McDonald’s Launches 3-Day Pay-It-Forward Giveaway

Plus, sweet potato fries on the menu—but only at McDonald’s global headquarters for now.

August 21, 2019

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—McDonald’s has noticed a few kind and healthy trends in the industry—and is pursuing them. Since many customers offer to buy a cup of coffee or a meal for others, the fast food giant is hosting a three-day pay-it-forward giveaway of McCafé coffee today through Friday, USA Today reports.

McDonald’s is passing out 500 McCafé It Forward cards to coffee fans and “individuals known for doing good in their communities” as a way to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of McCafé, the company announced. Starting today, people with these cards can get a free small cup of McCafé hot or iced coffee, and then pass along the card to a friend, someone who has done a good deed in their life or to a stranger. The cards can be passed on and used until 11:59 p.m. ET Friday.

McDonald’s said the “human kindness social experiment” can be watched in real time at

The QSR also has been touting menu items that come from its locations around the globe, and now the burger-chain is adding one more—sweet potato fries, reports

Sweet potato fries have been available at McDonald’s locations in the Netherlands for some time, and they can now be purchased as a side order to any other of McDonald's items. However, they are only available at the chain’s global headquarters restaurant.

Sweet potato fries are considered to be somewhat healthier than regular fries thanks to their additional fiber and slighter lower spot on the glycemic index scale. So far, McDonald’s isn’t saying if the fries will be introduced to other locations.

The fast food giant continues to look for new additions to its menu board. According Crain's Chicago Business, Impossible Foods, one of the leading manufacturers of plant-based burgers, "is teaming up with a local food manufacturer that is a key supplier for McDonald's." This seems to indicate that McDonald’s may soon be adding meat-free burgers to its U.S. restaurants. The chain has been selling meat-free burgers in Europe for some time. The chain has also been working to create its own signature chicken sandwich to compete with Chick-fil-A.