJB Software Design, Verifone will deliver enhanced vertical functionality.
Posted Jan 25, 2016

Florida Considers Raising Cigarette Tax
Also, the Tennessee Legislature has a bill that would increase the tobacco and e-cigs buying age to 21.
Posted Jan 25, 2016

Open for Business Despite Bad Weather
With Winter Storm Jonas looming, East Coast convenience stores are preparing to stay open and serve their communities.
Posted Jan 21, 2016

NYACS Laments Gas Pump Safety Equipment Campaign
New York Association of Convenience Stores dismissed a new online campaign from the fire equipment industry.
Posted Jan 21, 2016

H-E-B to Open $2.7M Convenience Store
Texas grocer is making a big investment in a new, upscale convenience store.
Posted Jan 18, 2016

Cash Remains Leading Payment Form
Survey findings showcase the prominence of cash in the consumer payments landscape.
Posted Jan 15, 2016

Webinar Underscores the Risks of Selling Synthetic Drugs
Illegal synthetic drugs are a growing epidemic in the United States.
Posted Jan 15, 2016

C-Stores an Integral Part of Lottery History
Largest jackpot in Powerball history finally sold, marking what could be the busiest day for the industry in 2016.
Posted Jan 14, 2016

Chicago Mayor Proposes Higher Tobacco Purchasing Age
Rahm Emanuel wants to raise the tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21.
Posted Jan 14, 2016

Lottery Fever Takes Over as Powerball Jackpot Hits More than $1 Billion
The highest jackpot in history is up for grabs in today’s Powerball drawing.
Posted Jan 13, 2016

New Jersey Contemplates Raising Smoking Age to 21
The bill is now before the governor.
Posted Jan 13, 2016

Minimum Wage Increase a ‘Small Business Torpedo’
New York convenience store association tells state Senate that a 67% minimum wage increase would create fewer jobs and reduce benefits for workers.
Posted Jan 12, 2016

Powerball Jackpot Rises to $700 Million
With no winner on Wednesday, the multistate lottery pot balloons to the biggest lottery payout in U.S. history.
Posted Jan 8, 2016

St. Paul Nixes Sale of Flavored Tobacco at Convenience Stores
Retailers will have three months to get rid of those products.
Posted Jan 8, 2016

Judge Will Consider Salt Warning for NYC Chain Restaurants
New York City’s requirement that chain restaurants publish salty food cautions is under scrutiny.
Posted Jan 6, 2016

Rival Cigarette Tax Ballots Stir up Debate
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco supports one Missouri proposal, while value-brand cigarette makers are backing the other.
Posted Jan 6, 2016

Growing Food Sales and Low Gas Prices Energize Convenience Retailers for 2016
A new NACS survey finds that convenience stores expect good things in the New Year.
Posted Jan 4, 2016

Two California C-Stores Ban Pennies
The Orange County stores started rounding to the nearest nickel for all transactions.
Posted Jan 4, 2016

Harris Teeter Opens More Fueling Locations
The Kroger-owned grocery chain is bringing its new Harris Teeter Fuel Center to new stores.
Posted Dec 31, 2015

Some Retailers Disable Chip Card Readers
Challenges with speed of service during the holidays lead some retailers to disable EMV-enabled readers.
Posted Dec 29, 2015

Fazoli’s Opens Convenience Store Unit
Fast-casual chain opened a new unit at a Kwik Stop in Dubuque, Iowa.
Posted Dec 21, 2015

Wawa Celebrates Grand Opening Triple Header
Today, the convenience store chain will open three new locations in Chantilly, Hampton and Suffolk, Virginia.
Posted Dec 18, 2015

Wawa Enthusiasts Attend Every Grand Opening
Plant City, Florida, couple originally from Pennsylvania fanatically supports their hometown convenience store.
Posted Dec 17, 2015

Appeals Court Upholds Indiana Law Barring Cold Beer in Convenience Stores
A federal judge first ruled the state law prohibiting grocery and convenience stores from selling cold beer was constitutional.
Posted Dec 16, 2015

Cleveland Raises Tobacco Buying Age to 21
The city also now restricts e-cigarette sales to those 21 and older.
Posted Dec 9, 2015

New Effort to Combat Security Threat of Illicit Tobacco Trade
U.S. State Department publication outlines the negative impact of illegal tobacco and government efforts to curb the trade.
Posted Dec 8, 2015

Grocery Stores Slow in Coming to Food Deserts
An analysis of federal food stamp data found that the largest supermarket chains have opened very few stores in at-risk neighborhoods.
Posted Dec 8, 2015

Online Lottery Interest Down Despite Strong 2014 Start
Minnesota’s mandated evacuation leaves only three state lotteries actively selling online lottery products.
Posted Dec 7, 2015

Alabama State Rep. Urges Support of Christian-Owned C-Stores
NACS responded that retailers from all backgrounds work hard to connect with their customers.
Posted Dec 3, 2015

California Likely to Put Tobacco Tax Hike on 2016 Ballot
Meanwhile, Massachusetts is considering upping the tobacco buying age statewide.
Posted Dec 1, 2015

Tennessee Prepares for Wine Sales in Grocery and Convenience Stores
Starting July 1, the state is loosening restrictions as to where wine can be stocked.
Posted Dec 1, 2015

Consumers Express Annoyance with Chip Credit Cards
Some are avoiding retailers that require dipping the chip.
Posted Dec 1, 2015

Texas Sees Uptick in ATM Thefts at Convenience Stores
The smash-and-grab robberies leave behind huge messes and destroyed merchandise.
Posted Nov 24, 2015

Cleveland Mulls Restricting Tobacco Products to 21
The city’s convenience store owners objected to language that also would restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products to retail tobacco stores.
Posted Nov 19, 2015

U.S. Adult Smoking Rates Keep Dropping
The number of U.S. adults who smoke is just under 15% for the first half of 2015.
Posted Nov 18, 2015

7-Eleven Expands Amazon Lockers
7-Eleven stores in Canada and the United States will offer more locker units that customers can send e-commerce purchases to for pick-up.
Posted Nov 13, 2015

Fast-Food Workers Again Strike for $15/Hour Wage
The higher minimum wage movement kicked off a 12-month campaign yesterday with walkouts in dozens of locations.
Posted Nov 11, 2015

7-Eleven Aims Higher With Veterans Franchises
The convenience store chain wants to provide franchise opportunities to 100 vets, and $2 million in discounts for its military vet franchise program.
Posted Nov 11, 2015

Target’s ‘Vastly Different’ Small Format Opens in Virginia
The newer and much smaller Target format seeks to capture Millennials and city dwellers alike.
Posted Nov 10, 2015

7-Eleven Car Wash Locations Offering Military Free Cleaning
On Veterans Day, participating 7-Eleven car wash locations are offering former and current military “the works” for their vehicles.
Posted Nov 10, 2015

Gas & Grass Opens for Business
Budding convenience store is two businesses with two separate entrances: one for the marijuana dispensary and the other for the gasoline.
Posted Nov 10, 2015

Gulf Oil Moves Into Wisconsin
The Gulf brand returns to Wisconsin for the first time in more than two decades.
Posted Nov 10, 2015

FDA Issues First-Ever No Sale Orders
Agency issues a No-Tobacco-Sale Order to eight retailers for repeatedly selling tobacco products to minors.
Posted Oct 30, 2015

7-Eleven Opens First Post-Security Airport Store in United States
Convenience retailer creates exclusive ‘snack pack’ for DFW Airport’s on-the-go travelers.
Posted Oct 30, 2015

Walgreens Acquires Rite Aid
The acquisition would merge the second- and third-largest drugstore chains in the United States.
Posted Oct 29, 2015

Lottery Losing Charm in Illinois
Plagued by delayed payouts, many residents are crossing into neighboring states for their lottery purchases.
Posted Oct 28, 2015

U.S. Government Bans E-Cigarettes in Checked Bags
A new mandate for electronic cigarettes takes to the sky.
Posted Oct 28, 2015

General Mills Identifies Four C-Store Customer Segments
Knowing these segments, and the attitudes, behaviors and needs associated with each, will help convenience retailers best serve each customer population.
Posted Oct 26, 2015

California Sees Lower Rate of Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors
A 2015 survey found that retailers are selling tobacco to underage buyers 1.4% less than last year.
Posted Oct 26, 2015

Fresh & Easy Continues Shutting Down Stores
U.K-based Tesco is closing its U.S.-based Fresh & Easy grocery stores.
Posted Oct 23, 2015

Slower Shopping Means More Spending
Some retailers are slowing down time spent in stores to enhance the consumer experience and increase their overall spend.
Posted Oct 22, 2015

On-Demand Delivery
Online ordering platform delivery.com is partnering with UberRUSH and sidecar to enable on-demand delivery in dozens of U.S. cities.
Posted Oct 22, 2015

Starbucks Enhances Drive-Thru Experience
The coffeehouse chain is adding two-way video screens in an effort to improve drive-thru service.
Posted Oct 21, 2015

QuickCheck Continues Growth With Three New Stores
The New Jersey-based chain has opened 30 stores and hired 1,200 people since 2007.
Posted Oct 21, 2015

Pennsylvania Considers Raising Tobacco Age
The bill before the legislature would increase the current smoking age from 18 to 21.
Posted Oct 16, 2015

Caffeinating Customers
Convenience stores are serving up coffee just as good as Starbucks.
Posted Oct 16, 2015

UberRUSH Opens for Business in Chicago, New York, San Francisco
The service is designed to partner with local businesses on delivery.
Posted Oct 15, 2015

7-Eleven Refreshes Franchise Website
New site is designed to help ease the franchise application process.
Posted Oct 9, 2015

Wyoming Looks at Tobacco Tax Hike
The state needs to plug a $14.6 million shortfall by July 2018.
Posted Oct 8, 2015

Down Under C-Stores Consider Cutting Hours of Operation
7-Eleven Australia is weighing whether to cut back on its current 24/7 hours.
Posted Oct 8, 2015

NOCO Express Adds Tim Hortons
Updated store in Lackawanna, New York, also boasts a newly renovated space to provide expanded selection of fresh foods and beverages.
Posted Oct 7, 2015

Famima!! Closes Doors to L.A. Stores
Parent company FamilyMart announced plans to devote more resources to the rapidly growing convenience store market in Asia.
Posted Oct 5, 2015

QSR Magazine Highlights Pricing Strategies
Article suggests six steps for developing customer-focused pricing strategies.
Posted Sep 29, 2015

7-Eleven Adds More Markets to Postmates Partnership
Convenience retailer adds six markets to on-demand delivery service that now includes Slurpees.
Posted Sep 28, 2015

The Struggles of Same-Day Delivery
Inventory issues and logistics difficulties present challenges for companies tackling same-day delivery.
Posted Sep 25, 2015

Speedway Raises Millions for Charity
The retailer raised more than $2 million for Children’s Miracle Network.
Posted Sep 25, 2015

Judge Rejects NYC Foam Food Container Ban
The prohibition against restaurants using polystyrene containers went into effect in July.
Posted Sep 24, 2015

Oklahoma Moves Closer to Strong Beer, Wine at C-stores
A compromise from the liquor store contingent looks likely to end the stalemate that had blocked approval of strong beer and wine at grocery and convenience stores.
Posted Sep 17, 2015

Kum & Go Opens New Ecofriendly Store in Des Moines
The store features fresh food and a variety of fuel options, including E15, E85 and diesel.
Posted Sep 17, 2015

West Virginia Toys With Raising Tobacco Taxes
Alabama is also considering a bump in its tobacco taxes.
Posted Sep 17, 2015

FDA Halts Sale of Four R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Products
Retailers have 30 days to dispose of inventory for Camel Crush Bold, Pall Mall Deep Set Recessed Filter, Pall Mall Deep Set Recessed Filter Menthol and Vantage Tech 13.
Posted Sep 16, 2015

Target Partners With Instacart
The grocery delivery company is testing a pilot program with the discount retailer.
Posted Sep 16, 2015

Vermont Soda Tax Creates Confusion
Retailers say the new guidelines add confusion as to which beverages should and should not include the additional sales tax.
Posted Sep 14, 2015

New York Governor Proposes $15 Minimum Wage
Wage hike would apply to all New York residents statewide.
Posted Sep 14, 2015

Google Expands Delivery Service
The express service is now available in smaller Midwestern cities.
Posted Sep 11, 2015

Mission Market Expands Delivery and Online Ordering
Fullerton, California, retailer teams up to bring progressive convenience to a wider audience.
Posted Sep 9, 2015

Get Ready for Contactless Payments
Report predicts that frequency of contactless payments will grow by 100% this year.
Posted Sep 9, 2015

CVS Claims Halting Tobacco Sales Has Reduced Smoking Rate
Drugstore chain says its move to stop selling tobacco products one year ago has caused people to buy 1% fewer packs of cigarettes in 13 states.
Posted Sep 8, 2015

A Caffeine ‘Crisis’?
Increasingly concerned about the spike in caffeine overdoses, FDA puts pressure on manufacturers.
Posted Sep 4, 2015

Top Concerns for CFOs
Ongoing uncertainty over tax extender package among biggest concerns for executives.
Posted Sep 2, 2015

7-Eleven Expanding On-Demand Delivery
Convenience retailer announces partnership with DoorDash for delivery in five new markets nationwide.
Posted Sep 2, 2015

“We Card” Hits 20-Year Milestone
September is We Card Awareness Month for iconic retail program.
Posted Sep 1, 2015

Sheetz Offering First C-Store Private Label Credit Card
Partnership with First Bankcard expected to provide significant customer value and benefits.
Posted Sep 1, 2015

Click-and-Collect Attractive to Consumers
Majority of consumers would elect to pick up online orders at a retail location to save delivery time or discounts.
Posted Sep 1, 2015

10 Ways to Improve the Shopper Experience
From customer service to digital tracking, retailers have the opportunity to make the shopping experience positive—and profitable.
Posted Aug 27, 2015

Retailers Should Be Aware of Scammers Offering Assistance with SNAP Applications
USDA reports recent incidents of retailers falling victim to scam by a third party offering to expedite their SNAP applications.
Posted Aug 26, 2015

Protecting Our Personal Freedoms
In an era where the rights of citizens are being debated and upheld, smokers and responsible sellers of legal tobacco products continue to face discrimination.
Posted Aug 24, 2015

California Panel Approves Six Anti-Tobacco Bills
Measures include raising the smoking age to 21 and banning the use of e-cigarettes in public.
Posted Aug 21, 2015

Zipcar D.C. Partners With 7-Eleven
Car-sharing network’s vehicles are available for reservation at nine 7-Eleven locations in the Washington, D.C., area.
Posted Aug 20, 2015

C-Store Association Backs ‘Reasonable’ Cigarette Tax Hike
Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association supports increasing the state’s cigarette excise tax by 23 cents per pack.
Posted Aug 19, 2015

Chicago Businesses Band to Block ‘Fat Tax’
Penny-an-ounce tax on sugary beverages would be Chicago’s third tax levied on soft drinks.
Posted Aug 18, 2015

Detroit Gas Station Owners Consider Suing City
Retailers, many of them Arab-American, consider legal action over recurring licensing and ticketing issues.
Posted Aug 14, 2015

Hipster Website Lists ‘Drive-Thru Americana’
NACS Ideas 2 Go retailer featured among top 10 gas stations that ‘break the mold.’
Posted Aug 13, 2015

Dollar General Committing to Beauty
Discount retailer giving a renewed emphasis to multicultural beauty products through new product lines and in-store magazine.
Posted Aug 12, 2015

Retailers Fight for Convenience
In the race to dominate the retail landscape, the convenience factor wins.
Posted Aug 10, 2015

Proposed Plastic Bag Ban Peeves C-Stores
Oregon proposal to ban single-use plastic bags in Mill City would inconvenience customers.
Posted Aug 10, 2015

Are Beer Prices Headed Higher?
Several companies signal plans to raise prices due to higher production costs and market factors.
Posted Aug 7, 2015

Wawa Moves Big Step Closer to Beer Sales
Township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, okays retailer’s plan for beer sales.
Posted Aug 6, 2015

NACS Member Advocates Against Higher Tobacco Taxes
Op-ed shares why raising tobacco taxes would be bad news for western Pennsylvania retailers.
Posted Aug 5, 2015

Is Amazon Planning a Drive-Thru Grocery?
Online giant’s next move could be a major disruptor for brick-and-mortar grocery channel.
Posted Jul 28, 2015

Massachusetts Bills Aim to Protect Existing Tobacco Sales
Several bills introduced in response to last year’s attempt to ban tobacco sales by one Massachusetts town.
Posted Jul 28, 2015

7-Eleven Stores Unveil New, Larger Stores
Independent chain in Oklahoma expands convenience store format to include a kitchen and prepared foods.
Posted Jul 27, 2015

New York’s Proposed $15 Wage Includes Many Convenience Workers
Definition of fast-food establishments would include many convenience stores, as written.
Posted Jul 23, 2015

Wawa Beer Sales Request on Hold
Convenience store chain will wait until August for possible approval on beer sales.
Posted Jul 23, 2015

Love’s Travel Stops Sees Success With Fresh
Retailer is just one of many convenience stores meeting the increased consumer demand for fresh foods.
Posted Jul 22, 2015

Prioritizing Tech Investments
Operators are more reliant than ever on technology, but still face obstacles on cost, training and customer service.
Posted Jul 22, 2015

Dunkin’ Donuts Continuing California Expansion
Donut chain plans West Coast expansion with 26 new stores in San Francisco and Fresno areas.
Posted Jul 22, 2015

Target Opening More Small Format Locations
The retailer is opening a new 16,000-square-foot TargetExpress store in St. Paul, its second smallest to date.
Posted Jul 21, 2015

N.C. C-Store Owner Gets Money Back from IRS
Business owner receives $107,000 back from improper federal seizure, but may still be on the hook for legal fees.
Posted Jul 16, 2015

Congresswoman Seeks National Age Limit for E-Cigarettes
Connecticut representative hopes to close loophole that allows online purchase of e-cigarettes by minors.
Posted Jul 15, 2015

Minneapolis Bans Flavored Cigars from C-Stores
Following passage of ban, retailer pens editorial criticizing law that will ‘move products out of the hands of responsible retailers.’
Posted Jul 14, 2015

Craft Beer Boom Puts Pressure on State Regulations
Some states consider changing their current laws to capture the craft beer industry’s tax revenue potential.
Posted Jul 13, 2015

Digital Wallet Battle Heats Up
Despite increasing number of platforms, consumers still not embracing digital wallet technology.
Posted Jul 9, 2015

Clouds on the Horizon for Vaping Industry
Anticipated FDA rules likely to require expensive approval process for all vape products, leading to possible “vapocalypse.”
Posted Jul 8, 2015

Powerball Odds Are Changing
Multistate game changing to create more winners of smaller prizes.
Posted Jul 8, 2015

Is Your State Business-Friendly?
New rankings place Minnesota at the top, based on multiple measures of competitiveness.
Posted Jul 7, 2015

Vermont Soda Tax Goes into Effect
In addition to 6% tax on sodas, vending machine purchases now taxed at 9%.
Posted Jul 7, 2015

Starbucks Raising Coffee Prices
Brewed coffee drinks will cost 5 to 20 cents more, while Frappucinos and food items remain unchanged.
Posted Jul 7, 2015

Proposed Michigan Gas Tax Increase Meets with Objections
Fuel retailers and legislators concerned that businesses near state border will see significant losses if tax is passed.
Posted Jul 6, 2015

Tribal Recognition Allows Indians to Bypass State Taxes
Obama Administration recognizes Virginia’s Pamunkey Tribe, causing concern for state fuel industry.
Posted Jul 6, 2015

Tobacco Use Drops in Alaska as E-Cigarettes Surge
Difficult to make definitive connection between e-cigarette use and decreasing tobacco use, in part because e-cigs not taxed by state.
Posted Jul 6, 2015

Massachusetts Proposes 210% Tax on Flavored Tobacco
Measure to be included in yearly budget proposal would more than triple current tax.
Posted Jul 2, 2015

7-Eleven Jumps on the Delivery Bandwagon
Convenience giant is latest to pair with Postmates app for delivery service in select cities.
Posted Jul 2, 2015

Pennsylvania Moves Closer to Privatized Liquor Sales
Bill waiting governor’s approval would phase-out state run liquor sales.
Posted Jul 2, 2015

Americans Feeling Festive for the Fourth
Average household expected to spend more than $70 to celebrate independence.
Posted Jul 2, 2015

Growler Sales Now Legal in Iowa
Law went into effect on July 1, allowing c-stores and grocers to fill growlers.
Posted Jul 2, 2015

Consumers Placing Less Value on Brand Name Products
Discount pricing becoming a bigger driver than label names, especially for impulse buys.
Posted Jun 26, 2015

The Cost of Cash
A cash-only business model may cause more problems than it solves.
Posted Jun 26, 2015

Vapor Is the New Tobacco
Global growth continues, but regulation and taxation likely to affect rapidly increasing sales.
Posted Jun 25, 2015

Bottled Water Recall Expands to 14 Brands
More than a dozen private label brands of bottled water are recalled due to possible E. coli contamination.
Posted Jun 24, 2015

Hawaii Raises Smoking Age to 21
Effective next year, Hawaii will be first state to raise the legal smoking age to 21.
Posted Jun 23, 2015

Starbucks Expands Mobile Ordering
After successful test run, mobile ordering rolls out to 3,400 new stores in 21 states.
Posted Jun 19, 2015

SNAP Preparing for 19-Day Benefits Distribution in Kentucky
KGA/KACS has been working with state Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program officials to expand the current benefits distribution time frame.
Posted Jun 18, 2015

Second Circuit Denies AmEx’s Motion for Stay Pending Appeal
Case dates back to 2010, when the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against AmEx, contending that its merchant rules inhibit competition and raise fees for consumers.
Posted Jun 17, 2015

Walmart’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Coming to Southern California
German discount grocer Aldi plans to open 45 stores in the region.
Posted Jun 15, 2015

Kwik Trip Receives Top Workplace Honor
Convenience retail chain receives highest honor for large companies in southeastern Wisconsin.
Posted Jun 15, 2015

Fuel City to Bring Tacos, Karaoke and Fuel to Fort Worth
John Benda brings fun, food, fuel and livestock to his Fuel City convenience retail operations.
Posted Jun 15, 2015

Discounters Are a Threat to Convenience Retail
NACS Insight Convenience Summit Europe panel discusses challenges and opportunities presented by discount retailers.
Posted Jun 12, 2015

Whole Foods Announces Name for New Store Format
New, lower-priced stores will go by the name 365.
Posted Jun 12, 2015

Facebook Providing Beacon Technology to Retailers
New program allows retailers to apply for free devices, when they participate in Facebook Place Tips program.
Posted Jun 12, 2015

Plan Now for Sweet Fall Sales
Summer is the right time to start planning for fall merchandise, especially when it comes to Halloween candy.
Posted Jun 11, 2015

Shoppers Spending More Time in C-Stores
National study shows that shoppers spent 6% more time in c-stores last year, and 5% less time in grocery stores.
Posted Jun 10, 2015

Traditional Retailers May Underestimate Digital Influence
Retailers must define a brand experience that is inclusive of all the ways consumers “touch” the brand, both digital and physical.
Posted Jun 9, 2015

Anytime Is Snack Time
Trends in sweet and salty snacks reflect consumer interest in healthier foods.
Posted Jun 8, 2015

Jumping on the Juice Bandwagon
Miami fuel retailer adds organic cold-pressed juice to his inventory.
Posted Jun 8, 2015

Missouri Takes Steps to Increase Minimum Wage
Proposed initiative petitions would bump up Missouri minimum wage.
Posted Jun 5, 2015

San Francisco Panel Approves Soft Drink Warning Label
Country’s first warning label on sodas and sugar-sweetened beverages is part of proposed laws.
Posted Jun 4, 2015

Salary Transparency
No salary secrets at Buc-ee’s, which posts in-store signs listing employee salary ranges.
Posted Jun 3, 2015

Consumer Credit Card Spending Continues to Grow
Report shows that consumer credit spending rose to $4.9 trillion in 2014.
Posted May 29, 2015

Indianapolis Prepares to Restrict Gas Station Zoning
More than 20 applications submitted for approval prior to zoning change that will limit where gas stations can be built.
Posted May 28, 2015

CVS Targets New Store Brand to Hispanic Shoppers
Miami is test market for new CVS Pharmacy y Mas stores featuring bilingual staff and cafecito.
Posted May 28, 2015

Proposed SNAP Revisions Could Affect Retailers
Department of Agriculture sends proposal to White House for review, modifying depth-of-stock requirements for SNAP retailers.
Posted May 27, 2015

State Lotteries Nationwide in a Slump
So-called ‘jackpot fatigue’ and lack of interest from younger generation lead to slowing sales.
Posted May 27, 2015

Dollar Tree Planning to Sell 300-Plus Family Dollar Stores
Sale of stores expected to facilitate FTC approval of acquisition.
Posted May 27, 2015

Corner Store Initiative Encourages Healthy Choices
County program in North Carolina partners with local farmers and corner stores to bring fresh foods to communities.
Posted May 26, 2015

CVS Moves Forward Without Tobacco
Despite revenue drop, drugstore chain looks to survive without tobacco sales by boosting other businesses.
Posted May 26, 2015

Bikes, Beers and Coffee Sales Benefit Others
Active lifestyle brand Miir’s new flagship store donates 3% of revenue to help those in need.
Posted May 26, 2015

Payments Association Approves Same-Day ACH
Move to allow faster ACH payments introduces worrisome fee-setting akin to a swipe fee.
Posted May 22, 2015

New Service Will Allow Businesses to Enable P2P Payments
MasterCard service geared to businesses as a way to more easily reimburse customers.
Posted May 22, 2015

Los Angeles Closer to Increasing Minimum Wage to $15
The $6 increase would be phased in over the next five years, with extension for small businesses.
Posted May 21, 2015

British Customers Returning to the Corner Shop
Today’s consumers are frequently turning to neighborhood ‘top-up’ shopping.
Posted May 21, 2015

Target Plans Added Emphasis on Fresh
Shift in supply priorities may come at a cost to traditional CPG companies.
Posted May 20, 2015

Kansas Senate Rejects Stronger Beer Sales in C-Stores
Similar bill awaits a vote in the Kansas House of Representatives.
Posted May 19, 2015

Philly Grocer Thrives in Food Desert
Brown’s Super Stores did its research to respond to consumer needs in low-income neighborhood.
Posted May 18, 2015

Is That Banana for Here, or To-Go?
Obscure Florida sales tax laws are costing retailers.
Posted May 15, 2015

Got Gamification?
With customer engagement a top priority, a majority of retailers plan to introduce gamification by 2020.
Posted May 14, 2015

Minnesota Votes to End Online Lottery
Senators approve bill which would end online games, as well as those at ATMs and on fuel pumps.
Posted May 14, 2015

Milwaukee Retailer Focuses on Fresh
Sendik’s Food Market plans to grow its Fresh2GO convenience store concept.
Posted May 13, 2015

Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy Franchises Ban Tobacco Sales
Pharmacies join CVS drugstore chain in eliminating tobacco sales from stores.
Posted May 13, 2015

Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association Achieves Victories
Organization has recent legal and legislative success stories on CNG and cigarette mark-up issues.
Posted May 12, 2015

Drugstores Should Go Boldly Into the Future
Creating metaphorical concept cars could help drugstores unleash creativity and position themselves for the future, retail design veteran Joseph Bona advises.
Posted May 11, 2015

Whole Foods Plans to Open Smaller, More Affordable Stores
‘Whole Paycheck’ grocer is hoping to attract younger shoppers with smaller format stores and lower prices.
Posted May 11, 2015

Chicago May Limit All-Night Convenience Stores
Proposal would require 24-hour operators to request special approval through an onerous permitting process.
Posted May 8, 2015

Alabama Governor Proposes Cigarette Tax Hike
Retailers are worried that increasing the tax will drive business out of state.
Posted May 7, 2015

Big Fees for Small Businesses
When it comes to accepting payments, small retailers face big challenges.
Posted May 6, 2015

Next 10 Years Mean Vital Change for Food Industry
Technomic forecasts changes that will ‘make or break’ companies.
Posted May 6, 2015

American Express Will Revise Merchant Agreements Following Court Ruling
Judge rules that merchants may encourage customers to use other debit, credit cards.
Posted May 4, 2015

Arizona Bans Plastic Bag Bans
State legislature makes it illegal for Arizona cities to prohibit plastic bags, following local bans.
Posted May 4, 2015

The Do-It-Myself Generation
Newest survey on Millennials shows almost a quarter prefer self-service kiosks to interacting with cashiers.
Posted May 1, 2015

Capturing the Fill-In Shoppers
General Mills releases survey analyzing shopper attitudes around ‘quick trip’ shopping.
Posted Apr 29, 2015

New Online Insurance Calculator Available for Independent Operators
Instant online estimates include coverage for fuel sales, restaurants, car washes, pumps, spoilage and more.
Posted Apr 29, 2015

Amazon Launches Amazon Business Marketplace
New service from online giant will offer fast, free delivery on business necessities from office supplies to foodservice equipment.
Posted Apr 29, 2015

Hawaii Poised to Raise Smoking Age
Bill sent to governor would raise tobacco use and purchasing age to 21, including electronic cigarettes.
Posted Apr 28, 2015

Deadly Spice Craze Intensifies
Increasing sale and use of the illegal synthetic drug Spice has put health officials on high alert.
Posted Apr 27, 2015

Skimmers Still a Problem in Florida
Statewide sweep of 6,000 gas stations found 81 skimming devices.
Posted Apr 24, 2015

Now, the Burrito Bowl Can Come to You
Chipotle begins offering delivery through partnership with Postmates app.
Posted Apr 24, 2015

First Data Collaborates With Sam’s Club to Benefit Small Business
Payment solutions provider adds dedicated in-club business consultants to U.S. Sam’s Club locations.
Posted Apr 23, 2015

Sales of E-Cigarette Devices Up Last Month
Dollar sales of devices were up 7% in March, nowhere near December’s year-over-year peak of 25%.
Posted Apr 22, 2015

Hot Housing Markets Can Lead to Strong Retail Growth
Southwest region shows strong growth, followed by Southeast and West regions.
Posted Apr 22, 2015

Berkeley Considers Buffer Zones for Tobacco Retailers
Law under consideration would be strictest in the nation, prohibiting tobacco retail outlets within 1,000 feet of schools and parks.
Posted Apr 22, 2015

Seven Elements to Drive Constant Sales Improvement
Sales plateaus can be overcome by following steps to go beyond incremental growth.
Posted Apr 20, 2015

Tobacco Firms Sue FDA on Packaging Rules
The companies say the Tobacco Control Act doesn’t give the agency the authority to change packaging regulations.
Posted Apr 17, 2015

New Bills Ignite California Anti-Tobacco Efforts
One proposal would increase state cigarette excise tax by $2 per pack.
Posted Apr 16, 2015

Specialty Foods Gaining in Popularity
No longer considered niche products, sales of specialty items increased by more than $50 billion last year.
Posted Apr 14, 2015

RadioShack Rebirth: Act More Like a C-Store
‘Cockroach of retail’ is taking a cue from the convenience store model.
Posted Apr 13, 2015

NOCO Express Opens First Tim Hortons Location
Newly renovated store also provides expanded selection of fresh foods and 24-hour operations.
Posted Apr 8, 2015

State Lawmakers Already Introducing Powdered Alcohol Bans
Oklahoma legislature introduces a bill that would ban the recently approved Palcohol before product arrives on shelves.
Posted Apr 7, 2015

Pennsylvania Prepares for Lottery Sales at the Pump
Lottery officials moving forward, while some consumers and retailers are skeptical of the plan.
Posted Apr 6, 2015

Will Amazon Get Into the Convenience Business?
Article cites Amazon patent application as possible evidence that online giant may be making brick-and-mortar plans.
Posted Apr 3, 2015

McDonald’s Pledges to Raise Minimum Pay
All company-owned locations in the U.S. will pay at least $1 over local minimum wage.
Posted Apr 3, 2015

Walmart Puts Pressure on Suppliers
Retail giant asks suppliers to forgo joint marketing efforts and bring down prices on consumer products.
Posted Apr 2, 2015

South Dakota Is Latest State to Raise Fuel Tax
Beginning today, drivers will pay six cents more, as part of larger package to fund transportation in the state.
Posted Apr 1, 2015

California Payment Card Surcharge Ban Unconstitutional
Judge finds that law is unclear, and restricts merchants’ freedom of speech.
Posted Mar 31, 2015

Missouri Bill Would Allow C-Stores and Grocers to Fill Growlers
State once again considers allowing growlers, while neighboring state of Kansas considers expanded liquor sales.
Posted Mar 31, 2015

Navajo Nation Imposes First Junk Food Tax
A 2% sales tax will be imposed on snacks, sweets and beverages beginning in April.
Posted Mar 30, 2015

Starbucks Opens for Business in Historic California Gas Station
In its heyday, the Gilmore Oil-owned gas station was a colorful backdrop for movies such as “48 Hours” and “L.A. Story.”
Posted Mar 30, 2015

CDC Includes E-Cigarettes in New Anti-Smoking Ads
Latest “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign to address the growing popularity of e-cigarettes.
Posted Mar 27, 2015

N.C. Lawmakers Propose Solutions to Alleviate Food Deserts
Plan would set aside $1 million for produce refrigerators and training for store owners.
Posted Mar 24, 2015

Don’t Discount Baby Boomers
Despite focus on Millennials’ buying power and preferences, Boomers continue influence spending.
Posted Mar 24, 2015

Amazon.com Expands One-Hour Delivery to Baltimore and Miami
Prime Now service includes products such as paper towels, shampoo, books, toys and batteries.
Posted Mar 23, 2015

NJ Moves Closer to Approving Home Delivery of Lottery Tickets
Proposed bill would allow residents to purchase and receive lottery tickets at home.
Posted Mar 19, 2015

Cigarette Trafficking a Growing Problem for Virginia
Richmond Times-Dispatch report analyzes the increasingly common practice along the east Coast, from Virginia to New York.
Posted Mar 18, 2015

CST Brands Has Big Plans for New Distribution Center
Company hopes new San Antonio location will be a differentiator for Corner Store.
Posted Mar 18, 2015

Closing the Customer Service Gap
From being proactive to keeping full-service features, five tips for better customer service performance.
Posted Mar 17, 2015

7-Eleven Names Semi-Finalists for Veterans’ Franchise Contest
Public will pick the top three veterans to move to final round of CEO interviews in contest to win a franchise fee-free store.
Posted Mar 17, 2015

Medical Experts Call for a Tobacco-Free World by 2040
Ambitious effort sees possibility of effectively eliminating tobacco use within 30 years.
Posted Mar 17, 2015

Craft Beer Continues Growth
Sales have doubled in the last five years, led by Millennials’ preferences, buying habits.
Posted Mar 12, 2015

Federal Grant Money Still Available for N.J. Gas Stations
Operators can apply for funds to outfit fuel stations with back-up generators.
Posted Mar 11, 2015

Dollar General Expanding into Three New States
Despite being turned down by Family Dollar, country’s largest dollar chain moves into new territory.
Posted Mar 11, 2015

Colorado’s Pioneering Swipe Fee Legislation Defeated
Legislation sought to exempt state and local taxes from swipe fees.
Posted Mar 10, 2015

New Branding for Kum & Go
Marketing campaign emphasizes family-owned chain’s strength in going above and beyond for customers.
Posted Mar 10, 2015

Nevada Considers Regulating E-Cigarettes as Tobacco
A new bill introduced this week would label liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes as tobacco for regulation purposes.
Posted Mar 4, 2015

Illinois Once More Debates Sugared Drink Tax
The Healthy Eating Active Living Act would add a penny-per-ounce excise tax on soda, energy beverages and other sugared drink distributors.
Posted Mar 4, 2015

Kentucky Smoking Ban Bill Snuffed Out
The measure to outlaw smoking in indoor public areas and at workplaces has failed to proceed, effectively stalling the legislation for this session.
Posted Mar 4, 2015

Retail Marijuana a Viable Product
‘Edibles’ are a major seller in Colorado’s recreational marijuana sales in 2014.
Posted Mar 3, 2015

