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Coca-Cola Debuts Reverse Vending Machines
Pilot vending machines support Coke’s “World Without Waste” initiative.
Posted Jul 13, 2018

Rutter’s Helps Environment Through Coffee Purchase
Convenience store chain recently debuted the second blend of its sustainable coffee program.
Posted Jul 13, 2018

Starbucks Will Ditch Plastic Straws
By 2020, the company will replace plastic straws with straw-free lids or alternative-material straws as part of its initiative to lower waste worldwide.
Posted Jul 10, 2018

Seattle Straw Ban Takes Effect
City is largest U.S. locality to prohibit plastic utensils and straws in restaurants.
Posted Jul 3, 2018

McDonald’s Eliminating Plastic Straws in U.K. and Ireland
More foodservice providers are moving away from one-use, plastic products.
Posted Jun 21, 2018

Clean Fuel Vehicles Transforming Michigan Economy
Analysis finds that the clean mobility sector contributes $18.8 billion to Michigan’s economy.
Posted May 30, 2018

McDonald’s Straw Dilemma
The fast-food chain’s shareholders will consider a proposal for the restaurant to come up with plastic straw alternatives.
Posted May 23, 2018

Keeping Your Store Beautiful
This week’s Convenience Matters tells retailers the importance of offering customers ways to recycle and reduce litter.
Posted Apr 25, 2018

McDonald’s Sets Target to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
The company expects to prevent 150 million metric tons of emissions by 2030.
Posted Mar 22, 2018

Home Service Oil Chooses GreenPrint to Reduce Emissions Throughout Business
The two companies will partner to offset emissions on fuel and products.
Posted Jan 19, 2018

Iowa Grocers Want to Ditch Bottle Deposit
The grocers are pressing for the state to enlarge its recycling program instead.
Posted Dec 8, 2017

Be a Good Neighbor
Communities and retailers will host recycling events across America to commemorate America Recycles Day.
Posted Nov 15, 2017

Ricker’s Replenish Plants 20,000th Tree in Indiana
Organization continues to positively impact its communities.
Posted Oct 17, 2017

The Greening Effect
Oil companies have lowered emissions by 12% during a five-year period.
Posted Sep 19, 2017

China to Gas, Diesel Cars: You’re Not Welcome Here
The world’s largest car market says it will ban production and sale of vehicles powered by diesel and gasoline in the near future.
Posted Sep 13, 2017

Pump Here. Plant Trees.
7-Eleven launches carbon reduction test program at 95 stores in Portland, Seattle and Wisconsin.
Posted Aug 31, 2017

New Packaging Approach From Hershey Reduces Corrugate Waste
The Hershey Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility report highlights its progress made in improving environmental sustainability.
Posted Jun 28, 2017

Japan’s Electric Car Charge Points Overtake Gasoline Stations
A survey discovered that the island country has less than 35,000 petrol stations, versus more than 40,000 recharge points.
Posted May 13, 2016

EPA Finalizes RFS Numbers for 2014-2016
Agency used waiver authority to set numbers lower than those called for by Congress.
Posted Dec 1, 2015

Portland, Oregon, Squashes New Gas Station Construction
The city council approved a resolution forbidding new gasoline stations within city limits because of global warming.
Posted Nov 20, 2015

EPA Notifies VW of Additional Clean Air Act Violations
Second notice of violation alleges that Volkswagen installed a defeat device in light-duty diesel Audi and Porsche models.
Posted Nov 3, 2015

Judge Rejects NYC Foam Food Container Ban
The prohibition against restaurants using polystyrene containers went into effect in July.
Posted Sep 24, 2015

Kum & Go Opens New Ecofriendly Store in Des Moines
The store features fresh food and a variety of fuel options, including E15, E85 and diesel.
Posted Sep 17, 2015

Coca-Cola Leading Efforts on Water Replenishment
Company and its partners aim to be the first food and beverage company to replenish all the water it uses.
Posted Aug 27, 2015

Is Electric Vehicle Appeal Stagnating?
New poll reveals that consumer interest in EVs has not increased in past few years, remaining steady at about 3% of market share.
Posted Aug 25, 2015

Shock Top Launches Shock The California Drought Campaign
Beer brand teams with crowdfunding platform and state water organizations to fund water-saving innovations.
Posted Aug 14, 2015

