What Consumers Think About Gas Prices

Insights from NACS Consumer Fuels Surveys on consumer perceptions related to gas prices and the economy overall.

April 25, 2018  read

There is probably no commodity in the United States talked about more than gasoline, and for good reason. For one, gas factors into how we go about our daily lives, whether it’s driving to and from work, picking up our kids from school, and making time to stop and fill-up when its most convenient. From a cost perspective, gas prices are a large part of our expenses and budget planning.

Gas prices are transparent, meaning they are posted daily on signs, websites, social media and apps so consumers can choose where they fill-up. Add to the mix the regular drumbeat of gas prices rising or not falling fast enough in consumers’ minds and you can see why refueling is such a regular part of our daily conversations. No matter if gas prices are $4 or $2 per gallon, gas prices also affect how consumers think about broader economic issues, especially since refueling vehicles accounts for about 4% of consumer spending a year.

Read more in the What Consumers Think About Gas Prices (PDF) report.