Drunk Shopping Is Big Business

Buzzed buyers spend $44.9 billion annually.

March 10, 2020

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—For some 58.4 million Americans, a hangover is no longer the only thing they may wake up to after a night of drinking, reports Chain Store Age.

Americans spent $44.9 billion on so-called drunk purchases in the past 12 months, down from last year’s $45.3 billion, according the “Drunk Shopping Survey” conducted by Finder, an independent comparison platform and information service.

Nearly a quarter (22.9%) of Americans admit they have shopped under the influence. Although the percentage of Americans that confess to buying under the influence dropped from 26.4% to 22.9% over the past year, the amount consumers are spending increased by 13.9%. The average inebriated shopper spent an average of $768.58 on drunk purchases.

Not surprisingly, food is the most common item purchased. Nearly 60% of Americans admit to purchasing food while intoxicated, followed by more alcohol at 51.7% and shoes, clothes or accessories at 36.9%.

The Northeast had the highest percentage of buzzed shoppers (25.82%) and the biggest average spend ($1,195.13).

Broken down by states, Washington drinkers spent the most on purchases while intoxicated at $2,199.96. Massachusetts and New York had the second- and third-highest spending at $1,703.14 and $1,652.4, respectively. The state that spent the least while was North Dakota with a total spend equivalent of $99.60.