How to Develop an On-Premise Digital Platform

Robust platforms should deliver automation, accuracy and integration.

March 18, 2021

Nouria Convenience Store

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YORK, Maine—How does having an advanced messaging strategy engage consumers on their shopping journey at your store? By tapping into the power of an automated content management solution (CMS), retailers can easily and efficiently deliver targeted and cohesive messages across their network of stores. “A powerful, yet flexible platform will help you meet the digital information needs of consumers,” said Rick Sales, president of Abierto.

Operationally, retailers use such a platform to successfully run their loyalty program, to increase playback accuracy through automation, deliver customized messages to different groups of stores and to evaluate communication tactics. “The ability to distribute messaging that is relevant and locally specific, such as limited-time offers, loyalty deals, mask rules and special promos, is one of the most valuable things a retailer can do,” Sales said.

While that may seem overwhelming, the right platform uses store grouping and content tagging to automate scheduling and ensure accurate playback over a diverse network of stores and digital displays. “Once you set it up, you just have to feed in new information and content—the software does the rest,” Sales said. “That gives you more time to focus on the messaging rather than the distribution.”

A good, flexible system also takes the guesswork out of measuring the effectiveness of promotions and marketing strategies. “Knowing how well a particular LTO or marketing push did across all channels is key to developing a viable strategy into the future,” Sales said. “Having that data at your fingertips demystifies the effectiveness of your promotions.”

However, strategically, Sales pointed out the biggest benefit is the ability to successfully execute an immersive shopping experience at all of your stores. “Stand-alone systems can’t deliver coordinated, engaging and relevant messages to all digital displays in automated and scalable ways,” he said. “Providing a truly immersive shopping experience is the real beauty of an integrated Content Management Solution with built-in automation and flexibility.”

This is the second installment of a two-part series about Abierto Networks’s new OPEN.CMS software. Click here for more on how OPEN.CMS can help you execute your vision for an engaging and relevant consumer experience.