Amazon Offers Live-Streaming Shopping

It’s a touch of QVC and instant gratification combined.

February 18, 2019

SEATTLE, Wash. – Amazon has added a new shopping feature to its website with Amazon Live, which delivers live-streaming videos from assorted brands and provides product links so visitors can make purchases, according to

This is not a first for Amazon. In 2016, the company attempted to sell apparel using video content from an online offering dubbed “Style Code Live.” The sales tool featured a TV-type host and celebrity guests, but that effort only lasted a year.

Both Amazon Live and the earlier apparel-promoting effort appear to be inspired by QVC and HSN, two companies that originally sold merchandise via television before merging and expanding to online and mobile platforms. In addition, Facebook Live began testing a video shopping service late last year.

Currently, Amazon is not promoting Amazon Live, and it is not included on the main site's navigation bar. Whatever the future of Amazon Live, observers predict that online shoppable content will become more commonplace moving forward.