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Driver’s Friend®

Driver’s Friend, LLC
Driver’s Friend® provides energy and alertness support through our proprietary formula. With our patented HydroQsorb® CoQ10—essential for energy production—B Vitamin complex energy releasers and caffeine, our proprietary blend enhances energy production by increasing vital energy in the cells, thereby stimulating the brain. Studies have shown increased energy, alertness and focus within 30-60 minutes of consumption with effects lasting upwards of 4-6 hours! Our Driver’s Friend® formula consists of two delicious mocha-flavored chew wafers per serving, equivalent to 1 cup of coffee (based on 100mg of caffeine), in a grab-and-go packet sized for a pocket, handbag or glove compartment. No water necessary! If you like energy shots, you’ll love Driver’s Friend®. Call (877) 257-3924, visit or email  ​