Musgrave Group and SPAR UK Are Honorees
Retail groups named winners in two new NACS Insight award categories: sustainability and technology.
Posted Jun 12, 2015

Government Joins with Utilities to Promote Electric Vehicles
Partnership between DOE and Edison Electric Institute aims to accelerate EV infrastructure and adoption.
Posted Jun 11, 2015

World Leaders Promise Fossil Fuel Phase-Out
At G-7 meeting, leaders called to eliminate fossil fuel use by century’s end.
Posted Jun 10, 2015

Anheuser-Busch InBev Recognized for Efficient Water Use
Brewer achieves global environmental goals and launches company’s Global Walk for Water, while donating to flood victims.
Posted Jun 8, 2015

Future Fuel from Sunlight
Artificial photosynthesis could be the answer to renewable fuel, made from sunlight and CO2.
Posted Jun 3, 2015

Kum & Go Sees Green
Convenience retailer celebrated Earth Day with its 100th LEED-certified store.
Posted Apr 23, 2015

New Tools Analyze Cost of Hydrogen Implementation
Department of Energy provides cost-analysis tools with goal of aiding in creation of fuel cell infrastructure.
Posted Apr 23, 2015

Electric Vehicles Are the Star of the Show in Detroit
GM introduces Chevy Bolt, an electric vehicle for middle America, at the North American Auto Show.
Posted Jan 14, 2015

States Increase Incentives for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Charging network expands beyond the “West Coast Electric Highway,” thanks to tax breaks.
Posted Dec 18, 2014

California Sales of Plug-In Vehicles on the Rise
New data shows one plug-in purchased for every two hybrids in the state.
Posted Dec 5, 2014

If Musk Builds It, Will They Come?
Demand for Tesla isn’t the problem, switching the world to electric cars is.
Posted Dec 2, 2014

Opposites Attract at Canadian Gas Station
Electric car charging is latest addition to Canadian oil sands gas station.
Posted Nov 26, 2014

Frito-Lay Converts Fleet to Alternative Fuels
Company builds strong partnerships to develop commitment to reduce emissions.
Posted Nov 12, 2014

Carmakers Prepare to Shift to Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Despite inherent challenges, manufacturers are investing in hydrogen.
Posted Oct 28, 2014

San Francisco to Require Carbon Labels at Gas Stations
Legislation mandates "climate change warning labels" on gas pump nozzles beginning March 2015.
Posted Oct 23, 2014

PepsiCo Equipment Getting Greener
Company fighting climate change with plan to phase out use of hydroflourocarbons in equipment.
Posted Sep 24, 2014

Toyota Unveils New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle
Set to hit the market in mid-2015, streamlined Toyota FCV has capability to power a home through its battery.
Posted Sep 19, 2014

Demand for Electric, Hybrid Cars Remains Static
U.S. electric and hybrid sales at 3.6% of market, slightly down from last year.
Posted Sep 9, 2014

California Lawmakers Approve Statewide Ban on Plastic Bags
If approved by governor, ban would take effect in c-stores in July 2016.
Posted Sep 3, 2014

BMW Launches Fast-Charging Station for EVs
Network of small, lower-priced chargers may encourage adoption of i3 model EV.
Posted Jul 30, 2014

Hydrogen Fueling Could be Easier to Integrate Than You Think
New report could inspire Hydrogen integration into more California gas stations.
Posted Jul 25, 2014

Going Green in Foodservice Operations
Sustainable standards can be good for the environment and a foodservice operation’s bottom line.
Posted Jul 11, 2014

Stripes Paves the Way for a Greener Industry
New south Texas truck parking area built with recycled materials, designed to control erosion.
Posted Jul 10, 2014

In a New Twist, RFS Could Boost Electric Vehicles
EPA announces a rule expanding what fuel sources qualify for the RFS.
Posted Jul 9, 2014

Hyundai Celebrates First Fuel Cell Customer
Hyundai Tucson is first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle available to retail consumers.
Posted Jun 12, 2014

EPA Unveils New Carbon Plan
Controversial plan aims to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030.
Posted Jun 3, 2014

EPA Climate Proposal Expected Next Week
States would have flexibility in meeting emissions benchmarks through cap and trade, renewable energy and other measures.
Posted May 28, 2014

