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March 2010 
Despite an aggressive government campaign to reduce U.S. oil usage, gasoline and diesel will remain the motor fuels of choice for years to come.


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Feature | What Fuels Retailers' Decisions?
In recent years, we tackled fuel perceptions from the consumer side. This year, we see what your peers — the retailers — think about the current state, and future, of motor fuels.

Feature | Diesel Exhaust Fluid Hits the Market
To meet emissions standards, many new diesel engines must be paired with diesel exhaust fluid. Retailers should know the new rules before entering the market.

Feature | A Game Changer?
A one-seat shift in the Senate majority changed the entire strategy for passage of a comprehensive health-care reform bill.

Feature | Looking at the Big Picture
Movies provide a common language to help business leaders communicate a vision in a clear and compelling way.

Feature | Fast. Forward. Profits.
Workshops, networking and the expo floor provide retailers — and not just those with IT in their title — with a unique experience at this year's NACStech.

Ideas 2 Go | 3 New Shopper Types
A new study segments shoppers into three distinct groups by shopping behavior — not demographics.

Ideas 2 Go | Hiring GenY
The young professional crowd can bring value to the workplace — if you can "Y-Size" them.

Inside Washington | A Skinnier America
The First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign pulls in c-stores with a close eye on consumer food choices.

Capitol Punishment | The Code
Record Snowfall recently clobbered the D.C. area. This is a strange place in the best of times, but 30 inches of the white stuff gives an interest­ing — and sometimes aggravating — insight into the mindset of Capitol-area residents.

Global Trends | Brazil - Sugar Rush
Is Brazilian sugarcane ethanol a strong option for diversifying U.S. energy supplies? Several California legislators think so.

Loyalty | The Golden Rule
You've all experienced the surprise and delight of being treated like a valued customer. There's no better feeling than being pampered when buying a new pair of shoes, or being attended to when trying to find cold medicine at the pharmacy. On the flip side, there's no worse feeling than being pushed too hard, ignored or even unnoticed when you are ready to buy.

Category Close-Up | Frozen Dispensed Beverages - Frozen Assets
Combining the right product offerings with a little extra attention can help boost sales at your frozen beverage bar.

Category Close-Up | Health and Beauty Care - A Flu-ey Business
The health and beauty care category posted strong sales numbers last year, in part due to H1N1 concerns.

PCI | Not Just Cards, Keyboards Too
A Qualified Security Assessor at the PCATS annual conference in New Orleans this January mentioned to attendees that cyber-thieves are targeting automated clearing house (ACH) transactions to drain checking accounts.

The Supplier Side | Turn Small Operators Into Big Customers
Single-store operators want three crucial things: strong support from suppliers, better communications from manu­facturers and distributors and good cus­tomer service from everyone. This wish list was the takeaway from the recent one-hour NACS webinar, "How to Sell to Small Operators."

A NACS from the Past | NACStech - The Beginning
On August 5, 1995, NACS announced plans to host the first NACStech event in Dallas, May 18 to 20, 1996.

NACS CAFE | Food for Thought