CIBO Express to Use Amazon’s Cashierless Checkout

A store in Newark Liberty International Airport will debut the technology on Monday.

March 13, 2020

NEWARK, N.J.—OTG will be one of the first companies to put Amazon’s cashierless checkout technology to use. The company’s CIBO Express location in Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal C will launch the cashier-free technology on Monday, CNBC reports.

The CIBO Express store sells beverages, food and other essentials. Shoppers will swipe their credit card when coming into the store, select their items and “just walk out for maximum speed and convenience.” Currently, those stores offer self-checkout through manually scanning each item one at a time. Cashiers are in the store to offer assistance.

Cameras and sensors throughout the store keep track of what shoppers take and automatically charge their credit card once customers exit the store. “We’ve found that shoppers truly appreciate checkout-free retail experiences, so we’re thrilled to be working with an innovative company like OTG to bring our proven Just Walk Out technology to their airport stores,” said Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology.

OTG will add Just Walk Out to other CIBO Express stores in different areas of Newark Liberty and at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Already, Amazon has inked other agreements with retailers for its Just Walk Out technology.