Free Webinar: The EVolution of C-Stores

Understand how EVs and environmentally conscious consumers will affect your business.

November 18, 2021

EV charging station

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—NACS’ free webinar “The EVolution of C-Stores” is now available on demand. Learn how you can get ready and get plugged in to understand the evolution of c-stores in relation to more EVs and environmentally conscious consumers.

Join PDI to discuss what to as the world around us becomes greener as well as new tactics and strategies that are needed to maintain and grow your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about EVs. Watch the webinar here.

Also, retailers can access the NACS EV Charging Calculator to assess the cost and profitability of offering EV chargers at your sites. The calculator focuses on what retailer utility costs associated with EV recharging are and what the corresponding revenue must be to recover those costs.