Increase Your Digital Signage Network’s Flexibility

One key to shopper engagement is a network capable of targeting specific customers.

March 16, 2021

Electric Signage

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YORK, Maine—When wintry weather heads your way, are you able to pivot quickly to alert customers of your supply of salt and snow shovels? Retailers who can quickly capture consumer interest with on-the-fly offers find themselves well-positioned in today’s fast-paced market.

“In our experience, the ability to quickly implement changes in messaging across all of your marketing channels is a huge differentiator in today’s competitive c-store industry,” said Rick Sales, president of Abierto. “Consumers expect retailers to distribute targeted engagement related to their c-store visits, but all too often, retailers lack a robust content management system (CMS) to deliver that experience.”

Sales sees three main ways a retailer’s digital network can underperform—and leave them out in the cold when it comes to customer engagement.

1. Too many steps. “We’re all used to technology streamlining how we do things. Getting messaging out to customers should be simple,” Sales said. Many retailers have multiple hoops to jump through to upload new marketing content to appear on a variety of platforms, such as in-store video walls, drive-thrus and pump screens.

2. Inability to customize messaging across the chain. With retailers who have stores in different states or regions, the ability to send one group of stores a particular promotion can be vital to boosting sales. “Store chains have geographically and product diverse locations,” Sales said. “But if you can’t highlight those products in those stores only, you miss out on connecting with local customers.”

3. Lack of easy validation. It can be challenging to confirm that the right content is playing on the right screen at the right time. “Unfortunately, retailers may choose to limit their messaging and make it more generic so it works at most stores, and thus make it easier to execute and validate,” he said. “Verifying that the correct content is playing in-store is a basic requirement and should not determine a brand’s messaging strategy.”

Overall, a retailer’s content management solution should support its operations with flexibility. “A platform solution that streamlines store management and messaging should give a retailer an easy way to personalize that messaging across multiple stores,” Sales said.

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