NACS Professional Learning Series

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Find inspiration and trusted training when you need it—now.

The year continues to bring unique challenges, and to help you, we’ve curated our best education sessions to address your immediate needs and solve your urgent issues.

Our most popular and influential sessions are bundled to provide precision-targeted learning for you and your teams. Watch and absorb the tips, best practices and data from retail leaders. Tackle the learning on your time and at your pace (you can pause and come back to content later).

All sessions are available for viewing until June 30th, 2021.

lessons-in-leadership.jpgLessons in Leadership

6 sessions (3.5 hours of content)

Price: $129

We showcase leaders with intention and enthusiasm who are looking to try new things, find new opportunities and know how to stay the course. Be inspired by the imagination of these leaders who embrace “what if” when it comes to planning for the future. Draw strength from their optimism and clarity of purpose. See list of sessions.

COVID-Survival-Pack.jpgCOVID Survival Pack

7 sessions (4 hours of content)

Price: $99

Use the next six months to turbocharge your business—and the advice and inspiration found in these sessions can help. Filled with tips and advice for navigating a range of operational challenges, including people, vendors and systems, these sessions will help you discover how to find opportunity within a crisis and answer key questions to guide your post-pandemic plan. See list of sessions.

Category-Management-Marketing-Round-Up.jpgCategory Management & Marketing Round-Up

8 sessions (5 hours of content)

Price: $99

COVID has changed how customers shop—as a result, retailers must prioritize efficient adaptation to changes in assortments and in-store product space planning. Bricks-and-mortar winners will be retailers who can adapt their stores to consumer demand changes in the fastest and most efficient way. These sessions can help you deliver a unified and enhanced brand experience, deliver better customer experiences, and harness the power of your data to deliver more and better. See list of sessions.

Put-Your-People-First.jpgPut Your People First: 10 sessions

10 sessions (6 hours of content)

Price: $99

As a leader, you’ve made changes to address your employees pressing needs and keep them safe. Continue to build on that trust and learn how to be action-oriented, empathetic and transparent. These sessions will help you improve the jobs and lives of your employees while boosting company performance. See list of sessions.