4 Steps to Grow Your Presence on TikTok

Here’s how you can capitalize on the social media platform with the primary Gen Z audience.

November 15, 2021

tiktok app

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—If you are targeting Gen Z for your business, then TikTok is the way to get in front of them, according to Social Media Examiner. A recent report from TikTok found that 72% of consumers find shopping on social media platforms convenient.

TikTok allows users to post not only time-sensitive content that needs to spread quickly but also evergreen content that lasts. Your video could go viral, and it can also last in the normal distribution for three months or more—something you have to pay for on other platforms.

Success on TikTok relies on a multifaceted, multilayered strategy, as well as posting TikTok videos at least few times a week, possibly a couple of times a day or more, according Social Media Examiner. It suggests these four steps to creating TikTok content that will help you achieve your business goals. 

  1. Niche Up to Identify Three Audiences to Target on TikTok: Social Media Examiner suggests that you identify your ideal customers and the type of content that would get them to convert—purchase products or visit your location—and then niche up one step further. This means to identify an even broader audience to draw in customers you are less likely to convert right away. The point of this is to connect and engage with the people in your broader audience until they’re ready to learn more, and later, will be ready to convert and purchase your products or visit your location. 
  2. Follow Four Relevant TikTok Accounts for Inspiration: Next, make a list of four creators on TikTok you can model with two of these creators within your niche. These two creators are creating the same topical content you’d be creating. The other two creators can be from related or even broader niches. You’re looking at their content and determining if you enjoy their content (or if your customers would enjoy it) and what format or type of content do you (or your customers) enjoy more—walking and talking, dancing, demonstrations, explanations or humor? 
  3. Create a Mix of Three Primary Types of Content: You should organize your content into these three primary forms—short (15 seconds or shorter), long (content up to three minutes) and trending (content that ties a particular trend back to you or your point of view). You want to post a mix of content that is geared toward your target audience. A few things to note from your inspiration accounts are if a certain length gets more engagement, how they’re using text on screen and what environment in which they are filming. 
  4. Optimize Your Videos for TikTok: Make sure your videos are created to garner the most views as possible and are primed to grow your account. The first second that grabs viewers’ attention and gets them to stop scrolling is the hook, and it’s one of the most important elements to add to your TikTok video. Three main hooks are a synopsis hook, which explains what a viewer will find in the video; an empathetic hook, which grabs the viewer emotionally; and a curiosity hook, which grabs the viewer by asking a question. 

Other tips include using hashtags sparingly and write relatable by succinct captions.

According to the report from TikTok, 78% of consumers are open to purchasing a product on a social media platform, and an additional 72% think there should be more opportunities to shop on social media channels. When it comes to the types of influencer videos TikTok users want to see, 72% find ordinary content creators more interesting than celebrities, and 78% have discovered new products while watching content creator videos.