Grocery Drive-Thru Offers Four-Minute Trips

A South Carolina city is reviewing a proposal for Opie’s Grocery Station, a drive-thru experience.

March 02, 2020

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C.—Groceries in under four minutes? A proposed Opie Grocery Station in South Carolina offers just that. 

The Mount Pleasant Commercial Design Review Board is reviewing a proposal for the drive-thru-only grocery store where only six to eight people will be allowed inside the 2,900-square-feet store at once, Live 5 News reports. Customers can either order beforehand on an app or use the drive-thru window to get what they need.

The differentiator from other grocery pick-up options lies in the fact that at Opie’s, you do not need a scheduled pick-up time. The concept’s owners say the process is more like a fast-food drive-thru but for groceries.

Last week, the city’s Commercial Design Review Board discussed final approval of the site, landscape and architecture according to ABC 4 News. If approved, owners plan for the new store to open by September 2020. There are also plans to open two more stores in the area.