Consolidation In the Convenience Market – A New Era of Mega Mergers?

By Mark Wohltmann   Published: 5/1/2018

Just recently the UK’s annual “National Convenience Show” took place in Birmingham, UK. One of the new offers there was the “Retailer Corner”, a conference space with speakers from the industry. The hot topic that had been discussed during multiple sessions and on- and off-stage was the current consolidation in the market: Tesco&Booker, Nisa&Coop, Eurogarages&Kroger, … Steven Fox, Sales Director Retail from Booker spoke about the opportunities this brings for the consumer when it comes to wider product availability, broader choice and lower price. Whilst the consensus was that all this might bring positive effects for the consumer and in many cases also for the retailer, the most controversial question discussed between retailers, researchers and market analysts was if it is just a coincidence that all this is happening right now or if this means we are entering a new era of market consolidation and mega-mergers. And if so, what’s next? More consolidation between the grocery leading chains? More cooperation between fuel and grocery retailers? More acquisition of medium sized convenience- and fuel retailers across Europe? The discussion group couldn’t find a single answer to that. But everyone agreed that we have not seen the end of this yet. The next merger will come soon…

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