Legislation Gives Consumers’ Personal Information Rights

The bill includes uniform federal standards for privacy.

March 11, 2021

Consumer Personal Data

ARLINGTON, Va.—Yesterday, Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-WA) introduced the Information Transparency and Personal Data Control Act, a comprehensive federal bill that would establish important rights for consumers, giving them control over their personal information, along with a framework for businesses on the collection, processing, disclosure, transmission and storage of sensitive data.

The Main Street Privacy Coalition, which NACS established with other associations, welcomed this news and sent a letter expressing its support of this legislation.

In its letter, the Main Street Privacy Coalition praised the bill for setting its requirements as a matter of law and avoiding “the pitfalls of past privacy proposals” that would have relied on contracts to set standards. By establishing uniform federal standards for privacy, the bill “will allow both consumers and businesses to understand the rules of the road.”

“We appreciate the hard work Rep. DelBene and her staff put into this privacy bill that protects consumers and businesses and fairly establishes responsibilities for all businesses and industry sectors to protect consumer data,” said Paige Anderson, NACS director government relations.

According to the act, businesses would be required to obtain an opt-in before using sensitive information, while consumers would be able to opt-out of the use of non-sensitive information in a way that would allow Main Street businesses, such as convenience retailers, to continue to provide products and services consumers expect. Loyalty and rewards programs would be protected.

While some proposals have exempted the banking, telecommunications and technology industries from their requirements (and place more liability on the backs of Main Street businesses), Rep. DelBene’s bill would ensure that all business sectors protect privacy.