Organic Sales Driven by Millennials and Hispanics

Millennials are spending 14% more on organic products in 2018 than in 2017.
January 08, 2019

NEW YORK CITY – Nielsen reports that organic product sales in the United States jumped almost 9% to more than $21 billion during the 52-week period ending November 24, 2018. Organic foods and beverages have become more accessible than ever before, and popularity isn’t weakening.

The biggest demographic groups helping that boost include millennials and Hispanics. Millennials spent 14% more on organic foods and beverages compared to last year, and Hispanics spent more than 13% more on organics in 2018.

“Gone are the days when organic products catered to a singular or specific audience," Nielsen said in the report. "Today, organics have hit the mainstream. Not only are organic products boosting our industry’s top line, they are being purchased more by all generational and age cohorts. That said, some segments of our population are leaning into organic more than others.”

Millennials are helping to boost organic sales because they want to support sustainability and are changing their buying habits to align with environmental values. They’re also more likely to pay higher prices for sustainable ingredients.