States Waive RVP Rules for Winter Blend Fuels

Several states are allowing for winter blend fuels to be sold past the normal cutoff date.

March 27, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, several states this week granted waivers to allow winter blend fuel to be sold longer. The crisis has led to dramatic decreases in demand for motor fuels and an unusual oversupply of winter blend fuels. To ensure adequate and rapid distribution of available fuel and to help to stabilize the fuel market, states are allowing fuels that meet winter season volatility requirements to be sold for a short time past the transition deadlines for summer blend fuels. Last week, Georgia and Louisiana took similar action.

Here are the states that took action this week:


Alabama will allow the sale of gasoline with a RVP of 13.5 psi (Class D-4 volatility) until May 1.  Click here to see letter.


Florida’s Department of Agriculture released an Emergency Rule on March 20 allowing Class D-4 fuels to be sold for an additional 30 days due to an extreme and unusual oversupply of fuel meeting winter season volatility requirements, known as “winter blend” fuel.


Kansas released an Order Granting a Temporary Waiver of the Enforcement of State Fuel Standards to order that gasoline greater than 11.5 lb. but below 13.5 lb. RVP can be sold until April 30.


Maryland announced that it will allow the sale and distribution of 15.0-lb. RVP gasoline through April 30, waiving the 13.5-lb. RVP limit that would be in place on April 1. The waiver states that it will allow requests to provide additional waivers of the May 1 RVP limits per the need and supply of current fuel quality and supplies.

South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture (SCDA) is waiving winter-to-summer RVP transition until June 1. Click here to see letter. SCDA is also waiving the following until June 1:

  • Co-mingling of RFG with convention fuel
  • Butane blending requirements to allow delivery of petroleum products from other states into SC destinations
  • T V/L=20 specifications.


Wisconsin granted a waiver to allow high-RVP gas, up to 15 psi, to be sold until April 30.  Retailers are required to shift to selling the lower RVP fuel (13.5-lb. RVP) after April 30. Any waiver requests for after April 30 will need to be requested separately and must include a request to the EPA.