EPA Develops Compliance Advisory for UST Facility Owners

Compliance advisory informs UST facility owners and operators about requirements included in the 2015 Underground Storage Tank regulation.

March 18, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In October 2018, the 2015 Underground Storage Tank regulation went into effect. The revisions strengthened the 1988 federal UST regulations by increasing the emphasis on properly operating and maintaining UST equipment.

Owners and operators in 16 non-SPA states and territories must meet the federal requirements according to the schedule in the 2015 UST regulation.

Owners and operators in 16 non-SPA states and territories must meet the federal requirements according to the schedule in the 2015 UST regulation. There are four major regulatory requirements that all U.S. stations must be prepared for pertaining to new and existing UST system.

Now—nearly five months after going into effect—the U.S Environmental Protection Agency has noticed compliance concern areas. As a result, the agency has released a Compliance Advisory to assist state, territorial and UST programs, as well as owners and operators, testers and other UST community members in meeting these regulatory compliance requirements.

This compliance advisory is for facilities that are required to comply with EPA’s underground storage tank (UST) regulation. The advisory highlights testing and inspection requirements.

NACS released a podcast earlier this year with Donovan Woods and John Eichberger of the Fuels Institute to discuss top safety prevention when receiving and dispensing fuel. Retailers have made significant investments in their underground storage tanks (UST) and fuel dispensers and keeping those systems up and running can be challenging. You can listen to the episode of the Convenience Matters podcast online or via iTunes.