Juul to Launch Ad Campaign

The e-cigarette firm will target adult smokers in the advertisements.
January 09, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – Juul will bring its inaugural TV ad campaign to consumers this summer, CNBC reports. The campaign will feature adult smokers who quit cigarettes by using Juul. While federal regulations prohibit tobacco products from running most TV or print ads, those same standards haven’t been shifted to cover electronic cigarettes.

Juul’s ads will air after 10 pm local time on national cable channels. The three ads are designed to reach adults age 35 and older. Part of the impetus behind the campaign, per CNBC, is to show that adult smokers are using these products, which federal regulators have given Juul a year to prove.

“It’s clear that we're focused on the mission of the company to convert people off combustible cigarettes,” said Ann Hoey, Juul vice president of marketing, adding that the campaign is a “very clear communication about what we're trying to do as a company.”

Last month, Altria purchased a 35% stake in Juul for close to $13 billion, promising to give Juul shelf space and advertise the product on its cigarette packaging.