Sugar Tax Coming to Connecticut?
State representative proposing new tax on sugary drinks and candies.
Posted Mar 3, 2015

No Plastic Bag Bans for Georgia
Southern state takes opposite approach of California, citing concern for retailers.
Posted Mar 2, 2015

Pennsylvania Moves Closer to Privatizing Liquor Sales
State House approved bill for second time in two years, which will now move to Senate.
Posted Mar 2, 2015

Delta Sonic Car Wash Opens Flagship Location
New Syracuse-area location features car wash and detail shop, fueling stations and c-store with expanded foodservice and Tim Horton’s Cafe.
Posted Mar 2, 2015

Convenience Retailer Joins Partnership for a Healthier America
Vintners Distributors one of 10 new partners committing to make healthier choices easier for consumers.
Posted Feb 27, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Liquor Bills
Kansas moves closer to approving c-store sales of full-strength beer, while Indiana lawmaker kills bill that would have allowed Sunday alcohol sales at c-stores.
Posted Feb 27, 2015

Mobile Wallets Still New Territory
Poll shows that while familiarity is growing, mobile payment is still anyone’s game.
Posted Feb 27, 2015

BP Unveils Loyalty and Security Enhancements
Improvements to Driver Rewards program and credit card processing technology designed to help BP-branded marketers meet consumers’ evolving needs.
Posted Feb 27, 2015

Wawa CEO, Florida Governor Announce Store Growth
Governor Rick Scott is asking business leaders in Pennsylvania to consider operating in Florida.
Posted Feb 24, 2015

Counterfeit E-Cigarettes on the Rise
In Europe and the United States, fake electronic cigarettes are hitting the market.
Posted Feb 23, 2015

Self-Serve Micro Market Offers Healthy Options
Company Kitchen’s concept is similar to walking into a convenience store for fresh foods.
Posted Feb 23, 2015

Judge Rules Against American Express on Merchant Rules
Ruling says that AmEx violated U.S. antitrust law, resulting in higher fees for consumers.
Posted Feb 20, 2015

Target ‘Localizes’ Small Store Format
Retailer’s new TargetExpress stores are tailored to the neighborhoods they are located in.
Posted Feb 20, 2015

Retail Customer Satisfaction Down Across Sectors
While Internet retail gained favor, supermarkets and drug stores in particular lost ground.
Posted Feb 19, 2015

Canada’s Shoppers Drug Mart Tests Grocery Sales
More channel blurring as drugstore chain pilots sale of fresh food, aiming to be a one-stop shop.
Posted Feb 19, 2015

RaceTrac Surveys Customers for FCB Rebrand
More than 4,200 customers weighed-in, inspiring the first new Numb Skull logo in five years.
Posted Feb 18, 2015

7-Eleven Launches Zero Franchise Fee Initiative
Limited time offer would waive franchise fees for select U.S. locations.
Posted Feb 18, 2015

Virginia Bill Would Require License for Cigarette Sales
Aimed to reduce cigarette trafficking, bill has slim chances of passing state senate.
Posted Feb 18, 2015

Raley’s Halts Tobacco Sales
Grocery chain cites health concerns for ending tobacco sales at its northern California and Nevada locations.
Posted Feb 16, 2015

Tim Hortons Grows Presence in United States
QSR is getting bigger in Buffalo, its first U.S.-based market.
Posted Feb 16, 2015

Lower Gas Leads to More Snacks
Convenience stores benefit from lower gas prices with more sales on in-store merchandise.
Posted Feb 12, 2015

Attorneys General Ask Oil Companies to Help Stop Synthetic Drug Sales
AGs call on nine oil companies asking them to eliminate the illegal products from convenience and fuel retail locations that operate under their brand names.
Posted Feb 12, 2015

State Bill Would Allow Credit Card Payments for Lottery
New Mexico proposal hopes to boost sagging state lottery sales, but some argue it will enable gambling addicts.
Posted Feb 11, 2015

Defendant Gets Prison for Role in Multistate Cigarette Scam
North Carolina resident sentenced to 42 months for scam involving stolen credit card info and black market cigarettes.
Posted Feb 11, 2015

Ride-Sharing App Adds Food Delivery
Sidecar launches national Sidecar Delivery service, partnering with local retailers.
Posted Feb 11, 2015

More Retailers Investing in the Customer Experience
New survey shows that 80% of retailers plan to increase spending on customer experience this year, in an effort to convert and retain customers.
Posted Feb 10, 2015

What’s New at the ATM?
To keep customers using ATMs, banks continue upgrading the 50-year-old service.
Posted Feb 9, 2015

Wawa Launches Expansive Remodel Program
Initiative will remodel older stores to reflect the chain’s new store design and foodservice offering.
Posted Feb 9, 2015

Redbox Pulls Plug on Canadian Operations
Company is pulling its rental kiosks out of Canada after failing to generate sufficient business.
Posted Feb 9, 2015

Labor Disputes Could Affect Ports, Refineries
Steelworker strike and potential longshore worker strike could have far-reaching effects for imports, exports and refining.
Posted Feb 6, 2015

Spinx Launches Version 2.0 of Mobile App
New features include real-time fuel pricing, store mapping and amenities listings.
Posted Feb 6, 2015

Mobile Increasingly Driving Retail Experience
Mobile represents an opportunity for employees to meet customer service expectations.
Posted Feb 6, 2015

Booze Still a Good Bet
2014 was a good year for alcohol sales, showing an increase in beer, wine and spirits categories.
Posted Feb 5, 2015

Target Plans to Open Additional TargetExpress Locations
2015 will see 15 new stores, including eight of the smaller-format stores and a CityTarget.
Posted Feb 4, 2015

Minnesota Bill Targets Online Lottery
Lawmakers re-introduce legislation vetoed last session, which would halt online lottery and ticket sales at the pump.
Posted Feb 3, 2015

California Proposal Would Raise Smoking Age to 21
If successful, proposal would be first in nation to increase the minimum legal smoking age from 18 to 21.
Posted Feb 3, 2015

State of Vape
Across the country, states are moving forward with plans to regulate electronic cigarettes.
Posted Feb 2, 2015

Colorado Legislation Seeks to Limit Swipe Fees
‘Pioneering’ legislation would exempt retailers from paying swipe fees on local taxes.
Posted Feb 2, 2015

The Future of Franchising
Business professors pen article suggesting that the ideal franchise arrangement is a hybrid of customization and standardization.
Posted Jan 30, 2015

Delaware May Be First State to Offer Digital Driver’s License
New virtual licenses would be accessed through a secure mobile app.
Posted Jan 29, 2015

Anticipated Super Bowl Spending Up this Year
Survey says Americans likely to spend more than $77 on the game, including food and beverage purchases.
Posted Jan 28, 2015

As Teens Delay Driving, Convenience, Fuel and Auto Industries Miss Out
With fewer young millennials on the road and in stores, retailers reach out to older Millennials.
Posted Jan 27, 2015

New Numbers Point to Increasing E-Cigarette Sales
Increasing sales and product innovation are an opportunity for retailers to take advantage of the marketplace.
Posted Jan 27, 2015

C-Stores Embracing Healthy Snacks and Grocery Items
At annual show for CST Brands retailers, Corner Store emphasizes appeal to Millennials with more fresh, healthy items.
Posted Jan 22, 2015

New York Governor Proposes Minimum Wage Increase
Proposed $10.50 wage would be highest statewide wage in the nation, New York City would be at $11.50.
Posted Jan 21, 2015

Michigan Governor Vetoes E-Cigarette Bills
Governor says legislation didn’t go far enough to regulate and tax electronic cigarettes similar to tobacco products.
Posted Jan 19, 2015

Cigarette Tax Increase Sought in Kansas
Governor Sam Brownback proposes a $1.50 per pack cigarette excise tax increase.
Posted Jan 19, 2015

Study Provides Insights on Consumer Behavior in C-Stores
​Analysis of 550 Yelp reviews nationwide show regional consumer preferences.
Posted Jan 16, 2015

Wyoming Lottery Off to a Strong Start
Despite stagnant state lottery sales nationwide, officials are optimistic about new lottery’s future.
Posted Jan 14, 2015

Kansas Coalition Backs Expanded Liquor Sales
New bill would allow c-stores to sell full-strength beer, groceries to sell full line of beer, wine and spirits.
Posted Jan 13, 2015

New York City Bans Single-Use Styrofoam Products
Beginning July 1, businesses can no longer use or sell the non-recyclable packaging.
Posted Jan 12, 2015

Small Businesses Vital to Economic Recovery
Small business community added more than 100,000 workers in December, and a million workers over the course of 2014.
Posted Jan 9, 2015

Vending Company Touts Corner Store Convenience
​Canadian vending machine will bring top convenience items to your doorstep.
Posted Jan 8, 2015

Retail Disruptors for 2015
Chain Store Age predicts three tech trends that will change retail in the coming year.
Posted Jan 7, 2015

California Plastic Bag Ban on Hold
More than 800,000 signatures collected opposing statewide ban on plastic bags.
Posted Jan 5, 2015

Lotteries No Longer a Winner for Many States
Instant ticket sales steady, but state lotteries struggle to meet ambitious revenue targets.
Posted Dec 23, 2014

C-Store Gifts That Keep on Giving
Customers looking for last-minute gifts should look no further than their local convenience store.
Posted Dec 22, 2014

Amazon Offers One-Hour Delivery in Manhattan
Speedy delivery service could impact general merchandise sales at convenience stores.
Posted Dec 22, 2014

Eat More Nuts
Only 4 in 10 Americans eat enough heart-healthy nuts each day, says new CDC study.
Posted Dec 19, 2014

Health-Oriented C-Store Has Big Plans
Portland’s Green Zebra begins offering delivery service, through Instacart.
Posted Dec 19, 2014

NOCO Express Opens State-of-the-Art Store
Expanded store features Wi-Fi, frozen yogurt and sustainable design elements.
Posted Dec 18, 2014

New Lottery Game Suspended Due to Low Ticket Sales
New multi-state lottery will end in several states, after only two months of sales.
Posted Dec 17, 2014

2014’s Biggest Consumer Food Stories
War on sugar the third biggest story, after drought and shrinking bee population.
Posted Dec 16, 2014

San Francisco Approves Reduction in Tobacco Sales Permits
Law would cut number of tobacco-selling permits in half over the next decade.
Posted Dec 16, 2014

Protect Yourself from a Protest
With minimum wage protests occurring across the country, employers should know the steps to take in the event of a planned protest.
Posted Dec 10, 2014

Lack of Retail Employee Training a Worm in Apple Pay
Apple users vent about employees who don’t know how to accept new mobile payment system.
Posted Dec 10, 2014

Business Predictions for 2015
From coffee prices to delivery services, Fortune magazine shares predictions for the coming year.
Posted Dec 9, 2014

New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures Bans 19 Motor Oil Products
Retail locations must stop selling the products immediately.
Posted Dec 8, 2014

Dollar Tree Could Shed Stores in Family Dollar Deal
U.S. Federal Trade Commission may require Dollar Tree to shed stores as part of pending merger of the dollar stores.
Posted Dec 8, 2014

Minimum Wage Movement Spreads to C-Store Industry, 190 Cities
Some home care, airport and convenience workers join call for higher hourly wage, in day of protests.
Posted Dec 5, 2014

Groceries Where You Want Them
Washington, D.C., Metro considers grocery lockers at stations, while UberEssentials expands delivery.
Posted Dec 5, 2014

The Comeback of British C-Stores
Changing demographics and economics influence the rise of smaller stores.
Posted Dec 4, 2014

PCI Compliance Deadline Nears
Retailers have one more thing to worry about during the year-end sales push.
Posted Dec 3, 2014

‘Death of Cash’ Reports Are Premature
Although more customers are paying with cards and phones, don’t write cash’s eulogy anytime soon.
Posted Dec 3, 2014

Indiana Moves Closer to Sunday Alcohol Sales
Business coalition formed to advocate for change to liquor laws.
Posted Dec 3, 2014

Florida Legislator Pushes Online Lottery Bill
Sunshine State could become eighth state to legalize online lottery sales.
Posted Dec 1, 2014

Evolution of Foodservice Packaging Reflecting National Trends
Foodservice Packaging Institute’s annual report shows market shifts in distribution and materials.
Posted Nov 25, 2014

Massachusetts Town Drops Tobacco Ban Proposal
Vocal public opposition to nation’s first tobacco ban causes board of health to pull proposal.
Posted Nov 21, 2014

The Price of Air
Gas station chain being sued for charging to use air pumps.
Posted Nov 20, 2014

7-Eleven Getting Into the Medicine Business
Convenience chain will launch its own line of OTC meds.
Posted Nov 20, 2014

Understanding Expectations of Invested Customers
The new breed of “invested” customer has higher expectations but increased loyalty.
Posted Nov 19, 2014

Gas Station Dining Can Be a Community Game-Changer
Seoul Food D.C., profiled in Ideas 2 Go, is a model for creating an urban feel in suburbs.
Posted Nov 18, 2014

Ohio Lottery Wants to Make Scratch-Offs a Holiday Tradition
New marketing campaign takes advantage of holiday sales window to encourage gift givers to buy scratch-off tickets.
Posted Nov 18, 2014

Michigan Lawmakers Expected to Vote on Bill Requiring Added Security
The Herringa Act would add extra safety measures for third-shift workers at 24-hour convenience stores.
Posted Nov 17, 2014

Hundreds Show Up to Oppose Town’s Tobacco Ban
Public meeting in Westminster, Mass., ends early as crowd of 500-plus loudly voices opposition to board of health plan.
Posted Nov 14, 2014

Inside Walmart’s Crystal Ball
Analysts predict the mega-retailer will continue investing in smaller footprint stores.
Posted Nov 13, 2014

Indiana Liquor Sales Landscape Gets Another Player
New liquor delivery service adds fuel to an already-heated battle over liquor sales in the state.
Posted Nov 12, 2014

Philly Merchants Hurt by New Cigarette Tax
$2-per-pack tax to fund schools has many customers driving to the suburbs.
Posted Nov 11, 2014

Nation’s First Soda Tax Passes in Berkeley, California
Across the Bay, similar measure fails in San Francisco.
Posted Nov 7, 2014

Opinion Piece Questions Town’s Proposal to Ban Tobacco
Boston Globe op-ed says Westminster should focus on smoking prevention, not ban that will hurt retailers.
Posted Nov 7, 2014

Retail Crime Costs Retailers $128 Billion Worldwide Each Year
$42 billion of “shrink” in the United States represents 1.48% of sales.
Posted Nov 7, 2014

Dollar-Store Chains Say Smokers Are Their Best Customers
Smoking rate for regular customers almost double the national rate, making tobacco big business for chains.
Posted Nov 7, 2014

Chicago Bans Flavored Tobacco Sales Near Schools
Judge rejects a request to block the ordinance, which bans the sale of flavored tobacco within 500 feet of a school.
Posted Nov 6, 2014

Nashville Voters Welcome Wine in C-Stores and Groceries
With overwhelming support, local referendums pass allowing wine to be sold in c-stores beginning in 2016.
Posted Nov 6, 2014

Fresh Fruit Is a Growth Opportunity
With increasing sales numbers, the top five fruits are a great pick for retailers.
Posted Nov 5, 2014

U.S. Oil Boom’s Connection to Chocolate
As gas prices decline due to domestic production, consumers have extra money for treats.
Posted Oct 31, 2014

U.S. Cities Eye Tobacco Purchasing Age
More cities consider raising legal purchasing age for tobacco products to 21.
Posted Oct 30, 2014

NACS Members Open New Stores in California and New York
Mission Market and QuickChek expand their portfolios with new stores and more jobs for the local economy.
Posted Oct 30, 2014

Massachusetts Town Introduces Proposal to Ban Tobacco
If approved, sales of all forms of tobacco would be prohibited in town of Westminster.
Posted Oct 29, 2014

Lowe’s Goes Small in the Big Apple
Home improvement superstore opening two small-format stores in NYC next year.
Posted Oct 29, 2014

Mississippi Retailers Protest Security Mandate
Increase in crime leads to city of Jackson proposal requiring c-stores to hire private security.
Posted Oct 28, 2014

Neighborhoods Prepare for Small Business Saturday
Small Business Saturday raked in $5.7 billion with independent merchants in 2013.
Posted Oct 27, 2014

Food Shoppers Make Fewer Trips, but to Stranger Places
Channel blurring is omnipresent as shoppers place a premium on value and convenience.
Posted Oct 24, 2014

Disability Lawsuits Against Small Businesses Soar
Federal ruling and new guidelines allow ‘testers’ to go to court.
Posted Oct 22, 2014

CVS Pressures Competitors to Go Tobacco Free
Retailer announces plan to charge customers for filling prescriptions at tobacco-selling drugstores.
Posted Oct 22, 2014

Is ApplePay a Retailer’s Best Friend?
New payment system further distances users from the cash transaction, possibly inspiring increased purchasing.
Posted Oct 21, 2014

Amex to Provide Assistance for Merchant EMV Adoption
Program will provide small merchants with $100 to upgrade terminals, starting in February.
Posted Oct 21, 2014

Amazon Delivers Groceries to East Coast
New York City launch of Amazon Fresh will begin in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood.
Posted Oct 20, 2014

Independent Gas Stations Diversify to Fight Profit Slump
Increased repair and fuel options, healthy food offerings are seen as differentiators.
Posted Oct 17, 2014

Beef Jerky: Not Just for C-Stores Anymore
Jerky’s growing popularity has inspired a growing retail franchise.
Posted Oct 16, 2014

Food Trucks Still Trending
Recent survey shows nearly one-third of consumers ate a food truck meal this summer.
Posted Oct 16, 2014

UPS Expands Access Point Locations to Chicago, New York City
Growing system allows shoppers to ship via UPS to secure lockers located inside convenience stores and other retailers.
Posted Oct 10, 2014

Minnesota Retailers Upset Over Cigar Ordinance
Several cities have started hiking the cost of small cigars and cigarillos.
Posted Oct 10, 2014

Illinois Town Considers Raising Tobacco Buying Age
An Evanston council subcommittee recommended bumping up the age to 21.
Posted Oct 8, 2014

San Francisco, Berkeley Voters to Decide on Soda Tax
Measures are on the November ballot in these two California cities.
Posted Oct 7, 2014

Industry Veteran Launches Retail Management Services
Company will help troubled retail chains create successful strategies for succession, both long- and short-term.
Posted Oct 7, 2014

What’s Ahead for the Traditional Supermarket?
Increasing competition and pessimistic forecasts herald a time of transition for supermarkets.
Posted Oct 6, 2014

California Measure First to Eliminate Plastic Bags Statewide
Convenience stores in the state have until July 2016 to stop using plastic bags.
Posted Oct 2, 2014

California Governor Vetoes Bill Expanding Franchisee Rights
Brown leaves the door open to future franchise reform, suggests more collaboration.
Posted Oct 1, 2014

Food Truck’s Fight Against Hunger: Free Produce
Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s new food truck is delivering fresh produce to inner-city residents.
Posted Sep 30, 2014

Missouri Retailers Embrace Gilbarco’s Lottery Innovation
Retailers are increasing lottery sales by using Gilbarco’s Passport POS to sell tickets at the pump.
Posted Sep 30, 2014

U.S. Postal Service May Begin Grocery Delivery
New plan would expand successful AmazonFresh pilot program in San Francisco to more cities.
Posted Sep 29, 2014

Philadelphia to Tax Cigarettes for School Funding
Pennsylvania’s governor will sign measure levying $2 per pack tax to help fund city’s schools.
Posted Sep 25, 2014

Whole Foods Tests Rewards Program
Tests underway for grocer's first-ever customer loyalty program.
Posted Sep 22, 2014

Startup Delivers Booze to Doorsteps
Drinkos home-delivery service sells alcohol, cigarettes and snacks.
Posted Sep 22, 2014

FDA Hosts Public Workshop on Electronic Cigarettes
Workshop seeks to gather information on e-cigarettes and the public health.
Posted Sep 19, 2014

Declining Use of Cash Could Hurt Small Businesses
As credit card purchases get smaller, transaction fees get bigger.
Posted Sep 19, 2014

QuikTrip, Wawa Are Consumers’ Favorite Convenience Stores
New study shows customer service and fresh food are differentiators for new and repeat customers.
Posted Sep 18, 2014

FDA Raises Maximum Fine by 10% for Tobacco Sales to Minors
Federal compliance checks top 335,000 nationwide as fine is raised to $11,000.
Posted Sep 18, 2014

Politicians Likely to Back State Minimum Wage Increases
Candidates favor modest boosts at the state level, while opposing federal minimum wage increase.
Posted Sep 17, 2014

Fewer Smokers, But More Tobacco Shops
A variety of factors may account for the rise of tobacco shops, among the decline in smoking.
Posted Sep 16, 2014

Main Street Businesses Express Pessimism
Issues such as health care and minimum wage increases may be keeping small business from hiring.
Posted Sep 16, 2014

Legislator Calls on Drugstore Chains to Cease Tobacco Sales
Connecticut senator formally urges other stores to follow CVS’s lead on tobacco products.
Posted Sep 10, 2014

Two States Lead Nation in Preventing Underage Tobacco Sales
Minnesota and Nevada achieve 99% compliance rate for retailers.
Posted Sep 9, 2014

Will Apple Announcement Lead to the End of Plastic Credit Cards?
Today’s event could include launch of NFC chip-enabled devices and mobile payment system.
Posted Sep 9, 2014

We Card Preps Retailers for New Requirements
New FDA regulations on the horizon and 40-plus states now forbid e-cigarette sales to minors.
Posted Sep 5, 2014

Small-Business Owners Head Into the Cloud
Previously the domain of big business, new cloud-based offerings cater to “mom and pop” shops.
Posted Sep 5, 2014

Circle K Breaks Ground on Flagship Location
New 4,500-square-foot store is in Southern California.
Posted Sep 5, 2014

Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Associations Partner for Annual Conference
Southern New England Energy Conference to take place in R.I., Sept. 22 – 23.
Posted Sep 4, 2014

Fermented Foods Gaining in Popularity
Are pickled products the next big thing for spice-loving, health-conscious consumers?
Posted Sep 4, 2014

California Lawmakers Approve Statewide Ban on Plastic Bags
If approved by governor, ban would take effect in c-stores in July 2016.
Posted Sep 3, 2014

Survey Says: QuickChek Makes the Best Cup of Coffee
Retailer’s drive for ‘fresh convenience’ brings foodservice and coffee kudos.
Posted Sep 3, 2014

Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi C-Store Associations Announce Gulf Cost Food & Fuel Expo
State associations join forces to create region’s largest trade show for petroleum marketers, convenience store operators and industry suppliers.
Posted Sep 2, 2014

Virginia Lottery Sets Record-Profit Year
More than half-billion dollars generated for Virginia’s K-12 public schools.
Posted Sep 2, 2014

To Cash, or Not to Cash
Depending who you ask, cash is still king … or not.
Posted Aug 29, 2014

Latest E-Cigarette Push Gets a Reality Check
Sales shifting from c-stores to vape shops.
Posted Aug 28, 2014

Two Things for Retailers to Get Right
Independent retailers have the tools they need to compete against the big guys.
Posted Aug 28, 2014

Serious Business
NACS summarizes the “CannaBusiness” session at the Smoker Friendly Conference.
Posted Aug 27, 2014

Pay — and Play — at the Pump
California Lottery unveils a new way to purchase lotto tickets at gas stations.
Posted Aug 26, 2014

Don’t Lose Customers: Get Smarter About Line Management
Tips to help retailers analyze customer behavior and better manage register lines.
Posted Aug 26, 2014

Referendum on Expanded Wine Sales Moving Forward in Tennessee
More than 60 communities have submitted petitions to allow vote on expanding wine sales to c-stores and groceries.
Posted Aug 26, 2014

Wyoming Begins Selling Lottery Tickets
Thousands of residents competed for the honor of buying state’s first ticket.
Posted Aug 26, 2014

Kwik Trip Opens 28th CNG Station
Company has developed a functional CNG fueling infrastructure throughout several states.
Posted Aug 25, 2014

Time to Level the Playing Field for Beer and Wine Sales in Ontario
Report recommends a more competitive system for alcohol sales.
Posted Aug 21, 2014

Uber Prepares to Launch “Corner Store” Service
Drivers will deliver convenience store items in Washington, D.C., test launch.
Posted Aug 20, 2014

State Lotteries Increase Use of Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs take lotteries’ focus off of winning or losing.
Posted Aug 15, 2014

Amazon Launches Mobile Card Reader for Retailers
Local Register is expected to compete with Square and PayPal.
Posted Aug 14, 2014

Seeing Clearly on Food Packaging
Clear packaging takes some work, but pays off in increased sales.
Posted Aug 14, 2014

Gilbarco and VeriFone Join Forces to Power Global Market
New partnership will bring seamless payment solutions and digital media to convenience and fuel retailers.
Posted Aug 13, 2014

Convenience Store Group Opposes Age 21 Smoking Limit
Age restrictions deemed unfair to both retailers and adult consumers.
Posted Aug 12, 2014

Enmark to Carry Organic Products
Distribution partnership will bring “natural” items like kale and kombucha to c-stores.
Posted Aug 12, 2014

Maximizing Convenience Store Profit
Distributor provides tips for increasing sales and keeping customers.
Posted Aug 12, 2014

The Battle for E-Cigarette Market Share Heats Up
Big Three tobacco companies all launching wider distribution in 7-Eleven, elsewhere.
Posted Aug 12, 2014

California Lottery Website Lists ‘Lucky’ Retailers
More than 4,000 retailers identified based on frequency and amount of winning tickets.
Posted Aug 8, 2014

Pantry Pilots Smart Sensor Vending Machine
Machine tracks items automatically, lets customers inspect items before final purchase.
Posted Aug 8, 2014

CVS Feeling the Pinch From Lack of Tobacco Sales
Sales are down but pharmacy is picking up the slack.
Posted Aug 7, 2014

State Lotteries Nationwide Trying to Attract Young Players
Mobile apps and cause-related games hope to introduce younger Americans to lottery.
Posted Aug 5, 2014

Two Stores Are Better Than One
Gasoline-convenience store pairings help stations turn a profit.
Posted Aug 5, 2014

Minnesota Minimum Wage Increases Today
Large companies to pay employees $1.85 more, small companies increase by $1.25 per hour.
Posted Aug 1, 2014

Despite Internet Buzz, Consumers Prefer Brick-and-Mortar Shopping
Physical stores essential to shopping experience, even for online purchases.
Posted Aug 1, 2014

Retailer Organization Launches Small-Business Council
National Retail Federation hopes to engage “Main Street merchants” in advocacy efforts.
Posted Jul 31, 2014

State Lotteries Bigger Than Ever
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania lotteries report record-setting profits.
Posted Jul 25, 2014

Retailers’ Association Disappointed by Ruling on Micro Unions
RILA denounces NLRB decision certifying these unions within retail industry.
Posted Jul 24, 2014

Tips for Changes That Lead to Higher Sales
Retail expert offers proven ideas for lasting change.
Posted Jul 23, 2014

Georgia Lottery Hits Record Profits for Education Programs
State lottery has raised more than $15.5 billion for education programs since 1993.
Posted Jul 21, 2014

As E-Cig Sales Slide, Tobacco Pins Hopes on Marketing
Brands meanwhile, struggle against generic veporizers.
Posted Jul 18, 2014

Indiana C- Stores Continue Fight to Sell Cold Beer
Convenience store association appeals ruling that upheld state monopoly on cold beer sales.
Posted Jul 17, 2014

7-Eleven Increases Franchise Discounts for Military Veterans
Discount on franchise fees affirms company’s longtime support for veterans.
Posted Jul 17, 2014

Has the Bubble Burst? Bubble Gum, That Is.
Gum sales continue to decline, as mints steal market share.
Posted Jul 16, 2014

The Art of Negotiating Lower Credit Card Processing Fees
NACS can help savvy merchants negotiate better rates.
Posted Jul 16, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Expo Unites Asian-American Retailers With Vendors
3,000 retailers attend regional event, building community — and negotiating deals.
Posted Jul 15, 2014

Cold Winter Weather Causes Summertime Fishing Woes
From Walmart to mom-and-pop shops, stores are running out of nightcrawlers, frustrating anglers and retailers alike.
Posted Jul 14, 2014

Family Dollar Branches Into Beer and Wine
Strong sales at Family Dollar test markets lead to nationwide expansion of beer and wine sales.
Posted Jul 11, 2014

C-Stores Are Oases in a Food Desert
Atlantic City’s neighborhood convenience stores can be a port in a storm during bad weather and good.
Posted Jul 10, 2014

Retail Growler Fills Begin in Arkansas
Fifteen retailers set to start selling growlers, in a win-win for retailers and brewers.
Posted Jul 9, 2014

As Millions Vape, E-Cigarette Researchers Count Puffs
More than 45 FDA-funded studies expected to provide data to assist in developing e-cigarette policy.
Posted Jul 8, 2014

Mixed Feelings as Washington State Prepares for Pot
Marijuana retailers and processors scrambling to get ready for first day of sales.
Posted Jul 8, 2014

Walmart Express Eyes Texas
Retailer announces plans for stores in small towns around East Texas, with mixed reactions.
Posted Jul 7, 2014

Twelve States Plan for Minimum Wage Increase
Over the next several years, 12 states will raise their minimum wage rates to at least $9 or more per hour.
Posted Jul 7, 2014

Don’t Call Cube a Convenience Store
New drive-thru concept wants to be a ‘neighborhood concierge.’
Posted Jul 7, 2014

Big Plans for Food Spending This Holiday Weekend
Retailer survey estimates $6.2 billion to be spent on food and snacks over July Fourth.
Posted Jul 3, 2014

June Auto Sales Unexpectedly Strong
Estimates could place 2014 sales at highest in eight years.
Posted Jul 3, 2014

Tropical Storm Arthur Forming in Atlantic
Storm could become a hurricane, reaching North Carolina’s coast before the holiday weekend.
Posted Jul 2, 2014

Convenience, High Costs, With Washington’s Liquor Privatization
Washington State residents and businesses praise options, but lament higher costs and competition since privatizing liquor sales.
Posted Jul 2, 2014

Nestlé U.S. Chief Looks for Brands to Fix or Toss
Company slashes number of product variations, gives Lean Cuisine brand a makeover.
Posted Jul 2, 2014

GDP Fell, and Is Rising Again
Latest figures are a mixed bag, with increased consumer confidence but concerns over economic indicators.
Posted Jul 1, 2014

America's Oil Weapon: The Automobile
Increased domestic production of fuel-efficient vehicles, combined with decreased travel, cushions impact of oil prices.
Posted Jul 1, 2014

Massachusetts Governor Signs Minimum Wage Hike Into Law
Minimum wage rate increases from $8 to $11 an hour by 2017.
Posted Jun 30, 2014

New York City Loses Final Appeal to Ban Large Sodas
State court of appeals decision supports lower court rulings that city’s ban overreached its authority.
Posted Jun 27, 2014

Supreme Court Issues Opinion Invalidating Obama’s Recess Appointments
Retail Industry Leaders Association applauds ruling.
Posted Jun 27, 2014

Seattle Employers Worry Over Effects of $15 Minimum Wage
Businesses already factoring higher wage costs into their planning, but answers aren’t easy.
Posted Jun 26, 2014

Paper or Air: An Anlysis of Restroom Hand-Drying Solutions
Electric devices gain on paper towels, but is it all hot air?
Posted Jun 26, 2014

Quality Service, Not Prices, Creates Loyalty
Gallup report says people, not deals and lower prices, are the real differentiators for retailers.
Posted Jun 25, 2014

Taking Drugstores to the Next Level
New Walgreens flagship in in Chicago and redesigned Beverly Hills Rite-Aid showcase sleek designs and fresh food.
Posted Jun 25, 2014

Brick and Mortar Stores Benefit from Tech Innovation
Success is in store for retailers embracing technology.
Posted Jun 20, 2014

Franchise Association Wants Franchisees Treated as Small Businesses
Organization requests removal of discriminatory provision in Chicago’s minimum wage bill.
Posted Jun 18, 2014

Judge Rejects Challenge to Indiana Cold Beer Law
Law forbidding sale of cold beer at convenience and grocery stores will remain.
Posted Jun 18, 2014

Tennessee Health Officials Strengthen Stance on E-Cigarettes
Posters placed throughout state buildings display e-cigarette warnings.
Posted Jun 18, 2014

Marijuana Tax Collections Booming in Colorado
New source of tax revenue brings in about $5 million in taxes each month.
Posted Jun 17, 2014

Drive-Thru Convenience Store Comes to Delaware
Nearly 3,000-square-foot store offers same inventory as traditional convenience store.
Posted Jun 16, 2014

Delaware Bans Electronic Cigarettes for Minors
New law treats sale and purchase of e-cigarettes same as regular tobacco.
Posted Jun 13, 2014

The Grocery Store of the Future
Trends such as 'hyper-showrooming' and 'micro-personalization' and ‘lifestyle advisors’ are coming.
Posted Jun 13, 2014

Top Six Business Start-Up Ideas of Summer
Car washes top the list, along with ice cream trucks and landscapers.
Posted Jun 13, 2014

May Consumer Spending Shows Healthy Year-Over-Year Growth
Improved weather and greater demand may account for growth.
Posted Jun 13, 2014

Minimum Wage Increases Expanding to Nebraska and Vermont
Nebraskans hope to place $9 per hour wage on November ballot, while Vermont approves incremental increases to $10.10.
Posted Jun 12, 2014

QuickChek Reducing Coffee Prices for Summer
In a climate of increased coffee prices due to global shortage, convenience retailer touts discounts.
Posted Jun 12, 2014

Dollar General Opening Stores in Three New States
Stores will open in Maine and Rhode Island this fall, Oregon in early 2015.
Posted Jun 10, 2014

Soda Taxes a Hot Topic at National Soda Summit
Last week’s event included one Connecticut member of Congress calling for a federal soda tax.
Posted Jun 10, 2014

Could ATM Fees Be a Thing of the Past?
Company offers free ATM use in exchange for watching advertising.
Posted Jun 6, 2014

“Disrupter” Startup Promises Delivery in Under an Hour
Postmates expands its service to Silicon Valley and Austin.
Posted Jun 6, 2014

California Approves Warning Labels for Sugary Drinks
If passed in the State Assembly, the law would make California the first state to require such labeling.
Posted Jun 4, 2014

Seattle Approves $15 Minimum Wage
Rate will be highest in nation, but franchise organizations threaten lawsuit.
Posted Jun 4, 2014

U.S. Factories Expanded in May
Revised report shows manufacturing strength.
Posted Jun 3, 2014

Credit and Debit Swipe Fees Are Killing Small Businesses
Opinion piece urges Congress to act in support of small businesses.
Posted Jun 2, 2014

Minnesota Governor to Decide Fate of Online Lottery Ticket Ban
State legislature passed ban of online sales, but Governor considers veto.
Posted Jun 2, 2014

Alcohol Delivery Comes to the Nation’s Capital
New Ultra delivery service promises spirits in under an hour, with plans to launch in eight more cities.
Posted May 30, 2014

Michigan Boosts Minimum Wage Rate
Hourly wage rate will gradually increase to $9.25 per hour by 2018.
Posted May 29, 2014

Supply Chains and the Bottom Line
Ingredient traceability has an immediate effect on consumer decision-making.
Posted May 28, 2014

Pennsylvania Liquor Fight Inspires Big Spending
Wide variety of organizations lobbying legislature in advance of alcohol sale privatization.
Posted May 28, 2014

Craft Beer Industry Siphons Profits of ‘Big Beer’
Across the country, states are struggling with how to categorize — and regulate — small brewers.
Posted May 28, 2014

NOAA Predicts Normal to Below-Normal Hurricane Season
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts one to two major hurricanes this year.
Posted May 27, 2014

Michigan Retailer Tackles Fresh-Food Void
7-Eleven operator is bringing more healthy options in hopes of filling a void in the Saginaw area.
Posted May 27, 2014

California Comes Closer to Sugar Warnings on Beverages
State Senate could vote this week on legislation to place a warning on some sweetened beverages.
Posted May 27, 2014

