Convenience Takes Over Breakfast

More restaurants are making the first meal of the day even more convenient.

March 01, 2019

CHICAGO – Breakfast continues to drive foodservice sales, with an increasing number of restaurateurs focusing on the morning daypart, Nation’s Restaurant News reports. “Restaurants are benefiting from on-the-go breakfasts,” said David Portalatin, vice president and food industry advisor for The NPD Group. “It’s not more people eating breakfast, it’s more restaurants making breakfast easier.”

The AM meal, which includes morning snacks and breakfast, has been the only foodservice segment with year-over-year growth, according to The NPD Group. Breakfast away from home provides customers with affordability and convenience.

The breakfast sandwich, which tops the list in terms of sales, provides a balanced morning meal that’s portable, inexpensive and convenient. “The breakfast sandwich is the most popular eating behavior in more than a decade,” said Portalatin. “[It’s] something we’re increasingly consuming.”

The breakfast sandwich also allows operators to differentiate from their competitors by offering a diverse selection of options, such as chicken on a biscuit, eggs and bacon in a taco shell or a burger patty with “pancake” buns. Breakfast also represents a significant growth opportunity for retailers, especially with millennials looking to outsource their morning meal. “It ultimately comes down to convenience,” he said.

Major restaurant chains have continued to debut new breakfast items, such as McDonald’s Triple Breakfast Stacks and Donut Sticks, while smaller retailers are also providing new indulgences and options in the category.