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Top 10 Food List for 2014 Includes Nutty Milks, Yolks

Look for lemons, teas and seaweed on restaurant menus and store shelves in 2014.
October 31, 2013

​BOULDER, CO – Sterling-Rice Group, a firm focused on integrated brand strategy, has identified ten food trends that will dominate restaurant menus and supermarket shelves across the U.S. in 2014.

Healthy options will dominate the culinary landscape, though not without the occasional indulgent splurge. The top ten list includes:

  1. Lemon: While previously relegated to background status in teas or sauces, the citrus king shines as a main ingredient in its purest freshest juice or preserved form.
  2. Tea for two: It’s tea, not coffee, that will bring a flavorful twist to dinner, desserts, and more.
  3. Middle Eastern Mediterranean: Middle Eastern seasonings such as sumac, za'atar, and marash will expand the flavor profiles of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.
  4. Nutty milk: Milk made from cashews, almonds and peanuts will complement sauces, drinks, and dinners.
  5. The Year of the Yolk: Eggs will add richness to cheese, dairy, and sauces.
  6. Refined Classic American Eats: Look for wedge salads doused in creamy Caesar and other upscale classics.
  7. Poaching and Steaming: Dishes will be infused with the essence of wine, coffee, beer, and smoky liquids.
  8. Seaweed: Seaweed shows up as a snack and seasoning.
  9. Perfect pasta: Noodles made of alternative flours will form the base of pasta dishes and more.
  10. Farm-to-table: Exotic meats such as goat, rabbit and pigeon will offer new protein choices.

For more information on SRG’s list, visit the company’s website.