Starbucks Sets Carbon Neutral Goal for Green Coffee

The company said it’s on target to meet the objective for the first steps in its supply chain by 2030. 

March 19, 2021

Starbucks Coffee Cups

SEATTLE—Starbucks has announced its green coffee will be carbon neutral by 2030, CNBC reports. The company will also try to cut its water usage in green coffee processing in half within the same time frame. Green coffee encompasses the first leg of the supply chain with growing beans, harvesting beans and transporting beans to ports.

“We are a company that aspires to give back more than we take when it comes to people and the planet while creating prosperity for all who connect with Starbucks,” CEO Kevin Johnson wrote in a 50th anniversary blog post.

In 2020, the coffee chain said it wanted to become “resource positive” by providing more clean freshwater than it consumed, among other things. Next year, Starbucks has plans to open its first sustainable roasting plant in China. “It’s this one thing that we’re doing to not only reduce our carbon footprint, ultimately to get to net zero, but ultimately to store more carbon than we emit,” Johnson said. “That’s our long-term agenda, and we’re committed to that.”

Meanwhile, Starbucks will begin testing cold pressed espresso this year as consumers clamor for more cold drink options, CNBC reports. The drink is already available at Starbucks Reserve stores. Over the past three years, consumers have shelled out more than $1 billion on cold drinks at Starbucks.

“More than 50% of the beverages that we sell at Starbucks are cold,” Johnson said. He forecast that as the pandemic lessens, consumers will crave more social time, which will bring them to Starbucks for cold drinks.

The drink category isn’t the only place Starbucks is innovating. The coffee maker also announced its partnership with Aira Tech Corp. to bring free access to Aira, a service that gives blind and low-vision customers real-time visual descriptions of the store. The service is now in every U.S. Starbucks location.