From Car to Carfeteria

By Mark Wohltmann   Published: 1/2/2018

Last month at the international Hub at the NACS Show in Chicago, Larry Levin from IRI was presenting on consumer trends. One of his topics was the car becoming a carfeteria… For some time now we have seen a growing on he go trend: the picture of people carrying around coffee cups has become a standard sight in urban areas. The food industry has reacted and created on the go versions of their products and packaging companies come up with all kinds of new materials and designs to make classic food consumable on the go. And this trend has not just been affecting food and beverages: newspapers were experimenting with smaller size versions before the iPad launched… and even grooming products are. Is widely available in on the go sizes.

Sitting in the car and commuting to work makes this trend sometimes very visible: in the traffic jam or stop and go in the morning you see people in cars around you using all sorts of on the go products: lots of coffee cups,  bite size food, hand size muffins in spill free packaging, sweets in cup holder size cups and cup holder size grooming kits with lipsticks and everything else needed for a last minute in car make up. Truly the car has become our carfeteria, especially during commuting times.

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