Drone Delivery Coming to Dublin, Ireland Suburbs

Irish startup Manna will debut delivery by drone in Ireland by the end of the month.

March 02, 2020

DUBLIN, Ireland—Dublin suburb residents may soon get their meals delivered by drone, according to The Spoon. Manna, the world’s first aviation-grade B2B drone delivery as-a-service platform, has a simple mission: “We are making 3-minute food delivery a reality.”

The MNA-1090 drone will run a couple hundred test flights every day over a few weeks. The pilot will take place at the University College Dublin campus, where customers can order Ben & Jerry’s and Camile Thai through the delivery platform “Just Eat plc.” 

“In five years, it’s going to be the most normal thing you can imagine,” Manna Chief Executive Officer Bobby Healy says.

Similar to the Google Wing drone, Manna’s drone hovers above the destination and lowers the package on a retractable tether. Bloomberg reports that they can carry meals up to 4.4 pounds for more than 1.2 miles in under three minutes—no matter the wind or rain at play.

According to Manna, the draw is this: They can provide fast, big city-type food delivery to smaller towns at a lower cost. Though there are still regulations to be worked out, this could make delivery more profitable and drone operations more adaptable around the world.

This isn’t the first drone delivery service under way. Google’s making deliveries in Virginia. Uber Eats says it will launch something similar in San Diego, and Terra Drone Europe is making moves too.