On the Road with Tesla

Retail study group at the NACS Insight Convenience Summit–Europe sees first-hand how a Tesla Supercharging station is enhancing electric vehicle adoption.
June 22, 2017

SOUTH MIMMS, U.K. – In 2015, Welcome Break, one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent motorway operators, became the first service station operators in the U.K. to introduce Tesla Superchargers. Today, seven Welcome Break sites offer Supercharging, which can recharge a Tesla vehicle in 20 to 40 minutes.

Welcome Break was one of four stops during the London retail study tour on June 17, where more than 70 attendees from the NACS Insight Convenience Summit–Europe participated in tours of U.K. convenience retailers Simply Fresh, Euro Garages and Shell Little Waitrose. The Welcome Break location in South Mimms recently opened a Starbucks in addition to brands including Waitrose, Harry Ramsden’s, Krispy Kreme, WH Smith, KFC, Burger King, Pret A Manger, Subway and Tossed, a new salad bar brand.

While touring Welcome Break, Tesla hosted a visit to its Supercharger site, providing a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Model X for attendees to experience and in some cases test drive.

How quickly consumers will adopt EVs, how much electrification will impact fuel, the role of government and how convenience retailers can take advantage of consumers lingering at their locations longer while charging are all questions being explored on a global scale.

“As electrification of vehicle fleets grows globally, a number of players in the fuels and convenience retail industry are looking carefully at how their future business model needs to evolve,” said Dan Munford, managing director at Insight Research, a strategic consultancy that is also NACS’s European partner.

Prior to the Convenience Summit, which took place June 11-16 in Zurich and London, Retail Vision TV captured the Tesla experience (see video below) behind the wheel of a Model S and discussed how electric vehicles will change the global vehicle landscape.

During the video, Munford asks Accenture Fuels Retail Practice Managing Director James Hallam to talk about the changing fuel mix and the likely impact of electrification on the convenience and fuel retailing industry.

Look for complete coverage of the NACS Insights Convenience Summit–Europe in the August issue of NACS Magazine, including retail winners of these highly coveted awards: