Gas Station Takeout Shop Crafts Healthier Food

Growing online café offers items for specific diets.

March 04, 2021

Healthy Gas Station Food Ordered Online

HAMILTON, Bermuda—Two years ago, Toney Edmonds and his wife, Vikki, launched Simple Ltd., a takeout food concession, with a simple concept: “local, healthy, unprocessed food.”

According to the Royal Gazette, the business started as an online operation, originally offering only baked goods. But when Edmonds had the opportunity to move into a gas station kitchen, Simple morphed into an online café providing lunch and dinner service, meal planning and preparation and catering. The business serves people with restricted diets.

Edmonds moved into the gas station because the real-estate market in Bermuda is expensive. “There are very few commercial buildings with a kitchen that are available in town,” he said.

Teddy Terceira, the gas station operator, was looking for someone to take over the station’s food concession, when he heard about Edmonds and his operation. “My wife, Simona, mentioned them to me after she had seen a lot of positive reviews online,” he told the Royal Gazette. “We ordered their lasagna and quiche for a family dinner … The food was excellent, so I reached out to them, thinking they might be interested in the opportunity to expand. Toney thought it was a great location for Simple.”

Today, the café is open from 6.30 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily, offering breakfast, lunch and early dinner service. Breakfast items include made-from-scratch baked goods, plus yogurt, granola, hot sandwiches, oatmeal cakes and breakfast meats.

Lunch options include meat loaf, mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, roasted vegetables, wild rice and deli sandwiches. Dinner items include quiche and a buffet featuring meat loaf, buttermilk fried chicken, BBQ chicken, roasted eggplant, squash and wild rice. Desserts have included lemon bars and lemon blueberry whoopie pie.

Edmond plans to add lasagna, a daily pasta and rotisserie chicken to the menu. Everything will continue to be made in-house in small batches with healthy, locally available products, sticking to the original promise of the original online shop.