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Emerging Brands Highlight Changing Consumer Taste Buds

New survey indicates fast-casual brands that exhibit strong growth potential.​
March 24, 2017

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – More consumers are craving dishes with international flare and bolder flavors, as well as healthier attributes, suggests the 2017 Emerging Brands survey by Fishbowl.

"I think it's been interesting to see over the past several years how consumer tastes are really changing," Mike Lukianoff, chief analytics officer for Fishbowl, told CNBC. Fishbowl develops its list by using survey analytics to solicit nominations from industry experts and food enthusiasts, including industry executives, advisors, investors and thought leaders. Fishbowl then leverages its proprietary social media software to analyze structured reviews, blogs, check-ins, social posts, media mentions and the enthusiasm apparent in posts and mentions.

Fishbowl’s top 10 emerging brands are:

  1. n
  2. VER
  3. TS Mediterranean Grill
  4. Xi’an Famous Foods
  5. &pizza
  6. Asian Box
  7. Cava Grill & Cava Mezze
  8. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
  9. Founding Farmers
  10. Sushirr
  11. ito
  12. Epi
  13. c Burger

"When we started tracking the emerging brands, really what was popping up was the traditional staples," Lukianoff told CNBC, noting that burgers and pizza were the most popular trends. "Consumers latched onto that because it was already a part of their eating habits." Now, Fishbowl is finding that emerging brands include restaurants that specialize in Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Filipino and Cuban delicacies. "We are seeing much more diverse types of concepts," he said, adding that these types of foods are becoming more accessible for the average American.