ReFresh Retailer Case Studies

For these case studies, retailers allowed NACS to test key insights and share the results with other retailers who can consider how these findings may improve their own operations.

As part of its reFresh initiative, NACS worked with food and merchandising experts to develop eight convenience store-specific ideas to grow sales based on evidence-based practices. NACS then undertook pilot tests to further define how these practices could grow sales.


Boosting Bottled Water Sales Pilot Test
High’s of Baltimore tested whether cooler signage would increase awareness and sales of bottled water at its stores.


Healthy Checkout Pilot Test
Utah State University convenience stores grew impulse purchases of healthier items by placing items at checkout.

Better-for-You Planogram Pilot Test
E-Z- Mart Inc. increased sales of healthier products when integrating better-for-you snacks into traditional snack displays.

Healthy Dinner Meal Kit Pilot Test
Square One Markets tested selling healthy meal dinner kits for at-home preparation.

Healthy Meal Kit Pilot Test
Utah State University convenience stores experimented selling packaged healthy meal kits to students and staff to make at home.

Healthy Cooler Planogram Pilot Test
Marine Corps Exchange convenience stores grew sales of bottled water and low-calorie beverages by rearranging beverage coolers.

Juice Messaging Pilot Test
Ricker’s tested in-store marketing messages to encourage sales of bottled juice beverages.