Southern and Western States Have Fastest-Growing Cities
Three of the top 10 are in the Austin area and Utah also shows strong growth.
Posted May 23, 2014

Summer Road-Trippers Seek Out Fast Food, Prone to Snack Attacks
Survey from Outcast pump TV network shows their demographic travels more and with more passengers.
Posted May 23, 2014

San Diego County Adds E-Cigs to Smoking Ban
Wherever smoking is prohibited in the county, electronic cigarettes cannot be used, either.
Posted May 23, 2014

New Jersey Considers Taxing E-Cigarettes as Traditional Cigarettes
Legislation also would expand the cigarette tax to cigars and other tobacco products.
Posted May 21, 2014

New Store Productivity Rankings Released
Apple, Murphy USA, Tiffany & Co. top eMarketer’s list of most productive stores measured by sales per square foot.
Posted May 20, 2014

Dutch Invention Encourages Smokers to Throw Away Butts
“Fumo” may be the fun new solution to eliminate cigarette litter.
Posted May 20, 2014

Powerball, Mega Millions Coming Soon to Wyoming
Wyoming Lottery Corp. will begin accepting retailer applications this week.
Posted May 19, 2014

Americans Primed for Travel This Summer
Convenience store owners express optimism about vacation spending.
Posted May 16, 2014

BP Introduces ‘To Go’ Convenience Store Makeover Kit
Flexible new image components provide a new look for convenience stores.
Posted May 15, 2014

Hiring Goes Mobile
Mobile platforms offer new tools for hiring, training and retaining Millennial employees.
Posted May 13, 2014

U-Haul Partners With California Convenience Stores
California store serves as one-stop shop for moving needs.
Posted May 13, 2014

Publix to Open Smaller Store Concept in Florida
A 20,000-square-foot store is reportedly in the works for seaside communities and college areas.
Posted May 12, 2014

Tim Hortons Lays Foundation for U.S. Growth
New products being developed to appeal to American food preferences.
Posted May 12, 2014

What’s In a Name?
Brewers aren’t the only ones grappling with the definition of “craft” beverages.
Posted May 12, 2014

C-Store Denies Service to Customers With Saggy Pants
“Numerous males come in with their underwear showing.”
Posted May 12, 2014

Putting Google Glass to the Test
Operators explore ways to leverage the tech giant’s latest innovation.
Posted May 9, 2014

Buc-ee's Opens New Mega Convenience Store
The 60,000-square-foot convenience store features 56 fueling stations.
Posted May 8, 2014

San Diego Wants E-Cigarettes to Follow Tobacco Product Rules
The measure, which would prohibit usage of electronic cigarettes where tobacco smoking is banned, goes to a second vote this month.
Posted May 8, 2014

NJ Governor Resorts to E-Cigarette Tax to Plug Deficit
Facing a $1 billion shortfall, tax would generate an estimated $35 million for the state.
Posted May 6, 2014

Whole Foods Eyes Smaller Format Stores for Urban Growth
Grocery store chain plans to expand network with 1,000 new stores.
Posted May 5, 2014

Coffee Prices Expected to Soar Still Higher
Prices have already doubled since December, with real threat looming for 2015.
Posted May 5, 2014

Poll Shows Ohioans Favorable to Higher Tobacco Tax
Governor’s proposal would increase state cigarette tax by 60 cents per pack.
Posted May 2, 2014

Chicago Partially Bans Plastic Bags
Exemptions approved for mom-and-pop retailers, restaurants and others.
Posted May 2, 2014

Hawaii Raises Minimum Wage to $10.10
Increase will take effect gradually over the next four years.
Posted Apr 30, 2014

House Lawmakers Ask Drugstores to Toss Tobacco
Group of members urge stores to follow CVS’s example and phase out tobacco products.
Posted Apr 30, 2014

Proposed Illinois Soft Drink Tax Likely to Go Flat
Potential one cent per ounce tax drifting unaddressed in committee.
Posted Apr 29, 2014

Colorado Smoking Accessory Stores Move Into New Markets
Longtime smoking purveyor is making aggressive move into cannabis accessories.
Posted Apr 28, 2014

Louisiana House Passes Bill Outlawing E-Cigarette Sales to Minors
If passed into law, legislation could be first to regulate growing industry.
Posted Apr 28, 2014

A Plastic Bag-Free Future?
Across the country, more communities are banning single-use plastic bags.
Posted Apr 25, 2014

Massachusetts Town Increases Tobacco Buying Age to 21
City lawmakers include electronic cigarettes in the prohibition.
Posted Apr 25, 2014

Lawmakers Struggle With Eliminating E-Lottery Sales
Closing the lottery’s online sales would affect $8 million in revenues and costs.
Posted Apr 24, 2014

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Try to Overhaul State Liquor System
Many are hopeful that 2014 will see the end of state-controlled alcohol.
Posted Apr 23, 2014

St. Louis Turns to Convenience Stores as Supermarkets Close
City officials are looking into ways to help “food desert” areas offer residents access to food.
Posted Apr 23, 2014

Thinking Outside the Convenience Store Box
Retailers are exploring new ways to bring in business.
Posted Apr 23, 2014

Hannaford to Enlarge Curbside Service
The supermarket chain wants to expand its pickup service to some New York localities.
Posted Apr 23, 2014

North Carolina Retailers Target Area Food Deserts
Convenience store owners are leveraging funding to sell healthier foods in area convenience stores.
Posted Apr 22, 2014

TravelCenters of America Offers Free Wi-Fi
Complimentary service will be available in 39 TA Petro stores.
Posted Apr 21, 2014

New York Senator Pushes $15 Minimum Wage
State Senator Daniel Squadron says chains such as McDonald’s and 7-Eleven are not passing on higher profits to their employees.
Posted Apr 18, 2014

Wyoming Lottery Holds Workshops for Retailers
Nine workshops are being held over the next two weeks for retailers in the state that want to sell Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.
Posted Apr 18, 2014

Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling
Measure would make Vermont the first state to require labeling foods that contain genetically modified ingredients.
Posted Apr 17, 2014

New Jersey Legislators Question Raising E-Cigarettes Taxes
Lawmakers argue that raising the tax on electronic cigarettes would impact smokers who are trying to quit tobacco products.
Posted Apr 17, 2014

Florida Craft Brewers Fighting Three-Tier System
A bill that would require craft brewers to sell their products to a distributor is causing a beer war in the Florida Legislature.
Posted Apr 17, 2014

Coca-Cola Offers Ideas to Jumpstart C-Store Business
The company is offering retailers a free eBooklet, adding vitaminwater® to beverage dispensers and is addressing the importance of clean ice makers.
Posted Apr 16, 2014

New York County Raises Tobacco and E-Cigarette Purchasing Age
Suffolk County officials maintain their municipality is the first in the country to raise the minimum age for purchasing e-cigarettes (along with tobacco products) to 21.
Posted Apr 16, 2014

Paper Versus Plastic Foam
Paper versus plastic shopping bags sees its fair share of debate, but what about paper versus plastic foam beverage cups?
Posted Apr 14, 2014

Hy-Vee Opens Smaller Format Store
The grocery chain is tapping into the trend of large retail chains going from big footprints to smaller square footage.
Posted Apr 14, 2014

Did Convenience Stores Kill the Hotel Minibar?
That’s the claim of a Hong Kong hotel manager at least, but the fact is hotel minibars are on the decline.
Posted Apr 10, 2014

Maryland Legislature Approves Minimum Wage Hike
The governor is expected to sign the bill that would increase the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2018.
Posted Apr 9, 2014

New York Attorney General Sues FedEx for Shipping Illegal Cigarettes
Eric Schneiderman announced a $70 million lawsuit against FedEx for illegally shipping 80 million untaxed cigarettes to consumers.
Posted Apr 7, 2014

Iowa Retailers Encourage Age-Restricted Sales for E-Cigarettes
“As retailers, our members have an important role to play in preventing under-age access to e-cigarettes," says Dawn Carlson of the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa.
Posted Mar 31, 2014

Connecticut Passes $10.10 Minimum Wage
The Nutmeg State becomes the nation’s first to cross the $10 minimum wage threshold.
Posted Mar 28, 2014

Smokers’ Rights Group Sues New York City Over E-Cigarette Ban
Group claims the city’s ban violates the “one subject” rule of the city charter because it addresses both cigarettes and e-cigarettes.
Posted Mar 28, 2014

States Seek to Stem Tide of Cigarette Smuggling
Illegal smokes are being transported up and down the East Coast’s I-95, nicknamed Tobacco Road.
Posted Mar 26, 2014

Navy Considers Tobacco Sales Ban
The move would eliminate the sale of tobacco on all Naval ships and bases.
Posted Mar 26, 2014

Chicago Retailers Propose Paper Bag Tax
The Illinois Retail Merchants Association wants the City Council’s consideration of a plastic bag ban to be accompanied by a nickel or dime tax on paper bags.
Posted Mar 26, 2014

Illinois Lawmakers Sour on Sugary Beverage Tax
State lawmakers fail to embrace a tax that would impose a penny-per-ounce on sugar-sweetened drinks.
Posted Mar 25, 2014

Bill to Limit Online Lottery Sales Advances in Minnesota Senate
Legislators seek to do away with online scratch-off games, which launched last month.
Posted Mar 25, 2014

Growlers, Beer Sampling Come Before Florida Legislature
An old Prohibition-era packaging law in Florida allows for 32-ounce and gallon-sized growlers but not 64-ounce growlers.
Posted Mar 24, 2014

Colorado Legislature Denies Higher Tobacco Buying Age
A House committee scrapped a measure to increase the tobacco buying age to 21.
Posted Mar 21, 2014

San Francisco Restricts E-Cigarette Sales
Electronic cigarettes will come under the city’s current tobacco laws.
Posted Mar 21, 2014

QSR Protests Rally Around ‘Wage Theft’
Attendance dropped significantly as protestors pressed for resolution of alleged wage violations and a higher minimum wage.
Posted Mar 21, 2014

Louisiana Bill Would Ban E-Cigarette Sales to Minors
The bill would also require e-cigarettes to be moved behind the counter in businesses that serve customers under the age of 18.
Posted Mar 20, 2014

Walmart, Target Back Legislation to Sell Liquor in Florida
The big discount chains are supporting a bill that would let supermarkets stock spirits.
Posted Mar 19, 2014

State AGs Urge Drug Stores to Halt Tobacco Sales
New York and Ohio AGs lead effort to ask Walmart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Safeway and Kroger to follow CVS’s lead.
Posted Mar 18, 2014

Walmart Opens New C-store
The new Walmart to Go has a soft opening over the weekend.
Posted Mar 18, 2014

Kwik Trip Joins Partnership for a Healthier America
The Wisconsin-based convenience store chain, along with Dannon and Del Monte, announced new commitments aimed at ending childhood obesity.
Posted Mar 17, 2014

Study Casts Doubt on Soda Tax Idea
A new report found that beverage taxes won’t cure obesity because people would shift sugar intake to other sources.
Posted Mar 14, 2014

Ohio Governor Proposes Cigarette Tax Hike
Increase would pay for expected income tax revenue loss.
Posted Mar 13, 2014

Walmart Accelerates Opening of Smaller Format Stores
Walmart CFO sees an opportunity for “hundreds, if not thousands” of Express and Neighborhood Market stores.
Posted Mar 13, 2014

Wisconsin Lawmakers Mull Creation of Beer Commission
Commission would promote, market and advertise Wisconsin products, making Wisconsin the “Napa Valley of craft brewing.”
Posted Mar 11, 2014

Reasons Why Wawa Rates With Customers
Customers from Wawa-inhabited towns say what they love about the Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain.
Posted Mar 10, 2014

Missouri Lottery Tests Ticket Sales at ATMs
A new partnership at select convenience stores in St. Louis and Kansas City allows customers to access lottery games and potential winnings.
Posted Mar 10, 2014

Los Angeles Passes Stiff E-Cigarette Restrictions
The Los Angeles City Council votes unanimously to ban cigarettes in most work places, many public places, and 21-and-over establishments.
Posted Mar 6, 2014

Grocery Stores Opening in South Bend Food Deserts
Two grocery stores are opening in South Bend, Indiana, home to Notre Dame and no fewer than seven food deserts.
Posted Mar 6, 2014

Tennessee Lawmakers Approve Wine Bill
When the governor signs the measure, voters could have the opportunity to okay wine in their community grocery stores.
Posted Mar 5, 2014

Utah Quashes Bill to Increase Smoking Age
Senators voted against the measure to raise the legal age from 19 to 21.
Posted Mar 5, 2014

Berkeley Floats Soda Tax
The City Council will ask voters whether they would support a penny-per-ounce tax on soft drinks.
Posted Feb 28, 2014

Walmart Express Takes On Dollar Stores
Mass retailer is planning to open up to 300 new Walmart Express small format stores this fiscal year.
Posted Feb 25, 2014

Colorado, Utah Moving Forward With Raising Smoking Age to 21
Both states face several more rounds of votes before the measures become law.
Posted Feb 25, 2014

FDA Issues First Orders to Halt Sale of Tobacco Products
The FDA has ordered a stop to the sale of four cigarette products made by Jash International, marking the first time the agency has exercised this type of authority under the Tobacco Control Act.
Posted Feb 24, 2014

CokeSolutions.com Adds New Business Insights
The Coca-Cola Company’s website continues to add new business tools and resources for convenience retailers.
Posted Feb 24, 2014

New Missouri Game Offers Top Prize of a Quarter of a Million Dollars
A new Missouri Lottery Draw Game will offer players three games with nine chances to win on a single ticket and a top prize of $250,000 cash.
Posted Feb 24, 2014

We Card Helps Retailers Understand FDA Requirements
Complying with agency rules on ensuring that minors aren’t granted access to tobacco can be tricky.
Posted Feb 21, 2014

Nestlé USA Voluntarily Recalls Hot Pockets Philly Steak and Cheese
The company issued the recall after the Rancho Feeding Corporation announced its own recall of meat products.
Posted Feb 21, 2014

New York Retailers Help Prevent Youth Access to Tobacco
The New York Association of Convenience Stores is commending neighborhood retail stores for a record-high level of preventing underage tobacco sales.
Posted Feb 20, 2014

State Senator Starts Push for Soda Tax in Illinois
The new proposal would tack on a penny-per-ounce tax on sugared drinks.
Posted Feb 19, 2014

Minnesota Revisits Bottle, Can Deposit
One suggestion would have consumers pay the dime deposit at retail, then recycle the empties at redemption centers.
Posted Feb 19, 2014

Kansas Bill Would Triple Cigarette Tax
Lawmakers propose raising the cigarette tax from $.79 to $2.29 per pack while increasing the tax on OTP from 10% to 78%.
Posted Feb 18, 2014

Making a Case for Cold Beer
Indiana retailers are getting their day in court as the fight to sell cold beer continues.
Posted Feb 17, 2014

New Haven Mayor Pushes Connecticut Soda Tax
The former state senator is proposing a 2% tax on soft drinks across the state.
Posted Feb 14, 2014

Hawaii Considers Taxing E-Cigarettes
One bill would add a whopping 85% wholesale tax on electronic cigarette devices.
Posted Feb 12, 2014

Minnesota’s Online Lottery Enjoys Soft Rollout
While Minnesota residents have been able to purchase lotto tickets online for several years, Spicy 7’s is the first instant online game.
Posted Feb 11, 2014

New Teen Anti-Smoking Campaign Launches
The FDA’s educational effort aims to stop at-risk teenagers from smoking.
Posted Feb 5, 2014

San Francisco Again Considers a Soda Tax
City lawmakers will introduce legislation that would add a 2-cent-per-ounce tax on energy drinks, sports drinks and soft drinks.
Posted Feb 5, 2014

Navajos Impose Tax on Junk Food
The Navajo Nation voted last week to tax soft drinks and fatty snacks at 7%, while nuts, and fresh vegetables and fruits will not be taxed.
Posted Feb 5, 2014

Colorado Lawmakers Seeking to Ban Teen Smoking
The proposal would increase the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21.
Posted Feb 4, 2014

FAA Says ‘No’ to Beer Drone
Local Minnesota brewer is prohibited from delivering cold brews to ice fishermen via drone.
Posted Feb 4, 2014

Rutter’s Enhances Mobile App, Links With PA Lottery
Customers can redeem exclusive lottery offers and view the day’s winning lottery numbers.
Posted Feb 3, 2014

Tedeschi Food Shops Gives Sharon Store a Makeover
The remodeled store is open to the public, featuring a complete overhaul of the interior and exterior.
Posted Feb 3, 2014

Walmart Tests Grocery Pick-Up Option
Walmart To Go is offering Denver-area customers an option to pick-up their online order.
Posted Jan 31, 2014

Massachusetts Lottery Seeks Online Trial
Lottery officials are seeking to test online gambling, a move that has lottery retailers uneasy.
Posted Jan 31, 2014

Tennessee Convenience Stores Seek Inclusion on Wine Bill
Expanding wine sales in Tennessee should go beyond just supermarkets, the Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association maintains.
Posted Jan 31, 2014

Energy Drink Sales Ban Proposed in Los Angeles
The bill seeks to prohibit minors in Los Angels from purchasing energy drinks.
Posted Jan 30, 2014

Colorado Bill Would Raise Tobacco Buying Age to 21
The measure would include all tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.
Posted Jan 29, 2014

New York 7-Eleven Stores Win Support With Amenities
The convenience store chain has been working hard to please New Yorkers with its extras, such as Amazon Lockers and digital key copy machines.
Posted Jan 29, 2014

Mississippi Craft Brewers Look to Sell Onsite
Distributors sharply oppose the move, citing significant existing costs to distribute craft beer across the state.
Posted Jan 28, 2014

Arizona Lottery Reports Strong Mid-Year Results
Lottery sales are pacing 7.8% over the previous fiscal year.
Posted Jan 27, 2014

Maryland Governor Pushes for Minimum Wage Hike
In his last State of the State address, Gov. Martin O’Malley talked about raising the state’s minimum wage as his top priority.
Posted Jan 24, 2014

Schumer Proposes Tax Cut for NY Craft Brewers
The Small Brewer Reinvestment and Expanding Workforce (BREW) Act would cut the state’s current excise tax rate of $7 per barrel to $3.50, applying to the first 60,000 barrels brewed each year.
Posted Jan 23, 2014

Nevada County Contemplates Banning Plastic Bags
The California locality would be following the lead of nearby Truckee, which approved a similar ban last fall.
Posted Jan 22, 2014

Target Pilots Its Smallest Store Yet
The discount store wants to bring in younger, urban shoppers.
Posted Jan 21, 2014

Appeals Court Keeps Kentucky Liquor Ban
The judges ruled that the state could still prohibit the sale of alcohol at retail locations that receive 10% of sales from gasoline or groceries.
Posted Jan 17, 2014

Oregon Proposal Would Allow Distilled Spirits on Supermarket Shelves
The bill has an uphill battle from opponents who feel liquor doesn’t belong in a grocery store.
Posted Jan 17, 2014

Minnesota’s Cigarette Loss Is North Dakota’s Gain
Cigarette border bleed is pronounced between Minnesota and North Dakota, the result of a $2.39 state tax differential.
Posted Jan 16, 2014

Chicago Comes Closer to Indoor E-Cigarette Ban
The city council approved a plan that would prohibit the smoking of electronic cigarettes inside public places.
Posted Jan 15, 2014

Pig Disease Could Send Pork Prices Skyward
The virus, which kills young hogs, has been rolling through U.S. pig farms.
Posted Jan 15, 2014

West Virginia Slowly Lifts Water Restrictions
Thousands more residents can safely use their tap water after a chemical leaked into the supply.
Posted Jan 15, 2014

Wyoming Lottery to Launch This Summer
Powerball and Mega Millions are coming soon to the Cowboy State.
Posted Jan 14, 2014

Opponents Scrutinize Minnesota’s Online Lottery Plans
The state-run lottery is expanding online options to include electronic versions of scratch-off games.
Posted Jan 13, 2014

Raising Cigarette Taxes Harms Poor
An op-ed discusses better alternatives to lowering smoking rates than raising taxes.
Posted Jan 10, 2014

Tennessee May Consider Medical Marijuana Sales
A proposal would legalize the sale of medical marijuana under strict rules.
Posted Jan 8, 2014

Higher Cigarette Taxes Harm C-Stores
Jim Tudor of the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores argues that raising cigarette taxes harms retailers and leads to an increase in black market activity.
Posted Jan 7, 2014

New York State Looking to Ease Marijuana Restrictions
Governor Cuomo is expected to bypass the Legislature in approving the use of medical marijuana in New York State.
Posted Jan 7, 2014

Pennsylvania Ditches Lottery Privatization Bid
Gov. Tom Corbett announced this week that he would not be pushing his plan to hand over management of the lottery to an outside firm.
Posted Jan 2, 2014

2014 Brings Higher State Gas Taxes, Minimum Wage
Happy New Year? Upwards of 40,000 ordinances and resolutions passed during the 2013 state sessions just went into effect.
Posted Jan 2, 2014

Boston Cracks Down on Tobacco in Public Parks
The city has banned smoking and vaporizing of tobacco and marijuana in any city park.
Posted Jan 2, 2014

Denver Doles Out Recreational Marijuana Sales Licenses
More than 30 Denver businesses have been approved to sell recreational marijuana, which will legally begin in Colorado on January 1.
Posted Dec 30, 2013

Report Card Time: Best Buy’s Showrooming Campaign
An October campaign that embraced showrooming led to increased traffic, but little change in purchasing behavior, an analytics company claims.
Posted Dec 27, 2013

Late Surge in Holiday Web Buying
However, increased activity catches UPS and retailers off-guard, resulting in broken delivery promises.
Posted Dec 27, 2013

Los Angeles Plastic Bag Ban Begins January 1
No more single-use plastic bags will be available at stores with more than 10,000 square feet, but customers can buy paper bags at a dime apiece.
Posted Dec 26, 2013

San Francisco Poised to Ban Bottled Water
The city council introduced a proposal that would halt the sale of plastic water bottles on public property.
Posted Dec 24, 2013

Hawaii County Raises Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21
The county is the first in Hawaii to have a higher age for buying tobacco.
Posted Dec 24, 2013

Quincy Continues Food Sale Ban at Gasoline Stations
The City Council considered changing the decades-old ordinance but decided to keep the status quo.
Posted Dec 24, 2013

Tennessee Gears for Wine Fight in 2014
The battle to have grocery and convenience stores sell wine will once again commence in January.
Posted Dec 24, 2013

New York City Bans Foam Foodservice Containers and E-Cigarette Use
The New York City Council has effectively banned foam foodservice containers and extended a ban on public smoking to include electronic cigarettes.
Posted Dec 23, 2013

Aldi to Boost U.S. Presence by 50%
Expansion plans into new markets could result in 650 new stores in the United States by 2018.
Posted Dec 23, 2013

Backlash Against Electronic Cigarettes Continues
With Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City thinking about bans and health advocates questioning the safety, electronic cigarettes may face an uphill battle next year.
Posted Dec 20, 2013

Oregon Supermarkets Push for Alcohol Privatization
The Oregonians for Competition want to bring the issue before voters.
Posted Dec 18, 2013

Five Steps to Managing Your Online Reputation
Leverage web tools to manage your online presence quickly and easily.
Posted Dec 17, 2013

Amazon.com Opens Up a Pantry
Sources tell USA Today that Pantry, a new venture by Amazon.com, will directly compete with Sam’s Club and Costco.
Posted Dec 16, 2013

Quincy Gas Stations May Get to Sell Food
Local legislators could overturn a 41-year-old city law that bans gas stations from selling food.
Posted Dec 16, 2013

Indian Tribes, States Pursue Online Gambling
A tribe in rural California expects to launch the country’s first tribal online gambling effort later this month.
Posted Dec 12, 2013

White Castle Sliding Into Modern Day
A redesigned Columbus restaurant combines touch-screen ordering and a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.
Posted Dec 12, 2013

Blowing Smoke?
A new report finds that many states have not used anti-smoking funds for that purpose.
Posted Dec 11, 2013

Dollar General Posts Strong Cigarette Sales
Tobacco sales have helped Dollar General grow its Q3 sales by more than 10% over the same period last year.
Posted Dec 10, 2013

New York Considers Public Ban on Electronic Cigarettes
The city council held a hearing this week to determine whether or not such a prohibition should be enacted.
Posted Dec 6, 2013

Giant Eagle Launches Market District Express
The hybrid that combines a convenience store’s small format with an upscale grocery store’s products has opened in Pennsylvania.
Posted Dec 6, 2013

Companies Seek Friends to Keep You Healthy
Social networking pressure helps employees take better care of themselves.
Posted Dec 3, 2013

Kroger Tests Turkey Hill Minit Market Convenience Stores in Central Ohio
Kroger is out to prove that it can successfully cross several retail segments to meet shopper demand.
Posted Dec 2, 2013

NY County Lawmaker Eyes Raising Tobacco Buying Age to 21
The Suffolk County legislator will introduce legislation in January to up the age adults can buy tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.
Posted Dec 2, 2013

Walmart Ready to Test Convenience Store Concept
A new Walmart convenience store under construction in Bentonville will be about one-fifth the size of an Express store and offer fuel.
Posted Nov 25, 2013

Tennessee Raceway Store Adds Growler Fill Station
The Full Tank growler station inside a Raceway convenience store is now offering customers a local selection of craft beers.
Posted Nov 25, 2013

The Life is good Company Unveils New Retail Concept
Located at Patriot Place, the store features a lounge area and a coffee bar.
Posted Nov 25, 2013

Post Office Partners With Staples
The U.S. Postal Service will test centers in 82 locations.
Posted Nov 22, 2013

Los Angeles Launches Reusable Tote Campaign
With the plastic bag ban scheduled to start Jan. 1, city officials are trying to work with groups to hand out free reusable bags.
Posted Nov 22, 2013

Soda Grows Up
Craft soft drinks are riding a wave of bubbles.
Posted Nov 22, 2013

Soda Tax Surfaces in San Francisco
A second and very similar tax on sugary beverages has been unveiled for the city of San Francisco.
Posted Nov 21, 2013

Building a Better Drive Thru
McDonald’s is looking to speed up service at its drive-thrus.
Posted Nov 21, 2013

Big Apple Changes Smoking Age
Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed off on bill that bans the sale of tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21.
Posted Nov 21, 2013

Cherokee Nation OKs New Tobacco Compact With Oklahoma
New compact is considered a win-win for the Cherokee Nation and Oklahoma.
Posted Nov 21, 2013

FreshDirect to Launch Private-Label Groceries
Online grocer plans to offer up to 150 private-label products by the end of next year.
Posted Nov 20, 2013

Chicago’s Cigarette Tax Hike Sailing Through Committees
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 75-cent cigarette tax hike is plowing through its opposition.
Posted Nov 20, 2013

Missouri Proposal Allows Cities to Set Independent Tobacco Tax Rates
Measure would restore the state’s tobacco taxing structure to pre-1993, when local governments were allowed to set their own tobacco taxes.
Posted Nov 20, 2013

Thorntons Volunteers to Help Disabled
Also, Pinnacle joined Habitat for Humanity to build a home.
Posted Nov 19, 2013

Oregon Might Allow Grocery Store Liquor Sales
While a privatization proposal didn’t gain traction last year, this hybrid model might win approval on both sides.
Posted Nov 19, 2013

Electronic Cigarettes Pop Up in Schools
New CDC research suggests that e-cigarette use among teens is on the rise.
Posted Nov 18, 2013

Circle K Prototype Coming to San Jacinto
The new flagship convenience store will debut in Southern California, featuring fresh foods and a state-of-the-art car wash.
Posted Nov 18, 2013

GATE Foundation Supports Breast Cancer Research
The retailer’s 72 convenience stores raised $77,000 through pink ribbon sales during October.
Posted Nov 15, 2013

Small Businesses Struggling with the ACA
A new survey reveals 27% of franchise businesses have already replaced full-time employees with part-time workers to avoid requirements of the Affordable Care Act.
Posted Nov 14, 2013

The Growing Threat of Contraband Tobacco
In New York, a handful of federal and state officials are fighting a tough battle against illegal cigarettes.
Posted Nov 13, 2013

Black Thursday?
Turkey can wait. Yet another major retailer — Best Buy — will open its stores on Thanksgiving Day.
Posted Nov 12, 2013

New Jersey Votes for Higher Minimum Wage
The state’s minimum wage will jump a dollar on Jan. 1 to reach $8.25.
Posted Nov 8, 2013

GMA Praises Washington State for Rejecting GMO Labeling Proposal
The Grocery Manufacturers Association is pleased that Washington voters rejected a proposal that would have required labeling of genetically modified food ingredients.
Posted Nov 8, 2013

Starbucks Focuses on Hiring Vets, Military Spouses
Coffee giant intends to support at least 10,000 hires in five years.
Posted Nov 7, 2013

Einstein Bros. Bagels Expanding Non-Traditional Format
Bagel chain continues to grow its brand on college campuses, airports, medical centers and other high-traffic locations.
Posted Nov 7, 2013

Op-Ed Details Impact of Chicago’s Proposed Cigarette Tax increase
The vice president of the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association of Chicagoland points out the potential impact of a proposed cigarette tax increase.
Posted Nov 7, 2013

The Vanishing Video Store
Blockbuster to shut its remaining U.S. stores while discontinuing its DVD-by-mail service.
Posted Nov 7, 2013

District of Columbia Considers Higher Tobacco Purchase Age
Legislation introduced yesterday would raise the minimum age for buying tobacco to 21.
Posted Nov 6, 2013

Georgia Retailers File Suit Against State for Video Poker Profit Sharing
The convenience stores' owners claim a new law eats into their proceeds from video poker machines.
Posted Nov 6, 2013

New Jersey and Convenience Stores: Perfect Together
Convenience store chains in New Jersey are attracted by a demographic that is time-starved and looking for convenience.
Posted Nov 5, 2013

New York City Raises Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21
The city council also voted to set a $10.50 per pack minimum price for cigarettes.
Posted Nov 1, 2013

California Lawmakers Propose Sugary Beverage Tax
Competing proposals by San Francisco lawmakers seek a two-cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks.
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Best Buy Embraces Showrooming
Putting on a confident front, the electronics chain encourages shoppers to visit the “Ultimate Holiday Showroom.”
Posted Oct 31, 2013

Missouri Governor Abandons Plan to Cut Food Stamps
Governor Nixon announced his withdrawal of proposed rule to modify the state's waiver under the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
Posted Oct 28, 2013

Judges Mull Keeping SNAP Payments Secret
A newspaper filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture to find out how much participating retailers receive from SNAP purchases.
Posted Oct 25, 2013

Fas Mart/Shore Stop Stores Award $10,000 Golden Ticket
A loyal customer in New Castle, Delaware, walked away with the top prize from the summer contest.
Posted Oct 25, 2013

Coke to Launch High-End Fashion Line
Jackets and vests with price tags up to $1,650 will debut in select boutiques around the world.
Posted Oct 24, 2013

eBay Expands Same-Day Delivery; Amazon Raises Free Shipping Minimum
Just in time for the holidays, eBay expands its same-day delivery service, while Amazon raises the purchase minimum for free shipping.
Posted Oct 24, 2013

Massachusetts Tobacco Tax Fuels Smuggling
Tobacco industry officials talked to a state panel about the unintended consequences of the new tobacco taxes.
Posted Oct 23, 2013

Retailers Hope Low Gas Prices Mean More Spending
After four consecutive months of increasing consumer pessimism, November could be a turning point if the price of crude oil remains steady.
Posted Oct 21, 2013

Walmart Outlines ‘Ecosystem’ Approach
The retail giant says its path to growth will rely on an ecosystem of meeting all three kinds of consumer trips: stock-up, grocery and convenience shopping.
Posted Oct 21, 2013

Vast Majority of Iowa Retailers Keep Tobacco Away From Minors
A new report found that 93% of Iowa stores that sell tobacco don’t allow minors to buy it.
Posted Oct 18, 2013

Dunkin’ Donuts to Open 1,000 New Stores in California
The donut chain is offering special development incentives to qualifying franchisee candidates.
Posted Oct 17, 2013

Baltimore Grocer Closes Due to Higher Bottle Tax
Santoni’s Supermarket shut its doors three years after the city’s nickel bottle tax went into effect.
Posted Oct 16, 2013

Olympia Passes Ban on Plastic Bags
The Washington state city joins other nearby jurisdictions in enacting the prohibition.
Posted Oct 11, 2013

Government Shutdown Halts South Carolina Craft Beer Boom
Approvals of brewery licenses and labels are on hold until the federal shutdown ends, with South Carolina’s fledgling craft beer industry taking the hit.
Posted Oct 10, 2013

Detroit Police Chief Targeting C-Stores to Clean Up Their Businesses
Police Chief James Craig wants to create a “model businesses” program for gas stations and convenience stores in an effort to reduce crime.
Posted Oct 8, 2013

NYC Restaurants Perfecting the Art of Food Delivery
New York City restaurants expand the delivery concept far beyond the home, reaching customers in their cars, parks, and even competing restaurants.
Posted Oct 8, 2013

Judge Halts Enforcement of NY Surcharge Regulation
The state law penalized retailers if they added a fee for credit card payments.
Posted Oct 4, 2013

Stripes Convenience Stores Annual Turf + Surf Event Raises More Than $525,000
The funds will benefit 38 United Way agencies across Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
Posted Oct 4, 2013

Four States Want to Give Franchise Owners More Power
Lawmakers in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are looking to provide more leverage to franchise retailers.
Posted Oct 2, 2013

Corner Store Kicks Off Fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
The month-long campaign will benefit 32 Children’s Hospitals.
Posted Oct 2, 2013

Traffic Jams Building at Drive-Thrus
A new study suggests that fast-food drive-thrus are getting slower.
Posted Oct 1, 2013

Wisconsin Legislator Calls for Tobacco Tax Equality
A bill by state Rep. Garey Bies would tax all tobacco products the same in an effort to deter youth smoking.
Posted Sep 30, 2013

Minnesota Sees Fewer Cigarettes Sold, but Higher Tax Revenue
The state’s cigarette tax increased in July, causing a drop in cigarette sales.
Posted Sep 27, 2013

Large Jackpots Spur In-Store Sales
For retailers selling lottery tickets, a big score can move merchandise.
Posted Sep 27, 2013

U.S. Government Misplaces 420 Million Cigarettes
Government officials misused roughly $162 million in profits from undercover stings of illegal tobacco sales and lost track of at least 420 million cigarettes.
Posted Sep 26, 2013

Kentucky City May Ban Overnight Beer Sales
As a debate over extending the late-night sale of liquor rages, some are calling for tighter restrictions on selling beer.
Posted Sep 25, 2013

Alaska City Could Repeal Plastic Bag Ban
A citizen’s initiative might overturn the prohibition passed by the Homer City Council.
Posted Sep 25, 2013

Michigan Governor Declares Independent Retailers Week
After years without an official state proclamation, Governor Rick Snyder has declared September 25 to October 5 Independent Retailers Week.
Posted Sep 23, 2013

Oregon Lawmakers Mulling E-Cigarette Tax
While state lawmakers are considering taxing electronic cigarettes, it is unclear how they would assess the charge.
Posted Sep 19, 2013

Denver Comes Closer to 5-Cent Bag Fee
After a public hearing, the council will vote on the final bill on September 30.
Posted Sep 18, 2013

California Approves $10 Minimum Wage
Legislation would increase the state's minimum wage of $8 an hour to $10 by 2016.
Posted Sep 16, 2013

Regulator Halts Employers From Requiring Paychecks on Cards
In response to concerns about employers mandating payroll cards that carry high fees, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says employers must provide other options.
Posted Sep 16, 2013

San Diego Edges Toward Plastic Bag Ban
However, most residents want to keep the bags, according to a new poll.
Posted Sep 13, 2013

Spotlight on a Man Behind a Counter
The Washington Post highlights the difficult life journey for one Arlington, Virginia, 7-Eleven owner.
Posted Sep 12, 2013

Retailers Stocking Up Ahead of Holiday Season
Imports are up, leading the National Retail Federation to predict that retailers are optimistic for this year’s holiday season.
Posted Sep 10, 2013

We Card Urges Increased Employee Training
The successful social responsibility program educates retailers on electronic cigarette restrictions.
Posted Sep 6, 2013

