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Snapchat Gives Advertisers More Location Data

A new ad product provides retailers with data on who’s using the app where.
April 17, 2017

​VENICE, Calif. – Snapchat’s new ad product offers online-to-offline conversions, Mashable reports. In its pitch to assist retailers in moving product, Snapchat is releasing more location data to advertisers.

The “Snap to Store” feature, just released from beta testing, shows retailers data on who’s using the app where. For example, new data compiled by Greenberg Strategy found that:

  • 80% were at a restaurant.
  • 66% were at a shopping mall.
  • 50% were at a gym.
  • 49% were at an airport.

Wendy’s, 7-Eleven and Paramount Pictures were early beta testers for Snapchat. Wendy’s sponsored geofilters in its U.S. stores pushed its Jalapeño Fresco Chicken Sandwich. Verified data showed that the geofilter brought 42,000 customers to a Wendy’s within a week of seeing the ad.

“Foot traffic into our restaurants is the best measurement of short-term sales success for any program. ‘Snap to Store’ is a big win for Wendy's for this reason—we want more ad tech like this,” said Brandon Rhoten, Wendy’s head of advertising, digital/social and media.

Snap will still allow user privacy and allows for users to opt-out of any location-based targeting. Location information will also not be shared with advertisers.