McDonald’s Switches to White-Label Delivery With DoorDash, Uber

Customers will order via the McDonald’s app, and the third-party delivery companies will fulfill.

November 18, 2021

McDonald's Delivery

CHICAGO—McDonald’s has negotiated new partnerships with DoorDash and Uber for its McDelivery program. The new deals allow customers to order via the McDonald’s app with DoorDash and Uber fulfilling the orders, allowing McDonald’s to receive customer data to further customize orders. One of the biggest drawbacks to partnering with third-party delivery services is limited access to customer data.

DoorDash gives McDonald’s the largest delivery footprint since it is the No. 1 food delivery app and the leading last-mile logistics partner in the United States, according to a news release. DoorDash will power delivery orders placed on the McDonald’s app through DoorDash Drive, a white-label solution for delivery, to make McDelivery more accessible to customers in the U.S. and around the world.

“As McDonald’s expands customers’ ability to order delivery directly through the McDonald’s app, DoorDash will be a preferred and trusted partner in fulfilling these orders in thousands of McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. and globally,” said the release.

Uber, the largest food delivery marketplace outside of China, will power orders placed through the McDonald’s app through Uber Direct, a white-label offering for delivery. Uber said it offers McDonald’s proximity to customers around the world, demand throughout the day and marketing expertise.

“Since teaming up in 2017, McDonald’s and Uber have delivered hundreds of millions of orders to consumers across six continents. McDonald’s will benefit from Uber’s global brand and operations footprint, best-in-class technology for dispatching orders and the more than three million drivers and couriers on the platform worldwide,” said the release.

Delivery is a significant component of McDonald’s Accelerating the Arches growth strategy to drive the business forward while providing a fast, easy experience for customers. Since the launch of McDelivery five years ago, McDonald’s delivery footprint has grown from 3,000 restaurants to more than 32,000 restaurants across 100 countries through partnerships with both local and global platforms.

NACS Magazine covered the tradeoffs between using third-party delivery services and using store-owned services in “Delivery Dilemma” in the September 2021 issue. Look for additional coverage in the December 2021 issue of NACS Magazine.