Duluth Debate on E-Cigarettes Ignites
The City Council is considering ordinances that will restrict the sale and use of the devices.
Posted Sep 4, 2013

Convenience Stores Participate in Healthy-Eating Initiative
In North Carolina, two local stores are offering more fresh produce with a state grant.
Posted Sep 4, 2013

Ready for OSHA’s New Hazard Communication Standard?
By December 1, 2013, all employers utilizing hazardous chemicals at their worksite will be required to have trained employees on new label elements and the SDS format.
Posted Sep 3, 2013

San Jose Outlaws Foam Containers
The City Council approved the ban on Styrofoam takeout boxes, which will include convenience stores.
Posted Aug 30, 2013

Fast Food Strikes Expected to Reach 35 Cities Today
Protests among fast food workers are expected to reach up to 35 cities today, in advance of the Labor Day weekend.
Posted Aug 29, 2013

Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Sales to Minors Successful
A new report finds that the average national retailer violation rate of such tobacco sales is significantly below the target rate set by the Synar program.
Posted Aug 28, 2013

Minnesota Smokers Crossing the Border for Cheaper Smokes
Following Minnesota’s $1.60-per-pack cigarette tax hike that took effect in July, border residents are flocking to North Dakota for much cheaper cigarettes.
Posted Aug 22, 2013

NYC Lawmakers Propose Plastic and Paper Bag Surcharge
A 10-cents-per-bag fee would go to the issuing store, not the city.
Posted Aug 22, 2013

QSR Workers Rally Others for Nationwide Strike
Fast-food employees are planning to walk off the job on August 29.
Posted Aug 21, 2013

Dallas Considers Ban on Plastic Bags
The City Council meets today to talk about the issue.
Posted Aug 21, 2013

Love’s Travel Stops ‘Paper Heart’ Campaign Benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
The annual in-store fundraiser runs through September 23.
Posted Aug 21, 2013

Circle K Mid-Atlantic Presents $3,500 Grant to Central Virginia Food Bank
The partnership with BP Fueling Communities directs funds to the local hunger-relief agency.
Posted Aug 21, 2013

Illinois Bans Electronic Cigarettes for Minors
The new law takes effect January 1, 2014.
Posted Aug 19, 2013

7-Eleven Offers Electric-Vehicle Charging for New Yorkers
7-Eleven is able to leverage local solar generation and energy storage, which enables the use of high-powered electric equipment, including EV fast chargers.
Posted Aug 19, 2013

Denver Council Proposes Fee for Plastic Bags
Supermarkets are lobbying against the measure, saying it would be too costly and unfair.
Posted Aug 16, 2013

FDA Cracking Down on RYO and Internet Tobacco Vendors
The agency has issued 10,000 tobacco retailer warning letters and four warning letters for cigarette or roll-your-own tobacco labeled as “pipe tobacco.”
Posted Aug 14, 2013

Labor Groups Launch New Tactics to Boost Union Membership
A recent tactic involved hundreds of workers at McDonald’s and other QSR chains walking off their jobs to strike for better pay and the right to unionize.
Posted Aug 13, 2013

Bloomberg Hints at E-Cigarettes Ban
A leaked draft of three tobacco-related bills redefines “tobacco products” to include electronic cigarettes.
Posted Aug 12, 2013

Border Residents Flock to New Hampshire for Cheaper Smokes
Less than a week after a $1-a-pack cigarette increase takes effect in Massachusetts, smokers are flocking to New Hampshire for cheaper cigarettes.
Posted Aug 12, 2013

Tesco Searches for Buyer(s) for U.S. Stores
Some speculate that Aldi might be interested in taking on Tesco’s leases for its U.S.-based Fresh & Easy stores.
Posted Aug 12, 2013

Smoke-Free Movement Tackles the Great Outdoors
The fight to eliminate smoking has moved from indoors to outdoors.
Posted Aug 9, 2013

Cold Beer Dispute Heats Up
A chain of liquor stores in Indiana is attempting to intervene in a lawsuit that seeks to allow c-stores, pharmacies and grocers to sell cold beer.
Posted Aug 8, 2013

Low-Key Grocery Chain Dubbed Walmart’s “Worst Nightmare”
WinCo may be the little grocery chain that retail behemoth Walmart has never heard of, but retail analysts say that Walmart has much to be fearful of.
Posted Aug 8, 2013

Powerball Jackpot Hits $425 Million…So Far
With the Powerball jackpot drawing estimated at $425 million, customers are flocking to convenience stores located in the 43 states where the game is played.
Posted Aug 8, 2013

Holiday Stationstores Expands in Dakotas
As part of Holiday's expansion plans, The Gas Stop will become a Holiday Stationstores franchisee for 16 stores.
Posted Aug 8, 2013

New Hampshire Tobacco Tax Generates $46.7 Million in July
Retailers purchasing tobacco tax stamps ahead of the August 1 excise tax increase fueled the 143% bump in revenue.
Posted Aug 7, 2013

Ohio Lottery Retailers Receiving Makeover
Makeover effort is designed to help lottery retailers better compete with gambling alternatives that include casinos and racetracks with slots-like betting.
Posted Aug 6, 2013

Record Sales Predicted for E-Cigarettes
Analysts forecast sales could soon reach $1 billion.
Posted Aug 2, 2013

Court Rules NYC Large Soda Ban Illegal
An appeals court upheld a lower court decision that struck down the city’s prohibition on the sale of large, sugary beverages.
Posted Jul 31, 2013

Casey’s General Stores ID Customers for Energy Shots
​The convenience store chain will only sell energy shots and pills to customers who are 18 and older.
Posted Jul 31, 2013

Massachusetts Tobacco Tax Hike Upsets Shop Owners
New excise taxes on cigarettes, cigars, smoking tobacco and smokeless tobacco take effect today, along with an increase in the gasoline tax to 24-cents-per-gallon.
Posted Jul 31, 2013

Grocery Store Mergers Could Pinch Consumer Pocketbooks
Another slew of supermarket consolidation has analysts wondering if prices will start to creep up.
Posted Jul 30, 2013

Renewed Push for Dollar Coins
Five U.S. senators introduced legislation that would promote the need for more $1 coins in circulation.
Posted Jul 29, 2013

Rural U.K. Gas Stations Fight to Stay Afloat
Fuel retailers are attempting to buck a national trend of independent petrol stations shutting down.
Posted Jul 24, 2013

Tobacco Smuggling in Ireland Increases
A new report shows that the average citizen is not aware of the impact illegal cigarettes is having on the economy.
Posted Jul 24, 2013

New York Locality Considers More C-Store Restrictions
Officials in Huntington Town want to put new regulations on convenience stores located in shopping centers, such as ensuring ample space to accommodate loading areas.
Posted Jul 23, 2013

Brewers Battle Over Excise Tax Bills
The Small BREW Act would cut the excise tax in half for some craft brewers, which is intended to help them compete with the large brewers.
Posted Jul 22, 2013

Proposed Federal Cigarette Tax Hike Threatens Maryland Retailers
Funding President Obama’s early childhood initiative with a higher cigarette tax is not a viable solution, notes the president of the Maryland Retailers Association.
Posted Jul 18, 2013

Another Record-Setting Year for Ohio Lottery
Lottery Director Dennis Berg said he wouldn’t rule out offering online casino games to sustain the lottery’s strong sales.
Posted Jul 18, 2013

Oklahoma Lawmakers Revisit E-Cigarette Tax Talk
Following a defeat of their e-cigarette proposals during the last legislative session, three Oklahoma lawmakers are renewing their fight.
Posted Jul 18, 2013

Nebraska Lawmakers Seek to Expand Craft Beers
Three state senators are looking into how the current distribution system could better serve small brewers.
Posted Jul 16, 2013

Wyoming Lottery Makes First Projections
Ticket sales are estimated to generate $20 million for the state during the lottery’s first year.
Posted Jul 16, 2013

Why We Ask for a ZIP Code at the Pump
The store itself doesn’t need a customer’s ZIP code for customers fueling at the pump, but the pump does.
Posted Jul 15, 2013

New Hampshire Tobacco Tax Increasing August 1
New Hampshire tax receipts for 2012 and 2013 fell $56 million below those for 2010 and 2011, triggering an automatic tax increase.
Posted Jul 12, 2013

Florida Lottery Surpasses $5 Billion in Sales
Sales jumped more than $500 million from last year.
Posted Jul 11, 2013

Oklahoma Seeks to Raise Taxes on Tribal Tobacco Sales
The state is looking to fix all tribal cigarette tax rates at $1.03 per pack, making them even with the tax that nontribal retailers pay.
Posted Jul 9, 2013

Baltimore-Area C-Stores Redefine Convenience
Retailers such as Royal Farms, Wawa and 7-Eleven are vying for consumer dollars with fresh foodservice and meals to go.
Posted Jul 8, 2013

Appeals Court Upholds Lower Court’s PACT Ruling
Without deciding the law’s constitutionality, an appeals court upholds a lower court’s decision to place an injunction against enforcement of the tax provisions of the PACT Act.
Posted Jul 3, 2013

Lottery Comes to Wyoming
While the state’s lottery bill became law on July 1, retail sales aren’t expected to take place until early 2014, with retailers standing to earn no less than 6% of gross sales.
Posted Jul 3, 2013

Wisconsin Agents Seize Untaxed Cigarettes
Revenue agents seize 70,000 cigarettes that arrived in the state without the requisite tax stamps.
Posted Jul 3, 2013

Cash Discounts on the Rise
Rule changes are prompting retailers to turn to cash discounts.
Posted Jul 2, 2013

Phillips 66 Joins Buyer’s Network Alliance
The alliance will help independent convenience stores compete with chain stores.
Posted Jul 2, 2013

Maryland Gas Tax Takes Effect
Beginning today, Marylanders will see a 3.5-cent increase in the state's gas tax.
Posted Jul 1, 2013

Kroger Working Towards Zero Waste
The retail chain is working toward the EPA’s zero waste threshold of 90% in all of its locations.
Posted Jun 28, 2013

Interest Rate Rise Threatens Sales of Big-Ticket Items
The glass is half empty, some maintain, while others note that the rise reflects a stronger economy and an improving job market.
Posted Jun 28, 2013

Michigan Halts Plans for Internet Lottery
Lawmakers nixed a bill that would have allowed lottery tickets to be sold online.
Posted Jun 27, 2013

Minnesota Cigarette Tax Hike Seen as Boon for E-Cigarette Sales
The state’s cigarette excise tax will increase to $1.60 per pack beginning July 1.
Posted Jun 26, 2013

California Bill Would Stop Businesses From Reducing Employee Hours
The measure would prevent big companies from lowering work hours to get out of offering health insurance.
Posted Jun 25, 2013

U.S. Supreme Court Sides With AMEX on Arbitration
The Court wrote in its opinion that merchants who accept American Express cards are re­quired to handle their disputes by arbitration.
Posted Jun 24, 2013

Los Angeles Bans Plastic Grocery Bags
City Council voted nearly unanimous in favor of the ordinance, which takes effect in 2014.
Posted Jun 20, 2013

Starbucks to Launch Calorie Boards Nationwide
Beginning June 25, all company-operated and licensed Starbucks stores in the U.S. will offer calorie information on menu boards.
Posted Jun 20, 2013

New York City Lawmakers Introduce Foam Foodservice Ban
The announcement comes despite mounting concerns over the ban’s potential impact to the city’s small businesses and taxpayers.
Posted Jun 17, 2013

Two Oregon Bills Would Change Cigarette Taxes
One would increase the state tax on cigarettes, while the other would give counties the authority to add a cigarette tax of their own.
Posted Jun 14, 2013

New York City Seeks Soda Ban Revival
Mayor Bloomberg’s administration is seeking a reinstatement of the city’s ban on sugary drinks.
Posted Jun 13, 2013

Maine House Supports GMO Food Labeling Requirement
Legislation that would require genetically modified food products to include special labels passed the Maine House of Representatives.
Posted Jun 13, 2013

Oneida Indian Tax Settlement Disrupts Playing Field for New York Retailers
NYACS says that the lopsided deal would instead codify gas/tobacco price advantages and regulatory immunity for tribal stores.
Posted Jun 13, 2013

Convenience Channel Experiences Above-Average Growth
A new IRI report finds that the convenience store channel, when compared to grocery and drug stores, was the only channel that enjoyed both dollar and unit sales growth in 2012.
Posted Jun 12, 2013

Sheetz Stands on Frontlines of Liquor Debate
Privatizing liquor in Pennsylvania would allow convenience stores such as Sheetz to sell beer and wine.
Posted Jun 12, 2013

New Jersey Retailers Oppose Generator Mandate
With hurricane season in full swing, fuel retailers argue that generator legislation won’t help fuel shortages triggered by weather.
Posted Jun 12, 2013

Downsized Eating
Consumers are making healthier choices at restaurants by cutting out dessert, drinking water or opting for a smaller portion size.
Posted Jun 12, 2013

Drive-Thru Convenience Store Fights to Stay Open
Coolers is using marketing campaigns to convince customers that its business model is a fun and convenient shopping option.
Posted Jun 12, 2013

Minnesotans Scurry to Buy Smokes
Cigarette sales in Minnesota are surging in advance of a July 1 excise tax increase of $2.52 per pack.
Posted Jun 11, 2013

CST Brands Opens Largest Corner Store in Three Rivers
The 10,100 square-foot Travel Center serves customers in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale.
Posted Jun 10, 2013

Mobile Grocery Store Rolls Into Tulsa 'Food Desert'
R&G Family Grocers is planning to bring a mobile store to North and West Tulsa twice weekly, offering produce, meat and dairy products.
Posted Jun 10, 2013

Ohio Launches New Childhood Obesity Initiative
The program features messages around physical activity and nutrition that focuses on both kids and their parents.
Posted Jun 10, 2013

NYC Anti-Obesity Campaign Targets Sugary Beverages
Funded by the city health department, the new ads expand the “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign by focusing on other sugar-sweetened beverages.
Posted Jun 6, 2013

Amazon Expands Fresh Grocery Delivery
AmazonFresh moves into Los Angeles, although the online retailer’s fresh grocery delivery service has yet to turn a profit.
Posted Jun 6, 2013

Cancer Society Pushes for Flavored Tobacco Ban in New York
The ban would encompass all candy- and fruit-flavored tobacco products sold in convenience stores, making them available only in tobacco shops.
Posted Jun 5, 2013

Governor Cuomo Announces ‘Fuel NY’ Initiative
Up to $17 million in federal Hurricane Sandy relief funding will be used to improve access to fuel during severe storms or major weather events.
Posted Jun 5, 2013

Bill to Ban Smoking in Cars With Kids Heads to Oregon Governor
The state House and Senate approved a measure that would forbid smoking in vehicles with passengers under the age of 18.
Posted Jun 5, 2013

Seven & I Expands North American Presence
7-Eleven’s parent company is planning to double its North American locations to at least 20,000.
Posted Jun 5, 2013

Missouri Lottery Approves Ticket Sales at the Pump
Customers will soon be able to purchase lottery tickets at gas pumps and ATMs throughout the state.
Posted Jun 4, 2013

Walgreens Flagship Stores Growing in Number
Sprawling, one-stop shops are popping up in densely populated urban centers.
Posted Jun 4, 2013

Starbucks Bans Smoking Within 25 Feet of Store Entrances
The company is also banning e-cigarettes from all of its U.S. and Canada locations.
Posted Jun 4, 2013

California Senate Throws Out Plastic Bag Ban
State senators voted down a proposal that sought an outright ban on plastic bags throughout California.
Posted Jun 3, 2013

Convenience, Gas and Sushi
Retailers like Mr. Fast in Texas continue to redefine and innovate convenience store foodservice.
Posted Jun 3, 2013

Hurricane Season is Officially Underway
President Obama held a briefing with oil and gas industry executives for an update ahead of the 2013 hurricane season, which officially began on June 1.
Posted Jun 3, 2013

Lone Star Food Store Sells First Ever Powerball Jackpot in Texas
The $40 million Powerball jackpot was sold last week at a Lone Star convenience store in Bells, Texas.
Posted Jun 3, 2013

New University Retail Store Gives Suppliers Direct Feedback
The card-and-questionnaire approach will provide information from customers directly to the manufacturers.
Posted May 31, 2013

Border Stores Fear Cigarette Revenue Loss
A tax hike in Minnesota will likely send border-area smokers two miles across state lines into North Dakota for cheaper cigarettes.
Posted May 30, 2013

California Lawmaker Proposes Beverage Tax
The bill would add a 1-cent tax per ounce for every bottled sweetened beverage with more than 25 calories per 12 ounces.
Posted May 29, 2013

CEFCO Opens New Travel Center Location
The newest unit has the chain’s first Huddle House within the travel center.
Posted May 29, 2013

Depending on Cigarette Taxes
States such as Massachusetts may be too dependent on their smokers to plug budget shortfalls.
Posted May 28, 2013

Retailers Sue Visa, MasterCard
J.C. Penney, Macy’s and Target filed the lawsuit this week in federal court.
Posted May 24, 2013

A Picture for Posterity
In Vancouver, British Columbia, a photographer is cataloging small c-stores while he still can.​
Posted May 24, 2013

New York Police Chief Argues for Tobacco Law Enforcement
A New York Post op-ed piece cites a need for better enforcement of the city’s tobacco laws by addressing cigarette smuggling.
Posted May 23, 2013

Wisconsin Bill Taxes Smokers
State workers who smoke would have to pay $50 more per month for health insurance under a bill that is gaining traction in the Wisconsin Legislature.
Posted May 23, 2013

OpenStore Partners With Phillips 66
OpenStore is launching new websites and mobile apps for the Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 brands.
Posted May 22, 2013

Kids Eat for Free All Summer Long
Children 10 and under can eat for free at TravelCenters of America and Petro Stopping Centers with the purchase of an adult meal.
Posted May 21, 2013

Kangaroo Express Takes to the Infield
Race fans on the track infield now have easy access to a convenience store at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Posted May 20, 2013

QSR Workers Strike for Higher Minimum Wage
In Milwaukee, employees at QSRs are demanding $15 per hour.
Posted May 17, 2013

House Committee Passes Farm Bill
Unlike the Senate-passed version of the bill, the House Farm Bill does not contain a provision that would prevent convenience stores from accepting SNAP benefits.
Posted May 16, 2013

Senate Committee Passes Farm Bill
The legislation contains a troubling provision that would give the government the authority to prevent c-stores from accepting SNAP benefits.
Posted May 15, 2013

Indiana C-Stores File Lawsuit Over Cold Beer Sales
The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, Freedom Express, Ricker’s and Thorntons are suing the state for the right to sell cold beer.
Posted May 15, 2013

Bosselman Companies Opens New Store With Hometown Concept
The new and contemporary store design will be utilized in future Pump & Pantry convenience store builds and remodels.
Posted May 13, 2013

Wawa Gets Ready for Fourth of July Celebration
The 2013 Wawa Welcome America! festival will feature two fireworks displays, free concerts, an Independence Day Parade and the Taste of Philadelphia food event.
Posted May 13, 2013

Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee Brew Up Single-Cup Partnership
The new five-year agreement is being dubbed a game changer for the global single-serve coffee industry.​
Posted May 13, 2013

Rite Aid Stores Focus on Wellness
Nearly 100 Buffalo-area stores are changing over to the new wellness format.
Posted May 9, 2013

Convenience Stores Focusing on Inside Sales
The convenience and fuel retailing industry is transforming itself to meet changing consumer demands, says NACS President and CEO Henry Armour at an Industry Update Luncheon in West Virginia.
Posted May 8, 2013

Cigarette Revenue Drop Surprises Pennsylvania Legislators
To make up for declining cigarette tax revenues, some state legislators are proposing higher excise taxes for other tobacco products.
Posted May 6, 2013

TravelCenters of America Enters 42nd State
A newly opened location is the only travel center in Rhode Island, bringing the number of states with TA and Petro locations to 42.
Posted May 6, 2013

Pennsylvania C-Stores Support Privatization of Liquor Sales
Retailers have joined other business groups and political advocates in trying to ensure that their voices are heard on the issue.
Posted May 3, 2013

Tobacco Retailers Blame Mayor for Black Market Cigarette Trade
New York City's regulations and taxes on tobacco products have allowed the black market to flourish.
Posted May 3, 2013

Mother’s Day Spending to Rise 11%
Consumers will pamper Mom with iPads and jewelry, with total spending predicted to top $20 billion.
Posted May 2, 2013

From Tobacco to Chickpeas
Tobacco farmers are embracing the main ingredient in hummus as American consumption of the staple grows by leaps and bounds.
Posted May 1, 2013

Michigan Lottery Considers Internet Sales
State lawmakers are divided over the idea, which some say could impact brick-and-mortar lottery retailers.
Posted Apr 30, 2013

California Considers Penny-Per-Ounce Soda and Energy Drink Tax
A bill that would tack on a one-cent tax per ounce of sweetened beverages such as soda and energy drinks cleared a California committee last week.
Posted Apr 29, 2013

Minnesota House Okays Tobacco, Alcohol Tax Hikes
The state Senate is scheduled to vote on the reconciled measure next week.
Posted Apr 26, 2013

New C-Note Readies for Circulation
After two years of printing glitches, the new $100 will finally go into circulation in October.
Posted Apr 25, 2013

Proposed Zoning Rules to Target Smoke Shops
Fayetteville, N.C., officials want to revise zoning rules with land-use policies, which could impact the city’s numerous smoke shops.
Posted Apr 25, 2013

Mass. Budget Amendment Would Prohibit Sale of Single Cigars
The language states that non-retail tobacco stores, such as convenience stores, cannot stock cigars in packs of less than four, unless the single cigar costs more than $2.50.
Posted Apr 24, 2013

Louisiana Rep. Pulls Plug on Tobacco Tax Hike
The bill would have increased the cigarette tax by $1.05 per pack.
Posted Apr 24, 2013

Mass. Could Become First State to Ban Plastic Bags
The state is considering a ban on single-use plastic bags at retail stores that are more than 4,000 square feet.
Posted Apr 24, 2013

NYC Proposes Raising Legal Smoking Age from 18 to 21
Mayor Bloomberg’s administration proposed another major anti-smoking initiative.
Posted Apr 23, 2013

Missouri Lawmaker Seeks to Penalize Smoking Bans
State Rep. Kathie Conway would require cities and counties to remit to local school districts the property and sales tax revenue they obtain from businesses affected by tobacco restrictions.
Posted Apr 23, 2013

C-Stores Sign Up for Mass in Motion
An initiative by the Massachusetts Public Health Department is helping local convenience store operators showcase their healthy food and drink options.
Posted Apr 22, 2013

Coon Rapids Revokes Pay-Before-Pump Law
Gas station owners vigorously opposed the ordinance. The repeal will take effect May 4.
Posted Apr 19, 2013

Tesco Says Goodbye to Fresh & Easy
The U.K. grocer is looking for a buyer to take over its Fresh & Easy stores in the United States.
Posted Apr 19, 2013

Health-Care Costs to Soar for Many Rhode Island Businesses
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island said its average rates for small businesses would spike 15% next year, while rates for individual customers will increase 18%.
Posted Apr 18, 2013

Minnesota House Plans Alcohol, Cigarette Tax Hikes
Legislators seek a $1.60 per pack cigarette tax increase and alcohol tax hikes that would add 7 cents per beer, 47 cents per bottle of wine and $1.58 on a bottle of liquor.
Posted Apr 18, 2013

Alleged ADA Violation at Key Largo Marathon Station
A lawyer also filed similar federal lawsuits against a dozen other area businesses.
Posted Apr 17, 2013

California Senate Considers Ban on Plastic Bags
Lawmakers are pushing for a statewide prohibition that would eliminate single use plastic bags in convenience stores by 2016.
Posted Apr 17, 2013

New Jersey Plans Lottery Privatization
The private management partnership could generate nearly $7 billion beyond what the Lottery would raise with its existing management.
Posted Apr 16, 2013

Alabama Beer Bill Challenges Distribution System
Legislation would allow state microbreweries to sell up to 25,000 barrels of beer at retail each year.
Posted Apr 16, 2013

Californians Have Powerball Fever
There’s long lines at Powerball terminals this week as Californians welcome the mega-payout game.
Posted Apr 12, 2013

NH Convenience Stores Argue Against Proposed Tobacco Increase
Storeowners and grocers urge a state Senate panel to defeat a bill to increase the state’s cigarette tax by 30 cents.
Posted Apr 11, 2013

Caribou Coffee Pulls Plug on 80 Locations
The coffeehouse chain will turn an additional 88 units into Peet’s Coffee & Tea.
Posted Apr 10, 2013

Propel Fuels Brings Renewable Fuels to Fresno
The new Clean Mobility Center is offering drivers E85, biodiesel and carbon offsets at the pump.
Posted Apr 10, 2013

Tobacco-Tax for Pre-Kindergarten Draws Opposition
Obama’s federal tax increase to fund preschool programs has raised the ire of tobacco companies.
Posted Apr 8, 2013

Florida Smoking Ban Smoldering, Nearly Snuffed Out
A House bill fails to get a hearing, and the measure appears dead for the year.
Posted Apr 8, 2013

Giant Eagle Requires Loyalty Card Swipe for Self Checkout
The grocer has banned the use of self-checkout lines for non-card holders.
Posted Apr 8, 2013

Drug Stores Add Fresh Food
Pharmacies are expanding their offerings to entice shoppers to stay longer and spend more.
Posted Apr 8, 2013

California to Add Powerball on April 8
California Lottery players also have the option of playing California’s SuperLotto and Mega Millions.
Posted Apr 5, 2013

New York City Appeals Beverage Ban Decision
The city is attempting to reverse a judge’s ruling that struck down its prohibition against sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.
Posted Apr 4, 2013

TV Actor Finds Second Act as C-Store Owner
Wendell Pierce is opening a chain of convenience and grocery stores, starting in New Orleans.
Posted Apr 4, 2013

Indiana Legislature Presses for Refundable Deposit Law
The bill would assess a nickel or dime refundable deposit on recyclable containers.
Posted Apr 4, 2013

Google Tests Same-Day Shopping and Delivery Service
The pilot project is being tested in San Francisco with local retailers and Target and Walgreens.
Posted Apr 1, 2013

Mississippi Enacts 'Anti-Bloomberg' Bill
The new law prevents state municipalities from passing bans on soda and sugary drinks.
Posted Mar 25, 2013

New Hampshire House Okays Tobacco Tax Hike
The bill would increase the cigarette excise by 10 cents to $1.78 per pack.
Posted Mar 22, 2013

North Dakota Passes RYO Tax Measure
Both the state Senate and House passed legislation that would require commercial RYO machine owners to pay the same tax as name-brand cigarettes.
Posted Mar 21, 2013

Hess Vehemently Against New York Plan for Generators
The gasoline company opposes the mandate because of its costliness.
Posted Mar 20, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Proposes Cigarette Display Ban
Bloomberg's proposal would make the Big Apple the nation's first city to keep tobacco products out of sight from consumers at the point of purchase.
Posted Mar 19, 2013

Wisconsin Lawmaker Urges Food Stamp Restrictions
Representative Dean Kaufert wants to revamp the state's food stamp program to encourage shoppers to purchase healthier foods.
Posted Mar 19, 2013

Chicago Residents Cross the Border for Tobacco
The recent Cook County cigarette tax increase has many residents visiting other counties to purchase cigarettes � much to the delight of neighboring tobacco retailers.
Posted Mar 19, 2013

Miami Dolphin Moonlights as C-Store Owner
Even though he recently signed a $31-million contract, NFL wide receiver Brian Hartline is living the "American dream" by working at a convenience store.
Posted Mar 18, 2013

Making a Case for Telecommuting
A new survey suggests that some workers may be more productive working from home, while some are probably goofing off.
Posted Mar 18, 2013

Redbox Launches Instant Streaming
Following a successful test period, Redbox Instant by Verizon streaming is now available.
Posted Mar 18, 2013

Interest in Health Impact Assessments Grows
More localities are creating zoning laws that forbid the sale of alcohol or tobacco within a mile of low-income housing or schools.
Posted Mar 15, 2013

Vermont Committee Considers Sales Tax for Candy, Soft Drinks
While a tax on sugary beverages has floundered in the House, one lawmaker is proposing to do away with the soda and candy sales tax exemption.
Posted Mar 15, 2013

Texas Lawmaker Presses for Smoking Ban
The proposed legislation would require all businesses to be smoke-free.
Posted Mar 15, 2013

Wine Won't Flow in Tennessee Stores This Year
After gaining some momentum, a House committee voted against allowing wine sales in grocery and convenience stores.
Posted Mar 15, 2013

Oregon Seeks $1 Per Pack Cigarette Tax Hike
The proposal promises to be a tough sell among lawmakers, where three-fifths of the House and Senate must approve the increase.
Posted Mar 14, 2013

Mississippi Approves Bill Barring 'Bloomberg' Bans
Regulations would not be allowed to limit portion sizes, nix toys from children's meals and make foodservice establishments post calorie counts.
Posted Mar 13, 2013

Beer Industry Switches Sides on Tennessee Wine Bill
Brewers are supporting the measure, which would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell wine.
Posted Mar 13, 2013

Judge Blocks New York City Soda Ban
A New York Supreme Court judge halted New York City's soda ban, which was scheduled to take effect today.
Posted Mar 12, 2013

Nevada Lawmaker Seeks Stricter Menu-Labeling Rules
Assemblywoman Lucy Flores wants to expand the new federal rules on calorie counts displayed on menu boards to restaurant chains with 10 or more locations.
Posted Mar 12, 2013

New York Targets Tax-Free Cigarettes
At stake is up to 10 billion cigarettes that may be flowing into New York tax-free each year, marketed under the "Seneca" name.
Posted Mar 12, 2013

Smoking in Cars With Kids to Become Illegal
In Utah, legislation that would ban smoking in cars with passengers under the age of 16 is waiting for the governor's signature.
Posted Mar 11, 2013

Utah Legislator Targets E-Cigarettes
The state representative is pushing a bill that for tax purposes would categorize e-cigarettes and dissolvable tobacco products as cigarettes.
Posted Mar 8, 2013

Walmart's Small Format Making a Big Impression
Walmart said it is gaining market share from dollar stores, supermarkets and pharmacies with its smaller format stores, which will play an increasingly significant role in its future.
Posted Mar 7, 2013

Chicago Energy Drink Ban Proposal Losing Steam
An alderman's proposal to ban energy drinks leads to no vote at a City Council meeting, and only an agreement to discuss the issue further.
Posted Mar 7, 2013

Whole Foods Reducing Margins in Some Stores
Looking to shed its "Whole Paycheck" reputation, the grocer will reduce its margins in some urban markets.
Posted Mar 7, 2013

Washington State Votes on Credit Card Surcharging Ban
The bill would forbid retailers from surcharging consumers who pay with plastic.
Posted Mar 6, 2013

New York Democrats Call for Minimum Wage Increase
Opposition from businesses has not dissuaded state lawmakers from working to raise New York's minimum wage.
Posted Mar 6, 2013

Austin Disposable Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect
Consumers and retailers adjust to the city's ban on disposable plastic bags, which took effect last week.
Posted Mar 5, 2013

Missouri C-Stores Have a Say in Cigarette Tax
The Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association is signing off on a cigarette tax increase proposal that won't put its members at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring states.
Posted Mar 4, 2013

Texas Talks Tobacco Buying Age
An attempt to increase the tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21 is floating around the Texas legislature in an effort to curtail teen smoking rates.
Posted Mar 4, 2013

Coinstar Begins Rollout of PayPal
PayPal users can add, withdraw and send money directly from select Coinstar kiosks.
Posted Mar 1, 2013

Energy Drink Ban Proposed for Minors
A ban proposed by a Cleveland council member would make selling energy drinks to anyone under the age of 18 a fourth-degree misdemeanor in the Ohio city.
Posted Feb 28, 2013

Tennessee Senate Committee Passes Wine Bill
Legislation to allow for the sale of wine in grocery and convenience stores is moving forward.
Posted Feb 28, 2013

Health Board Tightens Tobacco Rules
The town of Westwood, Massachusetts, has increased the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 19, among other measures.
Posted Feb 27, 2013

Kentucky Lawmakers Seek Lottery Tax
Some legislators want to add a 6% sales tax to lottery purchases, an effort to generate revenue for Kentucky's struggling pension system.
Posted Feb 26, 2013

Payroll Tax Axes Consumer Spending
With less take-home pay in consumer paychecks, retailers are feeling the effects of the federal payroll tax, which could have broader implications for the U.S. economy overall.
Posted Feb 25, 2013

Vermont Committee Says No to Sugar Tax
The legislation would have added a new tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in the state.
Posted Feb 25, 2013

Industry Groups Ask Judge to Temporarily Halt NYC Large Drink Ban
Restaurant and beverage industries want to avoid having to spend money to comply with a prohibition that might not continue.
Posted Feb 22, 2013

Sacramento Plastic Bag Ban Moves Forward
City staff has started working on an ordinance that would target large grocery and other retail stores.
Posted Feb 21, 2013

Kentucky Grocers Fight Wine Ban
Grocery stores are fighting a bill that would prohibit the sale of liquor and wine in their locations.
Posted Feb 20, 2013

Retailers Ready for Privatization of Alcohol Sales
In Pennsylvania, convenience and grocery store chains are ready to pounce if Governor Corbett's privatization plan succeeds.
Posted Feb 19, 2013

Payphones Going, Going, Nearly Gone
Pay phones are fading into the sunset, with convenience stores one of their last remaining holding places.
Posted Feb 19, 2013

Oklahoma Senate Stops Tobacco Bill
The panel defeated legislation that would have allowed municipalities to pass ordinances stricter than state laws governing tobacco use.
Posted Feb 19, 2013

New Jersey Smoking Bans on the Rise
More than 25% of New Jersey's municipalities have passed outdoor smoking bans with little to no opposition.
Posted Feb 19, 2013

Congress Introduces Online Tax Bill
The U.S. Senate introduced legislation that would require online and catalog retailers to collect sales tax in states that have simplified their sales tax laws.
Posted Feb 18, 2013

BP Introduces New Loyalty Program
The new loyalty program, BP Driver Rewards, rewards customers with cents-per-gallon fuel savings for filling up at BP-branded locations.
Posted Feb 18, 2013

New York Mayor Proposes Ban on Plastic Foam Packaging
Mayor Bloomberg also wants to install curbside electric-vehicle charging stations around the city.
Posted Feb 15, 2013

Colorado Craft Beer Bill Goes Flat
The sponsor of the legislation pulled the bill because it lacked support for passage.
Posted Feb 15, 2013

Vermont Retailers View Potential Gas Tax Hike as Death Knell
Retailers who are already competing for customers with neighboring New Hampshire view any increase in Vermont's gas tax as a major threat to their livelihood.
Posted Feb 15, 2013

Group Calls for National Soft Drink Ban
The Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a petition with the FDA, urging the agency to identify a safe level for added sugars in beverages.
Posted Feb 14, 2013

Wyoming Senate Advances Gas Tax Hike
A proposal to raise the state fuel tax by 10 cents per gallon advances in the Wyoming Senate.
Posted Feb 14, 2013

Illinois Lottery Rolls Dice With 'The Good Life'
The Illinois Lottery is launching its first family of new games in two years, with tickets priced $1 to $10.
Posted Feb 14, 2013

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, PayPal Partner to Simplify Paying at the Pump
More convenience stores around the world will now be able to offer mobile and digital payments at the pump.
Posted Feb 13, 2013

Sheetz and Wawa Compete for Pennsylvania Consumers
The New York Times highlights the changing face of U.S. convenience store retailing through the eyes of loyal Sheetz and Wawa customers.
Posted Feb 12, 2013

Texas Lawmakers Seek New Food Stamp Purchasing Restrictions
The proposals seek to ban the use of food stamps to purchase "junk" food and energy drinks.
Posted Feb 12, 2013

USDA Reminds Retailers of Responsibilities With SNAP
The USDA provides online training guides, rules and regulations for retailers who offer Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to customers.
Posted Feb 11, 2013

New Jersey Approves Online Gaming
Governor Christie gave his approval to legislation that allows the state to move forward with online gaming.
Posted Feb 11, 2013

