NACS Sustainability Assessment

As convenience retailers explore sustainability opportunities, they should review the key questions posed throughout the previous sections of the playbook and evaluate their performance using the NACS Sustainability Checklist:

 What are you doing to save money that also creates environmental benefits?

 How many free sources of money have you investigated to invest in your cost-saving and revenue-generating sustainability initiatives?

 How well are you responding to evolving customer expectations around sustainability?

 What is the risk to your business when your competitors promote their sustainability initiatives to your customers?

 When bankers and potential investors ask about your sustainability initiatives, what will you be able to share?

 How effective are your sustainability programs at attracting the kinds of high-quality employees that you need for your business to thrive?

 How will regulatory trends affect your business?

 How can you turn emerging environmental regulation into a competitive advantage?

 How would embedding sustainability into your brand promise change the value of your brand?

Using the 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the highest, rate the effectiveness of the efforts in your store(s) for each of the categories found in the NACS Sustainability Checklist.

Remember to revisit this list often as part of a continual improvement process. Like all aspects of any business, the market is continually innovating and evolving. Consumer demands change, and new information and technologies emerge.

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