Webinars to Address Malware, Age Verification

Understand the SolarWinds attack and learn about the new NACS TruAge® program.

March 08, 2021

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Conexxus announced two March webinars available to help convenience and fuel retailers guard against malware attacks and use a newly developed digital age-verification system. Both webinars are free through the new Conexxus365 subscription service.

On Thursday, March 11 at noon EST, Autopsy of the SolarWinds Attack and Modern Malware Weaponization, will delve into the SolarWinds attack and advise retailers how to defend against similar attacks. Danny Harris, SDLC Center of Excellence Technical Lead and Senior Security Consultant , will lead the webinar.

The SolarWinds attack was one of the most sophisticated that the industry has experienced, and it reinforced the need for improved threat intelligence and incidence response measures.

Attend this webinar to better understand the dynamics behind this well-orchestrated attack and techniques to better defend your data. Topics include:

  • Reconstruction—how it happened and what makes it so unique.
  • Impact—compromised systems and data theft.
  • The Power of Stealth—techniques used to obfuscate the attack.
  • Avoiding Future Burn—lessons learned and practical countermeasures.

On Thursday, March 18 at noon EST, Gray Taylor, executive director of Conexxus and NACS TruAge® project team leader, will present the second webinar TruAge: Secure Age Verification for the Digital Future.

NACS retail leader membership has identified continual improvement on age verification to be a critical element in retaining the ability to responsibly sell legal age-gated products today and in the future. In 2020, NACS commissioned a team of industry experts to develop and implement a free-to-operate digital age-verification system that improves compliance, accuracy and transaction times, as well as enables online age verification that supports remote sales and delivery of age-gated products. In December, NACS completed the system, tested it and made it operational. Conexxus is working to complete standards for systems integration on all popular retail platforms. 

The webinar will delve into how the TruAge® system operates and the digital commerce opportunities that it opens for convenience retail. Anyone engaged in strategy, digital commerce, retail operations or merchandising is invited to attend.

Both the March 11 and March 18 webinars are free with any level Conexxus365 subscription plan. To register, sign up for a Conexus365 subscription plan (either at $9.95/ month or a Free Content subscription). Once subscribed, you’ll be able to register to attend the webinars live on GoToWebinar and/or watch the replays through your Conexxus365 account.

Conexxus365 is a new education subscription service allowing subscribers to stay connected 24/7/365 to the latest hot topics of the c-store industry. This new subscription-based service provides live weekly events plus on-demand replays that are available 365 days a year. You do not need to be a current Conexxus member to subscribe to Conexxus365.