Cannabis Restaurants Come to Los Angeles

The new restaurants with CBD items on the menu will open in a themed tourist area.

August 30, 2019

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—More than a dozen businesses will combine foodservice with cannabis in a new themed tourism area, Nation’s Restaurant News reports. The first of those, Lowell Café, will open next month. Lowell Café will permit onsite marijuana smoking and vaping, as well as have a menu of CBD-infused food.

Additional CBD foodservice concepts include Budberry, The Antidote, Greenwolf and The Artist Tree. Budberry will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, with menu items that will “redefine the cannabis consumption experience,” according to menu developer Jeff Danzer. Danzer’s product line, FreeLeaf, will be sold at Budberry. FreeLeaf sells prepackaged herbs that mimic the flavor of herbs like rosemary, basil, oregano and thyme but have THC and CBD.

The Antidote will be a Spanish-style tapas full-service restaurant that will give guests a progressive experience, said owner Kirk Cartozian. “This is the first of its kind,” he said. “I’m calling it the wild, wild west.”

The tentatively named Greenwolf, which will open in 2020, has a goal of being a restaurant that is “super high end and super nice,” according to owner Sol Yamini. “It’ll be a destination for tourists,” he said. “We want people to talk about West Hollywood being this mecca or epicenter of cannabis.”

Finally, The Artist Tree will have two different locations, one for food, the other for smoking, according to founder Lauren Fontein. The full-service restaurant space will “be more of a hang-out space,” said Fontein. “It will be a destination.”