Motorized C-Store Takes to the Road

Munchie Bus serves as a rolling retailer for stranded shoppers in Montana.

March 30, 2021

Woman Ordering Food

BILLINGS, Mont.—Three Montana businessmen are taking convenience to the road with their new Munchie Bus convenience store, reports

Remodeling a passenger bus and dubbing it the “Munchie Bus”, Keenan McIntire, Michael Crowder and Frank Garcia created a mobile convenience store stocked with all types of items, from hot coffee to candy and lip balm.

"It's so important for people who can't get away from their house. They don't have a car, people on house arrest, single moms with no car or senior citizens that can't get out, just anyone who needs a grocery store [to] come to them if they can't get away," said McIntire.

The founders plan to introduce a mobile app so locals can request the Munchie Bus to come to them, be it at the office, at home or even afterschool activities. To make sure their unit it safe for customers, they’ve also installed flashing lights, like those on a school bus, for adults or kids who may be grabbing a quick snack while the bus is stopped.

For now, the business partners say they are going to focus on operating one bus that will serve Billings, but they hope to expand throughout the state in the future.

Food and convenience on wheels, whether it be on buses or on trucks, has proved to be a success for retailers. To learn more about how some retailers are adding food trucks into their wheelhouse of services, be sure to watch “Food Truck Future” from Ideas 2 Go.