Digital Coupons Experience More Growth

On the flip side, use of print coupons continues to decline.

August 02, 2019

LONDON—People still use coupons, but the preference for digital over print continues to climb, according to analysis by Kantar Consulting, the Grocery Dive reports. Manufacturers are providing more digital coupons in food categories, while personal care products and dry groceries registered sharp declines in print.

During the first part of 2019, digital promos and coupons jumped 8.5%, with the dry grocery category leading the way. Overall, digital food coupons increased 26% during that same time period, with a hefty push from dry grocery and frozen products.

Kantar found that shoppers still like coupons, with digital gaining ground fast because of a decline in Sunday newspaper circulation and mailers. Digital coupons also provide more data for retailers to use to give more customized offers. Retailers like Kroger and Publix link coupons to their apps.  

Other studies have come to similar conclusions, including Inmar, which found last year that 80% of shoppers surveyed said coupons influenced their shopping behavior. A May study found that 67% of consumers are likely to shop with a retailer that offers mobile coupons.

But these studies shouldn’t mean consumers are abandoning print coupons entirely. The Inmar study found that 43% of consumers still use paper coupons for groceries and 40% page through circulars before heading to the store.

For more on digital coupons, see “Promo Partners” in the August issue of NACS Magazine.