Shoppers Belly Up to In-Store Beverage Bars

Grocery stores are adding the service by offering healthful concoctions.

August 07, 2019

BOISE, Idaho—At the Boise Co-Op, a full-service coffee, juice and smoothie bar sits in a prominent place. Juice is made fresh each morning, and customers can grab a glass jar of juice to-go as well as order a refreshing glass to enjoy while shopping.

The in-store beverage bar is part of a growing trend at supermarkets and some convenience stores, The Grocery Dive reports. “If you are a grocery store, there’s obviously a relationship to health that people are associating you with their well-being,” said Andrew McFarlane, CEO of Start A Juice Bar.

Alltown Fresh provides a coffee bar with made-to-order smoothies, as well as a large self-service beverage option with lots of healthy drinks, including on-tap kombucha. “Guests come in and they can order on a touchscreen kiosk that’s really intuitive and fun and easy to use, and then those orders get sent to the kitchen and they get made right there and the guests can see the whole thing happen,” said Shauna Seidenberg, category marketing manager of dispensed beverage for the store.

Whole Foods has long offered made-to-order drinks at its beverage bar, while other retailers incorporate established beverage providers into their stores. For example, Target stores have Starbucks, while Hy-Vee will add Smokey Row Coffee Co. to some of its locations.