SPAR Partners With Gander to Fight Food Waste

The international chain will scale up its food waste collaboration with Gander beyond Northern Ireland.

March 24, 2021

SPAR Store

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands—The problem of addressing food waste is no easy task for retailers, but one chain is looking to technology for solutions, with promising results. SPAR International aims to further tackle food waste through scaling up its successful collaboration with digital platform Gander. The partnership was initially launched in Northern Ireland and has grown to become a global agreement.

The partnership will facilitate a wider rollout across SPAR markets, strengthening the collaborative, global approach by SPAR toward food waste reduction. This partnership is another milestone in both parties’ strategy of using digital solutions to achieve a reduction in food waste within the food retail sector.

Gander offers SPAR a real-time, automated mobile platform that helps food stores sell more close-to-expiration date, discounted food products. SPAR’s partnership with Gander will play a crucial role in reducing food waste by creating greater visibility of discounted products to consumers and offering shoppers more value.

“We are delighted to be working with Gander on a global scale and look forward to building on learnings from their collaboration with SPAR in Northern Ireland,” said Tobias Wasmuht CEO of SPAR International, in a press release. “As an international food retailer, we are committed to creating sustainable solutions for our customers as part of our goal of reducing wastage throughout the supply chain. Our food waste reduction strategy leverages technology to achieve greater efficiency at each step, thereby leading to lower levels of food waste. Working with entrepreneurial platforms such as Gander provides sustainable solutions that are important as SPAR seeks ways to reduce the environmental impact.”

SPAR retailers will adapt Gander’s onboarding model by easily integrating it into SPAR store POS systems. The stores can access multiple solutions, such as integrated or stand-alone applications for ease of use. The Gander platform enables retailers to automatically display to shoppers in real-time all reduced-to-clear food on the shelves within their local SPAR store.

Participating SPAR retailers can direct customers to significant savings and reduce food waste by purchasing the price-reduced products available each day. Working together, SPAR and Gander will take into account market differences during the initial adoption phase, building on the learnings available from SPAR retailers already using the system.

“Since our launch in the EUROSPAR and SPAR stores in Northern Ireland, we have seen phenomenal results and managed to drastically minimize the levels of food waste at the end of each day,” said Ashley Osborne, founder of Gander, in a press release. “It’s also really exciting to see customers so engaged with the platform.”

SPAR’s partnership with Gander follows the retailer’s recent global collaboration with social impact company Too Good To Go. The joint initiative enables SPAR customers to buy food that otherwise could be wasted at greatly reduced cost. The Gander and Too Good To Go platforms can be combined seamlessly to provide a zero-waste solution for stores. Gander first enables stores to sell more of their reduce-to-clear product, while Too Good To Go facilitates any surplus being packed into discounted food packages, named Magic Bags.

These strategic partnerships with Gander and Too Good To Go reflect SPAR’s commitment to reducing the impact of food waste on the environment and the execution of the brand’s tiered strategy targeting this issue at all levels.

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