California Investing Heavily in Hydrogen
State awards nearly $50 million to build 28 new hydrogen stations and a mobile refueler.
Posted May 5, 2014

Paper Versus Plastic Foam
Paper versus plastic shopping bags sees its fair share of debate, but what about paper versus plastic foam beverage cups?
Posted Apr 14, 2014

Chicago Reconsidering Plastic Bag Ban
New proposal drops an exemption for small retailers.
Posted Mar 11, 2014

Minnesota Revisits Bottle, Can Deposit
One suggestion would have consumers pay the dime deposit at retail, then recycle the empties at redemption centers.
Posted Feb 19, 2014

South Carolina Considers Fees for Alternative Vehicle Use
The proposal would charge owners of hybrids $60 per year and those who drive electric vehicles $120 per year.
Posted Feb 11, 2014

California Group Calls for Global Warming Warnings on Gas Pumps
The stickers would tell consumers that gas use is a leading source of greenhouse gases in California.
Posted Jan 13, 2014

Denmark Gets Fast Chargers
The new charging stations will help support electric car usage in the country.
Posted Jan 3, 2014

Daimler Puts the Vroom Into Electric Vehicles
Since the silence of its electric cars have been deemed a safety hazard, engineers have come up with a “sound” for them to make.
Posted Jan 2, 2014

Walgreens Debuts Net Zero Energy Store
Engineers anticipate the new drugstore will produce energy equal to or greater than it consumes.
Posted Nov 25, 2013

Wegmans Steps Up Plastic Bag Recycling Efforts
The grocery store chain is the first retail member of the American Chemistry Council’s recycling group.
Posted Nov 13, 2013

West Coast States Sign Pact on Climate Change
British Columbia joined Washington, Oregon and California in an agreement to coordinate policies directed at reducing global warming.
Posted Oct 30, 2013

Molson Coors Recognized for Climate Initiatives
For the third consecutive year, Molson Coors is featured in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.
Posted Sep 26, 2013

San Diego Edges Toward Plastic Bag Ban
However, most residents want to keep the bags, according to a new poll.
Posted Sep 13, 2013

Cree LED Lighting Shines at Raley’s Petroleum and Convenience Store
The lighting delivers savings and rapid payback at the new South Lake Tahoe, California, location.
Posted Sep 5, 2013

Ditching the Foam
Dunkin’ Donuts has started testing a double-walled paper cup in its search to replace its foam cups.
Posted Aug 28, 2013

Sierra Club Gives Green Light on C-Store Snacks
The environmental group recommends eco-friendly snacks for college students in its latest magazine.
Posted Aug 23, 2013

Ford Puts Natural Gas Engine in F-150
The company’s most popular vehicle will have an optional compressed natural gas engine beginning with 2014 model year.
Posted Aug 1, 2013

Kroger Working Towards Zero Waste
The retail chain is working toward the EPA’s zero waste threshold of 90% in all of its locations.
Posted Jun 28, 2013

Bloomberg Seeks to Mandate Food Composting
A residential composting program will begin as voluntary but eventually become mandatory, officials predict.
Posted Jun 18, 2013

Walgreens to Build First Net Zero Energy Retail Store
By utilizing solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal technology, engineers anticipate the new store will produce energy equal to or greater than it consumes.
Posted Mar 11, 2013

Toronto Bag Ban Draws Stiff Opposition
Toronto plastic bag ban battle looms, with the Ontario Convenience Stores Association blasting proposed consultations as meaningless.
Posted Oct 29, 2012

Santa Fe Targets Zero Waste at North Carolina Plant
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco's environmental goal is to become landfill free by 2013.
Posted Oct 22, 2012

EPA Ruling to Eliminate Stage 2 Vapor Recovery at Retail
Changes reflect today's vehicle technologies, which capture gasoline vapors when refueling.
Posted May 11, 2012

Kwik Trip Growing Green
LED lights and recycled (car wash) water make Kwik Trip an eco-friendly leader.
Posted Apr 24, 2012

360Green Continues Fast-Charging EV Expansion
The electric vehicle charging station developer announced the first public fast-charging station in California.
Posted Apr 9, 2012

