Korean C-Stores Take on Instagram

Korean “convenience store-gram” gains serious traction on social media.

November 12, 2019

SEOUL—What do you get when you combine convenience stores and Instagram? Convenience store-gram accounts. It’s the newest trend where customers can post reviews and photos of c-store products, according to Korea Biz Wire.

As more and more followers join, the account becomes a big advertisement for c-stores, considered by many in the industry as a phenomenal opportunity. Some are even considering hopping on the bandwagon themselves, creating their own accounts to develop, produce and market new products or deals.

As the seasons change, Korean steamed buns are the biggest hit on the convenience store-gram these days. Samlip Hoppang is sharing its more exotic products, while CU announced new offerings, both mentioned on the account.

Korea Biz Wire says that “convenience stores cannot significantly increase sales or profits due to space limitations in their stores, and products are frequently replaced, making it difficult to advertise products sold only at convenience stores separately.”

This new convenience store-gram can help increase sales, promote new products and spread the word with a new generation. Because social media strategy and trends change so often, the industry will need to keep up if it wants to push this effort forward. “We are looking at comments on a regular basis to identify rapidly changing consumption trends,” said a Korean c-store industry representative, speaking of the account types and their traffic.