Kentucky Governor Wants Public Smoking Ban
Governor Beshear says a ban on public smoking would improve the overall health of residents by eliminating second-hand smoke.
Posted Feb 8, 2013

School Vending Machines Receive a Makeover
New USDA rules will eliminate the sale of junk food in school vending machines, affecting 50 million children and more than 100,000 schools.
Posted Feb 7, 2013

Tennesseans Rally for Beer Tax Reform
Tennessee beer lovers are rallying to support the Beer Tax Reform Act of 2013, legislation that seeks to reverse the nation's highest beer tax.
Posted Feb 7, 2013

Rhode Island Legislators Call for Soda Tax
State lawmakers want to add a $1.28 per gallon tax to any sugar-sweetened soft drink, and powder or syrup beverage.
Posted Feb 6, 2013

Health Canada Licenses Energy Shots
The health ministry has approved around 20 energy shot drinks, each containing between 100 milligrams and 200 milligrams of caffeine.
Posted Feb 6, 2013

A Nickel for Your Thoughts?
Some economists continue to state the case for removing the penny from circulation.
Posted Feb 6, 2013

Colorado House Approves Permanent Cigarette Sales Tax
The bill would permanently eliminate the sales tax exemption on cigarettes and take effect in the 2013-14 fiscal year.
Posted Feb 5, 2013

Maryland Sees Huge Spike in Smuggled Smokes
The state comptroller reports $1.1 million in contraband cigarettes confiscated in fiscal year 2011 and $2.3 million in contraband seized last fiscal year.
Posted Feb 5, 2013

BP Reaches Exclusive Agreement With MoneyGram
BP's ampm convenience stores will offer MoneyGram's services in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
Posted Feb 5, 2013

Texas Legislator Proposes Soda Tax
State Rep. Joe Farias is calling for a penny-per-ounce tax on "certain sweetened beverages."
Posted Feb 4, 2013

Wyoming Cigarette Tax Increase Snuffed Out
A proposal to increase the state's cigarette excise tax from 60 cents to $1.60 a pack goes has been defeated in the Wyoming House.
Posted Jan 31, 2013

Indiana House Bans E-Cig Sales to Minors
The legislation applies Indiana's cigarette laws to electronic cigarettes, banning their sale to anyone under the age of 18.
Posted Jan 31, 2013

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Seeks Ban on Surcharges
State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl says he's drafting legislation that would prohibit retailers from surcharging.
Posted Jan 31, 2013

Conflict of Interest: Craft Beer and State Liquor Stores
A proposal in New Hampshire to sell and promote craft beer at state-owned liquor stores has grocery retailers speaking out against the idea.
Posted Jan 30, 2013

North Dakota Seeks Doubling of Cigarette Tax
A state lawmaker wants to raise the excise tax on a pack of cigarettes from 44 cents to $1.
Posted Jan 30, 2013

Kwik Trip Looks Forward to 2013 Growth
The Wisconsin-based retailer is scooping up property and focusing on the future of fuel for its new store locations.
Posted Jan 29, 2013

Target Gets Fresh With Detroit
The retailer is planning to add fresh grocery sections to its Detroit-area stores.
Posted Jan 29, 2013

Governor Christie Quietly Pressing Lottery Privatization
The New Jersey governor has discreetly bypassed the Legislature with plans to privatize the state's lottery system.
Posted Jan 29, 2013

North Dakota Considers Direct Beer Sales to Bars, Restaurants
Legislation would allow microbreweries to bypass distributors and sell beer directly to bars and restaurants.
Posted Jan 29, 2013

Massachusetts Ponders Online Lottery
One local retailer says that allowing residents to purchase tickets online would hurt his business amid an already-struggling economy.
Posted Jan 28, 2013

States Fuel Gas Tax Debate
From Vermont to Texas, state governments are considering plans that would maintain and expand their transportation infrastructure with or without assistance from a gas tax.
Posted Jan 28, 2013

Virginia Lawmakers Go After Cigarette Trafficking
Virginia has become a hotbed for tobacco smugglers who are re-selling cartons of smokes in states that have a higher cigarette excise tax rate.
Posted Jan 28, 2013

Union Memberships Drop to 11.3% of Workforce
The unionization rate has plummeted to its lowest numbers in 97 years.
Posted Jan 25, 2013

NAACP, Hispanic Federation Team Up to Block NYC Soda Ban
The two minority rights organizations have joined a lawsuit against the city's ban, arguing it would harm small and minority-owned retailers.
Posted Jan 25, 2013

Colorado Proposal Would Allow C-Stores to Sell Craft Beer
The bill would limit grocery and convenience stores to stock only beers made by brewers producing less than 6 million barrels annually.
Posted Jan 25, 2013

Pennsylvania Senators Seek Online Gambling Ban
Concerned lawmakers in the state are seeking to rewrite a private manager's contract to prohibit interactive video games, simulated slot machines or table games.
Posted Jan 24, 2013

Blowing Smoke
California is likely to propose a ballot initiative in 2014 that would boost the state's cigarette tax by $1 per pack.
Posted Jan 23, 2013

Big Supermarkets Crowd Out Small Grocers
Large grocery store chains are pushing smaller, all-in-one grocers off the playing field.
Posted Jan 22, 2013

North Dakota Gas Station Has Old-Fashioned Feel
The station uses antique fuel pumps and offers charge accounts for local customers.
Posted Jan 22, 2013

Indiana Likely to Uphold Bar Smoking Exemption
The likelihood that the state legislature will extend the state's smoking ban to include bars is looking slim.
Posted Jan 22, 2013

New York City Offers 3-Month Reprieve From Soda Fines
The requirement that bans restaurants and other eateries from selling sugary drinks in cups larger than 16 ounces begins March 12, though health officials won't seek fines for noncompliance for at least three months.
Posted Jan 17, 2013

Tennessee Lottery Sales Reach Record Highs
Total lottery sales in the state hit $333 million from October 1 to December 31, 2012.
Posted Jan 17, 2013

PayPal Pushes Further Into Retail
The payment processing company has added Mapco Express and Spartan Stores as part of its network.
Posted Jan 16, 2013

CEFCO Opens New Texas Location
The new store marks the seventh prototype for the convenience store chain.
Posted Jan 16, 2013

Minnesota C-Store Offers Taxi Service
A local retailer has added a taxi service to its 24/7 convenience store operation, filling a void for a town of 8,000 residents.
Posted Jan 15, 2013

NOCO Express Opens First Travel Center
The new location features a commercial diesel station, Tim Hortons and Subway.
Posted Jan 15, 2013

New Hampshire Lawmaker Proposes 33% Beer Tax Hike
If approved, the increase would make the state's beer excise tax the highest in New England at 40 cents per gallon.
Posted Jan 15, 2013

Payroll Tax Hits Hard
Experts say the economic effect of the new (old) payroll tax rate is already being felt, as U.S. workers are seeing less of their paycheck.
Posted Jan 14, 2013

Virginia Gas Tax Plan Draws Swift Reactions
From environmental groups to conservative think tanks, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's plan to eliminate the state's 17.5-cents-per-gallon gas tax is garnering nationwide attention.
Posted Jan 14, 2013

State Lawmaker Suggests Online Lottery
South Carolina lottery executives also stress that any effort must continue to help merchants that sell lottery tickets.
Posted Jan 11, 2013

New York State Tops U.S. Cigarette Smuggling List
With the country's highest per-pack cigarette tax, the Empire State ranks the highest for cigarette smuggling.
Posted Jan 11, 2013

New Hampshire Lottery Sales Pass $5 Billion
Sales for fiscal 2013 are up 16% from a year ago in the state, with Powerball ticket sales up 53% over last year.
Posted Jan 11, 2013

Law Enforcement Group Voices Opposition to Tennessee Wine Bill
More than 100 Tennessee sheriffs and police chiefs have signed a petition to prohibit strong alcohol and wine from being sold in grocery and convenience stores.
Posted Jan 11, 2013

Virginia Governor Seeks to Eliminate Gas Tax
Governor Bob McDonnell unveiled a plan that would eliminate the current 17.5-cents-per-gallon gasoline tax in the state of Virginia.
Posted Jan 10, 2013

Iowa Lawmakers Considering Gas Tax Hike
While many legislators support a gas tax increase, agreement on the amount of the increase is far from settled.
Posted Jan 10, 2013

Pennsylvania Lottery On Track for More Record Profits
Sales in the first six months of this fiscal year for the Pennsylvania Lottery are at a record pace, which may factor into a final decision on privatization.
Posted Jan 10, 2013

Texas Senator Proposes Statewide Smoking Ban
The bill would prohibit smoking at all indoor and outdoor workplaces.
Posted Jan 9, 2013

Retail Clinics Grow in Popularity
A new poll finds that 27% of respondents have visited a walk-in clinic for health-care during the past two years.
Posted Jan 9, 2013

NY Commission Proposes Generators at Gas Stations, Reserve of Fuel
The panel made the recommendations to combat some of the problems encountered after superstorm Sandy back in the fall.
Posted Jan 9, 2013

Traditional Grocers Struggle in Tough Marketplace
The hourglass economy has supermarkets looking for a better balance of goods and services.
Posted Jan 8, 2013

Nebraska Legislator Seeks to End Soda Tax Exemption
The state medical community is pushing to end what it calls a soft drink subsidy.
Posted Jan 8, 2013

Government Okays Health Exchanges for More States
The exchanges are intended to provide consumers with affordable access to health insurance plans.
Posted Jan 7, 2013

California Company Seeks to Grow Pot Vending Machine Use
Medbox is looking to expand its medical marijuana vending machine to recreational users in Colorado and Washington.
Posted Jan 7, 2013

FDA Begins Implementation of Food Safety Laws
The agency is proposing new food safety standards for foodborne illness prevention and produce safety.
Posted Jan 7, 2013

Starbucks Enters Technology Retail Arena
The coffeehouse chain is now selling Square's mobile card reader at its 7,000 U.S. stores.
Posted Jan 7, 2013

Kiosk Turns Gift Cards Into Cash
Alula by Coinstar allows customers to insert gift cards and receive between 60% and 85% of the card's value in return.
Posted Jan 4, 2013

Wendy's Super-Sizes Value Menu
The QSR chain has added more options to its core group of dollar menu items.
Posted Jan 4, 2013

Tennessee Liquor Stores Oppose Latest Wine Proposal
A proposal to allow grocery and convenience stores to sell wine is gaining momentum with state lawmakers, though liquor store owners remain sharply opposed.
Posted Jan 3, 2013

Lottery Privatization in New Jersey Casts Doubt
With just one bid, concerns are deepening about the chances for New Jersey to privatize its lottery.
Posted Jan 2, 2013

Minnesota Candy Store Threatened With Fine Over Candy Cigarettes
A mom-and-pop soda fountain shop has been threatened with a $500 fine if it sells candy cigarettes, bubble gum cigars or Big League Chew.
Posted Jan 2, 2013

Hurricane Preparedness: What You Need to Know
NACS has compiled resources to help retailers in the potential path of Hurricane Sandy.
Posted Oct 29, 2012

Minimum Wage Hikes Coming
Five of the 10 states with automatic minimum-wage hikes have announced 2013 wage rates.
Posted Oct 24, 2012

Dollar Stores Grabbing Larger Share of Food Dollars
Shoppers are choosing dollar stores over supermarkets for cleaning supplies and personal products, which is leading to larger food baskets.
Posted Oct 23, 2012

Building a Prettier Gas Station
United Oil's stations in Southern California are luring motorists with their eye-catching features.
Posted Oct 23, 2012

Vermont Government Encourages Healthier Options
While encouraging consumers to make healthier food choices, the survey is also seeking to reduce the visibility of tobacco and alcohol ads in stores.
Posted Oct 22, 2012

Plastic Bag Ban Comes Under Scrutiny
If Tucson, Arizona, residents don't start using fewer plastic bags, city council may consider an outright ban.
Posted Oct 22, 2012

Boulder Trims Proposed Bag Fee in Half
A final vote on the Colorado town's grocery bag ordinance is scheduled for November 1.
Posted Oct 18, 2012

Paying to Stay Out of Court
Yuba City, Calif., has settled with disabled citizen George Louie to get him to stop filing unmerited ADA lawsuits.
Posted Oct 17, 2012

Cigarette Tax Hike Proposal Concerns Missouri C-Stores
Retailers, especially those close to state borders, are concerned that raising cigarette taxes will drive away out-of-state buyers.
Posted Oct 17, 2012

EZ Energy Continues Community Support
Even as the company's sale to 7-Eleven commences, EZ Energy will continue to make charitable donations.
Posted Oct 17, 2012

Beverage Industry, Groups Sue Over NYC Soda Restriction
A city spokesperson dismisses the suit as lacking merit, noting the city previously won legal battles when it outlawed smoking in bars and offices and when it forced restaurant chains to post calorie counts.
Posted Oct 16, 2012

Walmart Focused on Price for Food, Consumables
Retailer will also double its number of Neighborhood Markets by 2016 while focusing on supercenters in its top 15 core markets.
Posted Oct 16, 2012

Chicago's Ordinance to Close 'Problem C-Stores' Prompts Change
Residents credit the city's "deleterious impact" ordinance as helping turn around a c-store that had been a magnet for crime.
Posted Oct 16, 2012

Ideas That Keep Customers Coming Back
A Lone Star store is using pink nozzles to show support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month � one more great idea from the Sherman, Texas, store.
Posted Oct 15, 2012

Mary Jane: Coming to a Retail Store Near You?
Three states have put legalizing marijuana on the ballot but the U.S. Justice Department has stayed quiet.
Posted Oct 15, 2012

Giant Eagle Lowers Prices Through Christmas
The grocery and convenience store chain is dropping the cost on 300 popular items.
Posted Oct 12, 2012

Chicago Area C-Store Restricts Number of Young Customers
The restriction raises legal concerns from locals.
Posted Oct 11, 2012

Canadian Merchants Scramble to Fend Off Dollar Stores
Many retailers had ignored the coming of discount stores like Walmart, but are now faced with stiff competition from that sector.
Posted Oct 10, 2012

Missouri Association Battles Cigarette Tax Proposal
The association has launched an education campaign touting the negative impact of the state's proposed 760% tobacco tax hike.
Posted Oct 8, 2012

Starbucks Opts for Square for Credit Card Processing
Square will begin processing all credit card transactions at Starbucks stores nationwide.
Posted Oct 8, 2012

Military Families Win With 205 Game-Winning 'Walk-Offs'
Budweiser donates $2.5 million to Folds of Honor through its 'Walk-off a Hero' program.
Posted Oct 8, 2012

Coffee and a Movie?
Coinstar is testing Rubi, a self-serve kiosk that dispenses lattes and fresh-ground coffee.
Posted Oct 5, 2012

Tribe's Lawsuit Against Beer Stores Dismissed
A federal judge ruled that the case belongs in a state court, allowing the Oglala Sioux Tribe to refile its suit alleging beer makers and nearby stores are responsible for chronic alcoholism on the reservation.
Posted Oct 4, 2012

QSRs Drive U.S. Employment Gain
The foodservice industry expanded payrolls by 2.9% through August, more than double the 1.4% increase in total U.S. employment.
Posted Oct 4, 2012

Solid Growth Expected This Holiday Season
Retailers should expect a sales increase of 4.1% this year.
Posted Oct 3, 2012

Brookline Considers Plastic Bag, Styrofoam Bans
Two town meetings are scheduled next month to consider the proposals, which would affect take-out packaging and coffee cups.
Posted Oct 2, 2012

Online Lottery Fires Up Maryland Retailers
Convenience store operators say that a new plan that would allow residents to purchase lottery tickets online will eat into their profits.
Posted Oct 1, 2012

Omaha Reconsiders Cigarette Tax
Plans are still underway, but one state senator believes city residents should make the decision whether to raise the cigarette excise tax.
Posted Oct 1, 2012

New York Bodegas Concerned About 7-Eleven's Expansion Plans
The small corner stores are worried that they will lose business when the convenience store chain begins opening more New York City locations.
Posted Sep 26, 2012

Unemployment Rates Rise in 26 States
From July to August, unemployment rates uncreased in 26 states, while 12 states including Washington, D.C., showed rate decreases.
Posted Sep 24, 2012

500 to 1
Those are the odds of whether a family business will make it to the 6th generation. Think you can make it?
Posted Sep 24, 2012

Starbucks Angers "Extras" Customers
A decision to charge extra for syrups and soy milk isn't sitting too well with loyal Starbucks patrons.
Posted Sep 24, 2012

Rochester Imposes Severe Zoning Restrictions on C-Stores
The city ordinance applies to retailers selling beer, lottery tickets and tobacco.
Posted Sep 21, 2012

Coinstar Partners With Giant for No-Fee Retail Gift Cards
Customers can get the full value of their coins loaded onto a Giant Food gift card.
Posted Sep 21, 2012

Walmart Provides Incentives for Healthy Food Purchases
The program offers shoppers a 5% credit on healthy food items that they purchase.
Posted Sep 20, 2012

Oregon May Loosen Restrictions on Hard Alcohol Sales
The state has been quietly testing sales of liquor in grocery stores.
Posted Sep 19, 2012

South Florida Soda Ban: Fat Chance
Local leaders chime in on whether a soda ban, like the one in New York City, would be a good idea for South Florida towns.
Posted Sep 18, 2012

Winning $1.2 Million Match 6 Ticket Sold at Rutter's
From April 2007 through September 2012, 27 tickets worth $100,000 or more have been sold at Rutter's stores.
Posted Sep 18, 2012

Turkey Hill Opens New Market Format Store��
The new store features an expanded grocery offer alongside traditional convenience store items.
Posted Sep 17, 2012

New York Health Board Passes Beverage Ban
Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban on drinks larger than 16 ounces advances � despite the wishes of New Yorkers.
Posted Sep 14, 2012

Boulder Considering 20-Cent Bag Fee
The fee would apply to all disposable bags distributed at the Colorado town's grocery and convenience stores.
Posted Sep 13, 2012

Dunkin' Donuts Expands College Presence
Dunkin' Donuts is opening new restaurants at 10 universities as part of a strategy to double its store count by 2020.
Posted Sep 13, 2012

California Retailers Urged to Oppose Food-Labeling Scheme of Proposition 37
Retailers can also learn more at an interactive educational session at the NACS Show on how to mobilize grassroots efforts and defeat harmful regulations such as Prop. 37.
Posted Sep 12, 2012

BP, Miller Oil Co. Donate $20,000 to CHKD Child Abuse Program
This is the second consecutive year that the companies have given to this charity.
Posted Sep 12, 2012

Indiana Officials Crack Down on Sale of Synthetic Drugs
Beginning this week, retailers who are busted for selling synthetic marijuana and bath salts risk losing their retail license.
Posted Sep 10, 2012

Apartment Complex Readies for Automated C-Store
A new Shop24 robostore is slated to open in early October at an East Coast apartment complex.
Posted Sep 10, 2012

Duane Reade Touts Fresh Offer With Salad Bar
The Chop Salad Bar can be seen in this year's NACS "Ideas 2 Go" program at the NACS Show in Las Vegas on October 9.
Posted Sep 10, 2012

Two California Cities Tackle Soda Taxes
Richmond and El Monte are at the epicenter of the war being waged on soft drinks and other beverages that contain sugar.
Posted Sep 7, 2012

Kentucky Appeals Alcohol Ruling
Last month, a judge decided that liquor and wine could be sold at convenience stores, supermarkets and gasoline stations.
Posted Sep 7, 2012

Californians Spend Freely as End of Tax-Free Amazon Purchases Looms
Beginning September 15, Amazon will begin collecting sales taxes on purchases made from California residents.
Posted Sep 6, 2012

Chipotle 'Nickels' Customers
The process of rounding up to the nearest nickel lends to a bigger debate on the usefulness of the penny.
Posted Sep 4, 2012

Isaac Hits, Convenience Stores Serve the Community
Louisiana resident Al Hebert of Gas Station Gourmet shares his first-hand account of how local convenience stores prepare and react to Hurricane Isaac.
Posted Aug 30, 2012

Peapod Pilots Pickup Service
The Internet grocery service is planning to add a pickup option at a local Massachusetts Stop & Shop store.
Posted Aug 30, 2012

Oregon Gas Station Taps Beer Trends
At the Stop & Go Shell, customers can fill their growlers with 30 different West Coast brews.
Posted Aug 29, 2012

Thorntons Heads South
The Midwest convenience store chain is taking over a former Krispy Kreme shop to open its first Florida store.
Posted Aug 27, 2012

Georgia Store Busted for Selling Illegal Substance
The owner of the store could face criminal charges for selling the synthetic marijuana product known as "Spice."
Posted Aug 27, 2012

Majority of New Yorkers Against Soda Ban Proposal
Only 36% of residents surveyed agree that allowing the city to regulate soda consumption is a good idea.
Posted Aug 24, 2012

BufferBox Takes On Amazon Locker
The Canadian startup company has partnered with Walmart and Google in an attempt to out gain traction for its own parcel delivery service.
Posted Aug 24, 2012

Tobacco Wholesalers Guilty of Unloading Untaxed Cigarettes on Indian Reservation
The two companies avoided shelling out millions in taxes by offering the cigarettes to Native American retailers.
Posted Aug 24, 2012

Royal Buying Group Selected for 'Fast Fifty'
The organization was ranked among the top 10 by Crain's Chicago Business and also recognized by the American Registry for business excellence.
Posted Aug 24, 2012

Minnesota Lottery Hits the Jackpot �" Again
For the fifth consecutive year, the Minnesota Lottery sets a sales record, with retailers realizing more than $30 million in commissions.
Posted Aug 23, 2012

Whole Foods Plans Aggressive Expansion
The grocer wants to triple its store count to 1,000 while also expanding to so-called "food desert" areas and smaller markets.
Posted Aug 23, 2012

Vermont Considers Online Lottery Options
As more states consider online gaming, Vermont officials say there are many questions that must be addressed before taking the next step.
Posted Aug 20, 2012

Staten Islanders Oppose Bloomberg's Soda Ban
Only 23% of Staten Island residents support the mayor's plan to ban soft drinks in New York City, which is going to be voted on in September.
Posted Aug 20, 2012

The Reinvention of the $1
Congress is pressing for the use of more dollar coins instead of dollar bills.
Posted Aug 16, 2012

Kentucky's Alcohol Prohibition Violates the Constitution
The district court judge found that the state's law forbidding the sale of wine and liquor in convenience stores and gasoline stations is unconstitutional.
Posted Aug 15, 2012

Smoke Won't Get in Your Eyes
The largest tobacco firms are investing in smoke-free alternatives.
Posted Aug 14, 2012

USDA Reduces Corn, Soy Crop Estimates
The government reduced its production expectations for corn and soybean for the second consecutive month, as the worst drought in 50 years continues to plague major farm states.
Posted Aug 13, 2012

Hurricane Season Well Underway
NOAA seasonal climate forecasters also announced that El Ni�o would likely develop in August or September.
Posted Aug 13, 2012

Speedway Pledges $1 Million for Children's Hospital Foundation
Also, Kangaroo Express will donate $1 to the USO of North Carolina for every new Facebook "Like" as part of its Salute Our Troops campaign.
Posted Aug 9, 2012

Amazon Ramps Up Delivery Locker Service
The online retailer will soon open its 50th delivery locker.
Posted Aug 8, 2012

Food Trucks Target Food Stamp Recipients
In Texas, the state's food stamp debit card can be used at mobile food trucks.
Posted Aug 8, 2012

Minnesota Firm Recalls Ready-To-Eat Meat, Poultry and Sliced Apples
Reichel Foods issued the recall because of possible Listeria contamination. The products were distributed to convenience stores.
Posted Aug 8, 2012

Pennsylvania Lottery Pursues Privatization with Caution
Pennsylvania studies Illinois' lottery privatization, where profits fell far short of those projected by its management firm.
Posted Aug 7, 2012

Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors Hits All-Time Low
A new report reveals that the average national retailer violation rate of tobacco sales is down to 8.5%, the lowest level in the history of the Synar program.
Posted Aug 3, 2012

Challenge to FDA Tobacco Panel Continues
A federal judge is allowing the lawsuit filed by Lorillard and R.J. Reynolds to proceed.
Posted Aug 3, 2012

In-Store Clinics Ready For Customer Flood
The healthcare law will boost growth for retail health clinics.
Posted Aug 1, 2012

Tobacco Trade Groups Protest Illinois Cigarette Tax With Lawsuit
The lawsuit claims the definition of "cigarette" is "unconstitutionally vague."
Posted Aug 1, 2012

PayPal's Competitive Potential
The ability for customers to use their PayPal account to purchase goods at brick-and-mortar stores is becoming an appealing � and feasible � option.
Posted Jul 31, 2012

Nationwide Synthetic Drug Raid Results in 90 Arrests
The government seized 19 million packets of synthetic drugs, such as bath salts and fake marijuana, and $36 million in cash in a nationwide sting last week called Operation Log Jam.
Posted Jul 31, 2012

Beverage Industry Gears Up for Soft Drink Fight
Lobbying efforts are ramping up to oppose a sugary drink tax in the city of El Monte, California.
Posted Jul 30, 2012

Sheetz Eyes West Virginia Real Estate
The convenience retailer is checking out possible locations on a daily basis, with plans to continue adding stores in the state.
Posted Jul 30, 2012

Nationwide Crackdown Commences on Synthetic Drugs
The federal government enacted a ban on July 9, but K2 and Spice, among other synthetic drugs, remain on store shelves.
Posted Jul 27, 2012

Urban Landscape Has Retailers Thinking Small
Target, Office Depot and Walmart are among businesses that are downsizing city locations.
Posted Jul 27, 2012

Georgia Approves Online Lottery Sales
Online lottery sales could begin by year's end with plans to add a game that mimics the format of a scratch-off ticket.
Posted Jul 23, 2012

Today Is National Hot Dog Day
To help celebrate, Kangaroo Express convenience stores are offering free hot dogs as part of its Salute Our Troops fundraising campaign.
Posted Jul 23, 2012

San Fran Considers Outdoor Cigarette Smoking Ban
Tobacco products would be banned, but secondhand smoke from medical marijuana would be considered okay.
Posted Jul 23, 2012

Village of Haverstraw to Reverse Tobacco Display Ordinance
Pressure from the New York Association of Convenience Stores and tobacco companies triggered the village board to take steps to rescind the order.
Posted Jul 20, 2012

McLane Company Joins Kangaroo Express for Second Annual 'Salute Our Troops'
Last year, the event raised $2.5 million to support the USO, Wounded Warrior Project and state-based military support organizations.
Posted Jul 20, 2012

Tax-Free Online Sales Could End
Bipartisan momentum is gaining among state governors who are pushing for the collection of state sales taxes from online purchases.
Posted Jul 19, 2012

Speedway Named 2012 Highest Ranked Convenience Store Brand
Speedway has been honored on the poll as a category leader for the past three years.
Posted Jul 18, 2012

Wawa Celebrates Grand Opening of First Florida Store
Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer join Wawa in celebrating its official entrance into the Sunshine State with a charitable hoagie-building competition and partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank.
Posted Jul 18, 2012

Sam Koch, Jiffy Mart Partner to Help Carroll County Food Sunday
The Baltimore Ravens punter teamed up with Jiffy Mart to raise funds for the charity.
Posted Jul 18, 2012

Amazon Expands C-Store Locker Test
With two new sites opening in Northern Virginia, the Amazon Locker system could be coming to a convenience store near you.
Posted Jul 12, 2012

Aloha Petroleum Unveils First EV Fast Chargers
Customers who drive electric vehicles equipped with fast chargers can fully charge in less than 30 minutes.
Posted Jul 12, 2012

Publix Explores Online Ordering
The grocer will test its Public Deli Online Easy Ordering at a Florida location next month.
Posted Jul 11, 2012

States Restrict Welfare Purchases
Ten states have already passed laws restricting the use of welfare cash benefits to purchase liquor, tobacco products, visit strip clubs or gamble.
Posted Jul 10, 2012

NH Tobacco Tax Revenue Falls Following Tax Decrease
Democrats blame Republicans while retailers blame rising fuel prices for the decrease in the state's tobacco revenue.
Posted Jul 10, 2012

Extreme Makeover: Philippine 7-Eleven Stores
Philippine Seven Corp. is planning to add new stores and refurbish older sites to put more emphasis on foodservice.
Posted Jul 9, 2012

Richmond Soda Tax Fight Heats Up
One city councilman wants to curb consumption of sugary beverages by taxing them by the ounce.
Posted Jul 6, 2012

Arkansas Lottery Sales Increase
The state Lottery worked quickly to correct issues raised in a highly critical state audit of its finances.
Posted Jul 6, 2012

Oklahoma Supreme Court Allows Wine Petition to Continue
A convenience store owner had challenged the petition in court.
Posted Jul 3, 2012

Delaware Allows Online Gaming
Along with casino-type games such as poker, blackjack and roulette, Delaware lottery tickets would also be sold through a state-run website.
Posted Jul 2, 2012

Australian Cafe2U Mobile Espresso Van Serves Up Success
In less than a year of operating in Oregon, Cafe2U is looking to boost its U.S. presence.
Posted Jul 2, 2012

Retailers, Manufacturers Challenge Tobacco Display Ban
The New York Association of Convenience stores and tobacco companies file suit to overturn an impending display ban in stores in the Village of Haverstraw.
Posted Jun 28, 2012

Judge Blocks RYO Taxes in Washington
A Washington state judge has blocked the collection of roll-your-own cigarette taxes, just days after a similar New York bill died in a Senate committee.
Posted Jun 27, 2012

RYO Industry Prevails in New York Tax Fight
Former U.S. Senator Alfonse D'Amato's firm takes credit for defeating a state Senate bill that sought to tax loose tobacco the same as cigarettes.
Posted Jun 26, 2012

Consumers Pocket Savings as Gas Prices Fall
Economists say consumers are anxious about a weak job market and retaining the savings as gas prices have dropped.
Posted Jun 26, 2012

Casey's Sets Sights on Pittsfield
The new store would feature a full foodservice menu with made-to-order sub sandwiches and an expanded coffee bar.
Posted Jun 25, 2012

Seattle's Best Coffee Brings New Concept to Brooklyn
The concept menu, tested in Chicago in March, features commuter-friendly sandwiches and snacks that will appear on the menu for the first time on the East Coast.
Posted Jun 25, 2012

Utah Smokers Boost Neighboring State Tax Revenues
Thanks to the 2010 $1-per-pack excise tax increase on cigarettes, many Utah residents are crossing state borders to purchase lower-priced products.
Posted Jun 25, 2012

Smoking's Shangri-La: A Cigarette With Less Risk
By 2017, Philip Morris has plans to offer a new cigarette that will pose lower health risks.
Posted Jun 22, 2012

WV OMEGA Raises $91,000 for Children's Home Society
The association ran a four-week fundraising campaign in April and May.
Posted Jun 22, 2012

St. Louis Considers Restricting C-Store Beer Sales
A proposal that seeks to restrict area convenience stores with gas stations from selling beer higher than 5% could receive a vote this Friday.
Posted Jun 21, 2012

Roll-Your-Own Retailers File Suit in Washington State
The group alleges that new legislation violated voting procedures and therefore should be struck down.
Posted Jun 19, 2012

Oklahoma Wine Proposal Draws Stiff Opposition
Oklahoma liquor store owners and anti-addiction groups join forces to oppose a plan that allows grocery stores to sell wine.
Posted Jun 19, 2012

Sheetz Invests $7.5 Million in New Coffee Brewing Technology
Current brewing systems are being replaced with a new system that improves taste consistency, gives customers more flavor choices and reduces paper waste.
Posted Jun 18, 2012

Michigan Passes Bans on K2, Spice
The governor is expected to sign the measures, which will ban chemicals used to make the synthetic drugs.
Posted Jun 15, 2012

With Plastic Bag Ban, Issaquah Joins Other Washington Cities
The locality prohibition, along with a nickel fee on paper bags, goes into effect next March.
Posted Jun 15, 2012

Kangaroo Express, Coca-Cola Raise $1 Million for Victory Junction
The donation will send 400 children with chronic medical conditions to summer camp.
Posted Jun 14, 2012

Georgia Retailers Meet With Governor on Synthetic Marijuana
GACS advises retailers to "expect a full court press" to eliminate the sale of synthetic marijuana products in convenience stores.
Posted Jun 13, 2012

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Involves Nova Corp., Elavon
Retailers are encouraged to check their records to see if they would be affected by the settlement, which involves certain credit card transactions.
Posted Jun 13, 2012

NYACS Responds to Fair Elections for New York Press Release
Association President Jim Calvin says that the group is acting as if New York c-stores are on some kind of a "hit list" for expressing an opinion about a minimum wage hike.
Posted Jun 13, 2012

Pennsylvania Debate on Privatizing Liquor Continues
Lawmakers opened discussions on ending close to 80 years of state control over wine and liquor sales.
Posted Jun 13, 2012

Illinois C-Stores Running Low on Smokes
In advance of the state's $1.00 per pack cigarette excise tax hike, smokers are stockpiling cigarettes.
Posted Jun 12, 2012

P&G and Walmart Tweak Food Truck Strategy to Reach Urbanites
Test programs in Chicago and New York are bringing popular items directly to customers with foodtruck-style mobile stores.
Posted Jun 12, 2012

Step Away From the Soft Drink
Are sugary drinks to blame for America's obesity issues, and should the government intervene?
Posted Jun 11, 2012

Solving Philly's Food Desert Conundrum
If they build it, will they come? Efforts to bring perishable foods to corner stores is a risky business but could have a huge impact.
Posted Jun 11, 2012

New York City Probe Uncovers Untaxed Cigarettes
More than 40% of licensed tobacco retailers are selling cigarettes or using counterfeit stamps to evade the $5.85 city-state excise tax per pack.
Posted Jun 11, 2012

Speedway Expands With 97-Store Purchase
The new stores acquired in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio signal the continued growth of the company.
Posted Jun 8, 2012

Coinstar, Seattle's Best Coffee to Roll Out New Rubi Kiosks in Grocery, Drug and Mass Channels
The agreement brings a caf�-quality experience to self-serve coffee kiosks nationwide.
Posted Jun 8, 2012

Washington C-Store Expands With Healthy Options
A retailer's willingness to expand his offer is bringing a fresh fruit and vegetables, a butcher and a range of specialty foods to the community.
Posted Jun 7, 2012

Close Call on California Tobacco Tax Increase
A June 5 vote on a ballot initiative that seeks to increase cigarette excise taxes by $1 per pack is too close to call.
Posted Jun 7, 2012

Convenience Store Liquor Sales Watered Down
An Iowa law that made it easier for convenience stores to sell liquor has produced modest sales for the industry, with rural stores seeing the strongest gains.
Posted Jun 7, 2012

Michigan Association Calls for Ban on Synthetic Pot
The MFBA, which represents convenience stores, is calling for a ban on the sale of synthetic marijuana products such as K2 and Spice.
Posted Jun 6, 2012

Massachusetts C-Stores Balk at Online Lottery
The retailers view such a move as one that would siphon off lottery sales in their stores.
Posted Jun 4, 2012

New York City to Ban Big Beverages
The ban would cover large soft drinks and other sugared beverages sold at restaurants, street carts and movie theaters. Convenience and grocery stores would be exempt.
Posted Jun 1, 2012

Midwest, Great Lakes Circle K C-Stores Raise $1 Million for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
The three-week campaign benefited 28 Children's Hospitals across 14 states.
Posted Jun 1, 2012

Rutter's Takes First in Best of York Voting
The convenience store chain once again captured first place for "Best Milk" and "Best Quick Service Lunch."
Posted Jun 1, 2012

Illinois Cigarette Tax Increases
The $1 per pack increase is heading to the governor for final approval.
Posted May 31, 2012

Washington Grocers Open for Liquor Sales
Beginning this Friday, large supermarkets will add booze to their shelves for the first time.
Posted May 30, 2012

Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags
The city council approved a measure that would take effect later this year.
Posted May 25, 2012

Support for California Tobacco Tax Increase Looses Steam
With the June 5 vote just days away, a new survey has found dwindling support for raising the state's cigarette excise tax.
Posted May 25, 2012