FDA Rejects Petition Banning BPA in Food Packaging
An environmental group blasts the decision, while the agency says it will continue to study the health effects of the chemical.
Posted Apr 3, 2012

Illinois Governor Announce Fast-Charging EV Stations
7-Eleven is a key partner in the project, which now has dedicated space for fast-charging stations at four of the Illinois Tollway Oases.
Posted Apr 2, 2012

Businesses Assume Cost of Recycling
More companies are assuming the responsibility of picking up used packaging of their own products.
Posted Mar 28, 2012

Alabama C-Store Seeks LEED Certification
Incorporating eco-friendly elements to Wadsworth Oil's new store in McCalla added about 15% in construction costs, money that the company hopes to recoup in electricity savings.
Posted Feb 24, 2012

Ben & Jerry's and Unilever to Launch Climate-Friendly Freezer Cabinets
Eco-friendly refrigerants receive approval by the EPA, clearing the path for distribution across the U.S.
Posted Feb 16, 2012

Oregon Gas Station Goes for 'Net Zero'
The Chevron location has been called "the most sustainable station in America."
Posted Oct 26, 2011

Tim Hortons Announces New Cup-to-Tray Recycling Program
The QSR becomes the first in Canada to "close the loop" and recycle its used cups into another product it uses, take-out-trays.
Posted Oct 24, 2011

Kwik Trip's Green Initiatives Generate Big Savings
About half of the convenience stores in the country qualified for LEED certification are owned and operated by Kwik Trip.
Posted Aug 29, 2011

White House Seeks New Corn-Free Biofuel Industry
A new initiative is expected to jumpstart development of a new biofuel industry that uses algae and wood chips instead of corn.
Posted Aug 18, 2011

7-Eleven Handee Marts Offer PepsiCo Dream Machine Recycling Kiosks
The kiosks will help increase on-the-go recycling access.
Posted Jun 15, 2011

Subway Unveils LEED-Certified Stores In North Carolina
The environmentally friendly restaurants include recycled flooring, Energy Star-rated HVAC systems, low flow and flush fixtures in restrooms and more natural light.
Posted May 23, 2011

PepsiCo Ships Eco-Friendly Fountain Cups
Operators can select the cup best suited to their locally available recycling and composting disposal facilities.
Posted May 23, 2011

Japan 7-Eleven Refits 5,000 Stores With Power-Saving Bulbs
The change is part of a 10 billion yen initiative to counter expected power problems in parts of the country this summer.
Posted Apr 18, 2011

Top 25 Cities Gear Up for EVs
Ford Motor Co. is working with cities and utility partners to identify key infrastructure building blocks that will enable metropolitan areas to be EV ready.
Posted Apr 15, 2011

Fort Wayne Marathon Embraces Recycling
The station has a new recycling center that gives points to consumers who recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
Posted Mar 28, 2011

PepsiCo Unveils Green Bottle
The new bottle is entirely petroleum-free and boasts a zero-carbon footprint.
Posted Mar 17, 2011

NC Starts Statewide Recycling Initiative for Plastic Bags
The state becomes the fourth one to join "A Bag's Life" recycling education movement.
Posted Mar 14, 2011

Frito-Lay Debuts Quieter SunChips Bag in Canada
After the debacle of its compostable, but noisy, previous attempt, the company hopes its new version will fine more favor.
Posted Feb 28, 2011

Tests Find High Levels of Lead in Reusable Bags
Tests performed on reusable bags at dozens of retailers reveal unsafe lead levels.
Posted Jan 27, 2011

Mars Wins 2010 Award for Corporate Excellence for Commitment to Cocoa Sustainability
The recognition by the U.S. State Department underscores the company's long-term commitment to advancing cocoa Sustainability and economic development in Ghana.
Posted Jan 4, 2011

Californians To Vote on Greenhouse Gas Law
NACS encourages California retailers to send a message to the country and support Prop 23, which would postpone aggressive environmental regulations until the state's economy stabilizes.
Posted Oct 21, 2010

Walmart Looks to the Locals
The retailer outlined a new sustainable agriculture strategy, which features plans to put more locally sourced foods in its U.S. stores.
Posted Oct 15, 2010

EPA Recognizes Giant Eagle for Sustainable Best Practices
Retailer received multiple EPA honors for its green and environmental efforts.
Posted Sep 24, 2010

