NACS Jobber/Dealer Membership FAQ

What is the Jobber/Dealer Membership?

The Jobber/Dealer membership is a retail membership type that enables jobbers to share NACS member benefits with their dealer community.

Why should a jobber sign up his/her dealers?

With the resources and benefits available to NACS members, dealers will have the opportunity to become even better, more profitable operators, and when the dealer is more profitable, the jobber also profits.

How do I become part of the jobber/dealer membership?

You’ll need to complete the Jobber/Dealer membership application and an Excel sheet that will be provided to collect the information we need for each of your dealers.

Contact Allison Dean, NACS Retail Membership Manager at (703)518- 4250 or Keith Harlow, Director, Retail Membership at (703)518-4206 for further information.

How are the dues calculated?

Dues calculation for a NACS Jobber/Dealer membership is based on jobber total sales from the most recent year for all jobber company-owned/company-operated sites (COCO) plus $40 per dealer included in the membership. For those jobbers that have no company-owned/company-operated retail operations, dues will be $40 per dealer included in the membership.

Jobbers can offset the cost of the dealer portion of the membership dues to their dealers if so desired.  However, all dues monies must be paid to NACS by the jobber and the jobber cannot collect more from the dealers than has been paid to NACS for the dealer portion of the dues.

Can all my dealers be part of this program?

Only dealers operating 4 or fewer stores are eligible to be included in this jobber/dealer membership program.  Those with 5 or more stores must instead join NACS as a regular retail member.  Also, dealers who are current regular retail NACS members will not be changed over to the Jobber/Dealer membership.

What kinds of membership benefits will we have?

Jobbers and dealers will all receive the benefits afforded NACS retail members, including but not limited to:

  • Member-only access to the NACS Help Desk, the world’s largest industry help desk.  Qualified staff specialists are available to research members’ industry-related questions in the comprehensive NACS Help Desk library and database.
  • Unlimited complimentary subscriptions to the industry’s leading and award-winning monthly publication – NACS Magazine
  • Significant Member Discounts – available on a broad array of events, products and services including:
    • The NACS Show – the industry’s premier convention and trade show
    • Industry Educational Meetings/Events – the HR Forum, Category Management Seminars, SOI Summit, leadership programs, and others, some of which are member-exclusive
    • Industry-Specific Products and Services – including training videos and CD-ROMs, reports and publications, and employee selection tools
  • Representation and advocacy on a multitude of federal government legislative and regulatory issues having the greatest impact on the industry
  • Member-only access to the online Membership Directory of retail and supplier members – immediate connections to the retail membership and the ultimate source of the industry’s supplier community
  • On-Demand Training – customized training delivered directly to the member’s location and designed for the member’s specific training needs

What if a jobber doesn’t own/operate stores and doesn’t wish to pay dues for his/her dealers?

If a jobber does not have any company-owned/company-operated (COCO) retail sites and does not wish to pay dues for their dealers, the jobber may join NACS as a supplier member for $750 per year.

Can I add more dealers during the year?

No.  After your initial time signing up your dealers, new dealers can only be added during the renewal process for the next calendar year (the dealers’ memberships will be up for renewal at the same time as the jobber’s).

If you have further questions please contact Keith Harlow, NACS Retail Membership Manager at (703)518-4206 for further information.