New York City Soda Ad War Heats Up
The New York City Beverage Association has launched a $1 million ad campaign to fight the city's graphic anti-soda ads.
Posted May 24, 2012

Drive-Thrus Move Beyond Fast Food
More companies are experimenting with the drive-thru concept, such as convenience stores, coffee shops and fast-casual chains.
Posted May 23, 2012

Maryland Increases Tobacco Taxes
The governor signed into law tax hikes on cigars and smokeless tobacco.
Posted May 23, 2012

Adding Booze to the Menu Adds Headaches
Recent moves by Starbucks and several QSRs to add beer and wine to their menus have led to regulatory headaches.
Posted May 22, 2012

7-Eleven Fights Against Underage Drinking With Technology
The retailer is expanding its corporate social responsibility efforts with the ability to scan the 2-D barcode on the back of a customer's driver's license in the New York metro area.
Posted May 21, 2012

California Town Takes Soda Tax to the Ballot
The penny-per-beverage tax would apply to soft drinks and beverages with added sugar, although diet soft drinks and most juices would be exempt.
Posted May 21, 2012

Can Walmart Find Success in a Smaller Store?
The discount retailer has been slow to expand its smaller footprint locations.
Posted May 18, 2012

Falling Gas Prices Don't Lead to Rising Retail Sales
Analysts say that the warmer temps in February and March led to earlier purchasing decisions by consumers. As a result, excluding gasoline station sales, retail sales rose just 0.2% last month.
Posted May 17, 2012

Speedway Convenience Stores Top Retailer in Its Category
The 2012 Harris Poll EquiTrend Study placed Costco as the gasoline retail brand of the year.
Posted May 16, 2012

Thorntons Partners With Make-A-Wish Foundation
All store locations are selling Wish Stars for $1, with 100% of the proceeds going back to the foundation.
Posted May 16, 2012

Vermont Pooh-Poohs Dollar Stores
Based on environmental and aesthetic criteria, Vermonters are speaking out against the growth of dollar stores in their state.
Posted May 15, 2012

Washington to Double RYO Taxes
A carton of roll-your-own cigarettes in Washington state is on track to increase from $40 to $80 in July.
Posted May 15, 2012

"Roboista" Versus the Barista
Briggo's robotic barista kiosk is hoping to automate the gourmet coffeehouse experience.
Posted May 14, 2012

Buc-ee's Opens World's Largest C-Store
The 60-pump station boasts 68,000 square feet and a 34-stall women's restroom.
Posted May 9, 2012

Future of C-Stores to Depend on Foodservice
NRA Show educational session includes insights on executing world-class convenience store foodservice.
Posted May 8, 2012

Family Dollar to Partner with McLane
Partnership will allow Family Dollar to customize assortments to local markets as well establish a national supply chain for refrigerated and frozen merchandise.
Posted May 8, 2012

Connecticut Allows Sunday Sales
One of the last states to hold out on allowing Sunday alcohol sales has changed its tune.
Posted May 7, 2012

Lawmaker Proposes Limiting Smoking Bans
The measure would prohibit localities from not allowing smoking in places where more than half of retail sales are derived from entertainment, tobacco or alcohol.
Posted May 4, 2012

Appeals Court: Malt Drinks Should Be Taxed Like Beer
The court based its ruling on the fact that the beverages are made from beer and contain about the same alcohol content.
Posted May 4, 2012

Chicago Alderman Review Soda Tax Proposals
Committee members heard proposals that would tax sugary drinks anywhere from 1 cent to 30 cents.
Posted May 3, 2012

Beer Companies, Retailers Seek Dismissal of Indian Lawsuit
Motions ask a judge to dismiss a $500 million lawsuit filed by the Oglala Sioux Tribe against breweries, retailers and distributors.
Posted May 3, 2012

Dollar General Transforms Into 'New General Store'
The discount retailer wants to grab a bigger share of the supermarket business by upping its fresh food and refrigerated products.
Posted May 2, 2012

Michigan Lawmakers Tinker With State Smoking Ban
Some legislators want to allow smoking in enclosed, separate rooms, on outdoor restaurant patios and at charity fundraisers.
Posted May 2, 2012

Tennessee Senate Passes Roll-Your-Own Tobacco Bill
The bill would require retailers to pay a cigarette tax and $500 licensing fee for each RYO machine. Also, Associated Industries of Florida urges support for NACS-supported RYO legislation.
Posted Apr 30, 2012

Massachusetts Town First in Nation to Ban Bottled Water
Concord residents voted to ban the sale of bottled water within city limits.
Posted Apr 30, 2012

Online Lottery Push Faces Strong Opposition
Retailers and casinos find themselves on the same side when it comes to fighting online lottery ticket sales.
Posted Apr 27, 2012

C-Store Owner Protests Grocery Store Wine Ballot
The filing claims the language violates the state constitution's equal protection clause because it outlines which stores can sell wine.
Posted Apr 27, 2012

California Legislators Try Hooking State Minimum Wage to CPI
Lawmakers want the state's hourly rate to rise above its current $8.
Posted Apr 27, 2012

Tobacco Firms Round Up Support Against California Cigarette Tax Initiative
Proposition 29 would jack up cigarette taxes by $1 to reach $1.87 per pack.
Posted Apr 27, 2012

Solana Beach Considering Fine-Heavy Plastic Bag Ban
Stores violating the ordinance could incur a fine of up to $1,000.
Posted Apr 26, 2012

Washington Nets Nearly $31 million for Liquor Stores
More than 14,000 bids have been submitted for the state's 167 liquor stores, which will become privatized beginning June 1.
Posted Apr 26, 2012

Alabama Approves Restriction of Cold, Allergy Meds
The legislation applies to allergy and cold medication that has ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, which can be used to make the drug meth.
Posted Apr 25, 2012

Warehouse Clubs Lure Customers With Cheap Food
Customers come for the cheap eats and often leave with far more than a full stomach.
Posted Apr 24, 2012

Cashless and Cardless by 2020
Experts say that more consumers will ditch both cash and plastic in favor of mobile payments within eight years.
Posted Apr 23, 2012

Illinois Governor Proposes Higher Cigarette Excise Taxes
Governor Pat Quinn's plan to keep the state's Medicaid program from collapsing is banking on a $1 increase in the state's cigarette tax.
Posted Apr 23, 2012

Online Lottery Sales Proposal Sinks in Maryland
The State Lottery Agency lost its funding to shift sales to the Internet.
Posted Apr 18, 2012

Vermont Seeks Plastic Bag Ban and Expansion of Bottle Deposits
Bottle deposit expansion includes a wide range of beverages and would take effect in 2013, while a plastic bag ban would take effect this July.
Posted Apr 17, 2012

Dollar Stores Gaining on Walgreens, CVS in Florida
South Florida dollar store chains are expanding, revamping food offerings and health and beauty selections, as well as offering pharmacies in some locations.
Posted Apr 17, 2012

Arizona Gas Station Makes History
A gas station on Route 66 gets its name added to the national historic register.
Posted Apr 16, 2012

Missouri Supreme Court Denies Processing Exemption to Restaurants, C-Stores
The ruling referred to a partial sales tax exemption for electricity used to prepare food for sale.
Posted Apr 13, 2012

Chicago Mayor Proposes Crackdown on "Problem" C-Stores
Mayor Emanuel is planning to shut down liquor and convenience stores that are magnets for crime.
Posted Apr 12, 2012

Costco to Sit Out Oregon and Idaho Liquor Fights in 2012
After funding nearly all of Washington's $22 million campaign to end a government monopoly on liquor sales, Costco will be watching from the sidelines on efforts in Idaho and Oregon � at least for this year.
Posted Apr 10, 2012

Gas Stations Go Upscale
Some retailers are transforming their stores into a shopper's paradise.
Posted Apr 5, 2012

Maryland Faces Rising Cigarette Smuggling
The state seeks to increase smuggling penalties in an effort to extinguish the growth of the crime.
Posted Apr 4, 2012

Tennessee Retailers Concede Defeat on Wine Sales
For the sixth consecutive year legislation that would allow Tennessee grocery and convenience stores to sell wine has failed to gain traction.
Posted Apr 3, 2012

New York Bans Synthetic Marijuana
The state has banned products like "Spice", "K2", "Mr. Nice Guy" and "Smiley Dog" from being sold in convenience stores, smoke shops and tobacco stores.
Posted Apr 2, 2012

Mega Millions' Lives Up to Name With $540 Million Jackpot
Today's drawing has the largest ever payout for the multi-state lottery.
Posted Mar 30, 2012

Indiana Closely Eyes Illinois Online Lottery
State lottery officials are keeping a close watch on how the online lottery ticket sales play out in Illinois.
Posted Mar 29, 2012

NYACS Helps Block State Tobacco Tax Hikes
NYACS successfully advocated for changes to tobacco taxes proposed in the state budget.
Posted Mar 28, 2012

Massachusetts Towns Ban Tobacco in Drug Stores
The Southborough and Wellesley boards of health have okayed banning tobacco from drug-store shelves.
Posted Mar 27, 2012

QuikTrip Rolls Out New Stores
The Tulsa-based c-store chain is moving forward with plans to open more "Generation 3" stores in the Kansas City market by year's end.
Posted Mar 27, 2012

Grocers Realize the Value of Private Label
Companies invested in private label are erasing the stigma that their products are generic or second-rate alternatives to the major brands.
Posted Mar 26, 2012

Starbucks Shifts Into Super Supplier
The coffeehouse chain is branching out from the street corner and boosting its presence on grocery store shelves � a move that will continue as the company continues to grow.
Posted Mar 26, 2012

All-Out Vending
In addition to sodas and snacks, vending machines are offering everything from fishing bait to artwork.
Posted Mar 26, 2012

Illinois Online Lottery Begins
On Sunday, Illinois became the first state to allow online lottery sales � and it won't be the last.
Posted Mar 26, 2012

Governor Signs Indiana Smoking Ban Into Law
The statewide indoor smoking ban will take effect in July, with exemptions for casinos, clubs and bars.
Posted Mar 23, 2012

Silence Might Be the Best Choice
Playing music could land retailers in hot water with performing rights companies.
Posted Mar 23, 2012

U.S. Consumption of Soft Drinks Plummets
Carbonated soda volume, excluding energy drinks, dropped 1.5% in 2011.
Posted Mar 22, 2012

N.C. Court Rules State Smoking Ban Legal
The judges overturned a lower court decision that found the ban violated the U.S. Constitution's equal protection clause.
Posted Mar 22, 2012

Giant Eagle Tests Curbside Express
The service allows customers to order online and pick up their groceries at the store without leaving their car.
Posted Mar 22, 2012

New York County Attempts Tobacco Display Ban
Madison County is developing plans to make c-stores and other retail establishments where minors can frequent go dark � but the rules would not apply tribal stores.
Posted Mar 19, 2012

"Cash Mobs" Hit Up Small Businesses
From San Diego to Buffalo, groups of organized do-gooders are descending upon small businesses, buying merchandise in cash and celebrating their pro-small, local businesses mission.
Posted Mar 19, 2012

NY C-Stores Applaud Action Against Unregulated RYO Cigarette Dealers
NYACS is pleased with the announcement that the state attorney general would be suing two additional roll-your-own shops. Also, NACS will take this issue to Congress next week for NACS Day on Capitol Hill.
Posted Mar 16, 2012

CDC Combats Smoking With New Graphic Ads
The agency unveiled its national, antismoking campaign yesterday.
Posted Mar 16, 2012

N.Y. Wine Industry Renews Grocery Store Wine Sales Push
Despite setbacks and opposition from the governor, the New York Wine Industry Association has once again found a bill sponsor.
Posted Mar 16, 2012

Kentucky Panel Approves Statewide Smoking Ban
Some legislators believe the controversial bill will likely fail to gain political traction, as all 100 state House members are up for reelection this year.
Posted Mar 15, 2012

New Jersey Reignites Tobacco Tax Increase Debate
The legislature will look into whether it should raise tobacco taxes, despite the state having one the nation's highest cigarette taxes.
Posted Mar 14, 2012

Target Expands Fresh in 100 More Stores
Target is completing remodels at 100 stores later this month, all of which will offer a full selection of fresh food in roughly 10,000 square feet of space.
Posted Mar 12, 2012

Washington State Begins Liquor License Auction
Voters approved an initiative that requires the state to end its control of liquor stores.
Posted Mar 9, 2012

Anti-Tobacco Groups Demonize Convenience Stores
NACS counters that the convenience stores sell legal products in a lawful way, and that the report is "rife with nonsensical reasoning."
Posted Mar 7, 2012

S.C. Bill Introduced to Require Retailers Restrooms Be Public
The legislation would require all retail locations to have public-access facilities.
Posted Mar 7, 2012

Indiana Lawmakers Consider Weakened Smoking Bill
Also on the table is whether localities can pass more stringent bans that would supersede the statewide ban.
Posted Mar 7, 2012

Retailers Join Mobile Payment Race
Walmart and Target among two dozen retailers joining together to create a mobile payment service.
Posted Mar 6, 2012

Battle Brewing Over Selling Beer at Connecticut Gas Stations
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has proposed allowing convenience stores at gasoline stations to sell beer.
Posted Mar 6, 2012

Oakland Food Truck Vendors Unite to Fight Crime
Citing a lack of response from police following a spate of crimes, Oakland food truck vendors are looking to hire security guards to protect themselves.
Posted Mar 6, 2012

Costco Profits Fueled by Pump Discounts
The big-box store reels in shoppers with its low gas prices, a strategy that has boosted its bottom line.
Posted Mar 2, 2012

U.S. Growth Advanced by Consumer Spending
The U.S. economy improved a bit quicker during the last part of 2011, which could mean stronger progress in 2012.
Posted Mar 2, 2012

Home Depot To Accept PayPal Payments
PayPal payment option to be available at all 2,000 U.S. The Home Depot stores beginning later this month.
Posted Mar 1, 2012

Indiana Turns Up Heat on Right-to-Work Laws
The state outlawed forcing employees to join a union or pay union dues to work.
Posted Feb 28, 2012

Florida Targets Fruit-Flavored Tobacco
Around 100 communities have adopted resolutions urging businesses to ban fruit- and liqueur-flavored tobacco products.
Posted Feb 28, 2012

Minnesota Town Mandates Prepay
Prompted by increasing gas prices, Coon Rapids became the first city in the state to require customers to prepay at the pump.
Posted Feb 27, 2012

U-Haul and C-Stores Continue Dealer Partnerships
Three more convenience store operators have added U-Haul services to their businesses.
Posted Feb 27, 2012

New York Seizes Tribal Cigarettes
Since June, New York has seized more than 5 million cigarettes produced by Native American companies.
Posted Feb 24, 2012

Efforts To Expand Iowa Bottle Bill Fizzle
Legislation to expand Iowa's bottle bill to include bottled water and sports drinks failed to gain traction from state lawmakers.
Posted Feb 24, 2012

Bill Would Allow Oklahoma Cities To Ban Smoking
The Oklahoma Restaurant Association opposes the plan, arguing that regulations should be imposed statewide to prevent confusion and undue burdens on multi-unit operators.
Posted Feb 23, 2012

BP Faces Class Action Suit Over Expired Car Wash Codes
The complaint alleges certificates redeemable for pre-paid goods and services should be valid for five years from the date of purchase.
Posted Feb 21, 2012

Illinois Online Lottery Could Cost Jobs
Chicagoland c-store operators are warning that 7,000 jobs could be lost if an online lottery moves forward as planned without retailer protections.
Posted Feb 20, 2012

Oklahoma Considers Raising Smoking Age
A bill before the House would up the legal age from 18 to 21 to buy tobacco products.
Posted Feb 17, 2012

West Virginia Bill Targets RYO Shops
The proposal seeks to ban businesses from possessing roll your own machines, subjecting violators to a $25,000 fine.
Posted Feb 16, 2012

Des Moines Proposes Revised Liquor License Approval Process
The proposal would add a "good moral character" qualifier to the city code that assesses liquor license applications.
Posted Feb 14, 2012

C-Store Foodservice Professionals in High Demand
As more stores focus on foodservice, the demand for qualified and energetic employees is heating up.
Posted Feb 13, 2012

Hawaii Debates Taxing Electronic Cigarettes
Lawmakers also consider nixing the state requirement to mix E10 blends.
Posted Feb 10, 2012

Kansas House Committee Ponders Liquor Law Changes
The bill would allow convenience stores and supermarkets to sell full-strength beer, spirits and wine.
Posted Feb 10, 2012

NYACS Opposes Higher Tobacco Taxes
The New York association provided testimony for a state Finance Committee hearing that urges legislators to reject Governor Cuomo's proposed tax increases for cigars and loose tobacco.
Posted Feb 7, 2012

Minnesota Retailers Set Tobacco Compliance Record
For the 12-month period ending September 30, 97.6% of Minnesota's tobacco retailers did not sell tobacco to minors.
Posted Feb 7, 2012

Synthetic Bath Salts Battle Continues
Fake bath salts are just one of many synthetic drugs that have gained attention by state legislatures in the past two years.
Posted Feb 6, 2012

Indianans Must Plan Ahead for Super Bowl Parties
The state's alcohol law forbids takeout sales of liquor on Sundays. Meanwhile, the state House passed a smoking ban bill.
Posted Feb 3, 2012

Mississippi Committee OKs Repeal of Convenience Store Security Law
Opponents maintain the law unfairly singles out convenience store owners, creating a financial burden for compliance.
Posted Feb 2, 2012

New York Considers Minimum Wage Hike
The proposal has businesses concerned about job loss if the measure passes.
Posted Feb 1, 2012

Florida State Senator Proposes Food Stamp Restrictions
The measure would ban food stamp purchases of "junk food."
Posted Feb 1, 2012

Virginia Subcommittee Deals Setback to RYO Shops
The subcommittee wants to define stores with roll your own tobacco machines as cigarette manufacturers.
Posted Jan 31, 2012

South Dakota Seeks Higher Taxes for Roll Your Own Smokes
State legislation would double the cost of roll your own cigarettes made and purchased in tobacco stores.
Posted Jan 26, 2012

Cash Still Reigns Supreme
The payment form ranks at the top for most Americans.
Posted Jan 25, 2012

Nevada Pharmacy Board Bans "Bath Salts"
An emergency order that classifies the substances as "schedule 1 drugs" is valid for 120 days, with Nevada's Legislative Commission set to address the issue next month.
Posted Jan 24, 2012

Video Rental Stores Becoming Obsolete
DVD rental kiosks such as Redbox and digital streaming services are accelerating the demise of the local video rental store.
Posted Jan 24, 2012

Kansas Retailers Again Pursue Full-Strength Beer Sales
Convenience and grocery owners are seeking permission to sell full-strength beer in their stores.
Posted Jan 24, 2012

Walgreens Re-Opens 68 Newly Renovated Indianapolis Stores
The stores now offer fresh produce, grab-and-go food options and take-home meal options.
Posted Jan 23, 2012

Casey's General Stores Move to 24/7 Operation
The convenience store chain has begun lengthening the hours at stores located in smaller communities.
Posted Jan 20, 2012

John Thompson, 7-Eleven Pioneer
Investor's Business Daily profiles Thompson and his prolific career.
Posted Jan 20, 2012

FDA to Discuss Tobacco Strips, Lozenges
The safety and risks of the so-called "dissovables" is the topic of a three-day meeting that starts today.
Posted Jan 18, 2012

Oklahoma Lawmaker Calls for Tax on Newspapers
Want to read? It might cost you more.
Posted Jan 16, 2012

Eatery Fights Credit Card Fines in Court
Utah restaurant owners sued the bank that processed their charges after the card companies accused them of fraud.
Posted Jan 13, 2012

Expanded Beer Sales Fizzles in Colorado
After four consecutive years of trying to allow convenience stores to sell full-strength beer, no legislation has been filed for 2012.
Posted Jan 13, 2012

Indiana Convenience Store Summit Focuses on Safety
The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association plans to bring together police and industry experts later this month to outline best practices for keeping stores safe.
Posted Jan 10, 2012

Dollar Stores Continue To Resonate With Affluent Consumers
Outlook is strong for dollar-store retailers, whose convenience and competitive pricing will challenge food and drug retailers.
Posted Jan 10, 2012

Retail Food Prices Drop Slightly
Food prices drop in the fourth quarter but are still up substantially from a year ago.
Posted Jan 10, 2012

More Workplaces Banning Smoking and Smokers
There's a new job requirement: No smoking � ever.
Posted Jan 9, 2012

Walmart Continues Small Format Expansion
A new Neighborhood Market is opening in Flower Mound, Texas, offering quick access to grocery items and fresh-prepared foods.
Posted Jan 9, 2012

Nebraska Considers Taxing Soda, Energy Beverages
A bill introduced this week would remove the soft drink exemption from the state's sales tax.
Posted Jan 6, 2012

Georgia Not likely to Reinstate Food Tax
A proposal that would restart a state sales tax on groceries has little traction.
Posted Jan 6, 2012

Dollar General Entering Massachusetts and California
The discount retailer will enter the two states this year as part of a nationwide expansion plan.
Posted Jan 5, 2012

Fruit Prices Jump Higher
The cost for fruit this year will be 3 percent to 4 percent more than last year.
Posted Oct 28, 2011

Pennsylvania Governor Reviewing Liquor Privatization Plans
Governor Corbett supports turning over control of the state's alcohol industry and is studying a plan to auction retail and wholesale licenses.
Posted Oct 27, 2011

Lottery Tickets Available Online for Floridians - For Now
New website offers a lottery service to Floridians, and lottery officials are trying to figure out whether the venture is legal.
Posted Oct 27, 2011

D.C Mayor Thanks 7-Eleven for Boosting Employment
7-Eleven has pledged to hire all of the stores' employees from the neighborhoods where they're located.
Posted Oct 25, 2011

County Legislator Calls for Clearer Gas Price Postings
The legislator is proposing to change current law so that street signage clearly states the differences in cash or credit prices at the pump.
Posted Oct 25, 2011

Retailers Heighten Awareness of "Flash Robs"
With the holiday season approaching, retailers are preparing to protect their stores and staff against mob-mentality robberies.
Posted Oct 24, 2011

Cigarette Trafficking Ring Busted in Georgia
A four-year investigation leads to nearly 50 arrests last week when officials broke up a major cigarette tax crime ring.
Posted Oct 24, 2011

Obama, Emanuel to Tour Chicago's "Food Deserts"
The First Lady will tour the city's food desert areas next week as part of Mayor Emanuel's "food summit."
Posted Oct 20, 2011

New York Convenience Stores See Boost in Cigarette Traffic
The Oneida Indian Nation is allowing its inventory of name brand cigarettes to dwindle to avoid paying taxes.
Posted Oct 19, 2011

More Massachusetts Grocery Stores to Sell Beer
A new agreement in Massachusetts would increase the current limit of three liquor licenses per company to five next year and up to nine in 2020.
Posted Oct 18, 2011

Walmart To Close Doors on Marketside Stores
The retailer is reportedly planning to close up all of its Arizona Marketside locations later this month.
Posted Oct 17, 2011

NetSpend Expands Reload Network to 7-Eleven Locations Nationwide
Cardholders can stop by more than 6,000 outlets to add funds to their payment cards.
Posted Oct 14, 2011

Pa. Alcohol Privatization Proposal Leaves Beer Out in the Cold
The bill also forbids sale of alcohol at retailers with gasoline pumps.
Posted Oct 12, 2011

New Jersey Contemplates Raising Taxes on Tobacco
The state is specifically looking at non-cigarette tobacco products, such as little cigars.
Posted Oct 10, 2011

American Snuff Company Launches New Website
The company promotes its smokeless tobacco products on the site.
Posted Oct 10, 2011

Georgia Voters To Tackle Sunday Alcohol Sales
The Georgia Association of Convenience Stores has long lobbied to get the matter in front of voters.
Posted Oct 7, 2011

Some Food, Gas Prices Might Be Heading Down
Just in time for the holidays, the cost of filling up, sweets and baked goods could be dropping.
Posted Oct 6, 2011

Drugstore Food More Costly
A new survey finds that groceries in drug stores and pharmacies typically are more expensive than in grocery stores.
Posted Oct 6, 2011

Eight States to Hike Minimum Wage in 2012
Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Washington will raise their minimum wage next year.
Posted Oct 5, 2011

Healthy Corners Brings Fresh Produce to Food Deserts
The program targets areas in Washington, D.C., that lack access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
Posted Oct 3, 2011

Unemployment Taxes Rise for Businesses
More employers are receiving higher state unemployment tax bills because states have to make more than $1 billion in interest payments this fall.
Posted Oct 3, 2011

Lucky Irving Oil Customer Wins Free Gas for a Year
The Irving Rewards program offered customers gas savings and chance to win free gas for a year.
Posted Sep 30, 2011

Security Mandate for C-Stores Raises Concerns
A new measure will require convenience stores in Jackson, Mississippi, to have security personnel on their premises from midnight to 5 am.
Posted Sep 27, 2011

Cafe2U Rolls Into U.S. Market
The Australian-based mobile coffee franchise is hitting the ground in the United States, with the first franchise opening in Bend, Oregon.
Posted Sep 26, 2011

Wisconsin to Enforce Roll-Your-Own Taxes
According to state law, if a retailer or the retailer's customer operates a RYO machine on premise, the retailer is both a cigarette manufacturer and distributor.
Posted Sep 26, 2011

2010 Tough Year for Independent Grocers
These smaller supermarkets registered slimmer profit margins last year.
Posted Sep 23, 2011

Walmart Opens First Neighborhood Market in Chicago
Walmart continues its Windy City expansion with a 27,000-square foot grocery store.
Posted Sep 22, 2011

Marathon Boosts Loyalty Services
The company is increasing its private-label and co-branded credit and marketing services for more than 5,000 independently owned locations.
Posted Sep 22, 2011

NFIB Sues the NLRB Over Posting Requirement Rule
The federation said the labor board had "gone too far" in passing the rule that requires businesses to post a notice about employees' right to unionize.
Posted Sep 21, 2011

Oklahoma Would Have to Change Constitution to Expand Wine, Beer Sales
Distributors and liquor stores strongly oppose any changes to the status quo, but grocery and convenience stores want to sell stronger beer and wine.
Posted Sep 21, 2011

Revised Kansas City Liquor Law May Court Convenience
Government regulation, not economics, has prevented convenience stores from serving Kansas City's poorest neighborhoods. That may soon change.
Posted Sep 20, 2011

D.C. Market Bus Brings Fresh Produce to Locals
The Mobile Market, a decommissioned school bus retrofitted as a farmers market on wheels, also plans to accept food stamps.
Posted Sep 19, 2011

Recession Is "Likely"
Economists say there's a one in three chance that the United States will slip into a recession over the next 12 months.
Posted Sep 19, 2011

Santa Cruz County Passes Plastic Bag Ban
The county Board of Supervisors also approved a fee on paper bags.
Posted Sep 16, 2011

Big Y Jettisons Self-Checkout Lanes
The New England supermarket chain debuted self-checkout eight years ago.
Posted Sep 16, 2011

Consumer Confidence, Retail Sales Down
Is a double-dip recession on the way?
Posted Sep 15, 2011

97 Georgia Cities, Counties Set November Sunday Sales Referendums
In April, the governor signed a law allowing municipalities to vote on whether to let retailers sell alcohol on Sundays.
Posted Sep 14, 2011

PDI Announces Winners of Doing Business Electronically Awards
The awards recognize convenience retailers and wholesale petroleum marketers who have shown innovation in using PDI/Enterprise.
Posted Sep 13, 2011

Boston Proposes Restrictions on E-Cigs
Retailers would be required to apply for a permit through the commission's Tobacco Control office to sell e-cigarettes.
Posted Sep 12, 2011

Los Angeles Considers Paper, Plastic Bag Ban
Several California counties and cities already have bans on plastic bags.
Posted Sep 9, 2011

Methamphetamine Use Drops Sharply
The restriction in ingredients used to make meth contributed to its decline. Also, the DEA has temporarily made selling synthetic drugs used to make "bath salts" illegal.
Posted Sep 9, 2011

ALDI Aligns Nutrition Messages With USDA
ALDI's new campaign will reach more than 20 million customers each month with affordable produce prices.
Posted Sep 8, 2011

Utah Town Considers Sunday Beer Sales
Provo City Council members express that they are in favor of reexamining Sunday sales as a means to boost revenues.
Posted Sep 8, 2011

Restaurants Target Food Stamp Customers
A growing number of QSRs are lobbying for a piece of the food stamp pie.
Posted Sep 7, 2011

Winning Lottery Ticket Revives Store's Fortunes
A San Diego store owner sees a 10-fold jump in lottery ticket sales after selling a $2 million winning ticket.
Posted Sep 1, 2011

Walmart to Launch Grocery-Only Store in Nebraska
The new format is the first of several that it is rumored to be developing.
Posted Sep 1, 2011

California Bill Seeks Ban on Styrofoam Containers
The measure would prohibit restaurants, supermarkets and other retailers from using expanded polystyrene containers for takeaway food.
Posted Aug 31, 2011

Florida Town Considers Mandatory Classes for Retailers on Illegal Consumption
The mayor of Pembroke Pines wants convenience store clerks, bartenders and restaurant workers to take a mandatory class on the dangers of underage drinking.
Posted Aug 31, 2011

Florida Legislator Re-Introduces Bottled Water Tax Bill
The proposal would add a 6 percent surcharge on all bottled water under a gallon.
Posted Aug 31, 2011

Indy Smokers Rolling Their Own
Roll-your-own cigarette shops begin popping up throughout Indianapolis as smokers seek less expensive options.
Posted Aug 30, 2011

30th Anniversary for Arizona Lottery Follows Sales Record
More than half a billion in sales has generated $39 million in commissions for lottery retailers.
Posted Aug 30, 2011

C-Stores Highly Compliant With Food Quality and Safety
President of the Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association reports the state's convenience store retailers scored a 99 percent compliance rate of providing high quality and safe food.
Posted Aug 30, 2011

Kwik Trip's Green Initiatives Generate Big Savings
About half of the convenience stores in the country qualified for LEED certification are owned and operated by Kwik Trip.
Posted Aug 29, 2011

Food Stamp Vendors Increase
As the number of SNAP participants increases, so is scrutiny over the products people are or are not purchasing.
Posted Aug 29, 2011

Meijer Opens "Marketplace" Concept in Chicago
The move continues the push for big retailers to open smaller formats in urban areas such as Chicago.
Posted Aug 26, 2011

Low Interest Rates Holding Back Economy
Low interest rates could be responsible for decimating interest income and pensions, which is especially troubling for retirees.
Posted Aug 26, 2011

CBO: Unemployment Rate to Remain High
The Congressional Budget Office also projected that inflation-adjusted GDP will rise only 2.3% this year and 2.7% in 2012, with the U.S. economy failing to operate at its potential.
Posted Aug 25, 2011

Michigan Bar Owners Consider Banning Lawmakers
Upset about a smoking ban, Michigan bar owners are considering banning state lawmakers from their premises.
Posted Aug 25, 2011

Piggly Wiggly Promotes Food for Health at Its Pharmacies
Piggly Wiggly meal planning effort is designed to position the chain as a health and wellness destination.
Posted Aug 23, 2011

Dissolvable Tobacco Moves to Center Stage
Tobacco companies are rolling out new products that have regulatory agencies scrambling to figure out how to classify them.
Posted Aug 22, 2011

Thrifty Foods Reverts to Plastic
The Canadian supermarket chain had stopped handing out plastic bags in 2009, but customer preference has the chain bringing them back.
Posted Aug 22, 2011

Walmart's Domestic Sales Fall for Ninth Consecutive Quarter
The big-box retailer cites concerns about the economy and its impact on customers, but predicts comparable store sales to rise by the end of the year.
Posted Aug 18, 2011

Tri-State Petroleum Holds Dunk Tank Fundraiser
The fundraising event takes place today with proceeds benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Posted Aug 17, 2011

Pret a Manger Redefines QSR Customer Service
The U.K.-based retailer's team focus of motivated and friendly employees is helping the QSR chain grow in the United States.
Posted Aug 16, 2011

Indiana Governor Supports Statewide Smoking Ban
Daniels says statewide smoking ban has a shot at passing.
Posted Aug 16, 2011

National Payment Card Association Expands Merchant-Branded Debit Into Grocery Retail
The group continues to expand ITS offer on interchange savings by moving into the grocery/supermarket sector.
Posted Aug 15, 2011

More Classical, Less Loitering
An Ohio convenience store is keeping loiterers at bay with classical music.
Posted Aug 15, 2011

U.S. Food Prices Expected to Rise Next Year
Higher commodity prices this year will impact the cost of food in 2012.
Posted Aug 12, 2011

Aloha Petroleum Opens New Store Prototype
New ground-up design highlights the convenience store chain's local roots.
Posted Aug 11, 2011

Pennsylvania Alcohol Privatization Discussions Heat Up
The legislature is considering ways to end the state's monopoly on selling wine and liquor, but current beer laws could stay the same.
Posted Aug 10, 2011

Boston Market and Blockbuster Express Offer Dinner and a Movie
The promotion offers customers a free movie rental from a Blockbuster Express kiosk with meals purchased after 5:00 pm.
Posted Aug 9, 2011

Kraft Separates Into Two Businesses
One will handle its snack food products while the other will take on its grocery products.
Posted Aug 5, 2011

Colorado Lottery Reports Record Sales
The state registered more than $518 million in sales for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011.
Posted Aug 5, 2011

Tesco Gets Ready to Test Smaller Format
The grocer has plans to pilot its convenience store size in southern California.
Posted Aug 5, 2011

Maryland C-Store Helps Residents Slim Down
Customers at a local convenience store are starting to make healthier choices, but there is still a long way to go.
Posted Aug 4, 2011

Ohio Lottery Realizes Sales Record
Instant game ticket sales generated more than 50 percent of last year's $2.6 billion total.
Posted Aug 4, 2011

Poor Sales Hurt Small Businesses More Than Credit Woes
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that economic uncertainty and low sales contributed the most to small businesses laying off workers.
Posted Aug 3, 2011

Long Beach, Calif., Latest City to Ban Plastic Bags
On August 1, all large supermarket chains, big-box retailers and big drugstores cannot give out single-use plastic bags.
Posted Aug 2, 2011

Clark Brands Re-Opens Mentor, Minn., Location
Just over a year after a tornado tore through the store, the rural gasoline station and convenience store is once again open for business.
Posted Jul 29, 2011

Postal Service's "Village" Plan Offers Corner Store Opportunities
The USPS is targeting more than 3,600 post offices for possible closure this year under a plan released on Tuesday.
Posted Jul 27, 2011

Walmart Brings Smaller Format to Boston
Walmart Market is part of the big box retailer's plan to develop smaller format stores in urban areas.
Posted Jul 26, 2011

Consumers Turn Again to Credit Cards
More Americans are paying for necessities with plastic once more.
Posted Jul 25, 2011

Retailers, First Lady Target "Food Deserts"
Walmart, SuperValu and Walgreens are joining Michelle Obama to open more stores in so-called "food deserts."
Posted Jul 22, 2011

Georgia Supreme Court: Retailers May Be Liable for Drunk Driving
State Supreme Court ruling says that convenience retailers may be held liable if they sell alcohol to visually impaired customers who drive drunk and cause injury to others.
Posted Jul 20, 2011

Washington State's Liquor Fight Continues
Costco and food associations continue the fight to sell alcohol in Washington State.
Posted Jul 20, 2011

Rewards Cards Put the Squeeze on Retailers
Consumers love the freebies associated with their rewards-based credit cards, but small businesses aren't sharing the sentiment.
Posted Jul 18, 2011

Portland To Vote This Week on Plastic Bag Ban
The ordinance is expected to pass with ease and enforcement would begin in less than three months.
Posted Jul 18, 2011

Filling Up��With Beer
Sunoco's APlus convenience stores in Western New York are selling growlers filled with local craft brews � and with positive results.
Posted Jul 18, 2011

Merchants Go Paperless
More retailers are switching to email receipts instead of paper.
Posted Jul 15, 2011

Pennsylvania Considers Liquor Store Privatization
The legislation would allow convenience retailers to sell more than beer.
Posted Jul 15, 2011

