Ohio Lottery Now Allows Cashless Payments

Meanwhile, Tennessee legislation would allow for residents to buy tickets with credit cards.
February 14, 2018

CLEVELAND – The Ohio Lottery has rolled out new initiatives this month in an effort to bump up revenue, the Lottery Post reports. The lottery has begun converting retail terminals to accept debit and credit cards, with the work completed by the fall.

Ohio will start offering Play at the Pump soon, with the equipment scheduled to be installed by the end of April. Ohio Lottery spokeswoman Danielle Frizzi-Babb said an official start date for Play at the Pump hasn’t been finalized yet. California and North Carolina currently offer Play at the Pump.

In addition, the lottery is testing a program that allows customers to purchase Mega Millions or Powerball gift cards, which would be scanned via the retailers’ terminal, then used by the customer immediately or given to someone else as a present.

Over in Tennessee, legislators are considering a measure that would allow consumers to buy lottery tickets with debit cards, money orders and prepaid gift cards, the Lottery Post reports in a separate story. Tennessee currently restricts lottery purchases to cash only. State Sen. Jack Johnson and state Rep. Charles Sargent introduced the bill in the Senate and House, respectively, this week.