Thumbs Down on Corporate Green Efforts
Consumers are skeptical when it comes to corporate claims about their efforts of "going green."
Posted Sep 2, 2010

Consumers Concerned About Packaged Beverages' Impact on Environment
A recent study discovered that consumers want to recycle more packaged beverages.
Posted Aug 18, 2010

Stop & Shop Installs Solar Panels
The Northeast grocer hopes to reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent by 2015.
Posted Jul 30, 2010

Starbucks Expands Recycling Program With Coffee Cups in Chicago
Even in cities unfriendly to recycling, Starbucks is stepping up its recycling efforts.
Posted Jul 1, 2010

California Grocers Support Uniform Standard for Carryout Bags
California proposal would ban the free distribution of single-use carryout bags and require the sale of single-use recycled paper bags.
Posted Jun 3, 2010

Deal Reached for EPA Rules Vote
After the Memorial Day recess, the Senate will vote on reversing the agency's ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted May 26, 2010

White House to Expand Auto Emissions Standards
The new fuel economy standards will be for cars and trucks, including medium- and heavy-duty trucks.
Posted May 24, 2010

Sen. Murkowski to Seek Vote on Jettisoning Endangerment Finding
The measure would void a few EPA rules relating to greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted May 19, 2010

Coca-Cola Launches the Greening of the Nation's Capital
Coca-Cola reduces environmental footprint through green innovations and a recycling program with National Parks Service.
Posted May 3, 2010

PepsiCo, Waste Management Offer Recycling Kiosks
The Dream Machine kiosks reward users for recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
Posted Apr 23, 2010

Ottawa Campus Bans Bottled Water
Beginning September 1, students and faculty will have to find the nearest tap to quench their thirst.
Posted Apr 23, 2010

U.S. Rethinks Electric-Car Fuel Ratings
New policy would lower fuel estimates for Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, which earlier had promised 230 and 367 miles per gallon, respectively.
Posted Apr 20, 2010

Whole Foods Adds Car-Charging Station
Customers can "plug in" at Whole Foods' flagship store in Austin, Texas.
Posted Apr 13, 2010

Dasani Celebrates New PlantBottle Packaging
The green Dasani caps on new bottles deliver the recycling message worldwide.
Posted Apr 12, 2010

Green Continues to Be Good for Retailers
Mintel research shows consumers continue to buy natural, despite difficult economy.
Posted Mar 29, 2010

Coca-Cola, Molson Coors Are Going Dark
The companies are turning off the lights across the global in support of Earth Hour this Saturday.
Posted Mar 26, 2010

New Environmental Rest Stops Planned for Ohio Turnpike
Green rest areas will feature ethanol fueling stations and electric car recharging bays.
Posted Mar 25, 2010

Giant Eagle's GetGo C-Store Earns LEED Silver Status
The LEED designation builds on Giant Eagle's commitment to responsible resource use.
Posted Mar 19, 2010

Stripes Gets Energy Efficient
Stripes has received rebates for implementing energy-efficient solutions such as lighting and HVAC.
Posted Mar 19, 2010

PepsiCo Launches Program to Reduce Tropicana's Carbon Footprint
Initiative will test whether cutting-edge fertilizer has the potential to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and alter agricultural landscape.
Posted Mar 19, 2010

Procter & Gamble to Launch 'Future Friendly' Campaign
The environmental initiative markets the company's eco-efforts and conservation education.
Posted Mar 18, 2010

Climate Trio Hopes To Make Headway With Different Tack
Proposal for cap-and-trade alternative coming soon, with moderates on both sides remaining cautiously optimistic.
Posted Mar 4, 2010

California Passes Short-Term Beverage-Recycling Fix
California Grocers Association continues working on a long-term legislative fix to restore 'landmark' program.
Posted Mar 4, 2010

Senators To Propose Abandoning Cap-And-Trade
Senators Kerry, Graham, and Lieberman to propose 'radical' overhaul of climate legislation while applying different carbon controls to individual industries.
Posted Mar 2, 2010

Walmart to Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Global Supply Chain
The retailer will collaborate with suppliers and environmental experts to develop, measure and independently assess carbon reductions.
Posted Mar 1, 2010


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