New Casey’s General Store Gets an Upgrade

The prototype store will feature 6,000 square feet of space with a bigger kitchen and more seating.

August 26, 2019

BELTON, Missouri—A new Casey’s General Store is opening in Belton, Missouri, and it’s getting a new look and new features. The gas station and c-store will have a bigger full-service kitchen, an expanded menu and more seating than what’s currently in place. The new store will replace the existing one at 163rd street, serving as a prototype for future Casey stores.

The Kansas City Star reports that the 6,000-square-foot-building is double the size of many existing stores and will focus on the popularity of fresh food offerings.

“As much as possible, Casey’s looks at what the community needs, the amount of space we are able to secure for a site, as well as sales and operational considerations to inform store format,” Megan Elfers, vice president of marketing and advertising, said in a press release.

The new site location is intentional, as the area is expected to see high traffic with new development. Construction on the store will start in the spring of 2020 and will add to Casey’s existing 2,000 locations in 16 states.