This Week in Sustainability

Beverage giants team up on recycling, and energy companies pilot carbon neutrality projects.

November 04, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Sustainability is fast becoming top of mind for convenience retailers, and at NACS Daily, our newsfeed is filled with headlines about efforts to minimize waste—of the packaging or food variety—and to reduce or offset carbon emissions. Here are some recent stories we’ve been following during the waning days of October.

Coca-Cola Company, Keurig Dr Pepper and PepsiCo are teaming up to increase plastics recycling. The beverage companies have launched the “Every Bottle Back” initiative to improve the collection of plastic bottles so they can be made into new bottles. The companies are working with the World Wildlife Fund to reduce their plastic footprint and are investing $100 million in efforts to modernize recycling infrastructure in local communities in support of the circular plastics economy (Source: American Beverage Association)

The Recycling Partnership released its first-ever U.S. circular economy roadmap. The TRP report says the nation’s current recycling system is “underfunded and incapable of delivering a circular economy without dramatic evolution.” Companies are innovating in packaging to meet their Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy goals, but most plastic packaging isn’t being collected for recycling or isn’t recyclable, the nonprofit’s report says. (Source: The Recycling Partnership).

Tesco will power its U.K. stores with solar panels and wind farms. The retailer has committed to use 100% renewable energy across its business by 2030. In the United Kingdom, 187 of Tesco’s stores will get solar panels, and the company is investing in five onshore windfarms and one solar farm (Source: KamCity).

BP said it will build a $25 million recycling pilot plant in the United States. To be built next year, the plant will help BP evaluate technologies to allow plastic bottles and food packaging to be recycled multiple times. The energy company said it has a new recycling technology that can will turn used polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics into new plastic feedstock that can be recycled over and over. (Source: Reuters)

Total announced a new global venture fund to support carbon neutrality. The $400 million Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures fund will invest in start-ups developing technologies and solutions to help companies reduce their carbon footprint, the French multinational energy firm announced. (Source: TechStartups)

For a good read on the anti-waste movement, head over to NACS Magazine to read “The New Plastic Economy” in the September issue.