Young's Food Stores Give $12,500 to Foundation
The grant goes to the Tuomey Foundation through the BP Fueling Communities Program.
Posted Jul 15, 2011

Some Grocers Close Self-Checkout
A decade after their debut, some supermarkets are abandoning self-checkout lanes.
Posted Jul 12, 2011

Arizona Exceeds National Average in 'Food Deserts'
A new study found that close to 14 percent of that state's residents live in low-income areas with little access to grocery stores.
Posted Jul 8, 2011

Thorntons Raises $10,000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation
Every location sold Wish Stars for a dollar during May.
Posted Jul 8, 2011

Reynolds American Sees Smokeless Tobacco as the Future
With more regulation for cigarettes, the tobacco industry is looking for new ways to fire up sales.
Posted Jul 6, 2011

Texas Legislature Stubs Out Statewide Smoking Ban
Lawmakers once again declined to vote on a comprehensive indoor smoking prohibition.
Posted Jul 6, 2011

Duane Reade Unveils New Flagship Store
President Joe Magnacca calls the new store "the most exciting drug store in the world."
Posted Jul 6, 2011

Sonic, Burger King Serve Up Alcohol
Some QSRs are hoping that beer and wine will help lure customers into their restaurants to boost evening dining sales.
Posted Jul 5, 2011

Kangaroo Express Achieves $1 Million "Salute Our Troops" Fundraising Goal
The campaign is continuing throughout the summer to benefit military non-profit organizations.
Posted Jul 5, 2011

Loyalty Programs Not Always Winners
A new study finds that reward cards might not work for some companies.
Posted Jul 1, 2011

Walmart Express to Open Blocks from Wrigley Field
Move comes as the retailer continues its expansion into urban areas with convenience store-sized formats.
Posted Jun 30, 2011

Minors Buying Tobacco at All-Time Low
A new study finds that U.S. retailers sold tobacco to minors only 9.3 percent of the time.
Posted Jun 29, 2011

Another Winning Million-Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold at Rutter's
The $1 million Pennsylvania lottery ticket was purchased at a Wrightsville location.
Posted Jun 29, 2011

Walgreens Rolls Out Online Ordering, In-Store Pickup
The new service is rolling out in 480 Chicago-area stores, with select stores to offer curbside delivery.
Posted Jun 28, 2011

Vermont Faces Friday Cigarette Tax Increase
Also this week, Hawaii's cigarette excise tax will increase from $3.00 to $3.20 per pack.
Posted Jun 28, 2011

N.H. Tobacco Tax Rollback Becomes Law
The governor will not veto a budget bill that contains a tobacco tax rollback.
Posted Jun 27, 2011

Nice N Easy Focuses on Food
The New York c-store chain is adding hot meals to its menu and chefs to its staff to boost its foodservice offer.
Posted Jun 27, 2011

N.H. Grocers, Convenience Stores Support Cigarette Tax Reduction
Lawmakers are considering slashing the state's cigarette tax by a dime per pack.
Posted Jun 24, 2011

New York Court Allows Resumption of Tax Collection on Tribal Sales
For now, the state can resume collecting taxes on Indian cigarette sales to non-Indian customers.
Posted Jun 22, 2011

Dollar General Continues to Attract Affluent Shoppers
The dollar-store chain reports that its fastest-growing segment is customers who are making more than $70,000 per year.
Posted Jun 21, 2011

Philly Council Again Nixes Soda Tax
The mayor once more couldn't garner enough support for his proposed tax on soft drinks.
Posted Jun 21, 2011

Officials Warn Against Leaving Kids, Pets in Hot Cars
In the summer heat, common sense doesn't always prevail.
Posted Jun 20, 2011

FDA To Unveil Final Warning Selections for Cigarettes
On Tuesday, the agency will reveal the graphic imagery for cigarette packaging and advertising.
Posted Jun 17, 2011

Gas Station Gets New Life as a Coffeehouse
The 1920s-era location is being restored and transformed into Artie's Filling Station.
Posted Jun 17, 2011

Pennsylvania Bans Counterfeit Pot and "Bath Salts"
The bill is now awaiting the governor's signature.
Posted Jun 17, 2011

Find Your 'Winning Formula'
Retailers should discover their own strategies to beat the competition.
Posted Jun 16, 2011

Groups Rally Against Philly Soda Tax
The mayor's proposal to have a 2-cent per ounce tax on sugared drinks has fierce opposition.
Posted Jun 16, 2011

Residents Support Wine Sales in N.Y. Supermarkets
However, the issue is not on tap for the Legislature to consider in the waning days of its session.
Posted Jun 15, 2011

Harsher Spring Weather Could Translate Into Rising Food Costs
The downpours, droughts, floods, heat and tornadoes that whipped through the Midwest could contribute to a reduction in the fall harvest.
Posted Jun 15, 2011

So-Called Bath Salts Hurting Legitimate Companies
Rising interest in illegal drugs masquerading as "bath salts" is tanking sales of the real thing in c-stores.
Posted Jun 15, 2011

Appellate Court Issues Stay in Seneca Case
The temporary restraining order blocks the state from collecting taxes on cigarettes sold only by the Seneca Indian Nation.
Posted Jun 13, 2011

Harbor Wholesale Grocery Drops 'Grocery' in Favor of 'Foods'
The name change better reflects the company's role as a major food distributor.
Posted Jun 13, 2011

NCR Places 800 Blockbuster Express Kiosks at Food Lion Locations
Customers can enjoy their first $1-a-night movie rental at Blockbuster Express at Food Lion stores at no cost.
Posted Jun 13, 2011

Mobile Grocer Helps Bridge "Food Desert" Gap
Converted beer trailers are providing fresh food items to New Mexico communities that lack easy access to grocery stores.
Posted Jun 10, 2011

Oregon Revamps Bottle Bill
Gov. Kitzhaber has signed into law a vast expansion of the state's bottle bill, ending more than four years of negotiations.
Posted Jun 10, 2011

New York Judge Rules Against Seneca Indian Nation
NYACS hails the ruling and urges the administration to immediately begin pre-collecting cigarette taxes sold by wholesale distributors to tribal enterprises.
Posted Jun 9, 2011

Popularity of Retail Clinics Soars
The lower-cost alternative to doctor's offices is dotting the retail landscape.
Posted Jun 9, 2011

Wisconsin Proposes Alcohol Time Change
The two-hour time change would make it more convenient for campers and third-shift workers to purchase alcohol at grocery and convenience stores.
Posted Jun 8, 2011

California Zip Code Bill Heads to State Senate
A bill would allow California motor fuels retailers to continue collecting zip codes from customers who pay by credit card.
Posted Jun 7, 2011

QSR Jobs in Higher Demand
Increased job demand is making the QSR talent pool stronger and more competitive.
Posted Jun 7, 2011

Kentucky Lottery Projects Record Sales
Record-setting sales could reach $813 million next fiscal year, up sharply from the projected $774 million in sales.
Posted Jun 7, 2011

Irving Oil Launches Free Gas Promotion
The company's rewards program offers customers gas savings and chance to win free gas for a year.
Posted Jun 2, 2011

New Jersey Considers Online Lottery Sales
Opponents say the move would harm small businesses, such as convenience stores, that sell lottery tickets.
Posted Jun 1, 2011

Kroger Co. Offers Fuel Discount Program to More Markets
The supermarket chain increases the number of stores giving a discount by three-fold.
Posted Jun 1, 2011

7-Eleven Flying High
The convenience retailer lands its first airport store inside a secured area.
Posted May 27, 2011

Mobile Payment Company Square Continues to Make News
Company releases two new apps that threaten to "make cash registers all but obsolete," writes Geek.com.
Posted May 26, 2011

NY Lawmakers Push Wine in Grocery Stores Again
On Monday, the legislative sponsors held a roundtable discussion on the issue.
Posted May 25, 2011

Some Tobacco Firms Discouraged With FDA Regulatory Authority
The industry has expressed its disappointment with how the agency has handled its oversight of tobacco products.
Posted May 25, 2011

Tobacco Store Guides Customers in Rolling Their Own
Tightwad Tobacco in Pennsylvania and Florida has found a money-saving loophole in federal law that allows customers to receive nearly a carton of cigarettes for $25.
Posted May 23, 2011

Subway Unveils LEED-Certified Stores In North Carolina
The environmentally friendly restaurants include recycled flooring, Energy Star-rated HVAC systems, low flow and flush fixtures in restrooms and more natural light.
Posted May 23, 2011

Maine C-Store Adds U-Haul Services
Now movers can fill up a U-Haul with their belongings as well as fill up on fuel and in-store merchandise.
Posted May 23, 2011

More Tribes Make Own Cigarettes
In New York, one tribal smoke shop has three-quarters of its inventory in the less expensive, Indian-made cigarettes.
Posted May 20, 2011

Who Can Apply for SBA Disaster Loans?
The SBA provides loans that total up to $2 million for businesses impacted by a disaster.
Posted May 18, 2011

Texas Lawmakers Persistent on Smoking Ban
Texas lawmakers say the fight to ban smoking in restaurants, bars, and most public places is still alive.
Posted May 18, 2011

One-Stop Alcohol Shopping Proposed in Pennsylvania
A proposed bill would allow wine, spirits to be sold at beer distributors.
Posted May 17, 2011

Rhode Island Lawmakers Consider Lowering Cigarette Taxes
Bill seeks to trim one dollar from the state's cigarette pack tax.
Posted May 17, 2011

Arkansas Supermarkets Sell Lottery Tickets
Lottery officials have 100 vending machines ready for distribution.
Posted May 17, 2011

Opinion: Illinois Cigarette Tax Could Lead to Smuggling
A recent study suggests that a $1 per pack increase could result in rampant, large-scale cigarette smuggling.
Posted May 16, 2011

Illinois Senate to Consider Soda Tax Increase
The proposal would add another penny per ounce for sweetened beverages, including soft drinks, coffee drinks and sweet iced tea.
Posted May 13, 2011

'Bath Salt' Drugs Return to Louisiana Shelves
The governor had signed a temporary ban on the products but manufacturers slightly changed the chemical composition to get around the restriction.
Posted May 13, 2011

Consumer Survey Spotlights Growing Concerns Over Gas, Food Prices
Americans remain "deeply concerned" about the cost of filling up.
Posted May 11, 2011

WA Lawmakers Seek to Ease Smoking Ban
Washington lawmakers are considering allowing cigar and pipe smoking for a limited number of tobacco retailers.
Posted May 10, 2011

Tennessee Town Seeks Ban on Bath Salts
The products, sold at convenience stores, are increasingly coming under fire as illegal substances because of their drug-like effects.
Posted May 9, 2011

Oregon House Approves Expanded Bottle Bill
The proposal would add more types of glass, plastic and metal beverage containers to the list.
Posted May 6, 2011

Texas House Slashes Loose-Leaf Tobacco Tax
The lawmakers reduced the tax on loose-leaf tobacco from $1.13 per ounce to 80 cents.
Posted May 6, 2011

Will a Task Force Change Oklahoma Liquor Laws?
The legislature will likely pass a measure forming a task force, which could lead to expanding liquor sales in grocery and convenience stores.
Posted May 6, 2011

Vermont Convenience Stores Embrace Health
The state has launched a "Fit and Health" campaign that would give assistance to small stores in promoting healthier products.
Posted May 6, 2011

Supervalu, Coinstar Ink New Agreement
The grocery store and the coin counter have hatched a pilot program that pairs free coins-to-cash conversion to the supermarket's gift card option.
Posted May 6, 2011

Discount Supermarkets Grow in Popularity
With the economy still struggling, grocery stores offering low-cost merchandise are thriving.
Posted May 4, 2011

Drugstores Offer More at In-Store Clinics
CVS, RiteAid and Walgreens are increasing their health-service options.
Posted May 4, 2011

Pepsi Launches 'Social' Vending Machines
Interactive machines feature a keyboard that allows consumers to purchase a drink for a friend while they are getting one for themselves.
Posted May 3, 2011

Colorado House Committee Advances Low-Strength Beer Measure
The Senate bill would let restaurants, breweries and bars sell low-strength beer.
Posted May 2, 2011

Kum & Go Contributes $10,000 to American Red Cross
The donation will benefit Arkansas residents hit by recent tornados and other storms.
Posted May 2, 2011

Opinion: Ban Menthol Cigarettes
In the Washington Post, two health experts advocate for taking menthol cigarettes off the market.
Posted May 2, 2011

New York City Antismoking Posters Stay Up Despite Law Reversal
Months ago, a federal judge struck down a New York City law that made tobacco retailers selling post graphic posters, but some stores didn't get the news.
Posted Apr 29, 2011

7-Eleven Acquires Wilson Farms
This agreement expands the western New York presence of 7-Eleven.
Posted Apr 29, 2011

Maine Bill Would Hike Cigarette Tax by $1.50
In nearby New Hampshire, the Senate tabled a measure that would have slashed its cigarette tax by a dime.
Posted Apr 29, 2011

Thorntons Partners With Make-A-Wish Foundation
All locations will sell Wish Stars for $1 to raise funds for the nonprofit.
Posted Apr 28, 2011

Walmart Tests Home Delivery of Groceries
Walmart launches a test program delivering fresh produce and meat.
Posted Apr 26, 2011

Vermont Senate Agrees to Cigarette Tax Hike
Just one day after rejecting a $1 a pack cigarette tax increase, Vermont lawmakers agree to a 53 cents per pack hike.
Posted Apr 26, 2011

CDC: Every State Will Have a Smoking Ban
The government agency says that the number of states with smoking bans went from zero in 2000 to 26 in 2010.
Posted Apr 25, 2011

California Committee to Hold Hearing on Soda Tax
The bill would add a penny-per-ounce tax on soft drinks and sweetened beverages.
Posted Apr 22, 2011

McDonald's Inundated by Job Seekers
Thousands show up to apply for "McJobs."
Posted Apr 21, 2011

Cigarette Smuggling Increases
More violent criminal gangs and drug traffickers are turning to illegal smokes as a reliable moneymaker.
Posted Apr 20, 2011

Discussion Over Lowering N.H. Tobacco Tax Continues
Last month, the House voted to slash the tobacco tax, but the Senate...
Posted Apr 20, 2011

New York Might Consider Restricting Sales of 'Alcopops' to Liquor Stores
A Senate committee held a hearing last week on requiring all fruit-flavored beverages with more than 6 percent alcohol and 1 percent sugar to be only available in liquor stores.
Posted Apr 20, 2011

Illinois Cracks Down on Cigarette Sales to Minors
Sales of cigarettes to minors have plunged since 1994, when Illinois first began its crackdown.
Posted Apr 19, 2011

N.J. Aims to Ease Liquor Laws
A series of proposals would dramatically change New Jersey's alcohol laws, with supporters maintaining the changes would create jobs and boost tax revenues.
Posted Apr 19, 2011

Georgia Bill to Allow Sales of Alcohol on Sundays Goes to Governor
Under the legislation, local communities will be able to vote on letting stores sell liquor on Sundays.
Posted Apr 18, 2011

Cigarette Machine Case Heard by NH Supreme Court
The state high court is considering what exactly is a cigarette.
Posted Apr 18, 2011

House Committee Squashes Tennessee Wine Bill
The effort to let grocery and convenience stores sell wine was defeated for the fourth consecutive year.
Posted Apr 18, 2011

RWJ Management Company Supports Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research
The owner and operator of Chicago-area BP ampm convenience stores has started a three-month fundraising effort.
Posted Apr 18, 2011

N.C. Lawmakers Consider Tax Stamp Revival
$1 million in annual excise tax revenue could be gained by reviving the stamp, which hasn't been used since 1993.
Posted Apr 15, 2011

City Orders Removal of Outdoor Redbox Machines
The rental kiosks are in violation of existing 7-Eleven special use permits.
Posted Apr 14, 2011

Colorado House Crushes Full-Strength Beer Legislation
The bill that would have allowed convenience and grocery stores to stock full-strength beer dies in the House.
Posted Apr 13, 2011

Maryland Passes Alcohol Tax Hike
The sales tax on alcohol will bump up from 6 percent to 9 percent starting July 1.
Posted Apr 13, 2011

Tennessee To Consider Taxing Sweetened Drinks
The General Assembly will tackle the issue during the summer.
Posted Apr 13, 2011

Utah Official Proposes Gas Station Beer Ban
The Utah Food Industry Association counters that there is no data that links beer sales at convenience stores as increasing drunk driving rates.
Posted Apr 12, 2011

Small Stores Struggling to Compete With Modern C-Stores
Sheetz, GetGo, and Wawa mentioned as cutting edge c-stores that move far beyond notions of traditional convenience store retailing.
Posted Apr 12, 2011

Oil Price Increase Leads to Higher Food Costs
Rising costs for oil, raw farm products and labor are pushing food costs higher.
Posted Apr 12, 2011

Do You Have the Best Restroom?
There's still time to submit your restroom as the best in American through Cintas Corporation's Best Restroom competition.
Posted Apr 11, 2011

Walmart Might Test E-Grocery Delivery Service
The retailer hasn't committed yet, but is said to have plans to test grocery delivery in California.
Posted Apr 5, 2011

Kangaroo Express Partners With Coca-Cola for Kids at Kyle Petty's Victory Junction
The five-week fundraiser stretches across three states as more than 700 stores work together to sponsor campers.
Posted Apr 4, 2011

Sheetz Loses Interest in Wine Kiosks
Initial interest has faded due to in-store space concerns and the current structure of the PLCB's program.
Posted Apr 1, 2011

Cigar Shops Are Fuming Over Nebraska's Tobacco Tax Proposal
The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association says a 225% cigarette and smokeless tobacco excise tax increase would hurt the state economy and cost jobs.
Posted Apr 1, 2011

Michigan Bids Adieu to Price Tags
Come September 1, there will be no more stickers for retail items that carry individual price tags.
Posted Apr 1, 2011

New York Convenience Store Industry Wins Tobacco Fee Rollback Battle
The tobacco registration fee would have increased from $100 per store per year up to $5,000.
Posted Mar 31, 2011

Aloha! Hawaii Takes Another Look at a Soda Tax
Senate Health Committee hears from a panel of experts discussing the effects of sweetened beverages.
Posted Mar 31, 2011

Whole Foods Gets Behind the Bar
The upscale grocer is testing bars inside the store that sell craft beers and local wines.
Posted Mar 30, 2011

And the Winners Are...
An upstate New York convenience store sold the winning $319 million Mega Millions lottery ticket.
Posted Mar 30, 2011

Oregon Reignites Tobacco Tax Debate
The House Revenue Committee will hold a second hearing on the subject Tuesday.
Posted Mar 28, 2011

Colorado House to Finally Vote on Beer Proposal
A House committee okayed a proposal that would let convenience stores stock full-strength beer.
Posted Mar 28, 2011

Nice N Easy Becoming Known for Groceries
The convenience store chain wants to bring foodstuffs to underserved areas.
Posted Mar 28, 2011

Highlights of Walgreen's Success
Convenience is a major asset of the drug store chain, which has 8,000 locations and a firm footing in urban areas.
Posted Mar 24, 2011

Hanging Out at the Supermarket
Grocery stores add dinner, drinks and music to the menu.
Posted Mar 23, 2011

Dollar Stores Recharging to Keep Sales Strong
Dollar stores look to retain affluent customers even as the economy improves by expanding their product lines and renovating stores.
Posted Mar 22, 2011

NH House Votes to Slash Cigarette Tax
The lawmakers hope the move will boost sales of cigarettes, lottery tickets, liquor and other convenience store products.
Posted Mar 21, 2011

NJ Bill Would Prohibit Sale of 'Bath Salts'
The synthetic compound is being used as a drug.
Posted Mar 21, 2011

MN Senators Want to Treat Mini-Cigars as Cigarettes
The state lawmakers would like to reclassify the little cigars to tax them as cigarettes.
Posted Mar 21, 2011

Stores Offer Paperless Receipts
Some brick-and-mortar retailers give customers the option of having their receipts e-mailed.
Posted Mar 21, 2011

Washington State Lawmakers Examine Tribal Gas Tax Refunds
Republicans want the controversial agreements revisited as the issue could appear before the state Supreme Court soon.
Posted Mar 21, 2011

Jack in the Box Hits the Road
The quick-service chain launched its first mobile food truck this week in Southern California.
Posted Mar 18, 2011

Illinois Senate Considers $1 Per Pack Cigarette Tax Increase
Money would be allocated to road construction projects this spring and summer.
Posted Mar 17, 2011

Legislation Filed to Let Colorado C-Stores Carry Full-Strength Beer
The proposal is the latest to try to change a decades-old law.
Posted Mar 16, 2011

North Carolina Proposes $1 Cigarette Tax Hike
The aim of the bill is not to raise money but to curb teen smoking, say the sponsors.
Posted Mar 16, 2011

Number of Teens Smoking Menthol Cigarettes Climbs
New data found that menthol cigarette use among minority young people is "very high."
Posted Mar 16, 2011

Milk Prices May Stabilize, Cheese Prices Skyrocket
Cheese production in the United States will rise 1.7 percent in 2011.
Posted Mar 16, 2011

SF Sued by Safeway Over Tobacco Sales Ban
The supermarket chain claims that the law that prohibits stores with pharmacies from selling tobacco products is "arbitrary and capricious."
Posted Mar 14, 2011

Rhode Island Debates Taxing Soft Drinks
A state lawmaker has sponsored a bill that would institute a new tax on sweetened soda.
Posted Mar 11, 2011

W.Va. Legislature Lowers Food Tax
The food tax will be reduced by a penny starting January 1, 2012.
Posted Mar 11, 2011

Colorado House Convenes Special Hearing On Beer Sale Reversal
The governor intervened suddenly on the issue of low-strength beer sales.
Posted Mar 9, 2011

Texas Considers Soda Tax to Fight Childhood Obesity
The Legislature is debating a penny-per-ounce tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in retail stores.
Posted Mar 9, 2011

Declining Indiana Gas Tax Revenue Leads to Shrinking Budgets
Some state officials have suggested opening discussions about raising the state's 18-cents-per-gallon gas tax.
Posted Mar 8, 2011

Restaurant, Retail Chains Plan for Growth
A new report details how stores and restaurants will increase their presence this year.
Posted Mar 7, 2011

Missouri Senate Will Talk About Lottery Privatization
The state lottery is currently gathering opinions from state vendors on turning over the lottery's control to a private company.
Posted Mar 7, 2011

Pot-Laced Cookies Sold at Convenience Stores
Children are sickened after eating cookies and brownies laced with medical marijuana. Also, doctors warn against "relaxation" brownies.
Posted Mar 4, 2011

Big Store in a Little Box
Large retailers like Best Buy are shrinking their footprint while others like Home Depot are leasing their parking lots to fast-food chains and auto repair shops.
Posted Mar 4, 2011

FDA Panel Finds Menthol Cigarettes Don't Increase Risk of Disease
However, the committee's draft report did find that the flavoring could make smoking more palatable to young smokers.
Posted Mar 2, 2011

Spice and K2 Under Federal Control and Regulation
The DEA will study whether to permanently control the five substances.
Posted Mar 2, 2011

OK Legislature Puts Off Changing Alcohol Laws
The lawmakers are creating a task force to study letting grocery and convenience stores sell full-strength beer and wine.
Posted Mar 2, 2011

KS Senate Committee Endorses Liquor Sales at Convenience Stores
The bill would allow supermarkets and convenience stores to sell full-strength beer, liquor and wine.
Posted Feb 28, 2011

Consumer Discounts Rolling Out Across the Country
Emboldened by the Durbin amendment, retailers are finding new ways to save on card fees and pass those savings along to customers.
Posted Feb 25, 2011

'What's Hot' in Franchising
Healthier foodservice concepts are making impressive headway, as well as ethnic foods and environmentally friendly franchisors.
Posted Feb 25, 2011

Wegmans Freezes Prices on Many Food Items
Supermarket chain freezes prices for one year on 40 food staples.
Posted Feb 24, 2011

NYC Mayor Signs Outdoor Smoking Ban Bill
The prohibition outlaws lighting up in close to 1,700 parks and 14 miles of boardwalks, marinas, pedestrian plazas and public beaches.
Posted Feb 23, 2011

Campbell Soup Focuses on Childhood Obesity
The soup maker has launched a program to lower obesity and hunger rates in its hometown.
Posted Feb 21, 2011

Colorado Bill Allowing Restaurants to Sell Low Alcohol Beer Progresses
A Senate committee voted to let restaurants and other liquor license holders to sell the beer for on-premises consumption.
Posted Feb 21, 2011

Kansas Senate Considers Full-Strength Beer Sales
A committee held hearings on a bill that would let convenience and grocery stores sell full-strength beer.
Posted Feb 21, 2011

Washington State Considers Allowing Cigar Smoking in Shops
While the state has had an indoor smoking ban since 2005, the change would let customers light up cigars in cigar stores.
Posted Feb 21, 2011

Virginia Legislature Kills Gas Tax Bills
The state's gasoline tax has remained unchanged since 1986.
Posted Feb 18, 2011

Initiative Brings Healthy Food to Convenience Stores
Convenience stores located in so-called "food deserts" are getting some assistance in offering fresh food.
Posted Feb 16, 2011

VT Group Seeks To Expand Bottle Bill
The Vermont Public Interest Research Group is fighting to expand Vermont's bottle deposit law to include water, tea, and non-carbonated beverages.
Posted Feb 15, 2011

Three People Busted for Seinfeld-Like Bottle Return Scam
Maine says fraud costs up to $10 million a year.
Posted Feb 15, 2011

Court Ruling Nixes ZIP Code Request by Retailers
The California Supreme Court unanimously ruled that stores cannot ask customers for their ZIP codes at the cash register.
Posted Feb 14, 2011

W.Va. Lawmakers Consider $1 Cigarette Tax Hike
The increase could generate up to $160 million in revenue.
Posted Feb 14, 2011

Chargebacks Hurt Small Businesses
The practice of reversing credit card transactions when a customer disputes the charge creates headaches for retailers.
Posted Feb 14, 2011

Proponents Again Push Sale of Wine in NY Supermarkets
However, the governor does not have such a proposal in his budget.
Posted Feb 14, 2011

WA Gas Stations Sue Over Indian Tax Breaks
Gas station owners claim Indian tribes received fuel tax refunds that were unlawfully paid.
Posted Feb 10, 2011

Ordinance Proposal Has Store Owners Smoking Mad
Tobacco shop owners say the proposal would severely impact business.
Posted Feb 10, 2011

Progress Report on "Let's Move!"
The anti-obesity campaign launched last year by the First Lady has had some successes, but more still remains to be accomplished.
Posted Feb 9, 2011

Washington Lawmakers Consider Bill to Outlaw Flavored Tobacco Products
Meanwhile, roll-your-own tobacco stores in the state boast a brisk business.
Posted Feb 9, 2011

Puerto Rico Transforms Retail Receipts Into Lottery Tickets
The commonwealth's Treasury Department is expanding a pilot program in an effort to get small retailers to collect sales tax.
Posted Feb 9, 2011

SpeedWay Raises $5.6 million for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Also this month, Jiffy Mart teams with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to help "boot" cancer.
Posted Feb 9, 2011

Walmart Plots Strong Comeback
After losing market share to dollar stores, Target, and warehouse clubs, Walmart is fighting back.
Posted Feb 8, 2011

Obama: U.S. to be 'Best' for Business
In his weekly radio address, President Obama emphasizes his administration's commitment of fostering business growth.
Posted Feb 8, 2011

State's Tax on Native Cigarettes in Budget
Governor Cuomo counting on $130 million in revenue derived from Native-sold cigarettes.
Posted Feb 8, 2011

Virginia to Ask for U.S. Supreme Court Expedited Review of Health-Care Law
The U.S. Department of Justice opposes the motion, preferring that the case be heard fully in lower courts first.
Posted Feb 7, 2011

DOJ Asks for Tobacco Warning Statements to be Released
The Justice Department wants a federal judge to publish the proposed government statements about tobacco dangers.
Posted Feb 7, 2011

Online Tobacco Sites Sued by NY Attorney General
The attorney general claims six Internet sites violate state law forbidding the online sale of tobacco products to New York residents.
Posted Feb 7, 2011

Study: D.C. Tax on Plastic Bags Equals Job Losses
The study also found that the tax would cause a more than $100,000 loss in sales tax revenue.
Posted Feb 7, 2011

Virginia Legislators Vote Down Bag Tax
Unlike their D.C. neighbor, Virginians won't have to fork over extra change for a plastic bag.
Posted Feb 4, 2011

Wyoming House OKs Lottery Bill
Proposal must pass two additional House votes before being sent to the Senate for review.
Posted Feb 3, 2011

Meijer Opens Online Grocery Store
The supermarket chain has started selling groceries directly to customers.
Posted Feb 2, 2011

Congressional Committees Take Aim at SBA Programs
The SBA "could look considerably leaner in the coming months" if legislators have their way, who are searching to remove costly, ineffective programs.
Posted Feb 1, 2011

Santa Monica Approves Ban on Plastic Bags
The council prohibits distribution of single-use plastic bags at grocery stores and retailers, but will allow restaurants to continue giving out the bags.
Posted Jan 31, 2011

Sheetz Makes International Film Debut
The convenience retailer is featured at the Sundance Film Festival in Morgan Spurlock's New Movie, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold."
Posted Jan 28, 2011

Walmart Asks Suppliers for Rock-Bottom Pricing
Walmart has begun aggressively requesting suppliers for "opening price point" goods.
Posted Jan 27, 2011

McDonald's Probably Will Hike Prices
The fast-food chain will increase the price of some menu items because of rising beef costs, among other food price increases.
Posted Jan 26, 2011

Driving Sales
Cumberland Farms tests a grocery store drive-thru concept.
Posted Jan 26, 2011

Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labeling Initiative Launched
"Nutrition Icon" program to be supported by consumer education campaign.
Posted Jan 25, 2011

Oregon Considers Plastic Bag Ban Again
Across the country, West Virginia delegates will soon propose a nickel tax on plastic bags.
Posted Jan 24, 2011

Proponents of Wine in Tennessee Groceries, Convenience Stores Try Again
The supporters say the issue has gained enough traction that passage is likely this year.
Posted Jan 24, 2011

OFM Kicks Off 'New Year, New Office' Contest for Small Businesses
Contestants can enter to win an office makeover by submitting a photo and short paragraph.
Posted Jan 24, 2011

Kansas Retail Groups Form Coalition for Jobs and Consumer Choice
Coalition says common sense reform on the sale of beer, wine and spirits would bring jobs and revenue to Kansas � without raising taxes.
Posted Jan 21, 2011

NC Governor Rejects Privatization of Liquor
Perdue says she doesn't want to be the governor that puts liquor in convenience stores.
Posted Jan 21, 2011

Large Retailers Stock More Groceries
Walgreens, Target and CVS/Pharmacy shift focus away from dry goods to fresh produce.
Posted Jan 19, 2011

Virginia to Consider 20-Cent Plastic Bag Tax
The proposal would encompass plastic bags used at grocery and convenience stores.
Posted Jan 17, 2011

Indiana to Propose Statewide Smoking Ban With Casino Exemption
House legislators will allow smoking in casinos in order to preserve the state's revenue from gambling taxes.
Posted Jan 17, 2011

Walgreens Focuses on "Food Deserts"
The drug-store chain is vying to become a destination for healthy foods and healthy living.
Posted Jan 14, 2011

Franchise Businesses Poised for 2011 Growth
A new IFA study found that franchise establishments are expected to add nearly 20,000 new sites this year.
Posted Jan 14, 2011

Missouri Cigarette Tax Lowest in Nation
And lawmakers intend to keep it that way, even though the state is facing a potential $600 million budget shortfall next year.
Posted Jan 13, 2011

Tobacco Makers Urge Federal Panel to Not Ban Menthol Cigarettes
This week, the FDA's Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee held a two-day meeting on the topic.
Posted Jan 12, 2011

Kangaroo Express Connects Family, Friends to U.S. Military Overseas
The convenience store chain sponsors the Indy 500 Centennial Tour.
Posted Jan 12, 2011

FDA Warns Stores for Selling Cigarettes to Minors
Mississippi convenience stores warned after illegal sales discovered; FDA actively using new powers to regulate tobacco sales.
Posted Jan 11, 2011

Idaho Lawmaker to Propose $1.25 Cigarette Tax Hike
Measure is expected to meet with stiff resistance by the Idaho legislature.
Posted Jan 11, 2011

Buffalo Lawmakers Work to Restrict Tobacco Sales
City may get aid to curb tobacco; fund planned to help fight legal challenges.
Posted Jan 11, 2011

Kentucky Considers Statewide Smoking Ban
The bill covers all indoor workplaces and public areas, such as shopping centers, bars and restaurants.
Posted Jan 10, 2011

Caffeinated Alcohol Drinks Recycled Into Ethanol
A Virginia company has found a way to turn the beverages into automobile fuel.
Posted Jan 10, 2011

Supermarkets Feel the Squeeze
Discount chains and upscale markets are pressuring traditional grocery stores to change their ways.
Posted Jan 10, 2011

California Law Allows More Alcohol Tastings
Tastings can now be held in temporary tasting areas, a relaxation of the previous law that required a permanent, dedicated space.
Posted Jan 6, 2011

Maryland Alcohol Tax Hike Proposal Gains Momentum
Proponents seek to allocate increased revenue to health care services and anti-drinking programs.
Posted Jan 6, 2011

Nebraska Senator to Introduce Cigarette Tax Hike Bill
Bill's aim is to discourage smoking while using the expected extra revenue to help fund state health-care programs.
Posted Jan 6, 2011

Star Scientific Wants New Designation its New Smokeless Tobacco
The tobacco manufacturer will ask the FDA to approve its Stonewall Moist-BDL as being less harmful than other tobacco forms.
Posted Jan 5, 2011

Judge Strikes Down NYC Law Regarding Antismoking Placards
The ruling stops the city's requirement to have convenience stores show images of diseased brains, lungs and teeth to discourage tobacco purchases.
Posted Jan 3, 2011

Vermont Group Pushes for Soda Tax
The Alliance for a Healthier Vermont has started lobbying for a 1-cent-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.
Posted Jan 3, 2011

Supporters Want to Expand Massachusetts Bottle Bill
The proposal would increase the bottle categories and up the handling fee to 3 cents per bottle.
Posted Jan 3, 2011

Appeals Court Reinstates 'Light' Lawsuit
The judges decided that the suit can move on as a class-action claim.
Posted Jan 3, 2011

Another Grocer Partnership for Shell
Shell announced a new partnership with Ralphs Grocery Co. in the L.A. area.
Posted Oct 29, 2010

Trick, not Treat: Bank of America Deceives Customers with 'Free' Checking
Bank now admits free checking was never free; swipe fee regulations are not to blame.
Posted Oct 28, 2010

U.S. Retailers Address Bulging Stock
New technology enables retailers to tap into inventory from brick-and-mortar stores as it fulfills online orders.
Posted Oct 28, 2010

A Campaign to Revive Checks
In this day of electronic and plastic payments, can the checkbook make a comeback?
Posted Oct 27, 2010

Food Inflation Marks Smallest Increase Since 1992
The USDA predicts that next year will see retail food prices jump between 2 percent and 3 percent.
Posted Oct 27, 2010

Scammers Portray N.J. Lottery in Telephone Calls
The crooks ask for small 'processing fees' in order to hand over a big jackpot.
Posted Oct 27, 2010

Michigan Lottery Bill Would Block Welfare Recipients From Winning Big Prizes
The proposed measure would not allow someone receiving food stamps, Medicaid or welfare from receiving a lottery prize worth more than $600.
Posted Oct 25, 2010

Washington Cigarette Tax Drives Black Market Sales
The cost per pack is fueling a growing black market that surveillance shows taking place at a professional football game.
Posted Oct 22, 2010

Kroger and Shell Offer Savings at the Pump
Customers in the metro Atlanta and Northern Georgia areas can redeem their Fuel Points at Kroger Fuel Centers or participating Shell stations.
Posted Oct 22, 2010

Seattle Grocery Cashiers Complain About Putting Politics In Your Bag
Seattle grocery store chains have come under fire for their support of an initiative to allow Washington state food retailers to sell liquor.
Posted Oct 21, 2010

