Ford Collaborates With In-Vehicle C-Store Service

Cargo enables ride-share passengers the ability to buy c-store merchandise while inside the car.

September 12, 2016

DEARBORN, Mich. – Imagine an in-vehicle service in which ride-share vehicles double as convenience stores, enabling passengers to buy common items in the car without having to make an extra stop.

This scenario could become reality as Ford Motor Company collaborates with Cargo, a New York-based startup, part of Ford’s 2016 Techstars Mobility program. Cargo helps ride-share drivers cater to passengers by providing a select amount of merchandise typically found in a convenience store, while also allowing ride-share drivers to earn more money by selling goods to passengers on-the-go.

Cargo is one of three companies selected for a three-month mentorship through Ford’s Techstars program, which will help accelerate each business and develop partnership opportunities across the automotive industry. Each company received $120,000 in funding, along with intensive guidance on business development, customer acquisition, developing relationships within the auto industry and support from top business leaders.

According to a press release, Cargo strives to enhance the ride-share experience for both drivers and passengers. Cargo kits, sent directly to ride-share drivers who purchase them, are stocked with products on-the-go passengers commonly want, such as snacks. Passengers benefit from the convenience of in-vehicle items, and drivers benefit from the supplemental income.