Robot Waiter Is ‘Hired’ During Restaurant Labor Shortage

Matradee can deliver food but not chat up the customers.

August 03, 2021

RichTech's Matradee

STOCKTON, Calif.—A restaurant in California with issues finding employees is relying on a robot helper to serve customers during the current U.S. labor shortage, reports

Created by Richtech Robotics and named Matradee, the robot can open kitchen doors and deliver food orders to diners’ tables. Matradee relies on LiDAR, a remote sensing method that uses a pulsed laser to measure ranges, so the robot can maneuver and detect its surroundings as far away as 20 feet.

"We are struggling to find people to come in and work, just like every other business right now," said Ana Ortiz, general manager, Sugar Mediterranean Bistro. "I don't have enough employees to be running around food and serving tables.”

Matradee can carry up to four trays of food and dishes to hungry customers. "Let's say I'm at table two, I'm taking the order for table two while the robot is running the food for me to table seven,” Ortiz said. “I load up the robot with dirty dishes, and it takes it right back to the dishwasher."

Of course, Matradee can’t hold a conversation with patrons, but it can communicate in phrases. "If the robot is just sitting at a table, it tells you, 'Please take your food. I have to go back to work,'" Ortiz said.

The robot was not intended to replace jobs. The restaurant offered competitive wages and flexible schedules and applicants were still hard to come by. "It's just helping us because of the shortage of employees," she said of Matradee.

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