Mastercard Agrees to EMV Delay

As the last holdout, the credit card firm will grant gas stations an extension on pump upgrades.

May 19, 2020

PURCHASE, N.Y.—Mastercard said yesterday that it will postpone the EMV liability shift for automatic fuel dispensers (AFDs) to April 16, 2021, following the lead of Visa, American Express and Discover to give convenience retailers more time to complete needed upgrades.

At the same time, Mastercard announced a new customer protection program that it says will address fraud vulnerabilities at gas stations that haven’t made the switch to chip-card systems at the pump.

“Many fuel companies have made the shift to a safer and more secure EMV environment, and we applaud them for doing so. However, we also recognize and respect the complexities to upgrade to safer and more secure EMV transactions at fuel dispensers over the next few months,” said Kush Saxena, executive vice president, US Merchants and Acceptance, Mastercard. “The new program we are putting into the market provides a new and differentiated layer of protection, thus securing consumers and mitigating losses for all parties.”

Mastercard said it will provide fuel merchants who experience high fraud at the pump additional details about the fraudulent transactions and a “more comprehensive view into the safety of the purchasing environment at their individual locations.”

Discover last week said it would delay the EMV fraud liability shift deadline to April 16, 2021.  Earlier in May, Visa and American Express announced separate delays. Visa’s new deadline is April 17, 2021, and American Express’ is April 16.

In addition to the major networks, U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Services, an issuer of fleet cards, announced a delay of their liability shift date to April 17, 2021.