Gift Cards, Jewelry Head Holiday Gift Lists
A new survey found that people will spend a tad bit more this year on holiday-related shopping.
Posted Oct 20, 2010

Wine Kiosk Program Expanded
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has plans to place its Pronto Wine Kiosks in more supermarkets.
Posted Oct 20, 2010

Judge to Decide Virginia's Health-Care Suit Soon
The judge said he will rule on whether Congress can control a person's decision to forgo health insurance by the end of 2010.
Posted Oct 20, 2010

Taiwan 7-Eleven Competes With Travel Agencies
Taiwan travel agencies protest sale of air tickets at convenience stores.
Posted Oct 19, 2010

Target Redesigns More than 100 Stores
Redesign is part of a corporate strategy of delivering one-stop shopping convenience for consumers.
Posted Oct 19, 2010

Health-Care Lawsuit Advances
A federal judge rules that the case brought by 20 states against the new health-care law can continue.
Posted Oct 18, 2010

South Dakota Smoking Ban Debate Heats Up
Residents will consider a statewide smoking ban as a ballot issue in November.
Posted Oct 18, 2010

Florida Lottery to Add Hundreds of Vending Machines
Since August 2009, the Florida Lottery's instant ticket vending machines have sold about $170 million in tickets from 1,000 machines.
Posted Oct 12, 2010

Walmart Seeks Other Companies to Purchase Raw Materials Together
The retailer wants to get even better deals by teaming up with businesses on joint purchases.
Posted Oct 11, 2010

Convenience Stores Beating the Odds
"Staying the same is the new growth in light of the economy," said NACS spokesperson Jeff Lenard in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article.
Posted Oct 5, 2010

Modification Dilutes Convenience Store Share of Liquor Licenses
As Virginia moves to privatize liquor sales, Gov. Bob McDonnell also revealed a plan to help convenience stores purchase licenses.
Posted Oct 4, 2010

W. Va. Convenience Stores Raise More than $200,000 For Charity
Members of the West Virginia Oil Marketers and Grocers Association donated the funds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Posted Oct 4, 2010

Thousands Scammed by Fake Lotteries
One couples story of lottery fraud is replayed by a growing number of others.
Posted Oct 4, 2010

Grocers Hone In on Center Store Growth
New taskforce FMI members and manufacturers will promote the importance of the center store to total store performance.
Posted Oct 1, 2010

Indiana Retailers Finding Alcohol ID Law Challenging
State lawmakers are looking into changing the rules about buying alcohol.
Posted Sep 29, 2010

Federal Regulations Costly for Small Businesses
Because many costs are fixed, small businesses pay about a third more per employee than larger companies, reports the SBA.
Posted Sep 28, 2010

Visa Begins Contactless Card Tests in New York
Follows a pilot program by MasterCard that began in Los Angeles earlier this month.
Posted Sep 28, 2010

Triple S Petroleum Raises More Than $13,000 for MDA
The stores sell shamrocks each March to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Posted Sep 27, 2010

Jiffy Mart, Customers to Support Charities
During October, the convenience store chain will donate a nickel of every 16-ounce cup of coffee sold to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.
Posted Sep 27, 2010

San Francisco Seeks Expansion of Tobacco Sales Ban
Plan would expand a current law that restricts drug stores from selling tobacco products to other retail outlets that have a pharmacy.
Posted Sep 24, 2010

Black Market Cigarettes Growing in U.S.
More police departments across the country are battling a new danger: contraband tobacco.
Posted Sep 23, 2010

Shopping on a Budget
Stores start to cater to low-end customers to boost sales.
Posted Sep 23, 2010

Couple Restores Tudor Revival Style Gasoline Station
The service station along famed Route 66 boasts an owner's apartment and a tenant's apartment on the second floor.
Posted Sep 23, 2010

NACS Reiterates Concerns About Eliminating Menthol Cigarettes
In a letter, NACS expressed its belief that such a ban would increase the contraband cigarette market.
Posted Sep 22, 2010

More Local Food Stamps Used at Convenience Stores
Those using food stamps have increased significantly because of the economy.
Posted Sep 22, 2010

MasterCard Adds Fees to NY Lottery Purchasers
The credit card company treated subscription buys of Lotto or Mega Million tickets like cash advances, which mean more fees.
Posted Sep 22, 2010

Walmart Gears Up for Small Convenience Stores
The big-box retailer is looking to jumpstart its growth by moving into smaller stores in urban markets.
Posted Sep 21, 2010

Sunoco to Concentrate on Convenience Store Shelves
The new plan could mean larger stores with more products on the shelves or more locations.
Posted Sep 20, 2010

Lung Association Wants Ohio to Double Cigarette Tax
The group says the Buckeye State could raise an additional $400 million.
Posted Sep 20, 2010

NYC Undercover Probe Reveals Illegal Cigarette Sales
Poospatuck reservation dealers sold more than four million cartons of untaxed cigarettes this year; video of the undercover investigation catches dealers making illegal sales.
Posted Sep 17, 2010

Indiana Package Stores Support Ban on Sales of Spice
The state association challenges retailers to remove and/or destroy stock.
Posted Sep 17, 2010

Small-Business Bill Goes Forward in Senate
The bill includes tax cuts and capital increases to small businesses.
Posted Sep 16, 2010

Shopping With Dietitians
Supermarkets are employing nutrition experts to help shoppers make in-store purchases.
Posted Sep 16, 2010

San Francisco Comes Closer to Tobacco Ban Expansion
The change would prohibit businesses with pharmacies to stop selling tobacco products.
Posted Sep 15, 2010

Brownsville, Texas, Bans Plastic Bags in Convenience, Grocery Stores
The city will let shoppers buy a plastic bag for $1 if they forget to bring their own.
Posted Sep 14, 2010

Retailers Split on Virginia's Liquor Store Privatization Plan
Big-box stores like the governor's proposal, while smaller independent stores aren't too sure the plan will work for them.
Posted Sep 14, 2010

Opinion: Why Higher Taxes Don't Deter Smokers
Ruminations on why raising cigarette taxes won't mean significantly lower numbers of people who smoke.
Posted Sep 14, 2010

Chasing Away Loiterers With Noise
A Washington, D.C., mall installed a high-pitch noise deterrent to drive away teens who hang around the place.
Posted Sep 13, 2010

FDA Sends Warning to E-Cigarette Makers
The distributors of five electronic cigarettes must stop labeling their products as reducing or eliminating smoking.
Posted Sep 13, 2010

VA Governor Reveals Liquor Privatization Plan
The proposal would increase the number of outlets that sell liquor to 1,000.
Posted Sep 9, 2010

Cigarette Tax Collection Sparks Another Lawsuit
Oneida Nation has filed a lawsuit in federal court after New York's State Supreme Court lifted two injunctions.
Posted Sep 9, 2010

Single Cigarettes Disappear From Shelves
The FDA banned the sale of SingleStick cigarettes starting June 22, but stores had until September 1 to clear their stock.
Posted Sep 8, 2010

Disaster Assistance Available for MO and IA Small Businesses
The SBA announces that businesses in select Missouri and Iowa counties hurt by flooding earlier this year can apply for low-interest disaster loans.
Posted Sep 7, 2010

File This Under "When All Else Fails"
Store owner uses beer to fend off robber; gunman leaves without cash.
Posted Sep 7, 2010

Hurricane Earl Hits East Coast
As the storm rolls up on North Carolina's shoreline, residents prepare and holiday travelers evacuate.
Posted Sep 3, 2010

Banks Pushing Overdraft Protection
While new legislation took effect last month to eliminate overdraft protection, banks are trying to bring it back.
Posted Sep 3, 2010

California Lawmakers Toss Out Plastic Bag Ban
The bill would have banned the use of plastic shopping bags statewide, although a few cities already have bans in place.
Posted Sep 3, 2010

Convenience Stores Call for Suspension of 58% Cigarette Tax Hike
Unfair to Make Retailers Sacrifice Sales While Other Side of Bargain is Blocked by Courts
Posted Sep 2, 2010

Gatorade To Be Distributed Via Direct Delivery
The change represents the company's first large-scale move toward optimizing PepsiCo's delivery systems resulting from its bottling acquisitions earlier this year.
Posted Sep 2, 2010

State Lawyers Win Latest Round In Cigarette Tax Battle
New York State Supreme Court lifts two injunctions that had prevented the state from taxing cigarette sales on Indian reservations.
Posted Sep 1, 2010

Small Businesses Skip the Health-Care Tax Credit
Insurance brokers cite low response because the value of the benefit recedes quickly as average employee salaries exceed $25,000.
Posted Aug 31, 2010

Expect More Labor Day Travelers, Says AAA
Labor Day travel is expected to recover from last year's declines, reports AAA.
Posted Aug 27, 2010

Five Things Small Businesses Want From Washington
Small business owners' wish list includes relaxed lending requirements and a repeal of 1099 reporting requirements.
Posted Aug 26, 2010

NY Cigarette Thefts Spike
While New York's recent excise tax has prompted many smokers to quit, it has also led to an increase in theft of the nearly $10 packs.
Posted Aug 26, 2010

Virginia Retailers Tell State: 'Slow Down on ABC Plans'
Virginia retail associations push for an independent review on proposal to privatize state-run liquor stores.
Posted Aug 23, 2010

Cash or Plastic? Retailers Debate Options
Financial reform can't come soon enough for some businesses.
Posted Aug 20, 2010

Survival of the Fittest
Time predicts a continual struggle for grocers.
Posted Aug 19, 2010

A George Bailey-Like Moment for Charlotte BP Operator
Hundreds rally around local operator, drowning out protesters and solidifying his place in the community.
Posted Aug 19, 2010

Senecas Sue New York Over Cigarette Tax Collection Plan
Senecas challenge New York State's plan to collect taxes on Native American tobacco sales.
Posted Aug 19, 2010

PayPal Edges Into On-Site Retail Environment
The ecommerce payment company wants to develop software to turn phones into "digital wallets."
Posted Aug 18, 2010

USPS Off Limits to Seneca Mail-Order Cigarette Businesses
A New York judge upholds the ban on mailing cigarettes but gives Seneca-owned businesses a temporary exemption from complying with cigarette tax laws.
Posted Aug 11, 2010

House Bill Would Establish Federal Oversight on Online Gambling
If approved, Internet gambling sites could apply for licenses, which would generate revenue for federal and state governments.
Posted Aug 11, 2010

San Francisco Considers Fee On Alcoholic Beverages
Fee is projected to generate more than $16 million a year to treat alcohol abuse.
Posted Aug 10, 2010

Police Concerned Over Privatizing Virginia Liquor Stores
With the number of alcohol outlets projected to increase substantially, law enforcement officials worry that consumption will rise, along with alcohol-related crimes.
Posted Aug 10, 2010

California Assembly Considers Measure to Nix Debit-Card Fees
SB933 would prohibit merchants from assessing fees on debit-card transactions.
Posted Aug 9, 2010

Iowa Lottery Looks Back on 25 Years
Today, the lottery is considering the addition of smartphone lottery games to stay current.
Posted Aug 9, 2010

Wisconsin Store Offers Free Bus Rides to "Food Desert" Residents
A single-store operator partners with a local transportation company to provide access for residents in Madison's Allied Drive neighborhood to healthful and nutritious food.
Posted Aug 5, 2010

San Francisco Considers Plastic Bag Ban Expansion
The city may target all retailers for the ban on disposable plastic bag distribution.
Posted Aug 4, 2010

Kentucky Lottery Brought in Record $214.3 Million for State
Mega Millions and Powerball helped to boost sales.
Posted Aug 3, 2010

Some Receipts Contain BPA
The chemical bisphenol A has been discovered on cash register slips.
Posted Jul 28, 2010

99 Cents Only Stores Sued Over Price Increase
Chain is hit with two class-action lawsuits after it raised the top price of goods to 99.99 cents from 99 cents.
Posted Jul 27, 2010

Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts
The trend has analysts smiling, though the disconnect among consumers is sharp, where high unemployment continues unabated.
Posted Jul 27, 2010

Branding to the Trillion Dollar U.S. Latino Market
The 2010 Hispanic Retail 360 Summit will be held August 8-10 in La Jolla, Calif.
Posted Jul 26, 2010

Changes in Virginia Liquor Laws Coming
Next month, the governor will reveal his proposals to privatize state-run liquor stores, which could mean a loosening of restrictions on selling spirits in convenience stores.
Posted Jul 21, 2010

Lorillard Asks FDA to Take Closer Look at Menthol Testimony
The cigarette maker wants the agency to review the information submitted by government scientists on the harmfulness of menthol cigarettes.
Posted Jul 14, 2010

Ohio Lottery Boasts Record Sales Of $2.48 Billion
Despite a series of recent setbacks, the Ohio Lottery breaks sales records.
Posted Jul 8, 2010

Sam's Club to Offer SBA Loans
Nearly 15 percent of its business members have reported being denied a business loan � one of the reasons behind Sam's Club's lending program.
Posted Jul 8, 2010

New ADA Compliance Ranges Coming
It is highly likely that the maximum reach ranges for motor fuel dispensers will be modified. You must be prepared.
Posted Jul 7, 2010

Funny Money
Counterfeit bills are becoming more of a concern for small businesses, including convenience stores.
Posted Jul 7, 2010

Rising Taxes Hurting Tobacco Farms
With cigarettes becoming more expensive each year, farmers have been planting less tobacco.
Posted Jul 7, 2010

Higher New York Cigarette Tax Boon for Border Stores
Massachusetts shops are finding more customers, as New Yorkers cross in search of cheaper smokes.
Posted Jul 6, 2010

7-Eleven, QuikTrip Tighten Reigns on Texas
Both retailers set their sights on new stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and respond to consumer demand for more fresh foods.
Posted Jul 2, 2010

City To Halt Mandate Of Tobacco Warning Posters
New York City will cease enforcing a mandate that requires tobacco retailers to display graphic warning posters near their cash registers, pending a federal lawsuit filed by the tobacco companies.
Posted Jul 1, 2010

Judge Stops Cigarette Mail Ban
The ruling temporarily puts on hold the new law that prohibits shipping cigarettes through the U.S. Postal Service. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court refuses to consider a tobacco racketeering appeals.
Posted Jun 30, 2010

Indiana Merchants Want Sunday Alcohol Sales
A statewide group of convenience, drug and grocery stores are attempting to change an Indiana law to allow for purchase of carryout alcohol and cold beer on Sundays.
Posted Jun 30, 2010

South Carolina Cigarette Tax Hike Commences Tomorrow
The state is raising its tax on cigarettes 50 cents to 57 cents per pack.
Posted Jun 30, 2010

FDA Oversight of Tobacco, One Year Later
Anti-tobacco advocates express frustration that the FDA has not yet mandated a reduction in nicotine levels in cigarettes.
Posted Jun 29, 2010

Kansas Smoking Ban Takes Effect July 1
However, a restraining order delays the statewide smoking ban in Wichita.
Posted Jun 29, 2010

Baltimore City Okays Bottled Beverage Tax
The two-penny tax would expire after three years.
Posted Jun 28, 2010

Supermarket Shutterings Leave Food Deserts
Rural food retailers are closing their doors because of the economy.
Posted Jun 28, 2010

Want To Affect Change? Then Don't Boycott.
The call to boycott BP gasoline stations harms gas distributors and other small entrepreneurs who own service stations, as well as the people working for them � none of whom had anything to do with the spill, note USA Today editors.
Posted Jun 25, 2010

FDA Tobacco Regulations in Effect
Labeling cigarettes "Light" and "mild" is now prohibited, along with selling cigarettes in packs of less than 20.
Posted Jun 23, 2010

California Senate Committee Considers Plastic Bag Ban
Earlier this month, the Assembly approved a bill that would make shoppers buy paper bags or reusable totes.
Posted Jun 23, 2010

NY Tobacco Tax Hike Will Hurt Convenience Stores
The $1.60 increase per pack will take effect July 1.
Posted Jun 23, 2010

New York Reaches Deal to Raise Cigarette Tax
Governor Patterson proposes $1.60 per pack cigarette tax increase, a move that could raise cigarette prices to more than $10 a pack in New York City.
Posted Jun 22, 2010

U.S. Postal Service Curbs Tobacco Mailing
Starting June 29, the USPS will no longer accept or carry packages of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.
Posted Jun 21, 2010

Costco Angles for New Liquor Laws
In Washington, the warehouse club is backing a proposal that would allow retailers to purchase alcohol directly from manufacturers.
Posted Jun 21, 2010

Coalition Cites Concerns About Arizona's Rest Area Commercialization
NACS, NATSO, QSRs and others join forces to oppose Arizona rest area commercialization appeal.
Posted Jun 17, 2010

NY Governor Revisits Cigarette Tax Increase, Taxation of Native American Tobacco Sales
State's $9.2 billion deficit prompts governor to seek spending cuts and tax increases.
Posted Jun 17, 2010

Kagan Confirmation Could Complicate Tobacco Case
The Supreme Court nominee would have to excuse herself from a review of the government's racketeering lawsuit against tobacco companies.
Posted Jun 15, 2010

Casey's Board Recommends Rejection of Couche-Tard's Tender Offer
The unsolicited offer substantially undervalues Casey's and attempts to transfer significant value that rightly belongs to the retailer's shareholders.
Posted Jun 9, 2010

Indiana ID Law Starts July 1
Anyone purchasing alcohol in any store in the state must present a valid photo ID.
Posted Jun 8, 2010

Concern With Customer Service Grows
More businesses are placing more emphasis on training staff to interact better with customers.
Posted Jun 8, 2010

Target to Roll Out Savings Reward With Its Credit Card
The discount chain will give customers 5 percent off purchases when they use a Target card.
Posted Jun 8, 2010

Cayugas Seek Court Dismissal of Indictments in Cigarette Tax Dispute
The Cayuga Indian Nation wants a court to dismiss sealed indictments filed against the Nation in 2008.
Posted Jun 7, 2010

BP Protests: 'It's Really Going To Hurt the Wrong People'
New protests grow, but most consumers understand that targeting gas stations is counter productive.
Posted Jun 4, 2010

Walmart, Target Think Small With Big Grocery Offer
Traditional grocers are feeling the pinch as pharmacies, convenience stores and general merchandise retailers compete for foodservice dollars.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

Washington Grocers Challenge Liquor Sales Regulation
Proponents maintain that reform would boost state revenue by nearly $90 million over the next five years.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

Washington State Starts Collecting Candy Taxes
On July 1, soda also will be taxed.
Posted Jun 2, 2010

Reynolds American Companies to Consolidate
The tobacco companies will also upgrade their manufacturing facilities.
Posted Jun 1, 2010

Store Owners Reject Compromise on Hours
Convenience store owners threaten to sue city over its refusal to extend its operating hours to match those of its competitors.
Posted May 27, 2010

Violent Crime Dropped in 2009
Preliminary FBI statistics show sharp drops in violent crime and property crime in 2009.
Posted May 26, 2010

AIR for Charity Introduced
AIR-serv's new $500,000 AIR for Charity program aims to provide nutritious meals for more than 2.5 million children in need.
Posted May 26, 2010

Wegmans, Tops Partner With Grape Farmers to Permit Wine Sales in Grocery Stores
The grocers support proposed legislation that would allow New York supermarkets to carry wine.
Posted May 26, 2010

ExxonMobil Gets PCI Extension from Visa
Branded marketers now to have until December 31 to upgrade EPOS systems.
Posted May 24, 2010

New York Governor Adopts New Soda Tax Strategy
The revised proposal would exempt diet drinks and bottled water from the state sales tax and the soda tax.
Posted May 24, 2010

Paper, Plastic Bag Foes Set Sights on Reusable Bag Proposals
With more cities looking at banning or taxing paper and plastic bags, advocates are proposing eliminating both.
Posted May 24, 2010

Tobacco Companies Slash Contracts With U.S. Farmers
The companies are instead receiving more tobacco from overseas.
Posted May 24, 2010

Sen. Murkowski to Seek Vote on Jettisoning Endangerment Finding
The measure would void a few EPA rules relating to greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted May 19, 2010

Philadelphia Council Nixes Tax on Soft Drinks
Members instead approved a new fee on smokeless tobacco, among other things. Also, Dr Pepper Snapple Group CEO said that taxing soda will not end obesity.
Posted May 17, 2010

Colorado Joins Mega Millions
The Colorado Lottery started selling the multi-state game tickets yesterday.
Posted May 17, 2010

Web Cigarette Sale Regulation Upheld
The Oregon Court of Appeals found that states can regulate online sales of cigarettes originating from an Indian reservation.
Posted May 17, 2010

Massachusetts Could Mandate Graphic Tobacco Ads at the Register
The state could become the first to force retailers to put up graphic tobacco ads that warn customers about the dangers of smoking.
Posted May 14, 2010

South Carolina Boosts Cigarette Tax
Missouri now has the lowest cigarette excise tax in the U.S. at 17 cents per pack.
Posted May 14, 2010

Cayugas Win Cigarette Tax Dispute
New York court upholds a lower court ruling that the Cayuga Indian Nation does not have to pay taxes on its cigarette sales.
Posted May 13, 2010

Minnesota Enacts New Law to Prevent Youth Access to Tobacco
The new law will take effect August 1 and will apply existing tobacco taxes and regulations to smokeless tobacco products.
Posted May 13, 2010

Mega Millions to Launch in South Dakota this Weekend
Tickets go on sale this Sunday for the state's newest multi-million dollar lottery game.
Posted May 13, 2010

Kwik Trip Brings Blockbuster Express to Consumers
The Midwest retailer is the latest convenience store chain to offer NCR's Blockbuster Express DVD rental kiosks to consumers.
Posted May 13, 2010

Parker's Competes With Technology
Greg Parker lends some sage advice to community small businesses about relying on data, metrics and excellent customer service.
Posted May 13, 2010

Democrats Scrutinize Tobacco 'Loopholes'
The Senate Finance Committee wants to clarify that "little cigars" are taxed at the same rate as cigarettes, regardless of their size.
Posted May 12, 2010

S.C. Governor Vetoes Cigarette Tax Hike
Mark Sanford said no to the 50-cent increase because it wasn't tied to a tax decrease.
Posted May 12, 2010

Coke Pins Hopes on High-Tech Fountain
The soft drink company is rolling out its Freestyle machines to more locations.
Posted May 12, 2010

Washington Smokers Run to the Border to Get Cheaper Cigarettes
After Washington's latest price increase, many Washington consumers are finding less-costly smokes in Idaho.
Posted May 11, 2010

State, Tribe Reach Deal on Tobacco Cases
Settlement affects lawsuits that allege tribal retailers sold products without a permit.
Posted May 11, 2010

Chicago Eyes Cigarette Tax Increase
Measure would raise the price of cigarettes to $4.66 per pack.
Posted May 10, 2010

Kansas House Pulls Tobacco Tax From Budget
Border bleed fears prompt legislators to pull back from measure promoted by Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson.
Posted May 10, 2010

Beyond the Point-of-Sale
NACStech workshop provides a look at three retailers using their POS to do more than just ring up sales.
Posted May 7, 2010

Arkansas Lottery Eyes Big Retailers for Lottery Ticket Vending Machines
The state's lottery will introduce 100 machines at high-traffic retail stores this summer, a move that it hopes will help grow revenue by tapping new players.
Posted May 6, 2010

Kansas Senate Tosses Cigarette Tax Hike
The proposal to add 55 cents per pack has been dropped from the state's budget proposal. Also, the Pennsylvania governor has placed a tax on smokeless tobacco and cigars on the table.
Posted May 5, 2010

California Governor Refuses to Sign Park, Beaches Smoking Ban
Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill because of its far-reaching effects.
Posted May 5, 2010

D.C. Council Eyes Soda Tax
The council would use the tax to fund its campaign to counter childhood obesity, which includes changing school menus.
Posted May 4, 2010

Mega Millions Reaches $266 Million
Today's jackpot is the largest in nine months.
Posted May 4, 2010

McNeil Voluntarily Recalls Certain OTC Infants' and Children's Products
Affected products include liquid versions of infant and children's Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl.
Posted May 4, 2010

Convenience Stores Drive Hershey, PepsiCo Recovery
Impulse sales at convenience stores are improving.
Posted May 3, 2010

FDA Rejects Request to Remove Tobacco Panelists
Last month, Philip Morris had asked the agency to kick four members off the panel because of conflicts of interest.
Posted May 3, 2010

Sheetz Wins Beer Battle
The retailer's convenience restaurant will soon be allowed to sell beer, although a state distributor association is planning to repeal the state ruling.
Posted Apr 30, 2010

Where Are All the Jobs?
That's a question many teens and college students would like to have answered as they seek employment for the summer months.
Posted Apr 30, 2010

Walmart Thinks Inside the Smaller Box
The "big-box" retailer is exploring new formats, such as downsizing to smaller, more urban locations, to bring back its core customers.
Posted Apr 30, 2010

Swiss Farms Signs First Franchise
In 42 years of business, the drive-thru retail chain awards its first franchise and multi-unit deal.
Posted Apr 30, 2010

Australian Cigarettes Switch to Plain Packets
The January 2012 move is part of the government's plan to reduce smoking rates in Australia by 2018. Tobacco firms are weighing legal action.
Posted Apr 29, 2010

Vermont House Committee Passes Bill to Stop Credit Card Abuses
The Senate already approved the measure.
Posted Apr 28, 2010

Meat Prices Likely to Rise
This summer, pork and beef will cost more due to herd reductions linked to surging feed costs caused by more demand for ethanol.
Posted Apr 28, 2010

Washington Tax Package Hits Bottled Water, Soda, Beer and Candy
Governor Gregoire calls the taxes "sensible and modest" and argues that they would help generate roughly $780 million annually for the state.
Posted Apr 27, 2010

Missouri Considering Spending More On Lottery
Missouri lottery officials petition lawmakers to increase its lottery ad budget from $1.3 million to $8 million a year to generate more sales.
Posted Apr 27, 2010

Convenience Stores Expand Into Self Storage
Chains like Reilly's Dairy have found that adding rental storage units can be good for business.
Posted Apr 26, 2010

Alabama Legislators Allow Stronger Wine Sales in Convenience Stores
State legislators vote to override the governor's veto, allowing the sale of stronger wines in convenience stores.
Posted Apr 23, 2010

Dresser Wayne Fuel Dispenser Achieves PCI-DSS Certification
Dispensers featuring the iDPOS in-dispenser point-of-sale option have been certified as PCI-DSS compliant.
Posted Apr 23, 2010

Colorado Banking Lobby Kills Its Own Bill
A measure added to the bill that sought to extend a prohibition on credit card surcharges to ATMs forced the Colorado banking lobby to kill its own bill in the state Senate.
Posted Apr 21, 2010

Speedway Joins Swipe Fee Campaign
NACS continues to help convenience stores educate consumers about the real cost of interchange "swipe" fees.
Posted Apr 21, 2010

Coke Tests New Drink Delivery System
The method would utilize Costco and a third-party logistics company as part of the distribution chain.
Posted Apr 21, 2010

Credit Card Financing Hurting Small Business
For start-ups and those with a poor credit history, though, cards offer the only viable lending option.
Posted Apr 20, 2010

Kansas Lawmakers Eye 'Sin' Tax Hikes
The legislators are considering a group of tax increases for alcohol, cigarettes and sugary drinks to plug the budget shortfall.
Posted Apr 19, 2010

PIN Debit Fees Go Up
Visa increased PIN debit fees by nearly 30 percent.
Posted Apr 19, 2010

Philip Morris Funds Tobacco Tax Ad Campaign
The tobacco company wants New York to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on Native American reservations.
Posted Apr 19, 2010

Kum & Go Expands Offer With Redbox DVD Kiosks
Redbox will be available at more than 281 Kum & Go stores this year.
Posted Apr 15, 2010

Washington Senate Passes Tobacco Increase
The House had already approved a dollar increase on cigarette packs. Meanwhile, health groups are pressing Kansas lawmakers to raise the cigarette tax by $1.
Posted Apr 14, 2010

Dollar General Now Accepts Online Coupons
The discount retailer has revised its coupon policy to include Internet coupons.
Posted Apr 14, 2010

Washington State House OKs Beer, Candy, Soda and Water Tax
Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has threatened to make additional budget cuts unless tax increases are approved.
Posted Apr 13, 2010

State Cigarette Taxes Not Funding Smoking Prevention
CDC finds that states that hiked tobacco taxes in 2009 didn't use the money for anti-smoking programs.
Posted Apr 12, 2010

Florida Moves to Add More Gambling
The governor, lawmakers and the Seminoles approved a deal that would bring in an estimated $1 billion over five years.
Posted Apr 12, 2010

Who's Watching Your ATM?
Thefts of ATMs are on the rise.
Posted Apr 8, 2010

Class C Operator UST Training Now Available in Kansas
PMCA of Kansas extends reach of training program that assists underground storage tank owners in complying with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 for Operator Training.
Posted Apr 8, 2010

Proposal to Ban Caffeine In Beer Opposed
Beer aficionados concerned that proposal could affect artisanal brews.
Posted Apr 8, 2010

NOCO Express Installs First Blockbuster Express Unit
Company expects rollout to be complete at 22 stores by June.
Posted Apr 8, 2010

Teamsters Argue Against N.Y. Soda Tax
Increased taxes would force employers to flee the state, eliminating jobs.
Posted Apr 8, 2010

Washington Lawmakers Eye Tax on Mass-Market Beers
Tax increase would add roughly 28 cents per six-pack of 'mass market' beer but would exempt microbrews.
Posted Apr 8, 2010

NACS Hails New Vermont Bill to Stop Credit Card Company Abuses
Yesterday, the Vermont Senate passed a measure that would give retailers the ability to choose how to accept various payment methods.
Posted Apr 7, 2010

States Consider Options in Retaining Rest Plaza Services
A federal ban on rest area commercialization has many cash-starved states looking for ways to retain rest area amenities for weary travelers.
Posted Apr 6, 2010

GACS Announces Lighting Retrofit Program
Georgia retailers invited to participate in energy-saving lighting retrofits, with no out-of pocket costs.
Posted Apr 5, 2010

Coalition Pushes for $1 Hike in Ohio Cigarette Tax
However, another group, including the Ohio Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association, is gearing up to fight any increase.
Posted Apr 5, 2010

Video Stores Squeezed Out by Netflix, Redbox
Will brick-and-mortar DVD locations soon be gone for good?
Posted Apr 5, 2010

Judge Upholds Iowa Smoking Ban
A bar owner had filed suit against the state for wanting to pull his license because of smokers at the bar.
Posted Apr 5, 2010

Speedway SuperAmerica Launches 'Fight Swipe Fees' Petition Campaign
Convenience and petroleum retailer anticipates one million signatures during the campaign that begins this month at all SSA stores.
Posted Apr 2, 2010

D.C. Tax on Plastic Bags Grabs $150,000 in January
The nickel tax funds are earmarked for cleaning up the Anacostia River.
Posted Mar 31, 2010

Retailers, Bottlers Fight Baltimore Beverage Tax
Baltimore retailers and bottlers maintain that a beverage tax would force Baltimore residents to shop outside of the city where there is no tax.
Posted Mar 30, 2010

Cigarette Taxes Are 'Gold Rush' for States
Since last year, 22 states and the District of Columbia have increased or are considering increases to cigarette taxes.
Posted Mar 29, 2010

Georgia Associations Hail State Legislation To Stop Credit Card Abuses
Bill takes particular aim at interchange fees, among other controversial policies.
Posted Mar 29, 2010

N.Y. Top Court Weighs Tax Claim On Indian Cigarettes
Final court ruling is expected next month.
Posted Mar 29, 2010

Dallas Retailers Find Common Ground Over Beer, Wine Sales
Grocery stores, restaurants in favor of eliminating Dallas' dry spots.
Posted Mar 25, 2010

Cigarette Tax Hike Coming Soon to Utah
The governor has indicated he will not veto a bill that would raise the tax $1 per pack. Meanwhile, the California legislature approved a bill that would ban smoking at state beaches and parks.
Posted Mar 24, 2010

Tennessee Bottle Bill: Not A Good Idea?
A convenience store owner writes that the bill would make local businesses less competitive.
Posted Mar 23, 2010

Kum & Go Collects 40,000-Plus Signatures for Fight Swipe Fees Campaign
The signatures were gathered in just one month for the NACS petition drive.
Posted Mar 23, 2010

New York Retailers Win New Freeze On Higher Tobacco Registration Fees
New York convenience store operators win temporary reprieve.
Posted Mar 22, 2010

Louisiana Proposes Ban on High-Caffeine Drinks to Kids
The ban would affect any drink � except coffee � that contains at least five milligrams of caffeine per ounce.
Posted Mar 22, 2010

Walmart Plans More In-Store Financial Centers
MoneyCenters continue to grow in popularity for Wal-Mart's low-income demographic.
Posted Mar 22, 2010

Stripes Gets Energy Efficient
Stripes has received rebates for implementing energy-efficient solutions such as lighting and HVAC.
Posted Mar 19, 2010

Mars Retail Group Partners with Alchemy3
Group will work with Alchemy3 to develop branded lottery games that will be available to retailers in the fall.
Posted Mar 19, 2010

NY Agriculture Commissioner Backs Wine Sales in Grocery, Convenience Stores
Patrick Hooker supports the bill because it would mean more jobs and more funds for the state.
Posted Mar 18, 2010

States Increase Gaming Options to Fill Budget Holes
At least 18 states are considering expanding chance games to recover lower revenue collections from casinos, horse racing and lotteries.
Posted Mar 18, 2010

Hawaii Goes After Internet Tobacco Sale Taxes
State looks to capture up to $700,000 in uncollected funds; meanwhile New York considers enforcing a 2008 law that would require collecting taxes on the sale of cigarettes by Native Americans to non-Indians.
Posted Mar 17, 2010

New Hampshire Moving Ahead With E-Cigarette Ban
The Electronic Cigarette Association also supports restricting e-cigarette usage to adults.
Posted Mar 16, 2010

Sheetz Offers Blockbuster Express DVD Kiosks
Sheetz customers can access NCR's Blockbuster Express outdoor kiosks for DVDs at $1 per night.
Posted Mar 16, 2010

Independent Operators Would Bear Brunt of Kansas Tax Hike Proposals
The state convenience store association says that the tobacco, liquor, fuel and sales tax options before the legislature would adversely affect convenience stores.
Posted Mar 15, 2010

Debit Card Holds Cause Customer Confusion
Many banks put hefty pre-authorization holds on consumer debit cards used for a fill up.
Posted Mar 15, 2010

New York: Judge Reinstates Higher Tobacco Registration Fees
New York convenience store operators were stunned Friday when State Supreme Court Justice Feinman reinstated the enormous increases in retail tobacco-dealer registration fees.
Posted Mar 15, 2010

Colorado Lawyer Submits New Ballot Initiative on Beer, Wine Sales
Last month, a House committee squashed a bill that would have allowed convenience stores to sell full-strength beer.
Posted Mar 15, 2010

Utah Senate Approves Tobacco Tax Hike
The House already passed a similar measure, so two questions remain: how much and will the governor veto it?
Posted Mar 8, 2010

Kansas Considers Lottery Tax
The proposal would mean the state could no longer sell Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.
Posted Mar 8, 2010

Philly Mayor Suggests 2 Penny-Per-Ounce Sweet Drink Tax
The tax rate would apply to cold dispensed beverage syrup and powders but not diet beverages sans added sugar or baby formula.
Posted Mar 5, 2010

Tennessee Drive-Thru Store Owners Criticize Moratorium On Beer Permits
Knox County issues a 180-day moratorium on issuing new permits to stores with drive-through windows, a move that has store owners upset.
Posted Mar 4, 2010

'Welcome to the War on Cash'
NPR examines how banks steer consumers to costliest forms of debit.
Posted Mar 2, 2010

Walgreen's Bid To Sell Alcohol Uncorks Hostility
Retail competitors sue, claiming oversaturation; neighbors unhappy, too.
Posted Mar 2, 2010

Kansas Legislature Approves Smoking Ban
The bill now goes to Gov. Mark Parkinson, who has indicated he will sign it into law.
Posted Mar 1, 2010

AMP Energy Juice Launches Nationwide
The drink is the company's first energy juice beverage.
Posted Mar 1, 2010